20 Little Known Facts About Victoria Beckham's Daughter Harper

It is clear to see how utterly adored the Beckham children are. David and Victoria are frequently pictured with their four children, doing things together as a family and seeming to really enjoy each other’s company. How delighted Victoria must have been when, in 2011, she welcomed a female into the family, to balance out the four men!

Harper Seven Beckham has become almost as famous as her parents, with her hobbies, schooling, and fashion being monitored closely. It has been easy to chart the progress of the youngest Beckham, thanks to her to parents’ pride in her which translates to their social media posts. Harper has been seen at many a fashion show and celebrity event, always with her doting parents or brothers in tow. She rides horses, she dances ballet, she paints. It seems she really has a zest for life and a love of family time.

Holidays abroad involve days out hiking with dad, horse riding with mom, or visiting charity projects to remind her how lucky she is and how others are not so fortunate. To top it all, she mixes with fashion designers and the most powerful people in the world. Harper, it seems, has a truly charmed life. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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20 She’s Got Her Own Fashion Blog

Harper Beckham Fashion gives all her fans a charming update of what she has been up to. There are plenty of photos of the young Miss Beckham’s exploits, broken down into months. The blog includes photos of Harper with her family, at play and doing charity work with her parents.

Each item of clothing that the fashionista is wearing is photographed separately with details of the designer. You can also go through each designer by name and select their name to see what items of theirs Harper has worn. The blog goes right back to 2011, so there is a whole catalog of Harper’s beautiful outfits for the last seven years.

19 She’s Does Charity Work

via: blogspot.com

Harper has had plenty of exposure to those less fortunate than herself. Victoria has spoken of her pride over her children’s determination to make a difference for others. Harper has already made her contribution when her mother donated some of Harper’s outfits to Save the Children to raise money for the charity.

In August this year, she spent a day at the Sumba Foundation, a charity that helps underprivileged children to gain access to education, clean water and healthcare. Both her parents are keen supporters of charities that are close to their hearts. No doubt Harper will join them in their endeavors even more as she grows.

18 She Loves Horse Riding

via: blogspot.com

Harper is a keen horse rider, and her mother has shared pictures of her daughter enjoying the sport. In Indonesia, Harper took a lesson on the beach and enjoyed paddling through the water on her mount. It’s a pastime that she can enjoy with her mother, who takes her horse riding during school holidays, as reported by Hello magazine.

When the Beckhams are in their Cotswolds home in the UK, Harper goes riding round the countryside with her family, after she received a pony as a birthday gift when she turned seven. There is a stable at their Cotswolds home, and David made it clear that Harper is expected to look after the horse herself.

17 She Can Roll Her Tongue!

via: standard.co.uk

Only some people have the ability to roll their tongues from side to side to form a tube. There is a theory that this is a genetic ability, and that if neither parent can do it, it is unlikely that their children will be able to.

If this is the case, then one of the Beckham parents must have the strange talent, because Harper has been photographed rolling her tongue into a tube shape in Instagram pictures with her family. On a trip to Bali, she took a trip to see a waterfall with her family and was pictured performing the trick with dad David and brother, Romeo.

16 She is a Keen Cook


Harper has also been photographed cooking with her family. Her mum shared that she enjoyed a cooking lesson while on holiday in Bali, implying that Harper had inherited her genes in that department, as she revealed on Instagram.

She has shared cooking sessions with her older brother Brooklyn, as well. They made pizzas together in the UK over a Christmas holiday. Harper’s was very cute and in the shape of a heart. Her family are great friends with Gordon and Tana Ramsay and their children, so maybe they pass on cooking tips to the youngest Beckham as well.

15 She’s a Big Fan of the Spice Girls

When Harper learned that her mum used to be a big pop star before she became a fashion designer, she was delighted. She loves the music and plays with a selection of Spice Girls dolls, according to The Mirror.

Victoria showed Harper the Spice Girls movie and her daughter loved it and watched it again and again. Her eye for fashion was evident, as she asked her mum if she could have a Gucci dress like the one that Victoria had in the film and wondered why her mum was wearing a skirt when the other girls were in trousers!

