20 Little-Known Details About Kate Hudson’s Family

Kate Hudson has one of the most varied and dynamic lifestyles and jobs on the planet. First of all, her screen history is legendary. She's been in so many fantastic dramas, particularly her star-making turn in Almost Famous, as well as musicals like Nine and comedies such as Bride Wars, Fools Gold, Clear History, and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

But she's also been a role model for many moms out there, as she's been fairly open about her life as a mother, which products she loves to use, and how she raises her kids. But still, not everything is known about this Hollywood icon, which is precisely why we've created this list. Most of the content on this list pertains to Kate's journey as a mother as well as various little-known facts about her children. But since Kate Hudson is literally a living Hollywood legend, we have to expand to include her uber-famous mother, Goldie Hawn, her father-figure, Kurt Russell, private half-brother, Boston Russell, and her Nashville star brother, Oliver Hudson, as well as a few members of her family that may take readers by surprise.

It doesn't matter which angle fans want us to come from, there's something on this list that will appeal to everybody. Without further ado, here are 20 little-known details about Kate Hudson's family.

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20 Traditional Rules Aren't A Thing In The House

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Kate Hudson has admitted that sometimes she feels like she's a "bad mom" because she doesn't implement many of the traditional rules that most parents encourage/force their children to follow. Although she definitely does have a few pretty normal rules, such as not allowing phones at the dinner table, she spends most of her time making sure her kids have manners and a passion for something. These values and lessons are joined by a sense of self that she wants her kids to have. We don't know precisely which traditional rules Kate Hudson skips out on, but based on her interviews we can guess that she isn't as tough on implementing chores as other parents are.

19 Shared Custody Of Her Son, Ryder

Parents splitting is never easy for a child. It's especially complicated when the parents are battling over their custody. This is precisely the case with Kate Hudson and her first husband, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. Although things seem to have settled down in recent years, it got pretty colorful there for a while. After the pair went their separate ways in 2007, they both got custody over their son, Ryder. A full ten years went by before things became a problem again. In February 2017, Robinson filed to re-open their custody case. He wanted someone to join his son when he visited his mother, calling Hudson's parenting skills out. This filing came out of left-field for the press, fans, and Kate Hudson herself. We aren't entirely sure about how this resolved as it's been swept under the rug in recent years.

18 Kate Has Three Baby Daddies

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Three babies with three baby daddies. This is an aspect of Kate Hudson's life that many people don't know. Originally, Hudson believed she would spend the rest of her life with Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. Together, the pair brought their son, Ryder, into the world. He was born on January 17th, 2004. But this relationship didn't last much longer and Hudson met another man, Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy, got engaged, and had her next son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy. Once again, Hudson's relationship didn't last, so she found Danny Fujikawa, who had actually been her friend for more than 15 years. Not long after, the pair announced that they were having a girl, Rani.

17 Kate's Men Are Musicians

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There's no doubt, Kate Hudson has a type. When you think about it, it's not hard to understand why Kate Hudson has a thing for musicians. After all, musicians usually have that wonderful combination of edgy and sensitive. A good musician, especially a rockstar like all three of Kate Hudson's major partners, has to be in touch with their soul enough to write, play, and perform what is essentially their hearts. But they also have to be edgy, colorful, and sometimes very divisive to make their work truly hit home with their target demo. These contrasting traits create an alluring individual. This is probably one of the reasons she became in love with her first husband Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes, her second baby-daddy, Muse's Matt Bellamy, and her current partner, Danny Fujikawa, who was formerly the singer and guitarist for the band Chief.

16 Family Friends With Liv Tyler

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Kate Hudson goes way back with Liv Tyler. First of all, Liv's mom, Bebe Buell was in the same social circle as Kate's mom, Goldie Hawn. Then the pair of actors-to-be went to the same California high school Crossroads School For Arts & Sciences. The pair became fast friends and the families became even closer. Even Liv's father, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, quickly became close with Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, and Kate. This was after he found out he was actually Liv's dad, a full 18 years after her birth. Now, Liv and Kate are both moms who hope to continue their families' bond through the next generation.

15 The Kids Weren't Always Breastfed

Kate Hudson has been very open about the fact that she wishes she was a "milk machine" who could breastfeed her kids more. But the truth is, she is unable to provide her kids with as much as they need, as well as perform the duty herself. This is majorly helpful for some moms who feel guilty for not being able to breastfeed their children consistently, if at all. Kate is in their camp and makes sure that other moms know that it's okay to formula and bottle feed kids when being a "milk machine" isn't possible. Not only has Kate Hudson spoken about this issue on many occasions, but she's also shared relatable photographs that make us all feel a little more okay with our situations.

