20 Little-Known Details About Hilary Duff's Children

For most Millennials, Hilary Duff was the end-all, be-all. She was entire generations' introduction to celebrity culture, as many people grew up watching her on The Lizzie Maguire Show, and in movies like Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story. Additionally, she made it big singing Disney-friendly tunes that often were linked to the movies she was making.

Then there were her multiple fashion lines, Stuff by Duff, Femme for DKNY, and the Muse x Hilary Duff. Essentially, Hilary Duff was everywhere. She was just like the Kardashians, except she's actually talented and interesting. But nowadays, the blond starlet is a mother of two and role model for many young moms who still can't get enough of her.

So, it goes without saying that we all know a ton about her. We know what she loves, what she dislikes, and even some of the drama she has to deal with on the daily. However, we actually don't know much about her two children, Luca and Banks. This is why we've created a list full of some of the most interesting things about them and Duff's relationship with them. Without further ado, here are 20 Little-Known Details About Hilary Duff's Children.

20 The Kids Have Two Baby Daddies

Hilary Duff knows that relationships are complicated and often don't last as long as we all hope they might. But that doesn't mean that good things don't come out of them. In the case of Duff's marriage to NHL player Mike Comrie, the best thing that came out of their union was little Luca Cruz Comrie. They had their baby in 2012, a few years after they started seeing one another. However, the pair went their separate ways in 2014. In 2015, Duff met Matthew (Matt) Koma, who co-wrote and helped produce Duff's album "Breath In. Breathe Out". In 2018, the pair welcomed Luca's baby sister, Banks, who is named after Matt's real last name, Blair. Although Duff's kids have two different baby daddies, she is clearly thrilled to have them both.

19 Luca Is Co-Parented

Many separated parents can't seem to be able to get along enough to actually coordinate their parenting agenda. But Luca's parents don't seem to have this issue. Believe it or not, Hilary Duff and her ex, Mike Comrie, actually co-parent their son quite efficiently. This means they have shared celebrations, play dates, and even vacations. Amazingly, this happens even though Duff is in a relationship with another man whom she had a baby with. In 2016, Duff went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said, “We are good friends and we laugh a lot and we have a great communication. We share pictures when one is not with Luca. Yeah, he’s great. We are great and we keep on trucking.”

18 Banks Was Born At Home, Luca Wasn't

Every mom has a different experience giving birth to their kids. Some want their children to be born at home, while others are fine with a hospital. Hilary Duff had her first child, Luca, at a hospital and even went for an epidural. But when she was going to have Banks, she didn't want that experience again. She wanted her youngest child to be born in the comfort of her own home. Since she had gone through childbirth already with Luca, she knew roughly what to expect and the experience was less daunting. This allowed her to bring her newborn girl into the world in the house she will be raised in.

17 Hilary Didn't Want Banks To Be A Boy

Luca has brought so much joy into Hilary Duff's life. This is something that she'll always appreciate. But that doesn't mean that she wanted another boy. In fact, she was hoping that Banks would be a girl since she could experience both. In an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Duff said, “I was so nervous beforehand because I thought for sure I was going to have a boy. I have a boy already — which would have been great, and I’m obsessed with [my son] Luca — but I just wanted one of each. My sister has girls and I feel like I’m really girly. But obviously, for the past six years, I’ve bought, like, monsters and trucks and planes. Luca is into all the boy stuff, so everything is blue and green. I was just ready for pink and purple stuff. I’m so excited. It’s really fun.”

16 Luca Wasn't Sure About His Sister At First

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Like many children, especially those from a fractured family, Luca wasn't sure he wanted to have a little sister or any sibling for that matter. Duff waited quite a while before deciding to have another kid, as she didn't want Luca to feel like he was getting an entirely new family after his parents' split. When he found out, he was very "on the fence" about it all. But once he held his little sister in his arms, he totally became the big brother he was born to be. Apparently, he even made up narratives for why his little sister was making the face that she was making. It's a great thing that he has been able to bond with baby Banks so well.

15 Banks Already Has A Strong Relationship With Her Dad

Luca isn't the only who has been able to bond with baby Banks, her father, Matthew, has already built an incredible connection with his daughter. We can see from both Hilary Duff's social media accounts as well as her partners', that he is just so thrilled to be a dad. And baby Banks seems to be all over her papa. Apparently, she is super eager to be around her dad. Matt, who is a first-time father, is equally eager to learn how to become a great parent. Having Duff as his partner comes in handy, as she has had years of experience.

