20 Little-Known Details About Patrick Dempsey's Kids

Patrick Dempsey will be forever adored because he was cast in the role of "McDreamy" on Grey's Anatomy. He played that role for a very long time. These days, however, he's moved on from Grey's Anatomy. He's appeared in Bridget Jones's Baby and he loves racing cars. He also loves his family.

Anyone who is curious about Patrick Dempsey, who is married to a successful makeup and hair artist named Jillian Dempsey (maiden name: Jillian Fink) will love this list. While Patrick and Jillian are known for being very private about their three kids, they do post pics of them to social media sometimes, and also let fun details about their children slip out in some interviews.

Read on to get the inside scoop on Patrick's daughter, Tallulah and his twin boys, Darby and Sullivan. Patrick is very involved as a dad, despite his busy schedule, and Jillian is always there for her kids, even though her makeup artist services and makeup products are constantly in demand. This Hollywood power couple knows that family is the most important thing.

This doesn't mean that Patrick and Jillian haven't had their tough times. They have. They decided to work through the trouble spots and they seem very happy nowadays. They kept their family intact and that's an achievement. Now, let's focus on the kids.

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20 The Kids Hang Out With Jimmy Kimmel


Patrick's twins, Darby and Sullivan, have friends in high places in addition to famous parents. In 2016, they spent time hanging out with Jimmy Kimmel. Patrick's no stranger to talk shows because stars like him are expected to promote their latest projects by making appearances on these shows.

During his 2016 on-air chat with Jimmy, according to Hellogiggles.com, he let the world know that he's now coaching boy's soccer and that his boys were permitted to skip a soccer practice in order to hang out on the set of Jimmy's show. These boys are enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle for sure, just like Dad does.

19 Daughter Tallulah Models Mom's Makeup Products


Jillian Dempsey is a makeup artist who has her very own makeup line. We'll share more details about what Jillian does for a living later on. I'm sure her favorite model is her daughter, Tallulah. Tallulah does model for her mom frequently and Jillian posts the pics to one of her social media accounts.

Tallulah is currently 17 and she's a self-described "foodie." She's Patrick and Jillian's oldest child. According to Radaronline.com, Tallulah really wants to get into show business and has for years now, but Patrick's not thrilled about her ambitions. Now that she's reaching adult age, she may be ready to use dad's connections and mom's makeup tips to grab roles.

18 Mom And Dad Have Had Their Ups And Downs


Patrick and Jillian weren't together for a while when they had things to work out, and it seemed like their decision to spend time apart might be permanent, but this couple decided to try again. These days, they seem like a tight unit. Of course, social media shows the sunnier side of life most of the time. People don't tend to put their unpleasant moments on their social networking profiles. Nonetheless, it does appear that Patrick and Jillian are in a really good place in their relationship.

They worked through the problems and kept their family together. This is good news for their kids. Patrick and Jillian got back together in 2016, according to Eonline.com.

17 Dad Says One Twin Is Grumpier Than The Other


Even when his twin boys were just babies, Patrick noticed that they had very different personalities, based on information from People.com. Patrick considered Sullivan the grumpy one, but found Darby very peaceful, like a Buddha.

The boys were born in 2007, so they aren't babies anymore, but they still have their distinct personalities. Patrick got advice about parenting twins from his former Grey's Anatomy co-star, Justin Chambers. Justin is a twin and he's also the proud papa of twins. Patrick says twins are "weird" but he's just joking around. Patrick and Jillian had a nanny to help them when the twins were babies.

16 His Son Darby Is A Soccer Fanatic


Patrick's been coaching soccer because his son, Darby, loves the sport. Local soccer moms (and dads) must enjoy seeing "McDreamy" out on the field. According to Hellogiggles.com, Dempsey says he's really passionate while he's coaching. Hilariously, he described his coaching persona as "McScreamy."

He always hopes that his celebrity will help him to get referee calls that hurt his team's chances to win reversed, but says that his fame doesn't really make any difference. The refs are all age 15 or younger, so they may not be too starstruck. Patrick wants the kids he coaches to have fun out there as they learn soccer basics.

