20 Mom Hygiene Products That Dad Uses Behind Her Back

When it comes to the differences in hygiene habits between moms and dads, there’s sometimes a clear disconnect. While mamas tend to want to smell nice, feel smooth, and shower at least once per day, many dads don’t seem to have the same commitment to personal care. But some guys take things a step further than showering and shaving—and they use mom’s personal hygiene products to do it.

Nearly every woman has caught her husband using her hygiene products—or at least she suspects he’s been dipping into them—and it’s kind of a bother. After all, many women are very particular about what products they use and why—sometimes it’s sensitive skin, sometimes it’s allergies, and sometimes it’s just whatever’s one sale. But regardless, guys have their own stockpile of personal care products—or at least their wives hope.

It seems like no matter how many times a wife labels her stuff with her name or even buys her husband his own products, he’s still getting into her stuff—and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Imitation is a form of flattery, right? Maybe he just wants smooth, healthy skin, strong nails, tangle-free hair, and clear pores, too! Whatever the motivation, here are 20 mom hygiene products that dad uses behind her back.

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20 Cleansing Pore Strips

The Girl With Bangs

While most women recognize that nearly every acne outbreak is caused by clogged pores, guys don’t always realize this. So once they see their lady’s box of pore strips in the cabinet or on the counter and realize what these handy little stickies do (thanks to their ladies’ beautiful skin), they can’t wait to try it out themselves. At my house, it got so bad that I had to buy my husband his own strips as he kept taking mine. Of course, he was a little pink in the cheeks when I discovered his habit—at least at first—but who can say no to clear pores?!

19 Deep-Cleaning Face Masks


In the same vein as pore strips, deep-cleansing face masks are another personal care wonder that dads will find they can’t resist. Of course, this one is easier to “borrow” without mom catching on—especially if her mask comes in a tube rather than a one-time-use package. Although wearing a face mask can help tone and cleanse your skin, most guys perceive it as too “girly”—not dads, though. These guys are down with anything that helps them look younger than the years the kids have added on! But let’s be real: cleansing face masks give us a totally enjoyable spa experience at home, something dads appreciate, too.

18 The Pink-Handled Razor

Speaking Chic

How many mamas have gotten in the shower (finally!) and decided they actually have time to shave their legs (again, finally!), only to discover that the blade is dull? Or, worse, they notice their husband’s hair all over the blade. Ew, and ouch—because when dads use mom's razors to shave, it dulls the blade and makes it more likely mom will get a cut while shaving. Not to mention, it’s kind of gross. We like for our husbands to look clean-cut, but do they have to achieve a flawless goatee thanks to our ladies’ razor? And without asking, no less.

17 Exfoliating Soap Products

The Bald Gent

While dads usually seem to follow a bare-bones approach to showering and personal care, sometimes they just can’t resist mom's more “girly” products. Sure, a fresh and crisp scent is nice, but what about something fruity and refreshing—like a citrus exfoliating scrub, or a micro-bead cleanser that smells like a fruity drink? Clearly, moms don’t usually notice they’re running through their favorite exfoliating products faster than normal until the bottle is near empty—and at that point, it’s either the kids finger painting with it in the tub or dad loving the way it sloughs off dry skin and sneaking a few squeezes of it during his shower.

16 Super Scented Shampoo


While most men tend to have their favorite soap formulations that cover hair, body, and everything else, moms especially tend to have a literal arsenal of beauty products in the shower. And of all of them, the shampoo might just be the most important. After all, there are so many hair types that each lady usually needs a specific formulation to address her hair’s texture, moisture needs, color, and more. Dads, though? Even if their hair isn’t color-treated or super frizzy, they still can’t resist the scent of their partner's sweet-smelling shampoo every once in a while… Or, at least, when their own soap has run out.

