20 Mistakes Moms Make When Dressing The Baby

There are many things new moms must get used to before they get into a steady motherhood groove. Being a parent is rewarding but it does pose its challenges. With all the to-dos and not-to-dos moms deal with daily, it is no wonder that many are often exhausted well before the evening rolls around. Heck, they’re losing it before lunch! Being overtired means that moms are bound to make mistakes. And who could blame them? Having a baby is a ‘round-the-clock responsibility, and moms have more on their plates than they could have ever predicted.

One common mistake moms make has to do with how they dress their baby. What might seem like a no-brainer can become a big problem if moms mess up. For the most part, dressing the baby is no big deal, but when moms make mistakes, the results can be anything from silly to serious. Moms do their best, but things don’t always turn out as expected.

Here are 20 pics of baby “wardrobe malfunctions” thanks to their moms’ lack of fashion sense…in the literal sense. While some may make us laugh, others are an important reminder that dressing the baby the wrong way could be dangerous.

20 Not Enough Layers When It’s Cold Out – Brrrr Baby

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When the temperature takes a nose dive and gets into those frigid zones, a simple coat won’t do nearly enough to keep a baby bundled up. Moms need to layer those little ones up in everything from the undershirt on outward. If the baby gets too warm, there is always the option to remove an item or two, but if they get too cold, there’s nothing much that can be done to undo the mistake. As long as all the layers aren’t too constricting and can fit under the coat, the more, the merrier. And the happier that baby will be.

19 Swaddling That's Too Loose – I’m Swimming In Here!

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The swaddle was designed to keep the baby secure. Nice and tight handiwork comforts the baby while they sleep or stay still. It may take some practice to get the swaddle process down pat, but once it is done properly, the difference is dramatic. On the other hand, if the swaddle is not structured well, the baby will wiggle all about, perhaps popping out a hand or a foot in the process. Before long, the entire blanket can come undone, making the swaddling a total bust. While moms must make sure the swaddle isn’t too stifling, the right technique will do the trick.

18 Behold the Bald Head... Cap That Cranium!

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Babies with bald heads need some extra protection, no matter the season. Come wintertime, no hair means no layer of warmth, as little as it may be, so a hat is always a must. Babies with some hair need to be protected as well, but those baldies are really feeling the chill. In the summer, the sun’s rays are not forgiving, especially when they shine down on the tender new skin of a baby’s head. Sunscreen is a must to prevent sunburns and blisters. While those hairless heads may be adorable, the potential dangers aren’t worth the big reveal.

17 Clothing Too Tight (Or Too Loose) – Fit is First and Foremost

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The right fit makes all the difference in comfort and how a baby can get around. When the clothing is too tight, the baby will feel stiff and stifled. Too loose and all that excess material can get bunched up and bothersome. While not every piece of clothing will fit like a glove, it is important to get as close to the proper size as possible. It is not about how the baby looks, it’s all about function. Sure, hand-me-downs are convenient, but when they don’t fit one bit, it is the baby who will suffer from the unfortunate style slip-up.

16 Forgetting Those Teeny Gloves – Those Nails Can Scratch!

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Ouch! Babies do not know what they are doing most of the time, so they can inadvertently scratch their sensitive faces with their sharp little fingernails. Even when moms clip their babies’ nails regularly, they tend to grow back fast, and one sharp or rugged corner can cut a cute little chubby cheek in no time. The best way to prevent this painful problem is for mom to slip some soft gloves over the baby’s hands while they are napping or sleeping. This way, there is no need to worry that a nail will nick that precious baby’s petal soft skin.

15 Trim Those Tags – They're Itchy and Irritating

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Baby clothing is designed to be soft against a baby’s super sensitive skin. But sometimes moms forget that those tags inside the garments can be itchy and irritating against their baby’s skin. Even if the tags seem soft and smooth, they can rub against the baby’s neck or belly causing redness or even a rash. The best bet is to snip them off as soon as the item is purchased. This way, there’s no worry that those tags will cause any trouble down the road. The baby will be much more comfortable and it’s just a simple snip that does the trick.

14 Socks are Super Important – Bare Feet are Freezing

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Tiny little toes and the rest of those itty bitty feet can get cold quickly. Babies are so small, so even when adults feel fine, the little ones can start to shiver. A great way to prevent babies from feeling the breeze is by slipping on a pair of small-sized socks. It just takes a sec and those small feet will warm up in no time. It’s not only during the winter when those little feet need some cute coverage; any time of year is sock season. Don’t forget, during the summertime, the AC may be blasting all day. Babies will catch a chill without their socks.

13 Pre-Wash New Stuff – Who Knows Where It’s Been?

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Just because something is brand new does not mean it is clean. After being on a store rack for months, clothing can get grimy. Something can fall on the floor or someone may have returned an item. Plus, sometimes clothing is covered in chemicals from the processing phase. A mom’s best bet is to clean all new items before putting the clothing on her baby. Even if something looks clean doesn’t mean it is. Use a detergent that’s safe for baby’s skin so they don’t get a reaction. Now the clothing will be cleaner and the baby won’t be irritated.

12 Material Is More Important Than We Think – Breathable is Best for Baby

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Natural and breathable materials are so much more comfortable for babies than materials that do not let the air through. Soft and natural cotton clothing feels the best against a baby’s skin since it is so light and airy. Some other man-made materials may look nice, but they are not the best option for babies. While it is fine for most adults to try out different materials, a baby’s sensitive skin needs a special touch. There is a good reason (perhaps multiple) they do not make onesies in “pleather.” When it comes to baby clothing, the more breathable, the better.