15 His Son, Sullivan, Is Interested In Acting


Sullivan is great at doing makeup and he also has other creative talents. He wants to express himself by acting. It's not such a surprise that both Sullivan and his older sister, Tallulah, have the show business bug. It's in their DNA. Both mom and dad are involved in show business. Jillian gets celebs camera-ready, while Patrick works in front of the camera. Darby doesn't seem as interested in show business.

According to People.com, Sullivan is definitely interested in becoming an actor. With Patrick and Jillian's connections, it won't be difficult for him to get started. However, he'll need to deal with being in the shadow of his famous father.

14 Daughter Tallulah Is A Foodie


Tallulah loves to whip up new recipes in her family's kitchen. She recently set one social media account to private. When it was still public, it was filled with plates of food. She would take pics of her favorite dishes and post them online, in lieu of the usual selfies.

While Tallulah is interested in show business and definitely doesn't shy away from the spotlight, she may decide to pursue a culinary pathway at some point. Tallulah's "Yummy Acai Bowl" recipe appeared on the Roughlyruff.com website. This "smoothie bowl" recipe is very healthy and sounds delicious. Tallulah is a dedicated food blogger who really knows her stuff.

13 The Kids Have Been Raised With Wealth


As we mentioned earlier, this family has 60 million dollars. That's an enormous amount of money. This means that the twin boys have been raised with a lot of wealth. Daughter Tallulah also benefits from her parent's success.

The twin boys are able to do some fun activities, including horseback riding, that are out of reach to poorer families. Tallulah has been photographed riding horses, too. The family usually goes horseback riding in Brentwood, California, according to People.com. All family activities at the Dempsey household aren't elitist. The family owns chickens and usually starts out the day by feeding them.

12 This Family Loves Adventure And Action


Did you know that Patrick Dempsey is dyslexic, according to Webmd.com, just like Tom Cruise? Both of these famous actors go for action, rather than sitting around reading. Patrick says that reading scripts is still hard for him. He's had to overcome some big challenges.

Patrick, like Tom Cruise, excels at adventure, though. Patrick brings his family along for the ride, whether it's deep-sea fishing or skiing or car racing. This is a family that's out there doing a lot of fun and physical activities. It's admirable that Patrick has been able to do well in a job where he has to learn so many lines. In his free time, he likes to explore.

11 The Kids Enjoy Luxurious Holidays


Holidays of the rich and famous are typically luxurious. The Dempsey family loves ski holidays. They go all out when it comes to enjoying family getaways. According to the Nytimes.com, Patrick was raised in Maine, where he got into skiing at an early age. Now, he can share his interest in skiing with his boys and with Tallulah.

Patrick loves to travel in general and he owns a racing team, which means that he spends a lot of time in Europe. He participates in LeMans races, which happen in France. Sometimes, he takes the wife and kids along. He says he usually travels a few times per month. The Dempsey kids get to enjoy a jet-set lifestyle.

10 Family Pets Are In The Mix


Patrick and Jillian are believed to have taken in a whole bunch of rescue puppies over the years, according to Popsugar.com. That's sweet, isn't it? This family loves animals. They have dogs and chickens and enjoy being around horses. Patrick has said that the family pets have a big impact on his children.

The family doesn't stop at dogs and chickens and horseback riding. They Dempsey family home is a place where cats, turtles, and miniature donkeys roam. The family spends a little time with each animal every day. Patrick, Jillian, and the kids do rounds to see the pets, much like McDreamy's rounds at a certain fictional hospital!

9 Patrick Is Helping Tallulah Prep For College


College prep is in the news these days. Patrick is helping his own teenage daughter to prepare for the college application process. He'll probably skip the methods used by Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. According to People.com, Patrick is really impressed by his daughter, who he describes as being "creative."

Patrick marvels at how fast kids grow up. He remembers when his daughter was just a little girl. Now, she's almost grown up. It sounds like he kind of misses the old days when his daughter was still a little girl. Most parents can relate, of course. Patrick loves spending time with his first child Tallulah.

