20 Marie Kondo Tips All Good Moms Need To Be Using

Kids love magic, from fairy tale princesses to fire-breathing dragons and stone castles with rivers flowing all around them. Grown-ups are always saying that they want to remember their inner child and the sense of awe and imagination that children have.

It's safe to say that not everyone would say that cleaning is magical, but there is someone out there who thinks that way. Thanks to her recent Netflix series, it's hard not to have heard of Marie Kondo, the guru who wrote the 2014 bestseller The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up and who has been encouraging people to get rid of the clutter in the places where they live. Marie Kondo has been working her magic with the clients that she serves, and she's a really inspiring person. Her approach is easy to follow, and if anyone needs to clean up and get rid of clutter, it would definitely be moms. All moms are dealing with a never-ending amount of mess in their homes, from papers everywhere to Cheerios on the floor to the clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away. There are many pieces of Marie Kondo's method that moms can take to heart. And it turns out that moms can definitely get their kids involved, too.

Here are 20 Marie Kondo tips that all good moms need to be using.

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20 Clean Up Your Kid's Room In One Go


One thing that Marie Kondo emphasizes is to clean in one fell swoop instead of doing a little bit every day.

One tip that good moms can use is to clean up your kid's room in one go. You can tell them that you're going to do it together and that you'll spend two hours going through clothes and toys and see what you want to keep. It's smart to clean up in a short period of time since kids get bored quickly and might not think that this is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Once it's done, you can bask in a job well done.

19 Encourage Your Child To Actually Make Their Bed In The Morning


According to Elle Decor, something that Marie Kondo emphasizes is making the bed: "With bedrooms, the bed is always the focus. Make a habit of making up your bed when you first wake up. If you don't, your bedroom won't feel organized."

Good moms can take this tip from Marie Kondo and encourage their kids to make their bed in the morning. Some families take this super seriously and others aren't that big on making beds, but no matter which category you fall into, you can see that this is a good habit to keep up with. It's nice to start the day with a neat bed.

18 Your Kids Will Love The Magical Way Marie Kondo Speaks About Socks


Architectural Digest says that Marie Kondo says to "treat objects as if they are alive." She is quoted as saying, "I will often say, 'It's not good to ball up socks because the socks can't rest this way. But what I mean by 'allowing the socks to rest' is that the elastic will get stretched over time and will wear out sooner if you roll socks into a ball."

If good moms want to use Marie Kondo's tips, they can definitely tell their little ones how Marie Kondo speaks about socks. Your kids will love how magical she sounds here. Picture telling your kids that it's good to treat socks nicely. They will definitely listen.

17 Create A Happy And Cheerful Atmosphere In Your Kid's Room (And The House In General)


As Good Housekeeping explains, the main method of Marie Kondo's is to keep objects that "spark joy." This is her most famous statement and something that you might have heard before.

It's cool to think about only keeping things in your house that contribute to a cheerful and happy atmosphere. As a mom, this is definitely the vibe that you're going for all the time, so it makes sense to be inspired by Marie Kondo. You can tell your kids that you're only going to keep objects that make you happy and that goes for their room and for the rest of the house. They'll like hearing that for sure. Kids already get really attached to objects that make them feel content and peaceful, like their favorite books or stuffed animals, so this works perfectly.

16 Your Kids Can Help You Clean The Kitchen (And You Can All Cook Or Bake Together After)


You can also use Marie Kondo's method to clean up your kitchen and get your kids involved in the process. And after, once you have a beautiful sparkling clean room, you can cook or bake something together. (Chances are, when your kids hear that chocolate chip cookies are in their future, cleaning will suddenly become their favorite thing in the world.)

This is a great opportunity to bond and spend more time with your children. You can tell them that you want their help and that you know that they'll do an awesome job. This will also inspire confidence in them, which is what you always want to do.

15 She's Not Into Intense Ways Of Storing Objects Which Could Intimidate Kids

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Marie Kondo talks about cleaning up and getting rid of clutter, but how does she feel about storing objects?

