20 Little-Known Details About Robert Downey Jr.’s Children

Robert Downey Jr. is everywhere nowadays. Of course, he has almost consistently been in the news, in the movies, and on the cover of magazines since his big comeback in 2008. But the talented actor is currently seen absolutely and utterly everywhere because of the release of Avengers: Endgame, which very well could be the last time we see him as the character that gave him a second chance in the film industry, Tony Stark AKA Ironman.

We all know a lot about the man and his complicated past, but we don't know a lot about his life at home. A lot of this has to do with the fact that he's very private about his wife and three children; sons Indio and Exton and daughter Avri. This article will delve into everything we could possibly dig up on the offspring of this superhero thespian.

You will learn about the personalities of these three children, their successes, and the issues they face. Additionally, you will learn about Robert Downey Jr.'s parenting style, how he works with his wife to bring these children up, and what he expects from them as they enter the big world. Without further ado, here are 20 little-known details about Robert Downey Jr.'s children.

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20 Dad's Discomfort Wasn't Transferred To Them

In an interview about parenting, Robert Downey Jr. discussed how he was a little concerned about becoming a parent. He wasn't sure if he was ready to be one or not. After all, being a parent is partially about being a role model, something that wasn't always Downey's strong suit. But he went on to say that he overcame these feelings and learned a very important lesson; that a parent can't let these kinds of feelings transfer to a child. They have to be able to start their lives on their own feet and not take their parents' concerns. He went on by saying, "[the] only thing you have to do, the only requirement, if you can hack it, is to not transfer your own discomfort in the moment to this fresh soul, right?"

19 The Downey Kids Have Two Mamas

Like many celebrities, Robert Downey Jr. has two baby-mammas for his three kids. His firstborn son, Indio, is the child of him and Deborah Falconer. He was with Falconer for a number of years (12 to be exact) before the pair decided to go their separate ways. While he was filming the movie Gothika with Halle Berry, he met his second wife, Susan, who was one of the film's producers. Downey describes his memories from the set as a time where he "romanced the producer". The pair hit it off and got hitched. They've been together for more than ten years and have two wonderful children together, Exton and Avril, the newest member of the Downey clan.

18 Indio Is a Talented Musician

Of the three Downey kids, Indio has been in the news the most. This is mostly due to something we will touch on in the next entry, but it's also because he's a talented working musician. Indio plays guitar and sings in the band, The Dose Opens A New Window, which, according to the band’s website, is going to release an EP soon. Downey's son, Indio has played in some of Los Angeles’ most famous musical venues, including The Viper Room, The Roxy, and The Troubadour. Downey Jr. has been very vocal about how proud he is of his son and has remained pretty hands-off of his son's success in order for it to be his own. Downey Jr. has said that his son was born "a musician at heart". 

17 Indio Has Followed In His Father's Troubled Footsteps

Everyone is well aware of Robert Downey Jr.'s complicated past. But many don't know that the issues that Downey Jr. faced have actually been transferred to his eldest son, Indio. Due to Indio's life as the son of a mega-successful celebrity, as well as in the music industry, it was really easy for him to have some of the same issues that his dad once did. What's interesting is that Indio's path through these problems mirrors his father's. But luckily, Indio was announced to be on the mend in 2016. His father publicly congratulated his son on taking the necessary steps to turn his life around. He said that his son's commitment to getting better has "amazed" him.

16 Robert Isn't Exton's Superhero

Robert Downey Jr. may be a superhero to many of us, but he isn't one to his middle child, Exton. When asked about whether or not he would like to be a superhero to his son, Downey Jr. responded, “Do I want to be a hero to my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough. … A hero to me is not applicable to the human experience.” It's nice to see that Downey Jr. cares more about being a good dad than being the rockstar that many people see him as. After all, Downey is just plain cool all of the time and is that way with minimal effort. Luckily, his son just gets to see him as "dad'.

15 There's No Iron-Clad Regiment

When it comes to raising his children, Robert Downey Jr. isn't a fan of keeping iron-clad regiments. This is because he wants his kids to feel like they have just enough freedom to explore, learn, play, and just be kids. This doesn't mean that he doesn't keep them busy or have some sort of structure that he and his wife Susan implements. It just means that he's not one of those tiger moms or tiger dads who want to schedule the entirely of their children's lives. Downey Jr. says that this can be challenging for a parent as he wants to make sure they are safe and orderly, but he loves that his kids have some freedom.

