20 Mom-Favorites Costumes For Newborn Photo Sessions

Babies are probably the cutest things in the world, right next to puppies and kittens. The way their eyes are always big with excitement at seeing new things, how their faces are always making new and funny expressions, or how their smiles could make even Mr. Scrooge’s heart melt. Having a baby is a joy and something you want to cherish for the rest of your life, their life and so on. So, what is the best way to capture their adorableness? Why a photo shoot of course?

As a woman you probably grew up playing with dolls, dressing them up in all different outfits and dreaming of the day you had a real baby that you could dress up. Photoshoots are the greatest thing in the world because you get to do just that. You can buy as many cute outfits as you want to dress them in. Then there is a photographer there to help pose your baby in cute poses, so the pictures are even more adorable.

There are a lot of different costumes to choose from when it comes to getting your babies photos taken. Costumes aren’t the only things you can use though to take their photos. A lot of moms like to go crazy and add a bunch of props to the baby to make it more seasonal or festive. You could go by season, holiday, maybe a favorite cartoon character, or even dress them up in little different job uniforms. Here are some of the mom favorites that I found.

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20 Charlie Brown Would Be Proud

Halloween is probably the most famous of all the holidays when it comes to dressing up babies for photo shoots. There are so many costumes to choose from that it sometimes can almost feel impossible to choose which ones you want to dress them up in.

One of the biggest costumes you will probably see for this holiday is pumpkins. The baby is typically seen wearing a hat in the shape of a pumpkin stem, and their outfit is usually the bottom part of the pumpkin, and then all around them is pumpkins as props. Sometimes they will even have a sign saying this is their first Halloween and then the date. Then there is putting the baby in a pumpkin. This one is also very adorable. You probably see this one more often than the first one. There is something about a baby in a pumpkin that makes parents hearts gush. To do this one all you need to do is a get a giant pumpkin, carve it out so it’s nice and clean and place your baby inside it. Sometimes you can have it turn in on its side and lay them inside of it, or you can put some pillows or other comfy materials inside and place them sitting inside it, with their head propped up on their hands on the rim of the pumpkin.

19 Give Thanks For A Delicious Turkey-Baby

Thanksgiving. The time of year to give thanks and be with family. It is also the time of the year to go nuts cooking yummy food and to gain 10 pounds from it. What would go well with a big family gathering though? Well, a photo shoot of your newborn baby you can show off of course. There is nothing like a baby dressed up as a turkey to make your families hearts melt.

Turkey costumes aren’t the only costumes though that is a mom favorite for this holiday. There are many other Thanksgiving ideas you can do for this a holiday photo shoot. For example, you can put your child in a cookpot with different vegetables surrounding him and her or even put them next to an Indian tent. Also, don’t forget the sign saying it his or her first Thanksgiving and the year.

18 Deck The Baby With Bells And Holly

Christmas is an all-time favorite holiday for everyone. Between all the indoor and outdoor decorations, picking out the Christmas tree and bringing it home to decorate it, the angelic Christmas carols, and, of course, gift shopping for friends and family. For the traditional Hallmark movie scene, doing these events while snow gently falls and hot cocoa by the fireplace is the ticket to the most magical Christmas around.

When it comes to Christmas photo shoots, there are many ideas that parents love to do. There are Santa costumes, of course, Mrs. Clause's warm dress and sweater, pictures by the Christmas tree, and pictures inside gifts. The options are endless. What would make Christmas even more special? Adding these beautiful Christmas images of the adorable Christmas tree newborn in a snail-mail Christmas card. That would definitely be a card worth saving.

17 A Gift From The Heart

Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love and showing your significant other how much you care by buying pharmacy gifts like chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and jewelry. Those are just a few of things that women want, other than romantic dinners and an empty laundry basket. When a woman becomes a mother though, gifts like these become obsolete. A mother would prefer something from the heart and that was gifted with the thought of her in mind. Most importantly, all mothers dream about the day they get to open a handmade card from their children.