8 Mom Is A Very Successful Makeup Artist


Patrick's wife, Jillian, has been well-known for a long time. She has her own life and she's extremely successful. This is a woman who does Julia Robert's makeup for red carpet events. It's not just Julia who relies on Jillian to look fantastic when it matters most. She also does makeup for Kristen Stewart, Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones, and so many other famous women.

Jillian's own line of cosmetics is sold at her website, Jilliandempsey.com. She sells makeup, skin care tools (such as a gold bar that vibrates and sculpts the face), and jewelry. Jillian is a big player in the beauty industry and a great role model for her kids.

7 The Boys Are Learning The Art Of Makeup, Too


Patrick's son Sully did makeup to help dad's charity. With such a talented makeup artist for a mother, it's no wonder that he's able to help women look their best with cosmetics. Maybe Sullivan will become a makeup artist. He's been watching mom do makeup for the biggest names in Hollywood for years.

Jillian's talents were the reason why she met Sully's dad in the first place. According to Popsugar.com, Jillian used to own a popular hair salon called Delux (which got plenty of press back in the day) and she was really excited when Patrick Dempsey called to make an appointment because she loved his acting back in the '80s.

6 The Family Does A Lot For Charity


Patrick is devoted to helping people with cancer and he set up his own charity to do just that! His wife and kids help him to raise money for this worthy cause. According to the official Dempseycenter.org website, Patrick started the Dempsey Center back in 2008. His goal was to help his childhood community. This community was the place where his own mom received treatments for cancer during 1997.

Each year, Patrick returns to Maine, where he grew up, to participate in the Dempsey Challenge. This charity event is a cycling event, where his wife and kids ride right along with him.

5 The Children Get Plenty Of Exercise With Dad


Patrick Dempsey is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. He cycles, races cars, and is always on the go, pushing his own body to the limit. One fun fact about Patrick is that he used to juggle when he was young and even entered juggling competitions, according to his Wikipedia page.

He wants his kids to be active, too. In a lot of his social media posts (or his wife's social media posts), we see pics of the kids doing healthy physical activities with their parents, from swimming to fishing to team sports and beyond. This family definitely enjoys outdoor time.

4 And Mom And Dad Have Fun Together


Patrick and Jillian show a lot of support for one another online. Patrick promotes his wife's makeup line and Jillian personally takes care of Patrick's luscious locks and general grooming.

Patrick met Jillian when she was working as a hairdresser in L.A. in the early '90s, according to Sheknows.com. They've been married for 19 years now. While they had a break, they seem to be having a great time together lately. With an estimated family net worth of 60 million bucks, they are able to live an enviable lifestyle, which includes a gorgeous home in Los Angeles and plenty of high-end travel.

3 The Twin Boys Resemble Their Mother


All of Patrick and Jillian's kids are on the fair side, like mom, who is blonde. The twin boys appear to strongly resemble their mother. Patrick has dark brown hair, so his sons don't look that much like him at this point. They have their mom's fine features and light hair. Daughter Tallulah is also a beautiful blondie.

In the future, the boys may look more like dad, though. Kids change so much over the years. Darby and Sullivan are fraternal twins, according to Eonline.com. The whole family was in attendance (and dressed up very nicely) at the premiere of Bridget Jones's Baby in 2016.

2 And They Are Growing Up Fast


It's fun to watch celeb offspring grow up. We all want to see if these kids are mini-me versions of their famous parents. Patrick Dempsey's twins are currently 12 years old. They've grown up so fast. It seems like just yesterday that Patrick was posing with his twin baby boys on the cover of People Magazine!

According to Ew.com, Patrick felt that his grueling filming schedule for Grey's Anatomy made it hard for him to get enough quality time with his twins and with his older daughter, Tallulah. Now, he can pick and choose projects with his kid's needs in mind.

1 This Family Is Close-Knit


There's so many pics of this family doing things together online. They're eating, or doing sports, or shopping. This is a close-knit family. The family even showed off their house during a feature in Architectural Digest.

According to the Dailymail.co.uk, Jillian is sort of the family's rock. She has to put up with the fact that her hubby is a huge star and a lot of women's dream man. She's been ignored at big events because people push her out of the way to get at Patrick. She handles it all with a sense of humor. Patrick said he wouldn't handle things as well as she does if the tables were turned.

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