15 Her Face-Only Tweezers

Business Insider

Let’s be honest: moms are usually a little more attentive when it comes to plucking their eyebrows or other errant hairs than dads are. That said, what mom hasn’t gone to retrieve her tweezers from the bathroom cabinet only to find dad has carried them off or, worse, they’re there but also kind of gross? Whether he’s plucking a gray hair out of his beard or trying to avoid a full-body wax, most guys tend to grab their lady’s tweezers instead of buying their own. But trust us when we say, this is one of those personal care items that should be separated into his and hers.

14 Post-Birth Peri Bottle

Melbourne Doula

Most women who have kids recognize the “peri” bottle: it’s a squeezable bottle with a spout and many hospitals and birthing centers give them out to new mamas who may have stitches or soreness down below. After all, urine is acidic, so we don’t have to tell you how uncomfortable the first few days or weeks are post-birth when you can’t avoid using the bathroom. But dads? They either have no clue what this bottle is, or they don’t care, because this is another personal care item that often goes missing from mom’s side of the cabinet—never to be seen again.

13 Personal Care Wipes

Backpacker Magazine

Although there’s nothing wrong with staying natural in many ways, some moms like to keep personal care wipes on hand for all those messy mothering and postpartum moments. And especially if your monthly visits are particularly uncomfortable to deal with, moist towelette-type wipes can be helpful to keep in the bathroom cabinet. But when dad thinks they’re baby wipes or uses them to clean the mirror or his greasy hands or the countertop? He might not realize what they’re really for—or he may use them for similar needs, too—but he sure doesn’t have a problem using them all up when mom’s not looking.

12 The Clean Nail Clippers


However you feel about feet, you can’t deny that having to deal with other peoples’ is decidedly un-fun. And although you might love your partner and be totally cool with bodily functions of all types—after all, you have kids together—most moms draw the line at their nail clippers being used for dad's feet. The thing is, most dads don’t think too much about those types of personal care needs, and so when they need to cut their nails, they won’t hesitate to reach for mom’s polished (and relatively clean) pair. It’s kind of baffling, especially if dad needs heavier-duty clippers to actually get the job done.

11 Whatever Loofah He Finds


One of the most difficult parts of partnering up is having to share stuff, right? But perhaps the absolute most difficult thing to get over for moms is dads using their loofahs on the down-low. Sure, she finds out soon enough when her loofah or bath pouf is soggy when she eventually steps into the shower. But seriously, moms don’t want dad’s manly-scented soap all over their fresh washcloths or sponges. Not only does it mess with how our soap smells—mixing Dude scent with floral doesn’t usually work well—but then we also find dad’s hairs all over the place. And he thinks he can hide his loofah borrowing habits?

10 Hair Removal Cream

The Beauty Junkee

Moms get that shaving is no fun—and moms who have had enough are probably a big part of the natural-hair movement that’s only growing. But when we do decide to opt for hair removal with creams and lotions, it’s tough to make the products last. Because most dads don’t enjoy shaving either, and what better way to avoid nicks from a razor than to use an easy wipe-off lotion instead? While dads might not understand the ins and outs of hair removal creams (leave it on too long and you’ll start to notice stinging!), that doesn’t stop them from trying out mom’s collection of products.

9 Acne Cream & Cleansers

The Veiled Artist

While moms often think their husbands are blessed with blemish-free and perfect skin, that’s not always the case. Guys seem to have it easier, of course, given that they don’t usually wear tons of makeup that irritates their skin even more. They also miss out on most of the hormone problems that come with being a mama, which also factors in to why many moms need acne creams and cleansers. But maybe the truth is that dads have such nice skin because they’re sneaking moms’ acne cleansers. That could explain why we’re always running out, and then breaking out, too.

8 Some Smoothing Lotion

Moms sort of have a thing for soft skin—it’s what makes our babies so snuggly and huggable, so we want the same for ourselves, too. And yet, we’re always running out of lotion and then noticing dry knees and elbows. It could be because dads want that baby-bottom-soft skin too, and they’re not worried about clogging their pores (see above entries!), so they slather it all over themselves in excess. My husband tends to steal my moisturizer after he shaves, to try and preserve that super smooth feeling. And while I appreciate his efforts to be as smooth as our toddler’s behind, he could at least let me know when we’re running low.

