20 Little-Known Details About Christina Aguilera As A Mom

As a performer, Christina Aguilera has been around since 1993. But as a mom? That didn't happen until she welcomed her first child in 2008. Her second kiddo followed in 2014, and for now, Christina seems satisfied being a mom of two.

And while fans may have thought that having a baby or two would tone down the "Genie In A Bottle" singer, that didn't exactly happen.

Xtina is still as much of a powerhouse on stage as she's ever been, although having kids did change her mindset about work, in terms of both what she does and where she does it. She's stuck a little closer to home while working on-set for The Voice, but that doesn't mean she's given up on her singing altogether.

Sure, she's a great coach for up-and-coming artists, but Christina knew it was time to revamp her music (cue her album Liberation in 2018) and rejuvenate her performances (she starts touring the summer of 2019) after spending some time more or less out of the spotlight with her two kids and her current beau.

But there's more to Christina than her vocal cords, and she might be much more of an average mom than fans thought. Here are 20 little-known facts about Xtina as a mom.

20 Xtina Doesn't Mind Putting Her Kids In The Spotlight


Although Christina's older child, Max Bratman, grew up mostly under the radar, the same isn't exactly true of her second kiddo. Summer Rutler arrived (with Christina's boo Matthew Rutler) in 2014, during a time when Christina was still sort of in the shadows in terms of her music. Her last album dropped in 2012, so by 2018, she was more than ready to get back onstage.

This time, though, she has her young daughter to bring along, and bring her along she does. Christina has actually caught heat from critics for bringing her daughter onstage during performances. But Christina highlighted the fact that she prefers having her kids with her rather than leaving them out of her work.

19 She Tried To Make Her First Marriage Work For Max


A lot of celebrities seem to have longer relationship histories than the rest of us, but that doesn't mean they're eager to move on to the next when one partner isn't working out. Christina told People that she tried to make things work with her ex-husband, Jordan Bratman, whom she wed in 2005.

By 2011, the two had split, but it wasn't for the lack of trying to make it work. Christina aimed to stay with Jordan for Max, to keep their family together, but as she told People, she felt like she was losing herself in doing so. Ultimately, things didn't work out, and the two settled their divorce and custody agreement privately.

18 She Was Afraid To Go On Tour After Having Max


Although you might not expect Christina to feel intimidated by any part of motherhood, apparently, she was. After having Max back in 2008, Christina noted, she was hesitant to go on tour again. Per STYLE, Christina was actually afraid of going back on tour after having her son.

She told the publication"Ever since I had my son, the idea of the tour has actually scared me. I was like, 'How does this work? How do people do this? Do I uproot my kids from their home life and everything?'" But, she noted, "I’m dipping my toe back in the water and also giving my fans a real chance to see me after they haven’t in so long."

17 Obviously, She Employs A Nanny (Or Two)


If the paparazzi snaps aren't enough, it has been confirmed by She Knows that Christina does employ at least one nanny. There are plenty of snaps of Christina and Max with one nanny in particular, and she seems to have been a staple in the family all through Max's early childhood.

Whether or not she has a nanny full-time, we're sure Christina's going to have someone help out while she's on tour, as it can't be easy to transition from on-stage to behind-the-scenes in a snap. No matter how great of a mom Christina is, she's bound to need some help.

16 Christina Splits Custody With Jordan Bratman


Their split was relatively amicable for Hollywood, but it wasn't all easy for Christina and Jordan. The two separated in September of 2010, but negotiations on the divorce settlement and custody were kept private. All we know is that the two share custody, but not the specific terms.

Sources have said that at the time of their separation, Christina and Jordan were more like friends than husband and wife. But if that's true, it's a good thing for Max, who was only two when they split. Christina explained that she tried to keep things normal for him, and it seems to have well for all involved.

15 She's In No Hurry To Marry Her Daughter's Father


In multiple interviews, Christina has expressed that she's just happy to be where she's at, with both her kids and her partner. Therefore, she's in no hurry to get married to Matthew, whom she's officially been dating since 2010 (before her divorce from Jordan was finalized).

Though Matthew and Christina got engaged in February of 2014, there haven't been any wedding bells yet, and it could be a while before that happens. Clearly, Christina will be busy through the rest of 2019 with her tour and her music (and of course, her kids!), so it makes sense she's not focused on planning an over-the-top wedding.

14 Christina Models Her Mothering After Her Own Mom


Although her childhood wasn't ideal, Christina explained on IG that her mom has always been her greatest motivation for doing right by her kids. She grew up in Pennsylvania (mostly) with her mom, a musician, and her dad, who originated in Ecuador and whose US military roles took the family all over the world at times.

But as Christina has shared, her dad wasn't the most positive influence on her growing up. In contrast, her mom was always a pillar of strength, and Christina is not too shy to share emotional reflections on her mom's role in making her who she is.

13 She Loves Her Kids' Seven-Year Age Gap


From the start, Max has embraced his little sister, something not all parents can say of their older kids! But Max had a bit of a head start: he was already seven by the time Summer came along, which according to Christina is the prime gap for siblings.

She told Us Magazine that she loves her kids' age gap, even if it's a bit unconventional. And while many moms plan their children closer together on purpose, Christina didn't exactly have that option as her relationship with Matthew was still new when Max was a toddler. However, it did work out for her, and her kids are just as close as any other sibling pair.

12 Her Work Was A Turning Point In Her Family's Life


Christina's work has always been at the center of her life, and that didn't change when she was married to Jordan. But she did note that one of her projects did open her eyes to what was missing in her marriage. Following her performance in Burlesque in 2010, she told People, "things had changed."

And while we now know that Matthew Rutler was an assistant on set, Christina has never alluded to the fact that he had anything to do with her divorce. Instead, Christina highlighted that she had simply changed after working on the film, and things never went back to "normal" afterward.