Shout out to all dads and partners, what would be more romantic than giving the mother of your child a photo of your newborn baby all dressed up for Valentine's. She would immediately melt. There are many different possibilities on how these images could be done. Cupid costumes, naked bottoms surrounded by hearts and chocolates, in the arms of an oversized teddy bear, and of course, in a stunning princess dress. Whatever you choose, she will love. It is will be a gift she will never forget and one that comes from the heart.

16 A Little Peter Cottontail


Easter is a time when families come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, with lots of chocolates. Families love to celebrate, this long weekend, by having a big Easter dinner, egg hunts with the kids, pictures with a giant Easter bunny, and others will attend church for a special Easter service. As in every holiday, it's the kids that make turn it into a glorious occasion. Witnessing their little faces light up when they wake up and see their Easter baskets, hearing them laugh. Best of all, seeing the determination on their face as they hunt for eggs that have treasures inside, and watching as they decorate their eggs in a rainbow of colors and designs. It is the perfect child loving holiday.

This holiday, like every other holiday comes with many different ideas of costumes and props that can be used for an Easter photo shoot. Parents' favorites costume is to do a giant Easter bunny. Your baby might freak when he sees him, but don’t worry. The bunny is patient and will stand still in order to get the best outcome for mommy and daddy's memories.

15 Under The Sea

Mermaids are probably the most mythical creatures out there, next to unicorns. Every little girl wishes to grow up and live like Ariel, living under the sea and finding her prince. For Halloween, they dress like her. On any given weekend, they watch her movies a million times, have all her different dolls, and ask for mermaids to come to their parties. When it comes to mermaids, it is every girl’s dream to be one or to meet one, at least once in their lives.

It seems as though adults wish for mermaids, as well. When it comes to newborn photos shoots, moms seem to like dressing their little girls up as mermaids. Knitted fins, knitted tops and a hat to match, are the outfits that will complete the look they hope for. And, of course, every parent has to think of what the props need to be. Here's a helpful tip for parents, look for mesh netting seaweed, or a faux clam to finish complete this masterpiece.

14 Ahoy There, Sailor!

This one seems to be an all-time favorite when it comes to little boys. Many mothers have pictures of their sons dressed in a sailor suit. The occasion behind this varies from Halloween, newborn photos, or just because it's adorable. From the captain’s hat to their little shirt,  their tiny shorts and the adorable little tie are what is needed to complete this look. It really is the cutest costume, ever for a baby.

Nowadays, there are different styles that can be bought to dress a baby. They even came out with little girls' sailor suits. They range from white pants, shirt and shoes, blue tie and a white hat, with a blue anchor. For little girls, they now make sailor suits, similar to boys, in bright pinks and purples. However, parents can opt out of the standard pinks and purples, by looking for a sailor dress with a white flower, white hat with a blue flower and white shoes. Both outfits, for girls and boys, are absolutely adorable and will be a great chose for a newborn photo session.

13 The Wizarding World Of "Harry Potter"

J.K. Rowling blew us away with her "Harry Potter" book series, followed by the spectacular movies that blew us all away. Everyone, young and old, knows about the "Harry Potter" series, and (almost) everyone loves them. Seeing photos of babies dressed like Harry Potter must is the cutest thing ever, in my opinion. And wizarding parents don’t hold back either when it comes to costumes and props. Between the glasses, the lightning bolt scar, the Gryffindor scarf, and all other things wizard, these newborn babies really look like little mini H.P babies. There is a wide range of poses and props that could be purchased, or rented, for this type of photo session too. For example, add a wand in one hand, maybe a stuffed owl, decorate a newborn in different house colors, add all the "Harry Potter" books as decoration, or a large stockpot to slide the baby into. He could be a baby Mandrake, which, by the way, if you don’t know who that is, he is one of the creatures from the books.

12 Newborns Sent From Above

Angels seem to be another huge hit for newborn photo shoots. Who doesn’t want to portray their little bundle of joy as an angel? A lot of parents love to put wings on their bare-bummed babies and pose them in gentle positions, as they sleep. Arranging an angelic photo session around a baby's nap schedule may be the best idea, as they look like quiet little angels while they sleep.  A lot of images will have the babies naked for this kind of picture, just like a baby cherub angel.

