20 Little-Known Things About Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber's Marriage

Cindy Crawford is a modeling legend. She rose to fame as one of a wave of '90s supermodels who became fashion icons. Together with Christy, Linda, and Naomi, Cindy donned Versace frocks and posed up a storm on runways. They made big bucks and were treated like queens. They were a big deal worldwide. They were so famous, in fact, that most people knew them by their first names.

While Cindy is still doing photo shoots, it's not exactly like the old days in Paris and New York. Cindy is now a married woman with two kids. She's currently 53 and her kids are now modeling, too. Their son Presley and daughter Kaia are becoming famous in their own right, although their stars will probably never burn as bright as Cindy's did back in the '90s.

Anyone who is curious about Cindy's long-time marriage will enjoy this list about loyalty and love. She has managed to keep her marriage intact when so many Hollywood marriages have crashed and burned. She is known for being a stable and smart lady, and it truly shows in her relationship.

After meeting Rande and marrying in 1998, Cindy and Rande have broken all kinds of records in Hollywood's history of shifty couples. And now that their kids are taking over the tabloids, let's take a look at the couple behind them.

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20 They Were Friends Before They Dated


Has Cindy and Rande's relationship lasted so long because they were friends before they dated? It's possible. They had a base of compatibility and trust before they got romantic. They knew each other well, without the pressures of being involved and being a couple. This built a strong foundation. A relationship that starts in a different way can work, too, but few can argue against the benefits of being friends before getting closer.

According to the Mirror.co.uk website, Cindy keeps the spark alive. She's taken pole dancing lessons to stay tapped into her own wild side after becoming a wife and mother.

19 Rande Used To Be A Male Model


Rande Gerber used to be a male model, so it's no surprise that Cindy and Rande got together — they were working in the same industry. Rande's early modeling shots show that he looked very similar to how his son, Presley Gerber, looks right now. There is a bit of Cindy in Presley's face, though.

According to the Nytimes.com, Rande is a "tequila baron" these days. He traded in modeling for being a businessman and he is very good at business. Cindy has said that she loves it when guys talk about deal-making. She thinks that kind of drive to succeed in business is very attractive.

18 Rande's Been Accused Of Flirting With Other Women...


There aren't too many famous couples who escape these kinds of rumors. If a couple is in the public eye, people are going to talk, whether there is any truth to it or not. Rande got some flak when he was accused of getting too cozy with women who worked for him.

According to Accessonline.com, Rande was hit with a lawsuit because of "groping" and other misconduct. This happened back in 2007 and Rande denied doing anything wrong. Two women who worked for Rande at bars that he owned filed the lawsuit against him. This must have been very embarrassing for Cindy, but she stuck by Rande.

17 ...But So Has Cindy


Cindy has been accused of flirting as well, but not many fans bought into this. She seems extremely loyal to her family. Cindy did get a little flirty with basketball hero, Kobe Bryant, back in 1997 during an interview, but she didn't marry Rande until 1998, according to Boxden.com

Flirting while the cameras roll is a bit different than flirting in a behind-the-scenes way. Cindy may have felt she was just being friendly. She would also want to entertain her audience.

Remember when Cindy used to star on MTV's House of Style? She did plenty of fun interviews, with members of Duran Duran and others. House of Style was a fun show!

16 Cindy Tries To Put Rande First


Cindy Crawford keeps the flames of love alive by catering to Rande's wants and needs. She is a powerful woman in her own right but has been more than willing to put Rande first. She knows that relationships require consistent effort. She always checks in with Rande when they can't be together. She does a lot of little things to make him happy. She's very devoted to her handsome hubby.

According to People.com, she knows "when to give in" and so does Rande. They keep things working by compromising when they need to. Marriage is always about give and take.

15 Cindy's Prior Marriage Set Her Up For Rande


Cindy may go out of her way to consider Rande's needs because her first marriage to Richard Gere didn't work out. Richard is a Hollywood heartthrob and has been one for decades. He, like Cindy, is very famous.