7 Unscented Deodorant

Michelle Vodrazka

Most guys don’t want to smell like baby powder, roses, or fruit, which is why so many of those scents are marketed toward moms instead. Dads get scents with strong names and equally strong scents, but if he runs out, trust us, dad won’t mind reaching for your unscented or at least subtly-scented deodorant. And he may just get away with it, especially if you don’t get close enough to smell him. Of course, most moms can avoid having their deodorant commandeered by picking more “feminine” scents—but if that’s not your jam, good luck hanging on to your unscented version.

6 Pain-Relieving Creams


As much as most dads like to show their kids how tough they are, moms know that husbands are some of the biggest kids when it comes to illnesses and ouches. What wife hasn’t noticed that her husband’s colds seem to last way longer and are much more intense than her own sicknesses? To that end, don’t be surprised if dad starts snagging mom’s pain-relieving muscle cream or even her postpartum down-there spray. After all, if dad has an ouchie somewhere, he’s not going to rest until he finds a way to cure it—even if that means wasting all of mom’s pain relief supplies in the process.

5 All-Over Bar Soap

The Debtist

While moms often have a set of soap or products for each body part and area of the house—one type of soap for washing hands, one for bodies, one for hair, and separate ones for kids with allergies or just scent preferences—dads don’t really get that. When they hit the showers, whatever is in there is basically free game—whether they admit it or not. So don’t be surprised if your bathroom-sink hands-only bar soap winds up being an all-over soap for dad—never to be used by anyone else ever again. Trust us: you don’t want it back after that, anyway.

4 Witch Hazel Compresses

That Girl With Whole Heart

Another handy pain relief product postpartum mamas often receive is witch hazel. Whether it’s in the form of a bottle of the soothing stuff or pre-moistened pads to apply, many women swear by the witch hazel’s reparative properties. It’s also great for skin as a toner, so lots of moms keep it around for that reason, too. Dads, though? They sneak it for their own skin woes, thinking that if it’s good enough for moms and their glowing skin, it should help guys get a little glow-up themselves. Of course, they don’t usually need it for the same reasons postpartum mamas do, but that doesn’t stop them from partaking.

3 Skin-Saving Formulas For Shaving

Your Best Digs

Many women have skin that’s way more sensitive than guys’, but it’s kind of up to a ton of different factors, too. In general, though, most mamas have a regular routine to protect and soothe their skin, including things like moisturizing shave gels and even post-shave moisturizers. Of course, dads have to get in on this skin-saving action, too, so don’t be surprised if suddenly your can of super-moisturizing shave gel is nearly empty. A smooth shave is a must whether it’s your face or your legs, after all, so we can’t blame dads for wanting to get the same benefits—without that menthol smell that many men’s creams have.

2 Healing Hand Lotion

I Simply Love Makeup

Hand lotion also seems to be a common “mom” item, and maybe it’s just because we dislike dry, cracked hands after washing them literally hundreds of times per day while tending to our kiddos. In contrast, guys don’t seem to worry much about their hands, especially if they work hard with them and often get blisters or cuts. But maybe the reason they don’t worry about dry skin on their hands is because they’re sneaking mom’s hand cream when she’s not looking. After all, there’s no way dads’ hands are naturally that smooth and soft after a long day at work, right?

1 Epsom Salt Foot Baths


Ah, there’s nothing like a relaxing Epsom salt foot bath at the end of a long day on your feet doing the mom thing. Of course, that’s if you have the time—which is probably pretty rare for most mamas. But someone is probably still using that bag of Epsom salts you so ambitiously bought—and he might be doing it during those super long and super awkward bathroom trips. Moms always say that dads spend an abnormally long amount of time going number two, but what if they’re really in there enjoying our relaxing Epsom salt foot bath with soothing lavender?

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