14 Luca Has A Special Relationship With His Step-Dad

Relationships between children and their step-parents can be tenuous, to say the least. It's a tender relationship that can be complex throughout life, but it's especially particular when a child is young. This is because they can feel like their step-parent has been sent to replace their biological one. Additionally, they may just not get along. But Luca actually has a really strong friendship with his step-dad, Matt. This is because Matt acknowledges that Luca already has a father and appreciates what his biological dad does for him. In no way is he trying to replace him. Instead, he has stepped in as a special friend and additional mentor. Duff also didn't push her son to like her new partner. She let their relationship develop naturally over time.

13 Luca Wanted To Name His Sister

Although Luca wasn't particularly sure he wanted to have a sibling at first, he eventually came around to the idea and even wanted to name her. Although, not all of his name suggestions were adored by his mother and step-dad. "Cafont Croissant", was Luca's first choice for her little sister's name. When you think about all the crazy names that celebrities tend to call their kids, "Cafont Croissant" isn't nearly as bad as it can get. Still, the singer and actor wasn't happy with naming her daughter after a pastry. Instead, she chose a name that sounded like her daughter was a financial institution.

12 They're Surrounded By Doggies

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There are so many benefits to raising children around animals. Although many prefer cats, dogs are just the best choice. They tend to be more interactive with the kids and even teach them responsibility on a level that cats just can't, after all, felines tend to be more self-sufficient. Hilary Duff has always been a dog lover and wanted to have canines around her kids. In 2017, she adopted a Labrador mix named Momo, renamed Lucy. Not long after, she had to say goodbye to her 10-year-old Bernese Mountain dog, the animal that Luca got to spend the most time with. Of course, Duff and Matt also have two other dogs, including a French Bulldog, that both Banks and Luca can feel loved and protected by.

11 Every Outing And Vacation Isn't For Them

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Although Luca and Banks are the centers of their mother's life, they aren't the only part of it. After all, Duff does have an amazing job that requires her to travel and spend time in the studio. But more importantly, she also has a partnership that is the foundation of her home life. She knows that she needs to love and spend time with the man of her dreams, Matt. This is why not every vacation and family outing is meant for Luca and Banks. Duff and Matt go away on vacation together and only together, such as when they went to Costa Rica in 2017. The pair even went to Disneyland, every child's dream, without their kids. This is because their connection is also important to nurture.

10 Banks Was Given A Gender Reveal Party

A lot of people are into gender reveal parties for some reason. Regardless of what you may think of them, they are a fun excuse to get together, get gifts, and party. This is something that Hilary Duff wanted to do for her second child, Banks. When explaining Banks' gender reveal party, Duff said, “It was the most fun day. We had close family and friends over. We ordered these really cute confetti cannons on Etsy. They look like smoke, but it’s powder and then some confetti. You twist them and you all stand there at the same time. … It sounds so silly ‘cause it sounds kind of childish. It’s so exciting.”

9 Birthdays Are For The Entire Family

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As mentioned earlier, Hilary Duff has a pretty strong co-parenting relationship with her ex, Mike Comrie. This is very beneficial for their son, Luca. It's also great for his birthdays, which are always a family event. No matter what's going on between Duff and Comrie, they put their son first and he can share his birthday with both of his parents as well as his friends, step-dad, and baby sister. The family may have a complicated and odd dynamic, but raising a bright, kind, and happy boy is far more important to them. Although Duff and Comrie may not see eye-to-eye on everything, as well as could have some pain from their marriage, they happily put it aside on birthdays and other special occasions.

8 They Unintentionally Give Hilary "Mommy Guilt"

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Like many working moms, Duff feels quite a bit of guilt when it comes to balancing her work duties with those of her kids. She knows that the two can often clash and create a bit of stress within her. During an interview, she went on to describe this feeling pertaining to her relationship with Luca. She said, "I always feel torn or guilty about something. I'm not working right now, and at first, I stressed about that, like, 'Oh, I shouldn't stay still this long.' And that's ridiculous. I have a child; it's totally fine to not be slammed all the time. It feels really good to not be on someone else's schedule—besides Luca's. I'm basically his chauffeur!"

