20 Little Known Details About Eddie Murphy And His 10 Kids

Legendary actor Eddie Murphy is a comedic icon. He is ranked number ten on Comedy Central's list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time. The extraordinarily talented and decorated fellow has received Golden Globe nods for his work in 48 Hrs., the Beverly Hills Cop series, Trading Places, and The Nutty Professor and even took home the award in 2007 for his work in the award-winning film Dreamgirls. Murphy not only cracks viewers up on screen, but he also sings, does voiceover work for some of animation's biggest flicks and parents like a boss.

When it comes to fatherhood, Eddie Murphy has had a heaping load of practice. The actor has been a parent for roughly thirty years and, considering his current girlfriend has a bun baking in the oven, he doesn't appear to be hitting the brakes anytime soon. When the new baby joins Clan Murphy in December of this year, he will have ten sons and daughters to carry on his legacy. Someday, when Murphy is long gone, people will surely remember him for two things: his ability to light up the silver screen and his uncanny knack for making some beautiful children.

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20 His Kids Range In Age From 28 To Unborn

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Eddie Murphy has been at this fatherhood thing now for three whole decades, and in that time he has accumulated nearly ten children ranging in age from thirty down to fetus. His oldest child, Eric, was born way back in 1989 and is coming up on his thirtieth birthday. Bria and Christian were born the following year (by different women) and Miles and Shayne are also in their twenties.

Eddie's last two children by his ex-wife Nicole are eighteen and sixteen, and his child by Mel B is now eleven. The last two kids are two and unborn until this coming December.

19 He has children from 5 different Mothers

So Mr. Murphy indeed has ten kiddos, but they aren't all by the same women. It seems that Eddie has no issue with fatherhood, but perhaps a bit of a hang-up with commitment. His first child's mother is Paulette McNeely. The pair was together for a brief time back in 1989 at the height of Murphy's career.

Next came Tamera Johnson, a woman who is perfectly fine staying out of the public eye. She is a mother to another one of Eddie's sons. Eddie next settled down for a spell and married Nicole Murphy.

They had five children together but went their separate ways in 2006. Mel B of the Spice girls has one of Eddie's kids, and Aussie model and current partner Paige Butcher is the mama to the final two babes.

18 Half Of His Children Are By His Ex-Wife Nicole

The majority of Eddie's children are by women who came into his life and left nearly as fast. His current lady is pregnant with her and Eddie's second child, but before that tenth Murphy bun started baking in Paige Butcher's oven, only one woman had more than a single child with Eddie.

Murphy's ex-wife Nicole holds the Murphy kid record as she is the mom to five of Eddie's kids. She and Eddie racked them up in the thirteen years that they spent hitched.

Only time will tell if Butcher will beat out Nicole's baby record. She's just about halfway there!

17 Eddie Contested the Paternity Of Mel B's Daughter Angel

Eddie, you ARE the father! These days Murphy has no beef owning up to his daughter Angel Iris, by former Spice Girl Melanie B., but that was not always the case. When Mel B was pregnant, Murphy was pretty vocal over the fact that he wasn't so sure he was even the baby's father.

A 2007 DNA test put all questions to rest though when it was proved that Eddie was baby Angel's daddy.

Mel and Eddie remained frosty, though, and Mel went on to marry again while Eddie moved on to other beautiful women, eventually settling with model Paige Butcher.

16 His Relationship With Angel Is Nearly Non-Existent

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 23: Singer Mel B, daughters Madison Belafonte, Angel Iris Murphy Brown and Giselle Belafonte arrive at the premiere of Disney's "Alice Through The Looking Glass" at the El Capitan Theatre on May 23, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

To say that things with daughter Angel got off to a rocky start would be an understatement. Angel's mother and Eddie briefly dated before she found out she would be another Murphy baby mama in a few months. Eddie wasn't all that convinced that he was the baby's dad, so he denied her until he was scientifically proven to be the bio father.

The father-daughter relationship was extremely strained for years but is reportedly on the mend.

He has been incredibly supportive of Mel, and his daughter as Mel recently weathered a particularly bad split from her husband, Stephen Belafonte.

15 His Newest Baby Mama Is An Aussie Model

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His current love interest and the mother to the latest two Murphy kiddos has quite a bit in common with her soon-to-be stepchildren. For starters, she is practically the older kids' age. She is only a decade older than Eddie's eldest child Eric. She also can bond regarding work with Eddie's daughter Bria considering both of the ladies work in the realm of modeling.

Paige Butcher is a well known Australian actress and model who has done work in films such as Big Momma's House 2 and Something's Gotta Give, and has done photoshoots for Maxim magazine.

14 Murphy Is Ready To Walk Down The Aisle Again

It looks as if Eddie is about to make his fifth baby's momma the second Mrs. Murphy. (His ex-wife Nicole has kept his last name.) Murphy and Butcher have been together since 2012, have a two-year-old daughter named Izzy and are expecting a son at the end of 2018. That was enough for Murphy to put a ring on it, and it wasn't any old ring.

The 39-year-old beauty is reportedly wearing a giant boulder on her wedding finger. He must be smitten with the Aussie actress, as Eddie doesn't dole out engagement rings to just anybody.

Father their children, yes, but marry them? Not so much.

13 Whitney Houston Could Have Been Baby Mama #6

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1989 was a busy year for Eddie Murphy. Not only did he welcome his firstborn child that year, but he also dated a superstar. Eddie was rumored to be dating the glorious Whitney Houston back then. In fact, they were thought to be an item when Whitney met her future hubby, Bobby Brown, at the 1989 Soul Train Awards.

The rumors were never confirmed though, and Murphy has publicly commented on how the pair was merely friends and nothing more. Had Bobby Brown not conveniently popped into the picture, could they have become entertainments ultimate 80's power couple?

12 Of All The Mothers, He Only Married One Of Them

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So far, Eddie has been a dad to the children of five separate women, but only one of them has ever been able to call herself Mrs. Murphy. Eddie only married Nicole, and the pair stayed a union from 1993 until 2006. Even his sketchy stint with a gender-bending Lady of the Night back in the late 90's didn't manage to derail the pair. (He claimed he was merely giving the hard working lady a ride!)

Eddie had a string of romances following his divorce, one with Mel B of course and another with Tracey Edmonds, but for the last few years, he has only had eyes for Paige Butcher. The mother of his little two tykes is reportedly now his fiancée.

11 Two Of His Kids Were Born In The Same Year

Uh oh. That's a suspect turn-around there Eddie. Murphy's oldest son, Eric, by super-shy and reclusive Paulette McNeely, was born within the same year as his daughter Bria, by his ex-wife, Nicole Murphy.

Maybe the breakups and shakeups here were legit, with quick turnarounds, but there is a fairly decent chance that Murphy's relationships with both of these kids' mothers overlapped in some capacity. We wonder if Bria and Eric had joint birthday parties and graduation celebrations? Maybe Murphy was merely trying to simplify things? Probably not.

10 His Eldest Sons Are Very Close

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Eddie's oldest sons are close in age and heart. The boys, now well into their twenties, are only a few years apart. Eric, 28, leads a seemingly uneventful and private life while Christian, 26, has dabbled in acting and has a few movies under his belt including Cougars Inc., The Shield, and Love Cures Cancer: Take a Chance on Love II.

While one son is somewhat outgoing and appears to be following in his father's footsteps, and the other is happy living a quiet life, the half-brothers are particularly close. Sure they have different mothers, but they are bonded by their father and their friendship.

9 Daughter Bria Is Artistically Inclined

Eddie and Nicole's firstborn child, Bria, is one talented and beautiful young lady and her father could not be more proud of his gal. Bria has several acting credits to her name including a part in the 2016 film Amateur Night, and she is set to star in 2017 film Conflict of Interest. She has also made an appearance on the hit television show, The Game. Bria is also a talented visual artist.

Dad Eddie had this to say about his daughter's accomplishments: “I’m glad that people get to see how talented she is. We’ve known for years how talented she is. It’s exciting to see her stuff up on the walls. I’m having all of those proud parent feelings," gushed Murphy.

8 His Tenth Baby Is Reportedly A Boy

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy already have a beautiful little girl, Izzy, who recently celebrated her second birthday. She won't be the only child in that household for long though, because Butcher is getting close to having baby number two! As far as we know, the second child in this union is due to arrive towards the end of this year, and we hear that it is a boy!

If this does end up being Murphy's last child, then he will have started fatherhood with a son and ended with another thirty years later. We aren't so sure that ten will end up being enough for the funny guy, though.

7 Two Of His Daughters Have Modeling Aspirations

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Oh boy. We bet Papa Murphy had a little chat with his spawn after they pulled this stunt. Back in 2004, Two of Eddie's daughters, by his ex-wife Nicole Murphy, participated in a bold photoshoot with Los Angeles photographer Dimitri Ray. The famed photographer then posted the pic to his Instagram account.

Bria and Shayne Murphy take after their mother Nicole in regards to sheer beauty and modeling aspirations, but let's be honest here: does any father, famous or otherwise, want to see such pics of his children floating around on the internet? Probably not, no matter what the kids' ages are.

6 He Keeps All Of Their Pictures On A Shelf At Home

Well, two things are apparent here: Eddie Murphy adores his children, and his home has at least one large shelf hanging in it. A 2011 profile on Murphy by Rolling Stones Magazine stated that he keeps photos of all of his children on a shelf in his home. That shelf must span the entire family room wall! He may have to add a second shelf to the family display if he keeps churning the kiddos out with his current lady (and rumored) betrothed Paige Butcher.

She and Eddie seem to be in no rush to put the brakes on the baby making. Every kid has their space on the family shelf it seems.

5 One Of His Daughters Just Got Signed By A Modeling Agency

Eddie and Nicole's daughter Zola recently graduated from high school. The eighteen-year-old has her mother's good looks and a good head on her shoulders. The eighteen-year-old stunner graduated from a prestigious Beverly Hills private high school that past June with honors. Ummmm... winning.

All of Murphy's older children attended daughter Zola Ivy's High School graduation (only little Izzy Oona was absent from the celebration.) So what is next for the girl who seems to have it all? Modeling it seems. Zola has been signed to IMG, one of the largest modeling corporations in the world, and has already appeared in print and on the runway.

4 Izzy's Middle Name Has A Unique Meaning

Eddie's ninth child and Paige Butcher's first baby, a little girl named Izzy Oona Murphy, is two years old and about to become a big sister in the upcoming months. Her name is beautiful and unique. While Izzy originates from the short form of the name Isabelle or Isadore, (both lovely in their own right,) Oona is a tad more unique of a moniker. This unique name is Latin and means "one."

Little Izzy is mama's only child, until December that is. We, for one, love the name choice and wouldn't mind seeing a few more little Oonas running around the streets of Hollywood.

3 Angel Has Two Last Names

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All of Eddie's children have his last name, well except one that is. Eddie's daughter Angel Iris, by former Spice Girl Mel B, actually has two last names. The pair was not together for Mel's pregnancy and was indeed not an item when Scary Spice gave birth to her firstborn daughter, so Angel got a hyphenated last name. Her complete moniker is Angel Iris Brown-Murphy.

This sets her apart from the other nine half-siblings who only have Murphy as their last name. Another thing that makes her unique is that she was the only child (as far as we know,) that Eddie publicly denied for a time.

2 Myles Murphy Is Named After A Legend

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Little Izzy Oona isn't the only child of Eddie Murphy to have some heavy meaning behind her name. His son Myles, (one of five children with his ex-wife Nicole,) also carries some serious name weight. It is reported that Eddie and Nicole's grown son was named after Miles Davis. Davis was, of course, one of music's greatest and most recognized jazz musicians.

Considering his father's comedic greatness and the copious amount of talent that his namesake poured into his soulful music, Myles Murphy has quite a bit to try and live up to. Good luck, son. May the odds be ever in your favor.

1 He Wants More Kids

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL -- Pictured: (l-r) Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher on February 15, 2015 -- (Photo by: Theo Wargo/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Ummm..come again? I have four children ranging in ages eleven down to four, and I can wholeheartedly tell the world that I do NOT want any more children, ever! Juggling four kids with busy lives is a heaping load of work, so I can't even let my brain wander over to the hypothetical possibility of ever raising ten children.

Granted, Murphy doesn't have them all under one roof, and many of them are grown and flown, but still. Isn't wanting more than ten children some kind of disease or illness? Eddie, call it quits and hold off a few years. The grandkids will be rolling in by then.

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