As it turns out, she's not into really intense ways of storing things. Taste of Home says that Marie Kondo says that having a surplus of objects is the impetus behind storage systems (filing cabinets, tons of boxes, etc.). This is good news because kids could be intimidated by fancy ways of storing objects and not know where to start. Instead, the point is to make sure that you don't have too many things in your home. Your kids will be happy as long as they still have their absolute favorite toys around.

14 You Should Encourage Your Kids To Choose Which Objects Stay And Which Go (And They'll Feel Awesome About It)


As Marie Kondo told PopSugar, "Tidying is something that the whole family can do together, but it is absolutely essential that each person be responsible for making the decisions about his or her own things. Parents can encourage children to begin the process, but they need to complete their tidying before working with their kids."

If you want to know how good moms can use Marie Kondo's tips, this is something else that you can do: encourage your kids to take ownership of the process. You can ask your little ones to choose which objects stay and which ones go. They'll love being in charge and will feel totally awesome about it.

13 You Can Go Through Family Pictures With Your Kids And Talk About Good Memories


People magazine quoted Marie Kondo: “Photos are very daunting to tackle." The publication says that her advice is "stowing them in boxes or albums and placing them where you see them regularly in your home."

Moms can use this tip by sitting down with their kids and going through family photos. You can figure out which are the best ones, frame some of them, make family photo albums, and talk about the happy memories that you all share. It'll be a really great way to spend an afternoon, and your kids will love remembering last summer's fun beach vacation or that time you visited cousins for Christmas.

12 Have A Conversation About Being Happy That You Have A Nice Place To Live


Balance.media shared this piece of advice from Marie Kondo: "Be grateful for your house, however messy and hectic, and ‘the goods that support [you]’."

This is something else that can inspire good moms. You can start a conversation with your little ones about being happy that you have a nice place to live. You don't have to get into a whole serious conversation about being lucky to have a roof over your head, but you can still inspire your little ones to appreciate what they have. This is definitely what you want to teach your kids, and it works out well that you can use Marie Kondo's method to start this kind of discussion.

11 You Can Also Teach Your Kids To Be Less Attached To Material Stuff


According to Martha Stewart, Marie Kondo teaches people that keeping things in the house because you might use them in the future is a bad idea.

Marie Kondo's method is a way for you to talk to your kids about being less attached to material objects. When you think about it, this allows you to teach your kids about being strong and resilient. For example, if you go on vacation and their favorite stuffed animal gets lost, they're going to be upset. But if they learn that it's just objects and these things aren't as important as people and the love that your family has for each other, that might make them feel better.

10 You Can't Make Your Children Grow Up To Be Neat But You Can Be A Role Model


According to C. Sheet, Marie Kondo leads by example for her own daughters. She told Time she tries to clean up and fold items in front of them so they can model her habits: “I try to show my older daughter the things I do daily. I try to do some of the washing and folding in front of her, deliberately. Sometimes my daughter starts folding hats or tries to fold placemats on the dining table."

Take it from Marie Kondo: while you can't make your children grow up to be neat, you can be a role model. Chances are, they'll get excited about helping out around the house and will want to be a part of it.

9 It's Okay To Keep Some Of Your Kids' School Projects


The Marie Kondo method isn't about getting rid of every piece of art your kid ever created or anything they have made for school.

Marie Kondo told PopSugar that it's definitely okay for kids to keep school projects or things that they love. She said, "This category of items is definitely in the 'sentimental' category, and should be tidied at the very end of the tidying process. Your children should keep anything that continues to spark joy in them, no matter what it is and no matter what anybody else would think." This is good to hear and will help kids decide what to keep and what they don't care about.

8 You'll Show Your Kids That You Can All Decide To Do Something And Follow Through


Ultimately, when you decide to do anything, from cleaning your house to getting your dream job to working out regularly, you have to make a goal and then follow through. You can use the Marie Kondo method to show your kids that it's good to decide to do something and then follow through on it. This is a lesson that they need to learn for school projects as well.

