20 Meanings Behind The Baby's Kicking

Once a woman sees those two pink lines on the test, she knows her life is about to change. She will grow, and she may feel sick and at the end she will have a little baby to love and care for. However, there are a lot of things that no one can prepare for, especially if this is her first pregnancy.

There are a lot of negative side effects when it comes to pregnancy. There is morning sickness, cramps and the constant need to go to the bathroom. However, there is one thing that makes everyone forget about the bad and that is feeling the baby move inside.

It is really a feeling that is indescribable. It is impossible to explain what it feels like when a mother feels her little baby move within her. It makes everything seem worth it. These movements come in all shapes and sizes and near the end it can get pretty uncomfortable too.

So, why does the baby kick? There are many reasons why babies kick in the womb, and there are many ways to get them to kick. We found 20 meanings behind the baby’s kicks and some of them may even come as a surprise.

20 Getting A Work Out

Pregnancy is all about growing a little baby. We are building a tiny human from scratch and it will take them 9-months to grow and develop into the cute little babies that come out on the big day. Part of their development is getting in a good workout. They move in the womb as a way to build the muscle in all of their joints.

Once their muscles, bones and joints develop they gain the ability to start using them. They will kick and punch as a way to strengthen the muscle and get to know their knew abilities. It is their cute little way of letting mom know that they are getting big and strong.

19 No More Room

Believe it or not, there does come a time when the movements of baby get a little too much to take. They may even become painful and annoying. That feeling that mom loved so much is now bringing her to tears and she just wants it to stop. This normally occurs near the very end of pregnancy and the reason is because the little one has run out of room.

Movements in the third trimester are often a baby’s attempt of getting comfortable or moving into a different position. These movements will be deliberate, and they may even be quite painful for mom.

18 Sugar & Sweet foods

A pregnant woman will have a lot of ultrasounds during her pregnancy, the anatomy scan happens in the middle of the pregnancy and it is when they check to make sure that the baby is developing the way it should be. The best way to get these measurements is to have the baby moving just a little bit. They will often ask an expectant mom to eat something sweet just before her appointment.

That is because something sweet will get the baby moving. Whatever mom eats, the baby eats so if we get a sugar rush than so will the baby. Even something like orange juice is bound to bring some kicks and punches.

17 Mom Stopped Moving

Have you ever wondered why your little one moves a lot more at night? When you are trying to get the rest you need, your little one decides to have a dance party. That is because when mom stops moving, that is when the little one decides it is time to move around. They are not doing it to keep you up, they are doing it because they are awake.

When we go about our day, our constantly rocking hips will rock the baby to sleep. The movement will help them sleep and keep them asleep. When we stop moving, that is when the baby wakes up and decides to start moving around. It is also why newborns are born being mixed up between night and day.

16 Mom Is Moving Too Much

This can also work the opposite way, if mom is moving too much it can make the baby a little irritable and will cause them to move and kick around. As time goes on, the baby runs out of room inside and they can get a bit uncomfortable. When mom starts moving around, the baby may start kicking and punching as it tries to get comfortable again.

This is not true for all babies, actually none of these are, and it may be a different experience for each individual woman. The same is true for each baby, even when babies are in utero they have their own personality and their own idea of what is comforting or just plain uncomfortable.

15 Ultrasounds Are Go Time

Ultrasounds are the best part of pregnancy for a lot of women. It is the few times she can get a glimpse at her baby while it is still inside. There are only a few that mom will get throughout her pregnancy. She will get an early ultrasound to date the pregnancy and check for a heartbeat and then she will get one halfway through her pregnancy to make sure everything is fine.

If she is lucky enough to get more later on in her pregnancy she may find that during these times her baby is kicking and punching up a storm. This is due to the pressure placed on the abdomen by the ultrasound probe. Babies will often kick back at this presence poking them.

14 Or Any Poke!

Just as we said that ultrasounds can poke and cause babies to kick and punch back so can any probing going on. If there are future older siblings in the picture they are going to like to be part of the pregnancy and this often includes exploring the belly. They may want to touch it and hug it and just be involved and this could make the baby kick.

Mom may even want to try and get her baby to move and she may do that by applying some light pressure on her stomach and see if she feels a kick back, she often will. It can become a fun little game between mom and her baby.

13 It Will Happen At Night…

We already mentioned before that babies are usually more active at night time. It is a cruel world pregnant woman live in. Pregnancy is exhausting, and it can take all of our energy, and we know that once the baby comes we won’t get much sleep either, so it is important that a woman gets her rest when she can.

However, being pregnant can make it very hard to sleep. Not only is mom very uncomfortable and it can take a long time for her to find a position to sleep in, she also has a baby who has woken up and decides it is time to party. If mom is still, the baby is awake, and this is the perfect time for them to try out their new legs and arms.

12 …Or After A Meal

Everything we put in our system will get to our baby, that is why it is so important to make sure we are eating properly and avoiding anything we should not be eating. The reason humans need to eat is because we need the energy that food gives us. Food gives us energy and fuel to get through our day, so it works no differently for babies.

After a big meal, mom may notice that her little one starts moving around like crazy. That is because mom has just given her baby the fuel it needs to get moving. So, as mom is relaxing after a big meal, her baby will be doing somersaults from all the goodness it has received.