14 She’s Already a Vogue Cover Girl


Most little girls go back to school and tell stories of their vacation and time they spent over the summer with friends and family. Harper doesn’t need to tell her friends and teachers what she was up to as she was a cover girl on British Vogue this September, along with her brothers and mother.

It’s not the first time that Harper has been on the front cover of a newspaper or magazine, but a Vogue cover is something that most models don’t achieve, never mind a 7-year old. When Harper changes her hair, goes on holiday or is out and about with her family, they are often the cover shots of celebrity magazines and daily newspapers.

13 She was Attending Fashion Shows at Two Months Old


Harper has been a mainstay of many a fashion show since she was a baby. She has supported her mum at her fashion launches by sitting in the front row with her family and on the lap of fashion royalty like Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

When Harper attended her mother’s 10th anniversary show in London this year, she showed off her new bobbed hairstyle and a circlet of flowers in her hair, reminiscent of Princess Charlotte at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, revealed Evening Standard. She always dresses impeccably, and even as a baby was attending fashion shows in designer gear, all perfectly coordinated of course.

12 She Has a Huge Designer Wardrobe

Right from the get go, Harper was dressed by her mother in designer baby gear. Some of her first outfits revealed her wardrobe contained Stella McCartney and Chloe, even before her first birthday.

She certainly has a style that is contemporary, yet age-appropriate and enjoys clothes and accessories. Her mother has praised her daughter’s taste, calling her “incredibly chic” and has admitted she loves the sweet clothes her daughter chooses. Victoria said her daughter picks out her outfits herself and is very keen on fashion, just like her mum, says the Sunday Express. Victoria told the New York Times that she feels, “Harper is incredibly chic and wear some incredibly sweet things.”

11 Her Old Clothes Go to Charity

Victoria has spent a fortune dressing her daughter, with her wardrobe containing a myriad of gorgeous designer clothes. When Harper grows out of them, Victoria is not one to waste a chance to support her favorite charities.

Just as Princess Diana donated her dresses to be sold for charity, Victoria has recycled some of Harper’s beautiful outfits to benefit Save the Children. She offered the items to the Primrose Hill store and a queue of hopeful customers formed outside the store before it opened. Harper’s old wardrobe was a great success, with local moms snapping up her outfits for their own children.

10 She’s Already Been Offered a Modelling Contract

While most women sweat and strive to earn a modeling contract, Harper had already been offered one before her first birthday. However, the offers did not stop there. Since Harper graced the front row of New York fashion week, the offers came flooding in and were reported to be worth $30 million by the time she was just three.

Designers know she generates amazing media interest, plus an innate confidence and style, and the looks and grace of her parents. Her parents have rejected all the offers thus far, but it is perhaps only a matter of time before Harper is tempted to follow in her mother and brothers’ footsteps.

9 She’s Had Customized Designer Clothes Made for Her

via: pinimg.com

Harper has been wearing designer clothes pretty much since birth. Her mother has always bought her the most stylish garments, and now that she is old enough to choose for herself, it seems she knows what she likes and what she wants.

Having a mom that is friendly with fashion royalty makes life much easier, and designers are falling over themselves to be credited with the latest Harper look. They have even designed clothes, especially for the youngest Beckham, meaning that Harper has her own unique wardrobe that is very much in her own style. Of course, having a fashion designer mom means that she can have any look she wants with just with a word in mommy’s ear.

8 She’s Well Accustomed to Meeting The Rich And Famous

via: wordpress.com

Being such a famous celebrity means that Harper has had plenty of exposure to the most powerful people in the world. Her parents are well known to everyone, including Harry and Meghan.

Harper enjoyed her sixth birthday party at Buckingham Palace. When her father organized a charity football match in aid of UNICEF, Harper had a chance to meet a real-life idol of hers. Far from being nervous, the 4-year old seemed a little bored with the whole event and gave a large yawn.