14 Kurt Is Not Her Real Father

Even with the name change, most fans don't know that Kate and Oliver Hudson's dad actually isn't Kurt Russell. At least, he is not their biological father. But he gets the ranking of father since he has consistently been in their lives since Kate was four years old. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have never actually married, but have been together since 1983 and have remained a solid parenting team for the Hudson kids. Kate and Oliver's biological father is a man named Bill Hudson, who ran out on his children when they were very young. This is something that both Kate and Oliver have openly struggled with over the years. As a result, Bill has been vocal about his distaste for his kids and famous ex-wife.

13 Kate Has Forgiven Her Biological Dad

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When stars sit down for an interview with King of All Media, Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show, The Howard Stern Show, they tend to talk about things they never mention to anyone else. Not only that, but they just get real. This is precisely what happened when Kate Hudson went on his show. This wasn't long after Bill Hudson continued to disown his children in an interview with the DailyMail. Of course, Stern asked Hudson about her father and she said, "I think forgiveness in any aspect is something that is complex. It is the greatest tool to be able to separate that attachment. So for me, I recognize whatever those issues are is something he has to live with. That must be painful for him and I forgive him."

12 Kate Learned To Parent and Co-Parent From Her Mom

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Although we spoke about how Kate Hudson's relationship with her first husband, Chris Robinson, hit a tough spot in 2017, by 2019 it seems to have relaxed a bit. When Hudson was talking on Divorce Sucks! with Laura Wasser, she claimed that she has become a decent co-parent. Although she could have been talking about her co-parenting relationship with her ex-fiance, Matt Bellamy. Kate said that all of the lessons she learned about being a parent, as well as a co-parent, came from her mother, Goldie Hawn. Kate said that even though her mother was hurt by her biological father, she never had a bad word to say about him in front of them. This is a lesson that Kate holds strongly, making sure that her sons know that she doesn't think their fathers are bad.

11 Oliver Is Sort Of In Touch With His Father

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Although the animosity between Bill Hudson and his two kids, Oliver and Kate, has been well-documented, apparently there is some level of communication between them. Although Kate has been pretty silent about her relationship with her biological dad, aside from a couple of interviews including one with Howard Stern, Oliver Hudson has said that he and his father do occasionally speak. However, it's pretty casual and non-intrusive. However, it also seems inconsistent as both Bill and Oliver will occasionally mention that they aren't in each other's lives at all and soon after claim they're chatting. Whatever is going on, it's complicated for all parties.

10 Oliver Had A Hilariously Odd Nickname For Kate

We're not entirely sure of what Kate's relationship is like with her half-brother, Boston Russell, because Boston really is out of the public eye. But we do know a bit about her connection with her full-brother, Oliver. The pair have always been very close. The struggles they faced with their biological father brought them together at a young age. Additionally, they both shared the same passion for acting and wanting to follow in their mother's and step-father's footsteps. But, like any siblings, the pair could be mean to one another. One of the meanest and funniest things that Oliver ever did to Kate was create the nickname, "Hammerhead." He called her this because he thought her eyes were too far apart and on the sides of her head.

9 Kate Was Raised Jewish

Spirituality and religion is a bit of an assortment in the Hudson, Hawn, and Russell families. Most of them consider themselves agnostic while maintaining strong meditation practices linked to Buddhism. But they are mostly all very culturally Jewish, as most Jewish people tend to be even if they don't practice the religious side of things. Kate Hudson was raised to be Jewish by her mother, Goldie Hawn, who was also raised in the ancient religion. Kurt Russell, on the other hand, came from a different perspective, closer to Buddhism. This caused the pair to combine their faiths and create something spiritual, cultural, and connective for their kids without the barriers of organized religion.

8 "Genderless" Parenting Got Her In The Deep End

Kate Hudson got a lot of unwanted feedback after she started talking about how she and her partner, Danny Fujikawa, plan to raise their daughter Rani without the burden of gender stereotypes. She told AOL that she doesn't know what gender Rani will choose for herself so she doesn't want to make her into something she's not. This seemed like a pretty decent comment, but some fans called her out on it, claiming that she was raising her child to be genderless. Kate fought back against this, via a four-page open letter, saying that this was all "click bait" and not accurate to what she had said and intended. She also said, "It just felt a little antiquated to me. Not all girls want to be a princess, some want to be king. And that’s fine by me. I just try to raise my kids to be good people with the best tools to face this big crazy world." 

