20 Little-Known Details About Ciara As A Mom

When people think of Ciara, they can probably start humming some of her most famous tracks, and she's had an impressive run in the music industry. She launched her debut album in 2004, when she was 18, and remains relevant today, 15 years later. But a lot has changed in Ciara's life, not just professionally, but also personally, and she has evolved into a strong woman and a proud supporter of girl power, and she's become a mama to two children.

Her first child was a son named Future (whom she shares with her ex-fiancé, rapper Future) and later, she and her husband, Russell Wilson, expanded their family and welcomed a daughter, Sierra. Motherhood has changed Ciara in many ways, but she rose to the challenge because she knew this was something she really wanted.

In many ways, she's a super mom, and not just because her family is her first priority, or because she is completely dedicated to her marriage and her kids, but because she is a role model. She is teaching her offspring the importance of being kind and compassionate and encouraging them to reach for their dreams, and below are 20 reasons that Ciara is not only a great mother but also a fantastic person.

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20 Even On Her Most Challenging Days, She Stays Positive Because She's Living Her Dream

Ciara is a superstar, a wife, and a mother to two children, and although there is a lot of great things happening in her life, she still has bad days. Yet despite the challenging days, she remains upbeat because she’s living her dream, a statement she made during an interview with Refinery29.

When speaking about her future in an interview with the publication, she discussed her music, being a businesswoman, her family, but also her dreams. “I’ve always been a big dreamer and a big believer. Even on the most challenging days, I have to sometimes remind myself that I’m living my dream," she said. "The challenges are sometimes a part of living your dream.”

19 Family Is Ciara's No. 1 Priority, Always

Ciara became a mother in 2014 when she gave birth to her son, Future Zahir Wilburn, who she shares with her ex-fiancé, Future. She has since moved on and found love with Russell Wilson, who she married in 2016, and the following year, the couple welcomed their daughter, Sienna.

Family is important to Ciara, and she has managed to find the balance between work and motherhood. “It is a lot of work having a child, but it really boils down to balance at the end of the day,” she told Refinery29 in an interview, discussing raising children and touring.

18 She's Not Afraid To Publicly Share Her Love For Her Children

Some celebrities prefer to keep aspects of their private life to themselves, but Ciara is not one of those celebrities, at least, not when it comes to motherhood because she is more than willing to speak about the love she has for her two children.

There have been multiple examples of this, but one of the most touching was on her son Future’s birthday, when the proud mama took to social media to celebrate him. "It has truly been the best life experience watching you grow!" she wrote, adding, "I am so grateful to God for you, and I can't wait to see all the many other amazing things He has in store for you. Mommy loves you soooo much!”

17 She Celebrates Her Daughter And Is All About Girl Power...

Ciara is a mom to a son, but she is almost raising a daughter, and it is never too early to make her daughter feel valued and to celebrate how important it is to believe in girl power  because women can do everything that men can do, and the lack of gender equality in the world is something many women are working hard to bring attention to.

Ciara celebrated her daughter on International Women’s Day by sharing this sweet picture of herself and Sienna, whom she referred to as her “Boss Baby Girl.” She added, “Behind her smile, there’s Fire! #GirlPower.”

16 ...But She Also Acknowledges The Importance Of Including Her Son On International Women's Day

Raising daughters to believe in feminism and celebrate their self-worth is important, but Ciara also feels her son needs to learn how to treat women, and on International Women’s Day in 2019, she didn’t just get her daughter involved in her post, but she also included her son. She did this by posting a video of herself dancing with both of her children, and she captioned her post with a thought-provoking message: “Celebrating US! We can do absolutely anything we put our minds to! Ladies let’s Go!

Although Ciara didn’t specifically mention her son in the post, the fact that she chose to include him in a post celebrating women is telling.

15 She's Chosen To Spend Her Life With A Man Who Shares The Same Visions And Goals

Things didn’t work out with Ciara and her ex-fiancé, Future, but during their relationship, they did welcome a son. Co-parenting is probably challenging, but Ciara has found love with a new man, and she is now in a healthy relationship with Russell Wilson. And one of the best things about their union is that they share similar visions and want the same things.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said: "We share similar views on pretty much everything. It's just superorganic.” Wilson, who was also interviewed by the publication later shared his own views, saying, “We connect so well, and we have the same vision.”