Richard had some interests that Cindy didn't really share. Buddhism is a key example. He would be very passionate about eating Buddhist food, following Buddhist principles, such as not harming insects, and so forth. Cindy tried to get on the same page, but it wasn't really natural for her.

They got married in 1991, according to Thecelebcloset.com, but Cindy felt that their age difference ultimately caused the split.

14 They Had A Beach Wedding


Rande and Cindy had a beautiful wedding. They wanted something more casual, at the beach. They are definitely beach people. They love to be outside, on the sand or in the water.

Cindy chose her wedding-day look carefully. She wanted to look much like she did when she woke up next to Rande. She went for a natural and tousled look and donned a slip dress that had the look of a very cute nightgown. She did look gorgeous on the big day. Rande wore black pants and a crisp white shirt, without a jacket or tie. They were married in 1998, according to Brides.com.

13 Cindy Actually Enjoys Disagreements With Her Husband


Cindy doesn't mind disagreements with her husband. She actually enjoys them sometimes, because she finds getting the inside scoop on what he's thinking fascinating. She does give insight to his opinion. She seems pretty level-headed as a partner.

According to People.com, they have the usual arguments that people have, including disagreements about how to decorate their homes. Rande likes things really modern in terms of decor and Cindy prefers a more traditional style. They currently own three homes.

Obviously, they have learned how to move past arguments. They are still together after so many years. It's always about compromise for the sake of peace.

12 Cindy And Rande Chose Home Births For Both Babies


Cindy didn't want to have her babies in a hospital, so she had them at home instead. Rande and Cindy's family tried to convince her to do things the traditional way, by going to a hospital, but she stuck with her original plan. Both Presley and Kaia were born at home, according to Mamanatural.com.

Home births do come with added risks, but Cindy dug into the pros and cons and made the decision that felt right to her. She wanted to be in a home setting. Being famous might have something to do with it. When everyone knows who you are, going to a hospital may feel too public.

11 Their Son Presley Was Recently Arrested


Presley is Cindy's oldest child and he's been in the news because of his modeling jobs. He has also been in the news because he got into some trouble behind the wheel, according to Pagesix.com.

Presley is young, of course, and people tend to make stupid mistakes when they are young. The issues we make when we're young can lead to total mayhem. Presley didn't hurt anyone else while he was driving, thankfully, but the mere thought has shook his entire world.

It's safe to say that Cindy and Rande weren't too happy when they found out about their son's arrest. Cindy and Rande have been quiet about the whole thing, which I understand. It's better not to fuel the media fire.

10 Rande Likes Cindy Best Without Makeup


Rande met Cindy when she was commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet. It's safe to say that she didn't need makeup to look good back then and Rande still prefers her without it. I personally like to see Cindy glammed up with a red lip sometimes, because it reminds me of her supermodel days in the '90s, but Rande prefers a bare face. He's not one to appreciate a bold lip.

It's nice that he appreciates her without the cosmetics. Cindy has actually said that Rande doesn't like it at all when she wears makeup, according to Closerweekly.com.

9 They Hang Out With George Clooney


Cindy and Rande are very good friends with George Clooney, according to People.com. George and Rande started Casamigos Tequila together. Once the company really took off, they sold it for a huge profit. They sold their tequila company for a whopping billion bucks. Considering how rich the two business partners were before they started Casamigos, neither of them really needed half a billion bucks each, but they got it anyway. The sale of their tequila company put them on a whole new money plateau.

Rande and George have been buddy-buddy for years. They work together and play together. Cindy is close to George, too.

8 Rande Is A Successful Businessman


Rande kicked butt in the nightclub business before getting into the tequila business with George Clooney. His clubs are still very successful. He has his own website, Gerberbars.com, and a quick look at this website, which shows off his company, The Gerber Group, is all that's needed to see just how successful Rande really is. He owns bars in New York, Atlanta, and other big cities.

