20 Middle Names For Girls That Moms Shouldn't Miss

Any woman who has ever carried a child in her womb will attest to this fact. Some moms name their children before they are even created and as if that is not bizarre enough, moms always know how many kids they want, a boy and a girl or a brood of them. By the time the child is growing in mom's bump, moms start calling him or her by that name and by the time parents meet the baby, the name feels as natural as their own.

Naming a child is big business and it is the root of many disagreements between couples and even in-laws. Those who think the first name is the most important name are sadly mistaken, as the middle name is just as important and is selected with as much patience as the first.

Unless one is Kim Kardashian, a baby’s middle name is somewhat traditional and not many families skip this tradition.

Most celebrities choose to give the middle name more important than the first. This is probably because the first is given for sentimental value as a nod to one's parents or departed great aunts.

Baby girls are treasured and their middle names are just as treasured and are meant to be just as irresistible as they are. For those who are stuck without a clue as to what name they should give their bundle of joy, here are 20 middle names for girls moms shouldn't miss.

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20 Faye

via: aptparenting.com

For those who are into the supernatural, you are all aware of the name Morgan le Fay who was a sorceress of great power in the literary works Arthurian Legends. If that is not familiar, then there is actress Faye Dunaway.

The name goes perfectly well with other names and sounds quite beautiful when paired with other names like Harriet Faye, Eliza Faye, Imogen Faye, among others.

This name is perfect for a little girl as it literary means ‘fairy’ and is of English origin. This will be the girl with a unique name that makes her stand out and is bound to give her lots of confidence.

19 Grey

via: wallpaper-house.com

For those of us who love medical TV shows, then Meredith Grey requires no introduction. She is the fictional character in the show Grey’s Anatomy and the reason we all waste quite a lot of time enthralled by the program.

The name can be a first or middle name and when paired with other names is quite lovely. Aaliyah Grey, Natalia Grey, and Mila Grey are the many pairings that leave us in awe.

The name Grey is gender neutral and it can be spelled as either Gray or Grey making for a cute variation for the twining mom much like Tony and Tonia.

18 Hope

via: rebekahsews.com

Most mothers, especially those who have gone through heartbreak and loss choose this name as a symbol for their new found hope. The name, which is of English origin meaning ‘faith and trust’ was quite common in the 17th century as the go-to name for the Puritans.

Isabella Hope, Victoria Hope, and Savannah Hope are just some of the lovely pairings that make up this name and is quite beautiful for a little girl who inspires others.

For those who are into television shows, the series Raising Hope with the cute button of a child named Hope must have been a favorite.

17 Joy

via: everydayfamily.com

Most people give the name Joy to their little girl as a way of letting the world know how they feel welcoming their bundle. The celebratory name suits any little girl and serves well as a middle name, as well as a first name.

The name never goes out of style and anyone who has ever suffered heartbreak or has been hoping for a baby for a long time, will want to use this name to express her happiness.

Celebrities with the name include inventor Joy Mangano and TV personality, Joy Behar. The most adorable pairings are Victoria Joy, Adriana Joy, and Rebecca Joy to name a few.

16 Leigh

via: wallpaper-house.com

Leigh or Lee is a sophisticated name that is given to a baby girl with equal sophistication. The name can be paired as Hannah Leigh, Alyssa Leigh or Jillian Leigh, making any baby girls name ooze with class.

Giving a girl this name makes her stand out and she will be the leader in every room she walks into. Leigh is a lady and she carries herself as such, leaving everyone in no doubt that she is here to excel.

The name Leigh or its English variation Lee means “Meadow or Pasture.” This name is clearly perfect for a little girl and is worth watching.

15 Lou

This name is quite classy and we have to admit that a Lou in any room would be a traffic stopper. The name is popular with celebrities like Louis C.K., and Keri Russell chose this name as their daughter's middle name, Mary Lou and Willa Lou. The name also goes well with names like Camilla, Cindy, and Zoey.

The name is quite popular as a first and middle name and is a short form for the name of Louise meaning "renowned warrior”. The name suits any girl and hey, she gets to share it with Heidi Klum’s daughter.

14 Love

This is the perfect name for any little girl and is quite appealing for most people. The name was popularized by Jennifer Love Hewitt who makes the perfect shining example for any girl to emulate.

The name “Love” is a winner whichever way you pair it. The name can be paired as Scarlett Love, Layla Love, Aria Love, Chloe Love and Harper Love, the list goes on.

For those who are looking for a baby name, then Love is the perfect option and is a great way to tell the world just how in love one is with her new bundle of joy.

13 May

via: wallpaperclicker.com

May shares her name with the month of May and is also a short form for the name Margaret and Mary. The name is of Latin Origin meaning “Great,” and is quite popular, especially because it is easy for kids to memorize and write down.

While some parents choose long and elaborate names for their kids, a kid named May will have mastered her name before Franklin can.

Actresses also flock to this name with Madeline Stowe and Jodie Sweetin giving their girls the hard to resist the name. Like all the other month names, May is quite sweet sounding and cool.

12 Rose

via: hdwallpapers5k.com

There are those of us who adored the TV show The Golden Girls where three older women decided to live together instead of winding up in a nursing home, and the best of them was “Rose.”

The Latin name Rose is used to depict the sweetest smelling flower in any garden and the most romantic flower any girl can ever receive.

The name is unbelievably popular and a go-to name for most actors like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, and Eric Clapton choosing it as a middle name for their daughters. Actresses Rose McGowan and Rose Byrne also bear this lovely name.