14 If They Mess Up, There Are Consequences

Robert Downey Jr.'s father had a very tight regiment he wanted his kids to follow. This was paired with a rigid inflexibility that was pretty common for men of his generation. But this was not something that Robert Downey Jr. wanted to give his kids. He wanted them to have some freedom. However, if the kids mess up, they will deal with the consequences of their actions. They won't be bailed out or hand-fed hard truths they need to learn about the world. Eventually, this will be the case when the youngest two move out. If they can't get their act together, Robert Downey Jr. will force them to. They have to learn personal responsibility. He explained his feelings in a recent interview: “There are some parents who have really done it right and told their kid, ‘You know, we have this dough, none of this is for you. You have to get your own.’”

13 Indio Acted With His Dad

Via: Zimbio

Robert Downey Jr. went through a number of years where he wasn't quite worthy of his leading man comeback. But between his time on the outs and his comeback as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, he did star in a few good movies such as Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang alongside Val Kilmer and True Detective's Michelle Monaghan. In the film, Downey played Harry Lockhart, a petty thief who posed as an actor and audition for a detective movie. In the film, Downey's eldest son, Indio portrayed the younger version of his father's character. This was a suitable role for Indio as the two definitely have similar features. There's no doubt that they are related.

12 Indio's Parents Split Lasted A While

Although Robert Downey Jr.'s relationship with his first wife Deborah Falconer lasted for a solid 12 years, she just couldn't handle the issues that he was dealing with. By 1996, the pair were really struggling. But it took until 2000 for Deborah to pack her bags and leave him since he just wasn't getting any better. However, the divorce wasn't finalized until 2004, meaning that the entire process lasted quite a long time. This must have been really hard on Indio who was caught in the middle of his parent's squabbles and his father's health issues. Any separation is challenging for a kid, but Indio had to deal with it for a long time.

11 Downey's Youngest Two Are Significantly Younger

Robert Downey Jr. and Deborah Falconer had Indio on September 7th, 1993. This makes him 23 years old, significantly older than Downey's youngest two. This is pretty typical for people in Hollywood who tend to separate from their first spouse and marry again years later, sometimes to someone younger who wants more children. This was certainly the case for Robert Downey Jr. and his second wife, Susan. The pair had Downey's second child, Exton, on February 7th, 2012. And then had Avri Roel Downey on November 4th, 2014. It's unknown whether Indio is at all close with his youngest two siblings, but it must be strange given that there's at least A 15-year difference between him and his brother.

10 No Diaper-Changing Issues In The Downey Family

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Many dads struggle with diaper changing. For dads in Hollywood, this is seldom an issue as nannies are happy to step in and do the work. At least, they're happy to do so if their paycheck is healthy enough. But this doesn't happen in the Downey family as both parents are very hands-on with their children. In an interview with GQ, Robert Downey Jr.'s wife, acclaimed producer Susan Downey, said that her husband has a very strong skill when it comes to diaper changing. Apparently, he knows the proper wrapping techniques and makes it look easy. Therefore, he was usually the one tasked with changing Exton. There's no telling if he had to continue constantly using his skill for Avri.

9 Exton And Avri Are Raised Jewish

Via: Fan Pop

Although Robert Downey Jr. wasn't raised Jewish, he has been interested in the religion, philosophy, and culture for many years. His interests were solidified when he met and married Susan Levin, who became Susan Downey. Levin was pretty devoted to Judaism, which is why they had a Jewish wedding on August 27th, 2005. The pair have a more secular and flexible belief system that mixes Buddhist and Jewish philosophies as the two bare many similarities. These are beliefs that they try to bring their kids up around. They don't push their beliefs onto them, but Exton and Avri do get to enjoy some of the cultural aspects of Judaism.

8 Exton Got To Do A Big Photoshoot With His Dad

In 2014, Downey and his middle child, Exton, did an expansive photoshoot for Vanity Fair while he was promoting Chef and The Judge, two great dramas he did between the release of Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The shoot took place at a gorgeous and spacious set house in Los Angeles. At the shoot, Robert Downey Jr. got to lounge quite a bit, but Exton had a lot more fun. The young man got to play with an assortment with new toys, get driven around in a fancy old-school car, and even got to swim in a crisp and clean pool. The whole point was the shoot appear as if the two were just hanging out. And the pair seemed to have a pretty wonderfully natural chemistry.