11 Forgetting to Take Off Clothing Before Crafts


Babies love to explore and get crafty. And plenty of moms love to see their little ones let loose and get artsy, even if they have no idea what they’re doing. But babies aren’t experienced with using markers, paints, and pens, so the mess they make is sure to be significant. Moms who forget that the “art” will wind up on the baby’s clothing learn the hard way when their clothing is completely covered. The best bet is to take off all the baby’s clothing aside from their diaper. This way, wash time is a skin-only job. The clothing won’t get messed up and the baby will simply need a bath.

10 Bibs That Barely Fit Can Be Useless

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While bibs aren’t “clothing” per se, they are a daily item the baby needs to wear. Without a bib, food and drool winds up all over their clothing, causing mom to have to clean all the time. But if the bib does not fit well, it serves little purpose. If the bib is too loose, the mess can slip right through the neck portion and still get the shirt all messy. And if it’s too tight, not only can it be dangerously snug around the baby’s neck, but it may be too small to cover that chubby stomach. Bibs come in various sizes, so moms should make sure they select one that fits just right.

9 Headbands Can Be Hazardous – Softness is Essential

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Lots of moms love to accessorize their baby girls with adorable headbands. But babies’ heads are soft and tender, so those hard headbands are a no-no. While they may be cute and decorative, the pressure can be too harsh for those little heads. When it comes to headgear, the softer, the better. And the looser, the more comfortable for the baby. Even elastics can be cause for concern, so something that simply slips on is the key to comfort. There are plenty of baby-friendly headbands out there, so moms need to choose safety over style…or better yet, find a headband that combines the two.

8 Wrong Size Diapers Can Be A Real (Messy) Problem

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The wrong size diaper is the key to disaster. With all the different types available, moms can be sure to find the brand and size that fits her baby best. When the diaper is too tight, not only will the baby be uncomfortable, but it can lead to a major mess. Same goes for diapers that are too loose for the little one. With a gaping space between the diaper and the tush, pee and poo can make their way out through the leg holes, creating a stinky scene. The right fit is first and foremost. A used diaper that doesn’t fit is a fiasco.

7 Accessories and 'Bling' – Something's Bound to Go Wrong

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Babies are not meant to wear “bling.” While some moms may think it’s fun to turn their little ones into fashionistas, it can be dangerous for a small baby to wear unnecessary accessories. There are a number of hazards, a chance to get poked in the eye, and other unforeseen dangers associated. Sure, babies look cute in oversized sunglasses and jazzy add-ons, but it is not worth the worry that something bad could happen in the blink of an eye. Even when mom is watching, it only takes a second for something to go south. Babies don’t need “decorations” to look darling. They’re cute enough as is.

6 Unfitted Winter Coats – Too Much Breathing Room For Cold Air To Blow In

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When the temperature plummets, babies need to be bundled up to keep the cold air out. That harsh air is hard on a baby’s little body, so the more covered up they are, the warmer they’ll be. But bigger isn’t better when it comes to the best winter coats for baby. They need to be roomy enough for the baby to breathe, but not too loose or else the cold air will slip inside. Moms must realize that they’ll probably need a new coat next year, so buying one now that’s too big only means their baby may be uncomfortably cold this winter.

5 Not All Babies are Ready for Halloween

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Halloween is a fun time of year where kids and adults alike dress up in their favorite costumes for kicks. From cartoon characters to superheroes, there are plenty of costume options that are over-the-top and entertaining. But babies may not fare well in a costume. Moms may think it’s super cute to cover their kiddo in a costume, but the baby may feel another way. Even if the costume seems comfy, the baby may not be used to the items and get cranky. And if the costume is not baby-friendly, it can pose a risk in one way or another. If moms really must dress their baby up for the occasion, the shorter they leave the October outfit on, the better the baby will be.

4 Jewelry – A Silly Idea and a Hazard

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Just like accessories and other “bling,” jewelry of any sort can be a serious safety hazard. Babies are not meant to be adorned in necklaces, bracelets, and rings – this stuff can wait until they’re older. One false move and a necklace can get stuck on something, and a small baby may not be able to do anything about it. When it comes to rings and other easily removable items, a baby can choke if they choose to put the item in their mouth. Why risk the chance for something bad to happen where there’s no need for a baby to wear “bling” in the first place? When the kid is older, moms can revisit the idea.

3 Babies Aren't Dolls

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Dolls are cute and so are babies. But they are not the same thing. Pretending a baby is a doll may seem fun for the moment, but it’s a silly idea that seems rather senseless. Sure, babies may look cute with yarn wigs plopped atop their heads, but the baby is surely uncomfortable and itchy with this messy mop on their soft little head. Perhaps for a quick photo, the idea is okay, but any mom leaving their baby in a doll wig all day needs to get a clue about caring for a baby. Babies are not playthings, so treating them like dolls is a less-than-smart idea.

2 Harsh Detergent – Choose Hypoallergenic Products Instead

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Babies make messes — it’s what they do. They don’t know how to be tidy when they are so tiny, so nearly every article of clothing is sure to be stained and otherwise slopped up. Moms know this is the way things will be for a while, so doing load after load of laundry becomes the norm. But when there’s a baby in the mix, using the proper laundry detergent is essential. Anything harsh or heavy can irritate a baby’s new skin. The best bet is to choose something hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. It’s safer and will get those stains out just as well.

1 Are Collars Really Necessary?

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There is not really any good reason for a baby to wear a shirt with a collar. Their little necks can feel irritated with this extra material rising up and getting in their way. Plus, collars are often stiffer than the rest of the shirt and can jab them in the neck or chin. Moms may think their babies look adorably dapper in something structured, but the baby would surely be comfier in a regular rounded neckline. Wait ‘till they’re older before choosing collars. The kid won’t know the difference anyway. By the looks of this baby, the collar is rubbing him the wrong way.

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