11 True

via: portoalegre.travel

Even without finding out the real meaning of the name, True is a lovely name that anyone would want to carry as it inspires confidence in anyone this little girl will interact with.

The classic name leaves nothing to the imagination and comes with the dignity of tradition and time. The name is quite a stunner with a lovely vibe.

The name suits both genders but is a lot more popular with boys than girls. It is gaining some popularity with celebrities and people like actor Forest Whitaker, who chose the mouthwatering name for his own daughter. For those who are considering it, Olivia True, Everly True, and Sienna are a few combos to consider.

10 Wren

via: blogspot.com

According to Britannica, in the 18th Century, Sir Christopher Wren designed St. Paul's Cathedral in London. This Wren makes the name quite appealing for those who are religious and for those who are inspired by architecture.

This is a perfect name for a baby girl. The magical nature of this name makes it quite lovely and is often considered a prophecy bird or the “Magician of the birds."

This is a perfect name for a musical girl and just like her name implies, she may turn out to be the girl who belts out spontaneous lovely tunes. This is a cute name that even more women should give their little girls.

9 Ann

Via: Pinterest

Mary Ann, Jo Ann, Terry Ann, the name Ann is the kind of name that comes with rustic sophistication and sounds more like the name that should be branded on the bow of a great ship.

This name makes any name sound classy with a delicate edge.

The name Ann is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning grace. It is quite popular and is often attached to a lot of names to compliment them and give them that sophisticated roll around the tongue. This name is truly a great middle name meant for a cute and delicate baby girl.

8 Belle

Mixed race girl playing on bicycle rack

This name brings to mind Belle of the Ball as well as the Southern Belle. The name is an acronym of the name Isabella and it means beautiful. For the lovers of folklore, Belle, in Beauty and the Beast still remains a favorite and the kind of person we would like our girls to imitate. This is a perfect name for a little girl with southern charm.

The name Belle is so classy that anyone who has the name as a middle name sounds sophisticated even without trying. It is quite a befitting name for a golden-haired girl with poise.

7 Catherine

Catherine is not a name to take lightly as it has been popularized by royalty and saints and is by far the most popular first and middle name of all time. People like actress Cate Blanchett boast of this name, not to mention royalty like Kate Middleton.

The name, which is of Greek origin means pure and compliments both long and short first names whether it starts with a "K" or a "C". The name has lovely short forms like "Kate" "Katie" "Cate" and "Cathy." Clearly, Catherine is a well-rounded name that your little girl can play around with.

6 Claire

via: onvacations.co

The name Claire reminds us of Claire, she of Modern Family. The girl who is so competitive and wins at everything she tries and does it so effortlessly.

This competitive nature of a child, if well utilized, can turn your little girl into a superstar in everything she does.

The sassy name, which means clear or bright is quite classy and even comes with a sultry French version of the name “Chiara.”

The name Claire works well as a middle name but has lately found its spot as a first name. Whether its Marie Claire, Sophia Claire or Alice Claire, this name is perfect for a baby girl.

5 Elizabeth

via: blogspot.com

Tess Elizabeth, Liz McGuire, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth, need I say more? The name Elizabeth is a royalty name that has proven to be in a class of its own, with everyone who touches it turning it into gold.

The name goes perfectly as the first name and does just as well as a second. A girl who has this name sounds quite mature and refined and she would be the girl who carries herself with poise.

The name Elizabeth is of Hebrew origin meaning pledged to God, and the ladies with the name have proven to truly be blessed. The name has beautiful short forms like “Liz” “Lizzy” and “Betty.”

4 Ellen

The name has been borne by first ladies, Ellen Axson Wilson, and actress Ellen Page. It has been further popularized by comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres who has been scaling the heights of stardom. She even received the highest American honor from former President Barack Obama in the form of the Medal of Freedom.

This will be the girl who has so many people to emulate that she will be spoilt for choice when it comes to a role model.

According to Baby Name Wizard, “Originally a variant form of Helen, Ellen is now also commonly used as a variant of Eleanor. Both names, however, are ultimately derived from the same Greek root ēlē, meaning ‘light, torch, bright.’”

3 Frances

According to BabyCenter, the name is perfect for little girls from France as it literary means “from France.” This name is of Latin origin and is a favorite with celebrities like Kate Spade and Amanda Peet, not to mention Frances Bean, who is the spunky daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.

The name was quite popular in yester years but is making a comeback and gaining some popularity.

Giving the little girl this name will make her stand out as the soft sounding name implies a delicate flower with some spunk and is the middle name given to Judy Garland and Dinah Shore.

2 Grace

via: wallpaperswide.com

Former actress and the princess of Monaco went by the name Grace Kelly, and Grace Jones has made this name quite popular. The stylish name certainly has a star appeal to it and is a perfect middle name for any little girl.

Grace will be the girl in the playgroup who understands the other girls and is quite empathetic, but also a show stealer. She will love the spotlight.

According to She Knows, the name Grace is of Latin origin and literally means ‘goodness and generosity’. Most people who go by this name are quite generous, which is a quality that may be taken advantage of.

1 Jean

via: wallpapercave.com

Most of us rocked to the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and for those who are not into music then, Hermione Jean Granger from Harry Potter must have endeared the name to them. Actress Jean Harlow has also made this name quite popular and unique.

The name serves well as a middle name and even though it is not as popular as other names are, the name is making its mark in the newborn department thanks to its cool sounding nature as well as the fact that it is gender neutral.

Jean is not just any girl, she is the girl who will stand out in a crowd. According to Nameberry, the names literal meaning is “God is gracious.”

References: Babynamewizard, Britannica, Nameberry, Sheknows, and Baby Center.

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