7 They Get To Go To Disneyland

Via: Deskgram 

In early 2019, Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan took Avri and Exton to Disneyland. Of course, Downey had to be in a pretty hilarious disguise in order to avoid all of his adoring fans. After all, due to Disney owning Marvel and all of its success, he was basically walking into the lion's den. Although paparazzi did catch him, it didn't seem like he was swarmed by fans too badly. This allowed his two youngest to actually be able to enjoy the many attractions at the Anaheim theme park. This also shows us that the two youngest Downey kids are given a "normal" of a life as they could possibly have given the circumstances of their father's immense success.

6 Their Mom Could Have Been Sarah Jessica Parker

Way before Robert Downey Jr. met and married Deborah Falconer, he was head-over-heels for a woman who would become a major Hollywood icon, Sarah Jessica Parker. The pair met on the set of Firstborn when they were both merely 18 years of age. The pair had quite a few issues, as Downey was dealing with his own, which were highly publicized. But they did manage to live together for eight years prior to their separation in 1991. Robert Downey Jr. has expressed his remorse over that period of time, especially while talking on The Howard Stern Show. This is because Sarah Jessica Parker could have been the mother of his children seeing that it appeared that the pair would end up together.

5 Avri Was Team Iron Man

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In 2016, Robert Downey Jr. was busy promoting Captain America: Civil War, a film where he was presented as the primary antagonist to Chris Evans' titular character. This started a campaign where people would either declare themselves as "Team Cap" or "Team Iron Man"... although it really should have been called "Team Tony" as alliteration always wins. Anyway, during his press tour, Downey went on Jimmy Kimmel's show and told the world that his 17-month-old daughter, Avri was firmly on "Team Iron Man". He even showed an image of her wearing the classic Iron Man glove in order to prove his theory.

4 Avri Received A Lovely Announcement

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Some Hollywood parents play their family life pretty close to the chest. Although Robert Downey Jr. is usually one of these people. He did take to social media in 2014 to announce that he and Susan finally brought their daughter into the world. Alongside an image, he posted, "After 9 months of intensive development, Team Downey is pleased to announce our 2014 fall/winter project. Principal photography commenced 11-14 and will continue until she says, "Dad! You are embarrassing me...I'm 30, this has gotta stop." Yep...Avri Roel Downey joined the party @ 3:22 a.m. on November 4th...she's 7lbs even, spans 20 inches, and is accompanied by a variety of Susan's traits that have seemingly overwritten my "junk DNA." I'll post pics here + there when I'm not too busy staring..."

3 Exton Had a Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

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Children of Hollywood stars are no strangers to having extravagant and awesome birthday parties. Robert Downey Jr.'s kids are no exception. For his fourth birthday, Exton got a dinosaur themed party in the vein of Jurassic Park/Jurassic World. It featured balloon makers that children could take part in and a giant obstacle course all in the style of Jurassic World. Celebrities also attended the party, such as Orlando Bloom and his son, Flynn, who was accompanied by Idol judge Katy Perry. Many others flocked to Downey's Malibu home to enjoy in the festivities that were made to make Exton feel super special.

2 Downey Isn't Above Odd Day Trips With Them


Although Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, not to mention the entire world, he isn't above taking day-trips with his kids. This means that he does what many other parents do and takes them to the park, for bike rides, and adventures on the beach. Sure, he has to deal with paparazzi and fans, but he wants his kids to be able to enjoy time with him as other children do their own parents. There are tons of photos of Downey out with his son Exton, specifically. Among these shots are sweet trips to the ice cream store and this wonderful image of Downey dragging his son behind a bike while he wears a shirt that says "Mr. Happy" on it.

1 A Day In The Life Is Like Any Other

Via: Just Jared

Along with the day trips that Robert Downey Jr. takes with his kids, their lives are pretty "normal". Of course, this is under the circumstances. The Downey kids still have access to things that most children can only dream of. But still, Downey stands by the fact that his kids live a life that's similar to other kids. The same is true for him, even if he is still the biggest movie star in the world. While his kids were young, he still had to change their diapers, share their food and teach them rights from wrongs, especially when it comes to manners, as Exton has taken after his dad in the quick come-back department. Still, if we were to look at their day-to-day, we'd see a lot of similarities between the Downey kids and our own.

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