20 Little Known Details About Nicolas Cage And His Kids

02Actor Nicolas Cage is probably best known for his unforgettable acting performances on the silver screen, as well as his extensive work behind the camera's lens. The talented artist has done it all, from acting to directing and even producing some of the most famous films in cinema history.

There probably aren't too many mainstream people who haven't seen at least a couple of his movies at some point in their lives. Aside from acting, he is also known for his roller-coaster relationships and his quirky lifestyle habits and preferences. Cage most certainly lives his life way outside of "the box." He is also a father to two sons. His son Wesley is now a grown man and a father of his own child, while his younger son, by his third wife, is still in his formative years.

While plenty of Nicolas Cage and company's life details are well known by many, here are twenty tidbits that even the biggest Nicolas Cage fan will be surprised to find out about. When it comes to this family, nothing surprises us. For Nicolas Cage and his crew, the more interesting and unique, the better!

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20 Nicolas Cage invented his very own method of acting

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Plenty of actors adapt their ways of performing so that they can perfect their craft to the very best of their ability. Some well-known actors, like Heath Ledger, tried their hand at method acting while other have studied more classical means. Nicolas Cage decided to go his own way and create his very own style of acting called "Nouveau Shamanic."

This style is characterized by a great deal of shouting, ranting, and raving. He even plans to pen a book discussing his unique craft.

19 Nicolas Cage has a deep love for Superman

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Nicolas Cage really loves himself some Superman! Even though he was born with a famous last name, he changed his name to Nicolas Cage to mirror the name of Luke Cage, one of his all-time favorite superheroes. He also named his second son after his beloved Superman.

Nicolas Cage once proudly owned a coveted copy of Action Comics #1 before it was stolen from his home in 2000. After it was recovered from an abandoned storage locker and returned to its owner, it sold for over two million dollars! No one loves Superman like Nic Cage.

18 Nicolas Cage is a black belt

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Nicolas Cage isn't just an A-list actor; his talents extend into the physical realm as well. Cage trains in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the martial arts legend, Royce Gracie.  Jiu-Jitsu is an intense combat sport where the athletes focus on grappling and ground fighting. The eccentric actor has a black belt in the sport, which means he takes his training pretty darn seriously.

Other celebrities who have taken up the martial arts include Jim Carrey, Naomi Watts, Chuck Norris, and Guy Ritchie. This is one actor you wouldn't want to mess with. He could probably take you down.

17 Cage is quirky, yet generous

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Sure Nicolas Cage is known for being a bit eccentric and offbeat, but he has a very generous and caring side to him as well. Back in 2006, Cage donated 2 million dollars to aid former child soldiers worldwide and gave a generous sum in hopes to better the lives of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

He also once donated $10,000 to help find a cure for a rare brain cancer. Cage supports roughly a dozen or so different causes financially; we just never hear much about this donations because he isn't one to flaunt his kindness and generosity.

16 Cage's taste in art is strange

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It probably doesn't surprise anyone out there that Cage prefers to collect his art from places other than the local Home Goods and Target stores. You won't find any distressed knick knacks and shiplap decor in Cage's home, but you might see the occasional dinosaur skull lying around. Cage beat out another famous actor, Leo DiCaprio, for a $300,000 dinosaur skull, a 67-million-year-old Tarbosaurus skull to be exact, that was later found to have roots tracing back to the black market. He is also the proud owner of a spooky mansion in New Orleans, an alligator, and shrunken pygmy heads.

15 The actor is now a grandpa!

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Nicolas Cage is the proud father to two sons by his first and third wives. One grown and one still in his younger years, and his lineage seems to be continuing now that his oldest son Weston is a father to a little boy himself. Weston cage has one son, Lucian, with his ex-wife Danielle.

The two are no longer together, and Weston has moved on to his third wife. So, for now, Nic Cage only has the one grandson to dote on, but with Weston's newest relationship in full bloom who knows, more babies could be joining the famous family at some point.

14 He was married to Elvis' daughter

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Once upon a time, Nic Cage was married to the infamous Lisa Marie Presley, who seems to have a real thing for quirky partners herself. After Presley's marriage to the legendary Michael Jackson hit the skids, she moved onto Cage. Sadly, the union didn't last for very long. After getting hitched on the 25th anniversary of Elvis' passing in beautiful and sunny Hawaii, the pair went their separate ways after only three months.

This union was the third one for Presley and the second for Cage who had been previously married to actress Patricia Arquette. The stars simply didn't align for this pair.

13 His youngest son has Superman's name

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Nicolas Cage and his third wife, Alice Kim, found out that they would be having a baby in 2005 and knew that any son of theirs had to have a meaningful and beautifully unique name. Little Kal-El Coppola Cage got his name from his father's fascination with Superman comics. Kal-El was Superman's original name when he lived on the planet Krypton.

Cage felt the name really spoke to him as it was patriotic, unique and stood for good. One thing is for sure, no one else in little Kal-El's kindergarten class was going to have the same name as this famous kiddo.

12 His son Weston is into music

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Weston Cage gravitated towards heavy metal music at a very young age, and as he grew into his young adult years, he became fascinated with the underground sound of black metal. He started his own black metal band called Eyes of Noctum in 2006 while still in high school. After Noctum broke up, Weston decided to make music on his own, creating a unique sound called Ghost Metal.

His father is said to be quite a big fan of his son's work in the music industry. Perhaps performing is in the Coppola line's family genes.