It's no surprise that some models get involved with guys who want their money, but Cindy never needed Rande's money. She's her own empire and would have been totally fine without her husband's bank account. Together, however, they are beyond wealthy — especially when he sold Casamigos and his net worth went way up.

7 Cindy Never Takes Rande For Granted


Cindy makes her hubby a priority, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. Rande is lucky to have a wife who is so invested in him and his happiness. Cindy has been there at his side for so many years, through plenty of ups and downs.

Cindy's caring attitude towards her partner seems to work well. Rande surely reciprocates.

This couple is always photographed holding hands. There is a real closeness that doesn't seem like it's just for the cameras. Sure, they must have their problems, but they seem pretty solid. They have a lifestyle together that few people are able to enjoy.

6 Both Of Their Kids Are Now Models


Good genes and a desire to enjoy all that the fashion industry has to offer have led Cindy and Rande's kids, Presley and Gerber, to become models, as well as social media influencers.

Kids with famous parents definitely have an easy time breaking into the entertainment world. Of course, no one ever lets kids of famous people forget just how easy they have it. The whole silver spoon thing has its benefits and drawbacks.

Kaia has over four million followers on your fave picture-sharing social media network. She actually has 100,000 more followers than her mom! Presley has less, but he's still very popular.

5 They Don't Spend Much Time Apart


Whether they are lunching with Kaia and Harry Styles, taking long walks on the beach or hitting the A-list Hollywood party circuit, Cindy and Rande are like two peas in a pod. This is a very close couple.

While no one but Cindy and Rande really know what their relationship is like, it's clear that these two enjoy each other's company. Cindy is Pisces and Rande is Taurus — that's a pretty solid match. Pisces is a water sign, according to Astrology.com, and Taurus is an earth sign. These two elements complement each other. Taurus is practical and Pisces is a bit dreamier.

4 They Love The Malibu Lifestyle


Cindy and Rande love Malibu. Unfortunately, their kids found Malibu a bit dull when they got older. Malibu is known for its village feel. It may not be the most affordable village, but it does have that vibe.

When Presley and Kaia got older, they started to feel trapped in Malibu. They wanted to be closer to the Los Angeles action, so Rande and Cindy bought another home in Beverly Hills. Rande and Cindy still love Malibu, though. The decision to buy another home was just to make the kids happy. According to Variety.com, Cindy and Rande paid over $11 million for the Beverly Hills home.

3 Cindy Is More Emotional Than Rande


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. While men and women don't always fit in any specific mold, because gender is a spectrum, Cindy does feel that she is more emotional than her husband. She needs to check in with him to feel connected and secure. Rande doesn't need to check in so much, but he's still there for Cindy. He says the nicest things about her on social media.

While breakup rumors about these two surface regularly, the breakup never seems to actually happen. If I had to bet on this marriage lasting, I would be comfortable putting money on Cindy and Rande staying together forever.

2 They Still Party Together


Rande and Cindy still go to a lot of parties. Sometimes, their kids come with them. Rande and Cindy are a powerful couple. They both have a lot of clout and influence. They are invited to great events and host great events.

In 2018, according to Yahoo.com, Rande dressed up as Ziggy Stardust and Cindy went as Debbie Harry from Blondie. Tons of celebs showed up. While Rande sold his stake in Casamigos, he is still a proud supporter of the company and the parties thrown by the company are very popular Hollywood events. Kaia and Presley usually go to the parties.

1 They've Been Married For Over 20 Years


To stay married for 20 years in Hollywood is a big achievement. This couple just keeps going, when so many Hollywood marriages fall by the wayside. Cindy and Rande clearly complete each other. They've found ways to keep it all working.

With unlimited funds and two great kids, they always have a lot to be grateful for. They keep having fun together and that keeps things fresh. According to the Dailymail.co.uk website, Cindy and Rande celebrated their 20th anniversary by going out and listening to country music. The couple that plays together stays together. Maybe someday they'll get to be grandparents to a new generation of models.

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