20 Mommy Daughter Matching Outfits That Totally Fell Flat

Spend as little as five minutes on Pinterest or scrolling through that feed, and it's a flood of stylish photos of mothers and their daughters rocking matching outfits. It seems like every Influencer who has a child is getting on board with this trend by sporting identical outfits with their mini-mes. Tons of retailers have begun marketing mother-and-daughter outfits that come with a look for mom and another one for her little girl. Let’s just say this trend has taken the Internet by storm.

And how hard could it be to style both oneself and one's daughter in a matching T-shirt? It seems like sporting identical outfits should be easy peasy, but the photos we’re about to show here will prove otherwise. Matching outfits can easily take a turn for the worse if they’re not planned out carefully. From looks that aren’t age-appropriate for mom to ones that are just downright out of style, it's surprising what some moms think is okay to style themselves and their daughters in.

Even though we might consider these looks not to be winners, remember that at the end of the day the most important thing is how a person feels in a look. If mom and her daughter feel great and have an amazing time in their get-ups, then it doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks they're stylish or not. Fashion is all about having fun, and who better to dress together than a mom and daughter!

20 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Or 'Mamas & Tiaras'?

Honey Boo Boo wore a ton of ridiculous outfits during her time on Toddlers & Tiaras as well as her family’s own TV show. But nothing was as ridiculous as the time she sported a matching pageant gown with her own mother, Mama June.

The mother-daughter duo smiled big for the camera in their bright pink ensembles. Their dresses were identical, from the poofy sleeves, tulle-filled bottom, and jewel-encrusted bodice. The two of them even had the same ridiculous, curly hairstyle and makeup, featuring bubble gum pink lipstick and eye shadow.

Thank goodness most pageants don’t usually make the moms dress up identically to the contestants, or else our eyes wouldn’t be able to take it.

19 Monsters Inc. Wants Their Costumes Back

For some reason, this mother-daughter duo is seriously reminding us of Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. At least that’s where this mama seemed to be taking inspiration from when she dressed herself and her daughter that morning.

The duo was wearing matching fuzzy green hoodies that featured a monster’s head on the top. This may have been cute if only the toddler was rocking it, but it looked Halloween-ish to see a mom wearing a matching one, too.

Not to mention, the mother accessorized her look with furry pink boots that look even more comical. Again, boots like that could’ve looked good on the child, but they’re not appropriate adult wear unless you’re going to Coachella or something.

18 Even The Kid Knows The 'Fit Is No Good

We’re not sure what to make of this photo or who thought it would be a good idea.

The little girl’s face lets us know that even she realizes these outfits look ridiculous. It honestly looks like the mom allowed the daughter to give her a makeover. At least that would explain her powdery blue eyeshadow and Shirley Temple-inspired ringlets.

The purple feathered boa wrapped around the mother and daughter makes this photo even more ridiculous, as does the little’s girls brightly colored scrunchies. Whoever was behind this photo should’ve told this duo to ditch some of these accessories, am I right?

17 This Pattern Gives People Migraines

‘Less is more’ is something that this mom should’ve taken into consideration when styling hers and her daughter’s outfit. The duo’s matching patterned top and pants was too loud of a print to be worn on both the bottom and top. We doubt anyone would wear that matching set together in public.

But what makes these matching outfits even worse is that they decided to finish the look off with pink feathered vests. No, this did not compliment the purple-pink pattern. Rather, it made the look only seem more childish.

Honestly, we wouldn’t have thought anything of this look if only the little girl was wearing it, as the bright colors and multiple textures are age-appropriate. But this isn’t a normal look you’d see a mom in.

16 No One Loves Avocados This Much

Sorry, Chrissy!

As much as we love avocados to eat, we can’t say we’d want to wear them on a shirt. Or any item of clothing for that matter. But when advertising for her first cookbook, someone styled Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna in these matching avocado outfits, and it’s still got us scratching our heads.

It’s not like the cookbook was avocado-themed or anything, so these outfits appeared more hilarious than cute. Had the duo opted for something with a less bold pattern, we probably would’ve loved it. But this is one time (and probably the only time) that Chrissy missed the mark.