7 A Friendship With Their Cousins

Haylie Duff may not be on the same level of stardom as her sister, but dedicated fans of Hilary's are more than aware of her. Especially since the pair teamed up on a number of their songs, similarly to Ally And AJ Michalka. Like the Michalka sisters, Hilary and Haylie are exceptionally close, which is why it's important that their kids are as well. Luca is quite close in age with Haylie eldest child with Matt Rosenberg, Lulu. While Banks is pretty close in age to Haylie and Matt's second child, Ryan Ava Erhard. The Duff sisters hope that their children continue to build their friendship and get into lots of trouble as they grow up together.

6 Formula Was The Way

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The debate between those who prefer breastfeeding their kids and those who prefer formula feeding, as well as those who mix the two, is one of the most contentious in the mommy community. People get so opinionated about it, which leads to endless thoughtless and downright mean comments on blogs everywhere. Hilary Duff is aware of all this but still chose to formula feed both of her kids, because it's what worked well for her. For the first 7 months of Luca's life, she breastfed him like most experts say one should. However, after that, she switched to formulas; something that experts say is also okay. But because she didn't just stick with breastfeeding, people on the Internet had a lot of mean things to say to her. Still, these comments didn't stop her from doing the same with her second child.

5 Problems Are Cried Out

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Another parenting issue that internet trolls love to comment on has to do with whether to let a child cry out their issues or not. This is something that Hilary Duff knows about quite well as a photo of Luca crying with her standing around hit the magazine shelves and people were mad. They claimed that Duff wasn't doing her job as a mother by letting her son do that, especially in public. But even Duff's ex-husband came to her defense. But this is because both Duff and Comrie know that not every problem can be fixed and sometimes you just need to cry it out and move on. Sometimes Luca has to sort out his own issues and can't expect his mom or dad to fix everything at the moment. This is something that most Millennials should have been taught. It's good that Duff and her partners were.

4 Hilary's Fans Get An Inside Look At their Lives

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Hilary Duff is decently private about her life as a mom, but she does give her social media followers an inside look at her children and how she raises them. Although, most of the time, the posts she shares are more about her and just involve her kids. This is how she tries to maintain their own personal lives while still appealing to her fanbase. For instance, she has commented about how real the daily struggle for moms is: Breastfeeding and making breakfast, getting 2 kids and myself dressed and packed and out the door while tripping over 4 dogs and feeding the fish was not easy. But I did it. And I'm proud of myself! I'm proud of every mom out there who MAKES IT FREAKIN HAPPEN. All day! Everyday!"

3 Like Many Babies, Banks Had Colic

One thing Duff did share about her family on social media was the fact that her daughter Banks had colic. This is something that so many parents have had to deal with, which is precisely why Duff decided to reach out to her fans and ask about how she can help her daughter feel more comfortable. In a post she wrote, “Calling all parents of colic babies.....this ends right? Can you ever set them down without them [yelling] OR waking up? We have read everything the internet has to offer... nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps! We have done all the obvious things ..please leave magic tricks in comments.” This was obviously a struggle she had with her newborn daughter, but eventually, it was sorted thanks to the recommendations of her fans.

2 Surrounded By Normalcy

Most celebrities don't have children with "normal" lives. This is because most children don't grow up with parents who are in the spotlight and have access to practically anything they could ever want. This creates a number of issues that good parents want to avoid at all costs. Luckily, Luca and Banks are given as "normal" of a life as they possibly can, even though they are still followed around by paparazzi and have tons of dough at their fingertips. But Duff strives for normalcy. Her kids have family dinners. They have get-togethers with their friends. They play with their cousins. They do as many things that most young kids do without their parents' fame breathing down their necks.

1 They Gave Their Mom A New Perspective

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One of the most powerful things that Luca and Banks have done in their young lives is changing their mother's perspective. Their presence has altered her daily stresses, her dreams, and where she has fallen short. That's the beauty of having kids, they change priorities and open up new doors. In an old interview with ET Canada, Hilary Duff explained how her perspective on herself and the world has changed thanks to her son. She said, "Being a mom now has taken so much pressure off the ‘what ifs'. Like, ‘What if?’ OK. I’m still going to be Luca’s mom and I still have an important role in life. And I think taking that break made me so human again.”

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