11 Cage isn't the famous actor's real name

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Nicolas Cage is a household name in the entertainment industry nowadays, but the renowned actor's last name is a product of Nic's own creation. Cage was born Nicolas Coppola, and because of his familial affiliation with his well-known uncle, he decided to distance himself from the Coppola family by changing his last name to Cage.

He knew that the only way he was ever going to have people take his craft seriously was to make it all on his own. While many people would see famous family members as a major plus, for Cage it was more of a con.

10 Nicolas Cage comes from a very famous film family

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Nicolas Cage is an esteemed member of the Coppola family. His father, August, is brothers with Francis Ford Coppola. F.F. Coppola is one of the silver screen's most celebrated producers, directors, and screenwriters. He is the mastermind behind the epic film The Godfather. His daughter is Sophia Coppola, making Nicolas Sophia's first cousin.

Actor Jason Schwartzman is also cousins with the famous actor. Cage's father and Schwartzman's father and mother are full siblings. A whole lot of talent runs in this family's lineage.

9 Cage once owned a pet octopus

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Of all the bizarre pets that celebrities have owned throughout the years, Nicolas Cage's choice of animal companion might take the cake when it comes to strange. Cage once owned a pet octopus. The tentacled creature set the actor back $150,000 and the actor claimed that his aquatic pal helped him with his acting.

Yeah, we are confused at that claim too. Aside from the octopus, Cage also owned two king cobra snakes, Moby and Sheba, which were valued at almost three hundred thousand dollars. Whatever happened to getting a loyal dog as a pet or even a self-sufficient cat?

8 Cage versus Turner

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Cage once worked with famous actress Kathleen Turned while the pair filmed the movie Peggy Sue Got Married, but the two never exactly hit it off personally.

Turner disclosed some unflattering thoughts on Cage in her autobiography, "Send Yourself Some Roses," saying that his voices and fake teeth were nothing pleasant to look at and even that he stole someone's pet chihuahua. Cage took Turner to court and Turner was ordered to give the actor a formal apology and was ordered to pay Cage's legal costs and make a substantial donation to charity.

7 Weston Cage and his mother have a joint clothing line

Weston Cage and his mother Christina Fulton launched FULCAGE Clothing over a decade ago. FULCAGE clothing is comprised of couture styles for women and men's shirts, dog care and even decorative mugs. The line was best known for its signature style of bright and original designs with bold artwork patterns that are on the cutting edge of fashion.

The unique designs were hand-cut by Fulton herself and sewn in America. Looking at Weston's edgy, Gothic style and Fulton's rocker digs, we are guessing this mother-son combo's looks were never dull.

6 Cage met his third wife at a sushi restaurant

via realitywives.net

Nicolas Cage is all about love at first sight. His first wife, Patricia Arquette caught his eye, and he became so enamored with her that he supposedly proposed to her on the same day that they met. That marriage didn't last very long, and Cage rushed into union number two with Elvis's daughter. That too experienced issues from the very start.

The third marriage Cage took a crack at was to an unknown beauty named Alice. Cage met a much younger Alice Kim while she was working as a waitress in a sushi restaurant. Sadly this couple has separated after one son and over a decade of wedded bliss.

5 Cage plans to spend the afterlife in a pyramid

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Nicolas Cage loves the city of New Orleans. He purchased some properties in the city including the notoriously haunted LaLaurie mansion as well as Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel. Cage also bought an unnamed tomb in the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1. This nine foot stone pyramid is likely going to be the burial site of Nicolas Cage when he eventually passes.

He will be in good company as the home of his pyramid is also the home of Marie Laveau. Being buried in a pyramid seems right up eccentric Cage's alley. We would expect nothing less from this guy.

4 Weston blames his mother for many of his issues

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There is a lot of playing The Blame Game in this famous family. Weston's mother has publicly accused her ex-partner Nicolas for their grown son's issues. Weston has also turned around and put the blame on his mother for his struggles. He went as far as to ban her from visiting him when he was hospitalized.

The younger Cage told the public that he wants nothing to do with his mother and that she should in no way be involved in his care. He went even further, saying any problems he has these days are because of Fulton, not Cage.

3 Weston is following in his father's marital footsteps

via people.com

Nicolas Cage has famously been married three times as of now. His oldest son Weston seems to be following in his footsteps when it comes to the romance department. Weston was married very young to his first wife. They stayed married for a little over a year. He then got engaged and later married to his second wife and former manager.

They had a son together and then sadly broke up. In April, Weston married his third bride, a real-estate broker, back in April of 2018. Only time will tell if the third time proves a charge for Weston Cage.

2 One fan group is obsessed with Nicolas Cage

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Some people really, REALLY love Nicolas Cage. He has one of the kookiest and most devoted fan bases on the entire planet. The popular site Reddit has a group of Cage-lovers who call Cage, "Nicolas, The One True God." There is a whole group of people who love Cage so much that they put him up on a pedestal.

We are guessing that when Cage passes and goes six feet under in his New Orleans pyramid, plenty of his fans will show up to sing his praises and celebrate his life.

1 Nicolas Cage loves his rides

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Some people collect coins while others collect baseball cards or rare antiques. Nicolas Cage isn't your average collector by any stretch of the imagination though, so those interests would never do. He has a penchant for fancy and fast vehicles. That is what he chooses to load up on.  Nicolas Cage once owned fifty luxury cars and thirty high-end motorcycles!

He could have driven each car roughly four times a year, never having any of his rides grace the roads more than that! That is an incredible splurge even for the wealthiest of people. We wonder where he keeps them all!

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