14 She's Dedicated To Helping Others And Supports Charities

Via Ciara Instagram

Ciara may be a superstar and a dedicated wife and mother, but it’s not just her own family’s welfare that she cares about. She is a woman with a really big heart, and according to Look To The Stars, Ciara has been involved with 12 charities and foundations. These causes include Get Schooled Foundation, Save The Music Foundation, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and Stand Up To C., the latter of which involved Ciara and multiple other female recording artists using their platform (and their voices) to create awareness.

According to Rap-Up, Ciara was one of the stars involved in the recording of the track, “Just Stand Up,” which raised funds and support for the cause.

13 Ciara Tells Her Son That There Is No Dream That's Too Big For Him

As a parent, one of our goals is to encourage our children’s hopes and dreams, and where possible, help them work towards attaining those dreams. Ciara is an excellent example of a parent who has unwavering support and belief in her children’s abilities, and she showed us this when she shared this photo of her son, surrounded by trophies. She captioned the cute post with her thoughts, writing, “No Dream Is Too Big!”

But this is just one example, and Ciara and Russell Wilson have also joined forces with Friends of the Children to encourage other kids to have dreams of a brighter future.

12 She Has Described Her Experience Of Motherhood As The 'Greatest Gift'

Ciara has achieved professional success and has won some of the most prestigious awards in the music business, and although being a superstar would no doubt have changed her life, something else that has been a game-changer for her was becoming a mom.

“I believe that having a child is one of the greatest gifts on earth and in life,” she said in an interview with Refinery29. This is a sentiment she echoed during her interview with Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club (via E! News). "Honestly, I feel like everything in life happens for a reason and my son has been the greatest gift that God has given me in my life and been the most game-changing thing that's happened to my life, in a necessary way," she said.

11 She Has Been Celebrated By Her Husband For Being A Wonderful Mama

When it comes to couple goals, saying Ciara and Russell Wilson are it would not be a stretch because they appear to have one of the most loving and supportive relationships. Wilson cares not just for his biological daughter, but also for his step-son, and he has the nicest things to say about the kids in his life. He also celebrates the woman who is raising them.

On a social media post of Ciara and her son, E! News notes that Wilson commented on how watching him grow had been one of “the most fulfilling and special things.” He then went on to praise Ciara, saying, “He gets the purest and the sweetest love from you and to watch you be the woman and mom you are all the time. Every morning. Every night. Every day... No matter what the circumstances or situation...good or bad...brings me so much joy…”

10 She's A Very Strong Woman Who Has Evolved A Lot Over The Years

Ciara became a big star from a young age, and her first album, Goodies, dropped in 2004. At the time she was just 18. Her professional success has continued, but she has not just evolved as an artist, but also as a woman.

This is a concept she spoke about in an interview with Refinery29, and when asked how she had changed in the past decade, she explained how she was a baby then, but has a baby now. She continued, “I’m really in womanhood  I’m in my full woman zone right now. I now have a clear understanding of how things work versus the beginning when you’re figuring out everything along the way. I have more wisdom, knowledge, and experience on what I’m doing as a performer and as a woman.”

9 Being A Mother Has Made Her More Grounded — And She Feels It Was Necessary

Expectant moms are usually informed how a lot changes after they give birth; There are some obvious lifestyles changes that happen, like the lack of sleep a mom gets when she has a newborn, or the abundance of emotion and unconditional love that comes with welcoming a baby, but it’s hard to describe just how different things are after having a child. The good thing is, the changes are not all bad, and Ciara has spoken about how becoming a mom has been beneficial to her life.

“Being a mom has changed me first and foremost in the most necessary way possible,” she said in an interview with Refinery29. “Being a mom really grounds you. It’s helped me set my feet on the ground. I feel like having a son was very necessary for me.”

8 Women Who Celebrate Other Women Are Great Role Models (And Ciara Does This)

Ciara has admitted she is really into womanhood and is proud to be a woman, but she also sings the praises of other women — and we all know the world needs more women who are willing to support each other, rather than compete with each other.

