20 Kids Who Didn't Want To Meet Santa [Videos]

For many people, Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. This is true for many reasons, some of which include getting together with family, decorating the tree, looking at beautiful holiday lights, and watching those old classic movies that everyone likes to watch every year.

Other things about this particular time of year that seem to be special to so many men and women are shopping for gifts, wrapping them and making them look festive and pretty for the big day, and listening to awesome holiday music, as well as the fact that for the most part, everyone seems to be happier around Christmas time.

Additionally, as many parents know, one of the coolest things about Christmas is seeing how children react to it. For the most part, little boys and girls absolutely love the magic of the holidays.

This is a time when parents usually get to introduce their kids to new traditions they wish to create, as well as showing their boys and girls things they used to love as kids. Sometimes these things include watching classic Christmas cartoons on television, decorating the house and tree, and baking yummy treats to enjoy, as well as baking cookies and writing a note to leave out on Christmas Eve night for Santa Clause.

Also, a big part of Christmas for kids is visiting Santa, and telling him what they wish to receive for presents. However, some children are less than excited when it comes to actually meeting the famous man in red.

20 Santa The Intruder 

According to the mother in this video, her child talked a big game before the actual video took place.

19 Heeeeere's Santa! 

These children were excited to see who was ringing the doorbell. That is, until they realized who the visitor was.

18 Get Away!

Sometimes photos like these can make for some pretty funny family photos.

17 Picture Time

Apparently this boy and girl were not quite ready to meet Santa Clause just yet.

16 Stop The Madness!

Older kids might not be so fond of him, either.

15 All Is Merry And Terrifying

This cute little girl was amazed at the magic of Christmas and the decorations. Right up until it was time to meet the jolly man in the red suit.

14 Who Is This Guy?

Often times, kids just want to be held by mom or dad when they are scared.

13 Grab Him! 

This little boy did not seem to be sure what exactly was happening, but he knew he didn’t like it.

12 Three’s A Crowd

11 Santa, Who?

This baby was having a good day until she met Santa.

10 Double Trouble

Sometimes one upset kid is a lot for Santa to handle. But two makes it even better.

9 Just Saying His Name Is Scary Enough

Everything makes this baby happy, except for the annual Christmas Eve visitor.

8 Toys Make It Worse

Even toys couldn’t make it a better day for them.

7 They Aren’t Sure Who He Is

Sometimes, kids can be just a bit skeptical when meeting Mr. Kringle.

6 Held Hostage

Literally anyone else, just not Santa.

5 Hysterical Crying 

This baby seemed to be fine. That is until Santa asked for his name.


3 Sometimes, They Get Mad

Like this baby, who seems pretty angry.

2 Other Times, They Aren’t Sure What To Think

1 Family Time

Parents sometimes join in on the fun, too.

Sources: Parents.com 

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