7 Rani Got A Gender Reveal Party

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Kate was used to having boys, so she wasn't sure if she was going to have a third one or a girl, and nor were we. This is one of the reasons why she decided to have a gender-reveal party, something that many celebrities and common folk want to do nowadays. Although, it does seem sort of silly. Still, Hudson took to social media to post a video of herself alongside her man and boys to announce that she was having a girl, a baby that she'd eventually call "Rani." She was able to visualize the announcement by having pink confetti poured into balloons. When she and her kids popped them, there wasn't a doubt about which gender was coming into the world.

6 Phones Aren't Allowed At The Table

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One of Kate Hudson's biggest parenting rules is that phones are not allowed at the table. This seems pretty obvious seeing that they create such a distraction from things like eating and communicating which should be the priorities at the dinner table. Of course, Kate had to lead by example and put her own phone away during the dinner hour, making sure that her kids knew that she wasn't a hypocrite. Initially, both her boys weren't fans of this rule as they wanted to text their friends, watch videos, and play games while they ate their mom's homecooked meals. But now, they are apparently used to and even enjoy their mother's rule.

5 The Kids Are Always Eating Pies

Alongside being a famous actor and influencer, Kate Hudson is a homemaker. She loves to be in the kitchen and particularly enjoys making an assortment of pies for her kids to snack on. She started making fresh pies when she was first pregnant with Ryder and the hobby stuck. She claims that pies are a great way to be creative in the kitchen as she can make a variety of different types. She says that her kids are constantly eating her sweet and savory pies. Kate has even been open about the fact that she isn't nearly as happy when she isn't baking compared to when she is. She loves the detail she gets to implement, as well as the hands-on nature of it all. But most importantly, she loves seeing her partner and kids chow down on her creations.

4 Everything Is On The Table In The Hudson Family

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Kate leads her family values by being open and honest. It's something that she's learned from her mother, step-father, and brothers and has implemented with her partner and her three kids. Everything is on the table and open for discussion according to her in an interview with the Today show. She expanded by saying, “There are some things that we don’t necessarily want to know about each other, but everything is out on the table in our family.” She wants her kids to have the same relationship that she has with her mother, whom she considers her most trusted and beloved confidante, even though she is still her mom.

3 They're All Wine Makers

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One of the most interesting aspects of the Hudson, Hawn, and Russell family is that they are almost all winemakers. In an interview in 2015, Hudson told Wine Enthusiast that she grew up around two parents who absolutely loved wine and taking their kids on wine trips. After her step-dad, Kurt Russell, started making wine, he encouraged her to try doing the same. This got her into the process which she bonded with him over. Eventually, Goldie Hawn got in on the action, too. One of the reasons why Kate Hudson loves winemaking so much is because it's very creative. She became pretty proficient at it and even helped her step-dad with his wine company, GoGi wines.

2 The Family Supports The Hawn Foundation

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Although the Hudson, Hawn, and Russell family support many reputable and important charities, they mostly spend time with The Hawn Foundation/Mind Up. This is something that Goldie Hawn started in 2003, and therefore has been the focus of most of her efforts and finances. The Foundation process youth education programs intended to improve academic performance through  “life-enhancing strategies for well-being.” When asked about the charity, Goldie Hawn said, “When I began The Hawn Foundation in 2003 I knew that I had to do something to remedy the stress and anxiety children were experiencing.” We think this is a wonderful organization with an important message; no wonder Kate likes to support it as well.

1 Dancing Runs In The Family

Kate has been a dedicated dancer for years. This made her a natural for Rob Marshall's musical, Nine, which also starred Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cottilard, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Fergie, Sophia Loren, and Dame Judi Dench. Kate loves to let loose while dancing and release the energy that she's stored up. She's trained in many forms of dance and keeps it up regularly. She finds that it even helps her keep calm as a parent. But this is a trait that she shares with her mother, who was taking ballet and tap dancing lessons she was three. Goldie Hawn danced in the corps de ballet of the Battle Russe de Monte Carlo production of The Nutcracker in 1955 and continued more onstage work before she became a big movie star.

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