7 She Wants to be an Inventor

Many people might foresee a future for Harper in sport or fashion. However, her mom reveals that Harper has her sights set on loftier ambitions; she wants to be an inventor. Her parents have brought her up to understand that her gender is no barrier to achieving her dreams and Harper has grabbed on to this notion.

Victoria says that Harper is smart and strong and that she has the belief that she can do and be anything she wants to be. This echoes her mother’s belief that dreams can come true with determination and hard work. She herself has proved it with her fabulously successful fashion company. Girl Power indeed.

6 Her Name is Trademarked

By the age of five, Harper Beckham’s name was trademarked with intellectual property rights for Britain and Europe. This means that her family has protected the right to sell products under Harper’s name, rather than allow any other company to release products under her name.

Victoria and David did the same for their sons as well. This protects their names from being used by anyone else in the entertainment industry and helps to protect the family’s multi-million dollar fortune. Lawyers applauded Victoria’s move, saying that it was much easier to register a name under trademark before the person became famous.

5 She Inspires Her Mother’s Fashion Line

Victoria’s fashion garments might be out of the price range of most people. However, she has recently designed a mother and child range for Target, which is more affordable. When Victoria was designing this collection, she took inspiration from her own daughter.

Victoria took her cue from Harper’s desire to be comfortable as well as fashionable. She said that she has learned a lot from Harper over the years and what works and what doesn’t when she collated the collection. Victoria said she had huge fun designing the collection, which features mom and child ‘mini-me’ clothes that allow mom and daughter to be stylish, but to dress for comfort as well.

4 She Loves Her Heels, Just Like Mom

It looks like Harper has inherited her mom’s natural ability to walk in impossible heels and love them. Pictured here with Gordon Ramsay and his family, Harper is pictured wearing strappy heels while getting a piggyback ride from one of the Ramsay girls, and outdoing her mom in heel height!

Despite being only seven, the shoes seem to fit her perfectly, leading fans to wonder if they were custom made for Harper. Her mom revealed in an interview that Harper was running around in platform heels at the age of three at home, but that home was where they stayed. It appears she has relaxed her rules somewhat for the 7-year old. At the age of five, Harper was already sneaking her mom’s heels into her own toy corner!

3 Just Like Any 7-Year-Old She Loves Unicorns and Legos

via: slaylebrity.com

The Beckham children have all enjoyed playing with Legos, and Harper is no exception. Fortunately, dad David also enjoys playing with the plastic bricks. When Harper received a 4,000 piece Lego Disney castle, her dad surprised her by ploughing through the 490 pages of instructions to present his daughter with the finished castle. Hopefully, she hadn’t planned on tackling it herself. Four thousand pieces seems a bit much for a gift to a 7-year old.

Harper appears to have the usual obsessions that other little girls have, and her parents have indulged her with birthday cakes that mirror her taste. Her latest cake, for her seventh birthday was a fantastic creation in the shape of a unicorn.

2 She’s the Keenest of the Beckham Children About Soccer

via: imgur.com

David must have been full of hope that one of his children might have inherited his soccer ability, and indeed the boys have had their fair share of exposure to the game, playing in youth teams and charity matches.

However, it was 2-year old Harper who stole the limelight when she scored a goal during a children’s match and her family roared with delight at her success. David revealed that Harper is the only one of his children who still has an interest in soccer. She plays every week and loves it, according to her father. Sadly for David, his sons no longer play regularly, preferring to focus on other pursuits.

1 She’s Been the Target of Online Trolls

Harper is a beautiful, well adjusted, healthy child and her parents were understandably fuming after online trolls criticized their daughter for her size. The comments came after the then 6-year-old was pictured on the beach with her brothers, looking delightful and completely healthy.

They branded her fat and commented that she was bigger than her mother and needed to lose weight because she was too old to have puppy fat. Her parents wanted to retaliate to defend their daughter and remind trolls how dangerous their comments were to children who had body image issues, but they were advised to ignore it to avoid encouraging the trolls.

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