Most photographers will ask for a baby to be bare bottomed for this photo session, however, it is not mandatory to have your child positioned without clothing. All that considered, photographers will generally have wings or blankets covering a baby's bum, if the parents aren't quite comfortable with their child in their full birthday suit. Here's a helpful hint, if you're not comfortable with having your baby's bottom exposed, but would prefer not to have him clothed, consider renting feathers to gently cover the exposed area.

11 Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

A baby dressed as an animal is beyond adorable. From their little hats with the tiny ears, to their little diapers with the tails attached to them, how could baby's get any cuter? This one seems to be a parent's go-to for a lot of newborn photo shoots. Just like the Halloween shoot, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking the best animal costume to do a shoot with. There are many different choices of animal outfits to choose from, for example, dogs, cats, tigers, bears, and even elephant. It comes down to what is your preferred animal, and maybe even basing the animal on your baby's temperament. There are lots of different props that can be used for this too. Stuffed animals are a fan's favorite as props. However, objects such as baskets, honey jars, and green leaves, can spice up a picture and make it look a touch more realistic.

10 UP, UP And Away


Nowadays’s superhero movies seem to be making a comeback, in the film industry. Before that, there have been hundreds of different comic book series written with all different kinds of superheroes in them. So, of course, they are going to make the list of our favorite costume ideas for a newborn's photo shoot. Regardless whether you're a mom or a dad, superhero themes are the best way to showcase your newborn son or daughter. They look adorable dressed up in their caps and masks. Specific ideas for superheroes could be Superman, Captain America, and Batman. If you're expecting multiples, then throw them all together and do one big photo session with all your favorites displayed around your bundle of joys. Best of all, dress up your daughters as superheroes, like Cat Woman and Wonder Woman. Who said comic books are only for boys? Have fun with it, and be creative. Take safety measures if you're using a cap or a hot lightsaber, and let your little one's powers shine with each image.

9 Just Got Out For Good Behavior


Let's take a minute and imagine we've been locked up for nine long months. You only get fed when the warden eats, you have barely any space to move around, and there is no television or gaming system to keep you busy, just a radio that the warden has control over. What would you do? Take cute photos saying you just got out, of course!

That’s what these mothers did to their newborns. They took adorable little prison outfits, either an orange jumpsuit or a striped one, and took photos of their babies. Adding sentences such as, "I just did nine months hard time", or holding a sign with all their birth information, as if they were just booked. Either way you spin it, it is adorable and a funny way to celebrate their birth.

8 Go Giants!

This is probably more of a dad thing then a mom thing, of course. Yes, there are a lot of moms out there who love to play and watch sports, but it is rare you will see one dress their baby up in different sports outfits for a photo shoot. It happens though, most of the time just to make dad happy. Football is typically the favorite choice of sports. Be it in fall, around the Super Bowl, or even around Thanksgiving, football photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular. Parents will go all out for this theme, buying hats or jerseys with your favorite team’s logo, and propping them up on a football,  are all really cute ways of representing your team during football season. Or, if you aren’t into football, you can host a photo shoot with other sports and their respective teams. Here are some creative ideas, lay your baby on a baseball bat, or curl them up inside a pitchers mitt.

7 It's Not Easy Being A Princess

When it comes to daughters, parents will do anything to make them feel like a princess. Mom's, and especially dad's, will make sure their daughter wants for nothing, to always be happy and, one day, find a real Prince Charming and live their own happily ever after. So, it is understandable that parents take the extra mile to make sure that they have souvenir photos to show their daughters that they were always meant to be a princess.

There are many options to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with either of them. My personal favorite is Princess Jasmine and her pet Raja. A little girl would be adorable with her little princess outfit, maybe a wig if you're taking the extra mile, and a pet tiger laying right next to her. Of course, there is also Cinderella, which can host props such as a horse stuffed animal next to her, and maybe a carriage and a wand. Who can forget Snow White, which can be dressed in her gorgeous gown, surrounded by green apples and the dwarf puppets?