11 She Hopes To Give Her Kids The 'Safe Space' She Never Had


They might be in front of the camera a lot due to their mom's fame, but Max and Summer also have relatively normal childhoods. Of course, part of that is due to Christina's goal of preventing her kids from experiencing the same pain as she did early in life. With the negativity during her childhood, Christina recognized that it wasn't something she wanted for her own family.

Her primary goal, she told Today, was to provide her kids with a safe space where they could feel loved and protected. And so far, she's done a great job at that, even considering her somewhat tense split from Max's dad.

10 Having Summer Changed Up Her Parenting Style


Like any other first-time mom, Christina had to adjust to life with a newborn with Max. But by the time Summer came along, she was already set in her ways. Which meant a bit of a disruption in her routine as she adjusted to her new little one and the ways in which her kids' personalities are different.

Christina told Us Magazine that having Summer forced her to change up her parenting style in big ways. Summer was her laidback baby with her own ideas about how life was meant to run, and like any other mom, Christina had to change her preconceptions about her sweet little girl and up her game.

9 She Brings Her Kids On Tour


Christina has shared images of Summer on IG with the caption "roadie," proving just how involved her daughter is in her work. Summer's still young, so it makes sense that she's in a lot more action shots of mom's work than big brother Max is. Still, Christina admits that she takes both her kids on tour with her because she doesn't want to spend so much time away.

We're not sure how that will work out for her upcoming tour in summer 2019, but given that Max (who's now 11) will be out of school, we're guessing that makes logistics a bit easier.

8 Off-Stage, She's In Total Mommy Mode


Although she's known as a powerhouse musician with a complete stage persona, Christina is just a regular ol' mom after the show. She gets her good luck hugs from Summer pre-show, but afterward, she sheds that 'skin' and becomes just mom to her little girl. Clearly, Christina's tours aren't just about amping up her vocals; they're also about family time.

And while she hasn't mentioned him specifically, we're sure her beau Matthew is on hand to help out with their daughter, as well as get in some quality family time. As evidenced by Xtina's IG captions, she puts her family first in everything she does.

7 It's Not All About The Glitz (She Does Normal Mom Stuff Too)


Sure, Christina works in reality TV (on The Voice) and performs in high-energy stage shows in elaborate costumes. But she also values her downtime, and not just after her shows end for the night. Christina's been known to hit up the red carpet on occasion (sometimes with her kids), but she also does normal mom stuff like going to the zoo.

This snap comes directly from Christina's IG, where she shared that she took Summer to the zoo for her birthday. Her little girl turned four in August of 2018, and thus far, Christina notes she's just soaking it all in.

6 Mothering Took Priority For A Few Years


Christina took a nearly six-year hiatus from music while raising Max and then welcoming Summer. But it wasn't just because of her kids that Christina laid lower than usual. She told STYLE that she wasn't in a great space for making music during that time. And part of that was due to her experiences on The Voice.

Christina admitted in her interview with STYLE that after a while on the show, she started to feel like it wasn't sticking with the original vision. Plus, her separation from ex Jordan Bratman put her in a tough spot creatively, and the growth from that experience influenced Christina's later work.

5 But She Believes In Putting Mom First, Too

Reality TV World

Although Christina spends a lot of time and energy on her kids (what mom doesn't?), she also recognizes the importance of taking care of herself. And while she's unconventional in many ways as a mom (her stage persona of Xtina, for one thing!), she does have some fairly typical ways of decompressing.

Christina is just like any other mom in that she values her "me time" when she's not completely focused on her kids or on her music. And it's taking time away that makes her appreciate her children (and her work) even more. Sure, it might just be hitting up a yoga studio, but Christina makes sure to take time for herself.

4 Christina Stuck With 'The Voice' For Her Kids


Although Christina admitted that after some time on the show, she didn't like the direction things were going. But she did stick with The Voice longer than she might have otherwise simply because she had her kids in mind. After all, the show tapes in various spots around Los Angeles, which kept Christina close to her home in Beverly Hills.

Per Motherly, Christina knew that sticking with The Voice was a great opportunity for her but also for her kids. It allowed her to stay close so that her kids could have a consistent home life, saving the tours for a time when they would be more able to participate.

3 Yoga Helps Her Find Her Calm

Women's Health Mag

Christina may be unconventional in a lot of ways but in terms of self-care and personal growth, she's a lot like your average non-celeb mom. She told Today that she enjoys yoga to decompress and de-stress, which we can imagine she definitely needs given the demands of her job and running after two kids.

And we're sure yoga helps with keeping her vocals in shape, too, as a lot of her music is pretty demanding in terms of the physicality of it. Not to mention the fact that she's about to embark on a tour that will require her to be on stage for hours, too.

2 They're A Total Disney Fam

Entertainment Tonight

If the snaps of Christina wearing her Mickey ears weren't enough for you, here's further proof the fam is all about Disney. They visit often, and who can blame Xtina, given that she got her start with the Mickey Mouse Club back in the day! But her love of all things Disney has bled over into her family life, too.

The above shot is of Christina's man Matthew with their daughter Summer, enjoying the happiest place on earth! And while not everything about Christina is PG, this is one of those heartwarming facts about her that we just had to share!

1 Christina's A Bit Of A Germophobe


They might have pets at home, but that doesn't mean Christina lets her housekeeping fall by the wayside. And when Summer was just an infant, Christina made it clear that she was not a fan of germs, especially the sort brought home from her son's school! She was hypervigilant about Max washing his hands before snuggling with his little sis, something he apparently loved to do often (and still does!).

The upside of this is that Max and Summer have a close bond, as Christina explained to Us Magazine, and even though he was in school by the time his sibling came on the scene, the two still spent plenty of time together.

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