20 Lies Moms Believe Until They Get Pregnant

There is an endless list of symptoms to expect when expecting and each pregnant woman normally gets her fair share of items from that list. Some women have it so bad that they experience every annoying change pregnancy is famous for bringing. They can get morning sickness and have to endure all sorts of discomforts, aches, and pains associated with pregnancy. Others may encounter just a few symptoms while a few lucky ones barely undergo any major changes or discomforts.

Therefore, no matter what length of extensive research a woman accumulates on the topic of pregnancy and birth, she needs to experience the real thing at first hand in order to understand what it means and feels like to grow a human being. Not even a close relative’s pregnancy can tell a soon-to-be mom exactly how her pregnancy will turn out since no two pregnancies are the same. The anticipating mom-to-be can only wait to see what the universe has in store for her the minute her bun starts cooking in the oven.

Seemingly, there are also so many myths and beliefs about pregnancy and birth and if not careful, women can be duped into believing information that is merely people’s opinion and not real facts. The good news is women do not have to rely on other people’s hearsay, they can confirm for themselves once they start their pregnancy journey.

20 Moms Get The Best Sleep Of Their Lives When Pregnant

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The above might be true but only for a while. As pregnancy progresses, finding sleep can become a problem. Expectant moms sleep more than usual during the first trimester of their pregnancy and have trouble getting enough sleep later in the pregnancy.

Lack of sleep during late pregnancy can be the result of waking up several times in the night to pee, breathing difficulties, heartburn, backaches, and leg cramps. In addition, having a big belly just makes it hard to find a comfortable position. According to tommys.com, some moms have found sleeping with a pillow supporting the bump and another between the knees helps them sleep better.

19 Morning Sickness Occurs Only In The Morning

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Another lie is that morning sickness only occurs in the morning. Despite its name, morning sickness can come at any time, day or night. When a woman has it, they normally get nausea and vomit or just nausea without vomiting. Morning sickness is much more common during the first trimester but does not always disappear at the end of the trimester.

It also occurs because of the hormonal changes and in most cases; it does not require any treatment since doctors advise moms to avoid foods that trigger it. According to medicalnewtoday.com, those few women who experience extreme morning sickness and cannot keep any fluids down should seek immediate attention.

18 Having A Med-Free Birth Is Best

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There are many lies surrounding pregnancy and birth that are not true. For example, having a med-free birth is best. As stated by stayathomemum.com, having a healthy baby is what is best whether mom is using meds or not. There are moms who have a high tolerance for pain and can manage to give birth med-free while others are not able to.

Pain meds help women in labor to give birth without all the pain the delivery comes with but when some opt for this method, some people shun them for not wanting a natural birth. Using meds or not is a personal choice but sometimes moms have to use them to have an uncomplicated delivery.

17 Baby Being Too Big Is A Reason To Induce Early

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As stated earlier, ultrasounds do not give pinpoint accurate figures since they can sometimes be off by multiple pounds. So having a big baby is not a solid reason for an early induction. Women's bodies have everything it takes to give birth naturally and whether or not they can give birth to a big baby depends on the mother’s bone structure and pelvic size.

If both mom and baby are doing well, there is no need to induce labor unless it is medically necessary. As stated by BabyCentre, giving birth to a big baby through the birth canal is very possible although difficult at times.

16 Giving Birth Past The Due Date Is Dangerous

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Another lie that moms believe until they get pregnant is that being overdue is dangerous. Some sources claim that once they get to their 40th-week mark they have to give birth or go for induction because the baby is in grave danger, but this is not quite true.

According to todaysparents.com, due dates are not cast on stone; moms are advised to expect their babies any time between two weeks before or after the given date. However, moms whose pregnancies are overdue should see their doctors often for close monitoring. Post-term babies can pass meconium in utero and when this happens, moms need to have emergency C-sections. These moms can give birth naturally without any complications.

15 Ultrasound Measurements Are Very Accurate

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It may be easy for a first time mom to believe measurements from an ultrasound machine but what moms do not know is that ultrasounds are not 100% reliable. In general, moms get to learn the estimated due dates, the baby’s gender, the fetal heart rate, and how heavy the baby is from these machines.