Ciara uses her social media platforms to celebrate other strong, successful ladies. When Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian got married, Ciara posted about how happy she was for them. Another example is when she had the “honor” to present Janet Jackson with the Rockstar Award, and she praised her for being a “Friend, Icon, and Legend.”

7 She Gets Real About Motherhood And Understands That It's All About Balance

Via BoomPhilly/Facebook

Motherhood may be a wonderful and rewarding journey, but despite loving being a mom, Ciara is also candid about the difficulties she has faced. And having a high-profile job and being a mother is definitely a challenge.

She has toured the world with her children in tow, and she admits that it can feel like a bit much at times. In an interview with Refinery29, she spoke about her advice to other musicians who are raising children and how they should try to find a balance, which takes a lot of “scheduling things, and mapping out your day, so you don’t feel [like it's too much].”

6 Ciara Has An Inspiring Relationship With Her Mother (And She Even Has Music Named After Her)

Ciara has even more appreciation for her own mother, Jackie Harris, now that she has experienced motherhood for herself. In fact, she even named her 2015 album, Jackie, after her mama.

Speaking to Fuse.TV, she spoke about why she decided to name the album after her mom. “I was inspired to title [the] album Jackie because now, being a new mom, I know what it's like to be in her shoes and see things from her eyes,” she explained. “It was the most fitting thing to mark this really special time of my life and walking into motherhood and womanhood at the same time. In a sense, I am a mini Jackie.”

5 She Genuinely Cares About Other People, And That's An Important Quality To Teach Your Kids

There are many wonderful qualities that Ciara has which she can pass on to her children, and one of these qualities is how much she genuinely cares about other people.

Ciara and Russell Wilson spend their time supporting various charities, and in this photo, she shared an inspiring story about a woman named Madeline who had to wage that toughest of health battles four times “and is still [going]!” Ciara also commented on how much this woman inspires her, and she wanted to praise her for her strength and courage.

If Ciara is able to raise her children to have even half as much compassion for others as she does, they will be wonderful humans.

4 She Says Motherhood Has Given Her A ‘New Conscience’

Motherhood has changed Ciara in many ways, and since becoming a mom she has felt more fearless and inspired. She spoke about this in an interview with Vogue Arabia (via E! News), saying, “Being a mother of two made me feel even more confident, inspired, and fearless. Motherhood definitely gives you a new conscience.”

Her seventh studio album is even more meaningful to her because she was pregnant with her daughter, Sienna, while recording it, an experience which she says was “special.” Being a mother may have changed many aspects of Ciara’s life, but something that has remained the same is her love for performing. “What you feel when you are on stage, fully connected to your fans, is absolutely indescribable,” she said.

3 She Has Created A Healthy Home Life For Her Kids Because Of The Respect She Has For Her Husband

Having parents who constantly bicker and squabble is not a healthy environment to raise children, but Ciara and Russell Wilson appear to be in a really great place. Not only do they love each other, but they also have the same vision and a lot of respect for each other, and this is something Ciara voiced on social media.

In a post from their honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa, she shared a photo of her new husband, along with a message of how sweet she found the mornings now that she was able to wake up next to the man she loves.

2 She's Wants To Be The Cool Mom (And Her Reasons Are So Great)

In an interview with Fuse.TV, Ciara explained how she hopes when her son gets older he will think she’s a “rocking mom” and a “great example," but she also wants to be a cool mom.

When asked in the interview what she would do if her son doesn't think she's a "cool mom," she responded by saying she hopes that never happens. Not because she wants to be more of a friend and less of a parent, or take a relaxed approach to parenting him, but because she doesn't want him to ever think that she's cheesy.

1 She Thought Long And Hard About Being A Mom And Was So Ready For It

One of the best things about Ciara becoming a mom is that it was not a decision she made on a whim. So, when she finally did give birth, she was so ready to be a mom.

“I’d always wanted to have my own family,” she told Essence. “And my pregnancy was planned when I was at a point in my life when I was finally ready to take on the responsibility.” Her relationship with Future didn’t work out, and she told the publication it wasn’t necessarily part of her vision to raise her son solo, but things have worked out for the best now because she’s a mom to two, and with a man who makes her really happy.

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