11 Hinting A Development

There is a lot that goes on in the womb that we don’t know about because we can’t always have a look in. However, through time and medical advancements doctors have been able to tell us roughly what is going on inside. Babies are developing while they are inside, that is all they are doing really. Once mom starts to feel her little one kick and punch she can get an idea of what is going on inside.

Babies can not kick with enough force for the mom to feel unless it has developed enough. It needs its legs, feet, knees and even hips to be able to make the movement. It also needs to have developed the strength to be able to kick hard enough for mom to feel it.

10 Already Know The Temperament

There is some talk as to if the actions of our unborn babies can help us determine what kind of infant and toddler they will be. There is no scientific study or research to prove this, but it is a cute theory that may have some truth to it.

There is talk about if the baby is very active in the womb than they are going to be an energetic baby and toddler who loves to explore the world. If they are not as active than they may be a more laid-back baby who just likes to relax. Either way, mom will love this little baby like no other when it makes its grand entrance.

9 Music Can Do It

Later on, in the pregnancy, the baby will develop ears and they will gain the ability to hear the outside world. It will sound very muffled to them, but they will still hear. A lot of moms will play music for their babies as there is some research that states that playing music does have an impact on their development.

What else music will do is it will get that baby moving and kicking. I went to a concert when I was pregnant, and nothing got my little one moving quite like a live orchestra. Mom may also notice a quick kick if there is ever a sudden loud noise like a car honking or dog barking.

8 So Can Mom’s Voice (Or Dad’s)

Sometimes dad can feel left out of the pregnancy. He may feel like he is watching from the sidelines as mom gets to experience everything about the pregnancy. She gets to feel the kicks and the moves, and he may feel them from the outside, but it is never the same. A good way to get dad involved is to get him to talk to the stomach.

When the baby is developed enough to hear music from the outside they can also hear the voices talking around them. These voices will get them moving and kicking. It is also a great way to bond with the baby while they are inside so getting dad talking!

7 Scary Movies Will Do It

This title is a little misleading. The baby does not know that you are watching a scary movie, so they are not getting scared while in utero. They are also not responding to the sounds of the movie. None of these things are what is making your little one jumps up and down. They may move more when mom watches a scary movie due to the changes in her body that she may not even be aware of.

When we watch scary movies, there are certain changes that happen to our body thanks to adrenaline. Our heart beats faster, it pumps more blood and our blood pressure goes up. These things will all have an impact on the baby and may make them move around a lot more.

6 Are You Laying On Your Side?

Pregnant woman is told to lay on their side when they sleep. It is uncomfortable to lay on your stomach which is protruding, and it can be dangerous to lay on your back. When you lay on your back, the weight of the baby can put pressure on veins making it harder for blood to circulate the system. That is why women are told to lay on their side to sleep, specifically their left side.

When a woman is in this position she may find that her baby moves more. Women are sometimes advised to do kick counts during pregnancy which is to make sure everything is fine with the baby and they are instructed to do this while laying on their left side.

5 Even Light Will Do It!

We have all of these tricks to get our babies to move inside of us. Whether it be because we are worried that they are OK or if we just want to feel them moving around in there. One of these tricks is to shine a light on our bellies. Babies develop eyes and they start to open them as the pregnancy progresses. Their eyesight is not perfect, and it won’t be until they are a bit older, but they can sense light.

Some babies find a shining light uncomfortable so when a light is shined on the belly they may move to get away from it. This brings some rolls and kicks to mom’s belly.

4 What Does Lack Of Kicking Mean?

A lot of women use fetal kicking as a way to tell how their little one is doing. If there is a lot of movement, they assume everything is fine and carry on their day. If there is a lack of movement than mom may worry something is wrong. Now, this could be an indicator, so it is always important to get checked if there is a decrease in movement, but it is not always a sign of concern.

Some babies don’t move as much as others and that is just how they are. Sometimes, mom is so busy that she is not aware of the movements going on. That is why kick counts are so important and why mom should always get checked if she is even a little concerned.

3 Means The Baby Is Awake!

If there is one thing we can say for sure is that if baby is having a dance party in there than they are probably awake. Babies will move when they are sleeping but it will only be a few kicks. When there is what seems like a boxing match going on in their mom can be rest assured that her baby is awake and aware. This is a perfect time to read stories and sing songs.

This will also help mom bond with her baby, when she can know that her little one is awake in there it will help her build a relationship with her little one before it is even born.

2 Does It Mean The Baby Is Healthy?

This one is kind of tricky. Most women believe that if their baby is moving than that must mean it is healthy and thriving. Most research indicates to us that a moving baby is a healthy and happy baby. It means their bones and joints are developing as well as all of their muscles. It is a general rule that if baby is moving, a baby is happy.

However, it should never be used as the only indicator that the baby is healthy. Ultrasounds are still important in deterring the health and development of your baby. There can be hidden worries that level of movement will not alert mom too.

1 Can A Baby Move Too Much?

My first baby was pretty lazy while inside and she didn’t move too much. When I got pregnant for the second time, this one was a mover. He was always kicking and rolling, and it was a new experience for me. I asked the OB at one of my appointments if baby’ can move too much, if there was ever an amount that was not normal. He said no.

The rule is there is never such a thing as too much movement, only not enough. If your little one won’t stop moving it doesn’t mean that something is wrong, it just means you are in for one wild ride, so you better hold on.

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