However, their level of accuracy will depend on the quality of the machine, the skillset of the practitioner, the stage of the pregnancy, and the position of the baby in the womb.

According to modernalternativemama.com, the further the pregnancy is the less accurate the measurements will be. Therefore, ultrasound information should not be the only basis for settling on perhaps a C-section birth; other signs, symptoms, and tests should accompany.

14 Depression Can Only Come Postpartum

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Many moms believe that depression can only happen after birth and not before but this is not true. Depression can easily strike even before one gives birth. Moms may begin to experience sadness, anxiety, doubt, fatigue and some may even lack the energy to take care of themselves during pregnancy.

A few women can even develop feelings of wanting to harm themselves and their unborn babies. These are all signs of depression and immediate help should be sort. Doctors can assess the symptoms and develop a treatment plan. According to WebMD, having marital problems, living alone, getting pregnant young or having a prior history of depression increases the chances of getting depressed.

13 Pregnancy Is The Easy Part!

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Many women have heard that pregnancy is a joyous journey until they get there and discover that it was not entirely true. Pregnancy can be difficult; the body changes and symptoms especially can really take a toll on the woman. There is nothing fun about always feeling nauseous, constipated, and swollen or having acid reflux and having to pee every minute of the day. Some women also experience all sorts of aches and pain.

According to Parents, pregnancy can also trigger a wide range of emotions. It is also tiring and exhausting; moms often say they ran out of breath more when they are pregnant. This is because their body is working extra hard to sustain the new life. Surprisingly, very few women have claimed to have gone through pregnancy without experiencing any or very few of these symptoms.

12 VBACs Are Unsafe Compared To A Second C-Section

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For years, many moms have believed that the safest method for giving birth a second time, after having a cesarean is to have another C-section, but this is not the only option. Natural birth after C-section, commonly referred to as VBAC, is also a safe and appropriate option even after having two cesarean births, as stated by mayoclinic.com. If the baby is in a head down position and it appears as though there are no other complications, a mother can have a VBAC.

However, VBACs depend on the kind of incision that the doctors did previously. Moms who had low vertical incisions are good candidates for VBAC while those with prior horizontal incisions risk rupturing their uterus and should, therefore, go for a C-section.

11 A Woman Cannot Get Pregnant While Nursing

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Conceiving again straight after giving birth is not something most moms expect to happen but a good number of women have found themselves pregnant a few months after birth despite breastfeeding exclusively. People have told moms that they cannot get pregnant if they are still nursing, which is not true.

The simple answer is that nursing is not a form of contraception. The only mode of prevention, in this case, is using reliable birth control methods as stated by BabyCenter. It is possible for moms who exclusively breastfeed not to ovulate for several months and in turn delay menstruation. However, as much as this can be a form of birth control, many factors have to be in place throughout to avoid getting pregnant.

10 The Girls Have To Be Prepared For Nursing

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Another lie that moms believe is that they have to prepare their nips for breastfeeding before they give birth. Moms usually come to the realization that this is not true. During pregnancy, a woman’s bust usually undergoes many changes in preparation for nursing.

As stated by Parents, nipples normally thicken before birth and the glands found in the areola produce oils that lubricate and protect them. When mom gives birth and begins nursing, the oxytocin hormone usually makes the dark part more pliable and stretchy so that the baby can easily latch on. Therefore, mom needs no external preparation for nursing, nature takes care of everything.

9 Certain Creams Can Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Forever

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Moms often come across adverts claiming that stretch marks creams will take care of their stretching skin during pregnancy. However, before they reach into their pockets to buy any of those creams, they should think long and hard. According to Parents, stretch mark creams are not the solution and tests and testimonials have revealed most of them to be ineffective.

For stretch marks, prevention is better than treatment. It is actually easier to prevent stretch marks than to treat them because once they form they become harder to get rid of. Eating healthy, exercising, hydrating, moisturizing, and massaging a skin area, can all help prevent these stretch marks.

8 Their Skin Will Glow When They're Pregnant

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Often at times, women hear that their skin will glow when they get pregnant but this “glow” is actually skin that is a bit oilier because of pregnancy hormones. For some women, the excess oil is not good as it can clog their pores and cause acne.