15 The Mid-2000s Were A Decade Ago

While some fashion know-it-alls might be claiming that mid-2000s fashion is making a comeback, we don’t think that’s an excuse to go out and buy matching Juicy Couture sweatpants with your mom. But clearly, this mother-daughter duo didn’t heed our warning.

For some reason, these two decided to pose in their identical velour tracksuits, with the only difference that the daughter’s was pink and the mom’s was blue. But their outfits weren’t the only things matching. If you look closely, it definitely looks like the ladies have enhanced their lips Kylie Jenner-style.

We’re not sure that’s the type of “bonding activity” you’d want to do with your mom…

14 Gone To The Goth Side

They say that children are inspired by their parent’s style in many ways. So if your parents dressed a bit edgy when they were young, you can expect that you may also like leather and studs. And clearly, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to this family.

The mother and daughter in this photo are dressed in some pretty eye-brow raising gothic outfits, including everything from top hats to corsets to combat boots. Many people would say their parents would’ve been horrified had they tried leaving the house in an outfit like this, but clearly going dark with your look is encouraged by this mama.

This isn’t a typical look, especially for a teenager, and is bound to raise some heads, which is why we’re considering this mother and daughter’s look to be a thumbs-down.

13 We're (Literally) Seeing Double

Most kids went through a phase where there mom or dad tried to give them a haircut just like there’s. But we don’t think most kids went through a phase like this.

The look on this little girl’s face proves she’s going to be traumatized in the future by the look of this mother-daughter photo. The mother did everything in her power to make her daughter look exactly like her, from dressing her in the same turtle neck to getting her matching glasses.

But the thing that puts the photo overboard is the fact that the mom got herself and her daughter matching perms. The ‘80s were a very different time…

12 No One's Heart Is This Big

Considering it doesn’t look like this mother-daughter duo are going off trick or treating, we’re assuming this was just an everyday outfit for them. But maybe this mom needs to search on Pinterest for some more ideas for matching outfits because this look just doesn’t feel right.

Sure, wearing matching t-shirts with your kid is usually easy to pull off. But only when the shirt itself is actually cute. The massive sequin hearts on these tops just look out-of-place and loud, while the all-black outfits don’t do much to deflect from all of the red we’re seeing.

And, no, we wouldn’t say the zebra glasses were a good finishing accessory. Sorry not sorry.

11 Feeling (Not So) Pretty In Pink

Okay, serious question: are these three wearing dresses or a bed sheet?

The blush-toned dresses these daughters and their mother were sporting for a glamour shot were pretty ill-fitting, to put it nicely. It looks like mom took a bed sheet or a curtain and quickly put a few safety pins in it to secure it in place before declaring that these could pass as dresses.

Even if this family had been wearing something cuter, their choppy hairstyles, ‘80s makeup, and just the awkward way they’re staring at each other probably would’ve still made this photo odd to look at.

10 Put The Purple Away

“Put the purple away,” is what we wish we could say to this mom before she chose this little ensemble for her and her daughter.

It appears they had a wedding or some other fancy event to attend, which would explain the interesting get-ups. Don’t these dresses kind of look like a bridesmaid and flower girl dress from every bride’s nightmare?

To be fair, this shade of purple is actually quite lovely. But that’s about all that’s eye-catching in his look. There’s too much fabric going on, which swallows both the mom and her toddler up. The shiny, satin fabric isn’t doing anyone any favors, so this is one mother-daughter dress combo that should’ve been left on the rack.

9 Leave The Leather At Home

Madonna is probably not the person you want to take inspiration from when putting together a mother and daughter outfit!

But clearly, this mama didn’t get the memo before she and her daughter headed to a glamour photo shoot. The duo was dressed in matching leather jackets, complete with punk-inspired silver hardware.

What really makes their look interesting, however, has got to be the matching perms. We get that this was the “in” style in the ‘80s, but matching your locks with your mom is never fashionable, no matter the decade. