20 Little-Known Details About Eminem's Daughter Hailie

Will Eminem's daughter please stand up? Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, actually has three daughters but we're only focusing on one in this article: Hailie Mathers! She recently came back around the social media scene which, of course, means that she's been on every Eminem fan's radar. Despite her father's legacy, it seems that Hailie has followed her own path in life and has managed to stay out of the public's eye, which is something that we love.

Fans might be wondering how this is possible, given the intense and slightly crazy history surrounding her father, but it's true... Hailie Mathers is 100 percent her own person. In fact, Eminem himself would be the first person to say that his kids are lightyears ahead of him at their age, and there's nothing more we love than a proud dad moment.

So how do we know this? Simple, we know the deets, thanks to her own social media account and thoughts from her rapping dad. That's not to say that her life isn't interesting, though, and we think it's pretty worthy of its own article. So without further ado, here are 20 things that we can (and should) know about the rap god's daughter.

20 All The Songs Her Father Wrote About Her, And Why They're So Important


It sounds like a lot but compared to how many songs Eminem has actually written, it's really not. His daughter Hailie appears in 22 of them, but her presence is definitely more prevalent in some more than others. The ones that are truly known for revolving around his baby girl are "97 Bonnie & Clyde," "My Darling," "Beautiful," "My Dad's Gone Crazy," "Kim," and, of course, "Hailie's Song."

The reason these songs mean so much is that each one is a message and marks a passage of time during Hailie's life, one that she can look back on every time she hears her dad's lyrics.

19 With A Flawless Academic Record, Her Dedication To Her Future Is Admirable


Hailie's success didn't just stop in high school, though. She remained dedicated to her passion to pursue a college degree and accomplished it. In high school, she was a straight-A student, graduating with an astounding GPA of 3.9. It was this star attitude that got her into Michigan State University, where she studied Psychology and entrepreneurship. Both are admirable concentrations and it seems that Hailie has definitely chosen to follow her own footsteps rather than those of her father, which he's perfectly fine with. We're sure that the beaming father won't be short behind his daughter and all her successes.

18 Despite The Drama Between Her Parents, She's Still Very Close To Eminem And Kim


Not every parental relationship has continued drama that will affect kids and Hailie is lucky enough to have the support of both her mom and her dad. Before she graduated, her high school asked her who the most influential people were in her life, and her answer was both endearing and sweet. She responded by saying, "My mother and father because they have pushed me to be the person I am and have given me all the support to achieve what I have." There are many kids out there who aren't celebs and don't have this type of relationship with their parents, so we're happy that Hailie does.

17 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Youngest R&B Star To Hit The Charts


That's right... It was none other than Hailie Mathers. She got a quick start to fame when her voice appeared in the song "My Dad's Gone Crazy," which might seem a bit strange but, looking back, is kind of cool.

Back in 2002, Eminem brought up the memory, recalling Hailie as a little kid wanting to be part of her father's musical quests. She said the line everyone knows today, and Eminem honored his daughter's request to say it on the mic... thus landing her a Guinness World Record as well as a spot on the charts at only six years old.

16 Much Of Her Life Is Private, But She Does Have A True Love


Similar to her father, Hailie, too, likes to keep a fairly low profile when it comes to her personal life. She recently came back on the social media scene a few years back and since then, much of her life has been on the down low. Since graduating from college, she has given few interviews aside from the general update on her life as a full-blown adult. What we do know, though, is that she is dating someone and that someone's name is Evan.

While there are few appearances with him, an outside source told The Daily News that she enjoys going away with him, attending fitness class and, of course, taking care of the cute pup known as Lottie.

15 She Has Two Half-Sisters, But Her Family Is Well-Blended


Her sister situation can be a bit confusing because of their blended relation, but they're still her sisters all the same. Her oldest sister, Alaina, is actually the biological daughter of Hailie's mother, Kim. She and Hailie's father adopted Alaina (who was then Amanda) and made her part of their family and, sadly, her biological mother, Kim's sister, passed back in 2016. Hailie's younger sister, Whitney, is Hailie's half-sister, both of them sharing Kim as a biological mom. She was born in 2002 and Eminem adopted her shortly after their divorce. Although her sisters are technically her cousin and half-sister, that doesn't stop them from having a strong family bond.

14 She Had More Of A Normal School Life Than Many Celebrity Kids Her Age


Interestingly enough, Hailie had a normal high school life. She actually attended school in the same district as her father and excelled at her academics. While in a public high school, Hailie went by the name Hailie Scott rather than Hailie Mathers in order to not draw unnecessary attention to herself — although it seems that this wasn't really an issue at all. Other parents in the Michigan school's district have claimed that kids have let Hailie complete her schooling without additional attention, which is a nice change from most celebrity children. She graduated effortlessly and went on to attend college shortly after.

13 She Also Became Homecoming Queen On Her Own Without Outside Influences

You Sense

No, Hailie didn't win the title of Homecoming Queen due to her superior popularity because of who her father is. Rather, she earned it on her own merit: By being a genuinely nice person and caring about her school, as well as her classmates.

During the crowning, Hailie was given the honor at one of her school's football games and was escorted by none other than her mother, Kim. Not to worry, though — Eminem was watching too, but as a good dad, he kept his distance inside the school so as to not steal the spotlight from Hailie. Talk about being a great dad.

12 Her Popularity Continued Through Collge When Sigma Phi Epsilon Named Her Their 2016 Sweetheart


Though sorority life has gotten a bit of a bad rap lately, that doesn't mean that it's all detrimental to a teen's college life. Hailie joined a sorority shortly after starting college, Zeta Tau Alpha, which happens to be the sister sorority of Sigma Phi Epsilon. She excelled in college just as she did in high school, we're sure making friends and valuable connections along the way, likely through her sorority. For someone who's serious about her future, the type of events and status that come from a sorority can look great on a resume. Even more so, SPE named her their sweetheart in 2016, a high honor when it comes to a sorority.

11 Surprisingly, She's Not Totally In The Spotlight On Social Media... Even Though Many Have Tried


As sad as it is, many have tried to fake the identity of Hailie and, much to their surprise, were outed as having faux accounts. One that caught the attention of many was the account @Angry_Blonde back in 2011 on Twitter. The reason that this fake account generated so much press was due to the fact that not only would the user post outlandish quotes, but they even tried getting in touch with Chris Brown. A year later, a second account popped up, this time generating even more negative press after trying to start a social media battle with Taylor Swift. For the record, Hailie is not on Twitter.

10 Her Puppy Lottie, Who We're Living For, TBH


It's pretty clear that Hailie is a dog lover (but really, who isn't?) as she was photographed with the most adorable puppy ever. The pup, named Lottie, stole our hearts the first time Hailie posted a cute puppy photo on her IG account. Though she's not active very much, she does post from time to time, and many of those photos do feature Lottie the adorable pup. Lottie came onto the scene back in 2017 when Hailie made a joke about her pup 'photobombing' on puppy day. We don't really care when Lottie is photobombing, as long as we continue to get more adorable photos of this cute puppy face!

9 She Grew Up In A Clean (Non-Swearing) Household, According To Her Father


This is probably something that many fans not only question but are uber surprised by, as well. In an interview with 60 Minutes, Eminem revealed that his swearing only comes through in his music — not in his household or day to day life. It may come as a surprise to many fans out there but according to the rap artist, he believes that parents should do their jobs and actually 'parent' their children. This is especially true when it comes to all the music that's out there nowadays and he proves a point that just because your child hears it, doesn't mean it needs to be repeated by them.

8 She Was The (Totally Unintentional) Root Of Some Machine Gun Kelly Drama


Anyone who knows Machine Gun Kelly knows that he doesn't exactly have a modest mouth when it comes to being open. While there's nothing wrong with that at all, he put his foot in said mouth a little bit too late when it came to a comment he made about Hailie some years back.

When a photo surfaced of her at 16 years old, the then 20-year-old rapper made a comment about how attractive she was, and not in the most respectable way. While he did make it clear that he meant no disrespect to Eminem, who happened to be one of his idols at the time, that didn't seem to make a difference... Eminem made sure to blackball the up and coming rapper to make a point.

7 Her Father Credits Her Fully With His Success


From the start, Eminem has always credited his success to having Hailie, the light of his life. In an interview back in 2002, Eminem stated that Hailie was his "number one reason to fear failure," going on to say that he couldn't have a scenario where his daughter couldn't look at him and say that her father was successful. All anyone needs to do is listen to him talk about Hailie to realize that she's his number one and the most important thing to him in the world. As far as model fathers go, Eminem is one step ahead of the game in showing how true and pure a relationship can be between a father and his child.

6 A Lucky Girl, She Was Born On Christmas Day


Believe it or not, Hailie is special in more ways than one. In an entirely unplanned coincidence, the daughter of Eminem happens to share a birthday with a super important day of the year: Christmas! We're not sure how this changed their home life but what we do know is that it must be pretty awesome to have a birthday that's the same day as a major holiday. Perhaps double the number of gifts? Who knows, but we do know that regardless of her birthday, she's deserving of all of it according to her father, and that's the part that matters the most.

5 She Has Some Diverse Hobbies, Including Volleyball And Art


It's not surprising that the daughter of a music star would have a solid interest in art and a creative flow, but Hailie's interests are wide and diverse. Along with being academically talented, she also has some serious skill on the volleyball court. We're sure her athleticism likely contributed to her reputation in high school, which was nothing but good news from her peers and classmates. Her interest in art is something we're also sure her father is proud of, considering her family's reputation. Whether or not singing or any type of music is of interest to her.

4 She Went Through Her Parents' Divorce... Twice


When Hailie was born in 1995, her parents were not yet married and didn't tie the knot until 1999, when she was four years old. Unfortunately, they made the decision to get divorced in 2002. Divorce is never easy on a child at such a young age but considering the respect and admiration she has for both of her parents, it doesn't seem like they allowed it to affect her too much. Whatever problems they had remained between them and in 2006, Eminem and Kim remarried. Unfortunately, again, this ultimately only led to their second divorce, which happened in December at the end of the same year.

3 College Was Serious Business, And She Studied Two Concentrations Before Graduating


College isn't an easy thing to accomplish but for someone like Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, it didn't seem to be that tough of a goal. Hailie made the decision to study two major things at Michigan State University, sharing a love and passion for both psychology and entrepreneurship.

The recent college grad, now 23, recently told The Daily Mail that a potential job she's considering is an influencer, specifically for all things related to beauty and cosmetics. While the 23-year-old graduated with a degree in psychology, she does express an interest in business, something that could be totally helpful in an influencer field.

2 A Young Debut: She's Seen In A Couple Of Her Father's Music Videos


From a young age, Hailie was likely used to the world of music, not only being in one of her father's songs but making an appearance in a music video, too. The album Curtain Call: The Hits, which came out in 2005, features a song called "When I'm Gone" and has two pretty familiar faces in it. the first is Hailie's, who appears in the music video as herself. Her presence in the video is especially important when Eminem says the line, "Hailie just smiles and winks at her little sister," who happens to be Whitney (who also makes an appearance in the music video).

1 Despite It All, The Sense Of Family And Strong Fatherly Love Is There


While this article is about Hailie, it's also about the connection between her and her father. The two of them admit that they're all the other has in life and the bond is truly beautiful. Hailie credits both of her parents with her own success, Hailie recently admitted in an interview with The Daily Mail that yes, they are still very close to this day. With the release of Eminem's album Revival a couple of years back, he dedicated the song "Castle" to Hailie, essentially apologizing for bringing her up so much in his songs and any wrongs he might have done to her in the past.

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