According to pregnancymagazine.com, other skin issues that occur during pregnancy include discolored or darkened skin due to the formation of excess melanin caused by rising levels of hormones. Some women even get pregnancy masks, which are brownish patches that appear on the forehead and/or cheeks due to pregnancy hormones stimulating the skin to create more pigmentation.

7 Moms Cannot Nurse While Pregnant

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Some sources claim that moms who get pregnant while nursing should not continue with nursing because it can interfere with the new pregnancy. This claim is nothing but a myth. According to pregnancybirthbaby.com, a mother’s body will continue to make milk so that she can nurse the older child and at the same time provide the unborn baby with all the nutrients it needs to grow.

However, moms should make sure that they eat well and take their prenatal supplements to avoid going short themselves. However, in cases of high-risk pregnancies, uterine pain, or the case of a mother carrying multiples and is nursing, a doctor can advise a mom to stop nursing.

6 Food Will Never Taste Better

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Some women get an appetite for food and a liking for specific foods during pregnancy. However, for the vast majority, the scent of a perfectly grilled chicken can induce vomiting. This is mostly the result of morning sickness and may or may not go away as the pregnancy progresses.

However, according to WebMD, about half of all expectant mothers experience one or more food aversions. All over sudden, they are not able to stomach foods that they used to love. The root cause of these food aversions may not be well known but pregnancy hormones are a likely culprit.

5 A Baby Bump Is The Best Accessory

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Moms often believe that their baby bumps will be their best accessories until they get pregnant and discover that their bumps actually do not go with anything unless it has a certain degree of elasticity. According to firstcry.com, looking for the right clothes while pregnant can be difficult especially for moms who want to remain fashionable.

Moms are normally unsure of what and how to wear, and this makes dressing up during pregnancy a challenge especially after the belly starts expanding. Styling the bump is not always as easy as most mothers expect. The bump will also keep growing and the woman has to keep looking for stuff that fit the current size.

4 They Will Have Amazing Hair During Pregnancy

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Moms are only told half the truth when it comes to this fact. Yes, it is true that great hair is something many pregnant women rave about during pregnancy but it does not come without its woes. According to todaysparent.com, moms experience increased levels of estrogen and androgen hormones during pregnancy, which promote bulkier, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

On the downside, the hair growth hormones sometimes cause it to grow in unwanted places like on the face, chest, and hands and most women find out about this when they actually experience it during pregnancy. On the plus side, the unwanted hair usually falls out after giving birth.

3 Their Bodies Will Snap Back Immediately

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Snapping back to pre-pregnancy bodies is not the norm for the majority of new moms and most do not realize so until they get pregnant. According to Parents, expecting to snap back soon after giving birth is unrealistic. The belly alone takes time to shrink back to its original size.

Reducing pounds after pregnancy can prove to be difficult but a few things can help, for example, nursing has a reputation for revving up metabolism and helping women achieve this goal. Staying active, eating right and working out but only after recovery is also a sure way of losing the extra pounds.

2 The Girls Will Blossom

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Moms often hear that pregnancy comes with incredibly looking girls. However, a good majority would rather remain with their regular ones if it meant that they would not ache as much. During pregnancy, milk ducts grow and stretch in preparation for nursing, which makes them more sensitive and painful, as revealed by americanpregnancy.com.

Another thing mom’s wait to find out when they are pregnant, especially towards the end, is that the girls may start leaking milk and stain clothes. Moms who experience this can put on pads to absorb the leak. Nevertheless, this is a good sign because it means mom already has milk for nursing.

1 Moms Should Eat For Two

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Moms have often believed that they need to eat for two when pregnant until they discover that is not the case. There is a common belief that it is okay to overindulge during pregnancy since there is another human being to feed. Eating for two leads women to gain more pounds than required, which puts them at the risk of having diabetes, high BP, and C-section births.

Moms should just have their normal balanced meals. However, they may be advised to increase their intake on certain nutrients but that is about it. According to fitpregnancy.com, during the first trimester, moms do not need any additional calories, in the second trimester they can add 300 and in the third trimester, only an additional 450 calories are required.

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