As This Is Insider explains, "All of these people have different concerns but in every case, they used the KonMari rules to wrangle their possessions and declutter successfully. It may take more than a month if you have a lot of items but the time spent can be worth it and having that end goal in sight is usually helpful for keeping you and your family on task."

7 You Can Make It A Fun Daily Project For Just A Few Minutes


While the method is meant to be done in one go, it's possible to follow Marie Kondo's tips and pick a tiny thing to declutter. According to People, Marie Kondo suggests even just cleaning your sock drawer one day.

Moms can also be inspired to make cleaning up a fun daily project even for just a few minutes. This might be easier to do with young kids who don't have super long attention spans and who are often onto the next thing before finishing the activity they're currently doing. And there's no reason why you couldn't do this with your younger child and then clean your older child's room in one go.

6 If You're Cleaning Up, It's Possible Your Children Will Be Influenced And Copy You


According to C. Sheet, Marie Kondo knows that you can't exactly make your kids clean or love the process of cleaning... but they can definitely be influenced and copy you.

All good moms know that their kids enjoy copying them, whether it's saying funny and grown-up statements at the dinner table or wanting to drink the smoothie that their mom has for breakfast every day. If you're cleaning, your kids will want to be just like you. Hey, it's a pretty good habit for them to copy, right? You would love for this to happen, and it'll be a win-win for everyone.

5 You Can Teach Your Kids To Be Neater


As The Spruce says, Marie Kondo is all about folding clothes: "It’s big on folding. Clothing must not only 'spark joy,' but be folded in a specific manner."

Good moms can use Marie Kondo's tips and talk to their kids about being neater and folding clothes. While you might wonder if your children would be bored with folding clothes, you can tell them about the whole "sparking joy" thing and it's totally possible that they will love hearing this. Children are so drawn to magic and Marie Kondo's method has a really whimsical tone to it. It seems like kids would love to jump on board.

4 You Can Give Away Old Toys Your Kids Don't Play With Anymore


Moms can be inspired by Marie Kondo's method to get rid of (or give away) toys that are no longer "in" or toys that their kids have outgrown or no longer like playing with.

According to Elle Decor, she said about her clients, "They tend to have things that were popular two years ago but are no longer in style, and they need to have some assistance in getting rid of them. Also, in the past, most of my clients were interested in organizing. Now, my clients are mainly interested in a life that is more centered around mindfulness and wellness."

3 You Can Donate Clothes To Those In Need


Another way that good moms can use Marie Kondo's cleaning up tips? You can donate clothes that you and your kids no longer need to people who are in need.

According to CNN, thanks to the popularity of her Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, people are donating to thrift stores. Leah Giampietro, the manager of the NYC thrift shop Beacon's Closettold CNN, "They have been really large bags. Ikea bags, suitcases or plastic bags. It's really hard to estimate the amount but it has been a ton of stuff, but I can say thousands of pieces a day."

2 You Can Teach Your Kids About Recycling And Being Kind To The Environment

Dakota Valley Recycling

When you're embarking on a process of cleaning up and de-cluttering, you can't just throw everything away. There are some things, such as pieces of paper, that you're going to recycle.

This gives good moms the perfect opportunity to teach kids about recycling. You can also take this opportunity to talk to kids about protecting the environment. They might hear a bit about this at school, but this is a perfect time to go a bit deeper and explain how important it is to recycle. You can teach kids what to recycle and what is okay to throw away, as in actually throw away.

1 You Can Be Inspired To De-Clutter Your Home And Explain To Kids That This Is A Nice Way To Live


Good moms can also be inspired to de-clutter their home and explain to kids that it just feels nice to have a clean space to live in.

Marie Kondo told Refinery29 that it's true that some people don't want to de-clutter but she still thinks that everything has a place. She said, "I think if you're truly comfortable with clutter in your home, then that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that, but I will recommend that you still have a designated spot for each item, and also to understand how much quantity of each category of things you have and need. I think that's an important awareness to have."

Who's ready to start cleaning?

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