6 Surfs Up Dude!

Summer time is a fantastic season for photo shoots, especially when it comes to newborns. Warm weather, pools, white sandy beaches, and, of course, vacations. One of the favorite mom-baby inspired shoots, is to do something involving the beach. Sand, water and, even, some sea creatures are fantastic props that can be used for a shoot. This is another theme that comes with lots of costume ideas and props suggestions. Parents should consider renting a surfboard, snorkel masks, seashells, or a bucket filled with sand and some sand-castle making tools to set up around your child.  When it comes time to make the right decision on location, think about sunny oceans, or romantic images at sundown. Just don't forget the sunblock, we don't want your precious bundle to burn!

5 Oh, Bother!

Regardless how old you are, Disney movies never seem to get old. Eventually, it will be time to start purchasing Disney classics, whether it's for you, your kids, or for the entire family, they are movies that everyone will watch time and time again. Parents, typically, want their children to be raised the way they were and experience everything that they did as a kid, including watching your favorite Disney classic.

On the inside, you will always be a Disney kid, and that is why you love dressing them up in your favorite Disney characters. Between Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, or maybe even Buzz Light-year and Woody, the options are absolutely endless. In terms of props, there is an array of things to choose from, and themes you can come up with to make the perfect Disney photo shoot.

4 Spring Is In The Air


For those parents that aren't into summer, spring is another fantastic option. Spring means the end of winter, trees begin to grow their leaves, flowers are blooming and the weather is considerably warmer. Actually, there is no reason to dislike spring. It is also a perfect time to take newborn photos. If a baby is born in the spring, why not celebrate the beginning of life surrounded by flowers and trees that are also growing life, in their own form. This season would do well for a girl, with the all the brightly colored pink flowers that are flourishing. However, there are many options for boys to have a spring shoot as well.  For example, parents could place their baby boy near a tire swing or in a lush green field of grass. Parents could build a nest and use that as a prop for their baby to sit or lay in. What about an array of different umbrellas. Don't forget, April showers bring May flowers.

3 To Serve & Protect

Law enforcement parents, rejoice! This photoshoot is specifically designed for you, or to commemorate someone you love. Our local police department, firemen, and our deployed parents, this is the perfect opportunity to show our support to our family, friends, and neighbors who protect us every day. Parents, the costume choices for newborns are standard, police uniform, firemen uniform, military uniform. However, it's the props that are used that really spice up an image. Here are some tips for deciding on the best props for your wee one's first shoot, consider what they use every day from firehoses to handcuffs, hats, flashlights, and maybe a patriotic flag. If you, or your significant other, hold current occupations in these fields, consider adding their badges, name tags, and even dog tags, to your little ones' set up. A photo like this is a great gift that comes from the heart and is great for any occasion.

2 Go Team Go!

When you think of cheerleaders, you mainly think of females, but there are a lot of males who are respected cheerleaders, as well. If you grew up cheerleading, while in school, and it has always been a passion of yours, then, of course, you are going to want your child to do it too. There is no rule that says you can’t get them started as soon as they are old enough to walk.

For newborn photo shoots, consider dressing them up as a cheerleader. Of course, let's celebrate a specific high school team, or professional team, in their respected colors. In regards to props, pom poms, knee-high socks, and a microphone can go a long way to making sure you get the best pictures.

1 Barnyard Baby, Autumn Days

Fall is an amazing season for photo shoots. The leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees, the weather is slowly getting colder, and the apple pies start to make their appearances. Driving down a country road in the middle of fall, trees on either side of you, wearing a cute plaid scarf, it's almost picture perfect already. The colors are what make this season a personal favorite. It is the best time to book a newborn photo shoot, capturing her surrounded by fallen leaves, and wicker baskets, to give each image a magical and whimsical touch.

When it comes to newborn photo shoots, there are a lot of different things you can use for their time in the spotlight. For example, you can use pumpkins, leaves and apples are props. If you're a hunter, then dressing up a newborn up in camouflage, with a red hat, and some antlers will make for a great picture, ready to be sent out to make the big announcement that your baby is finally here!

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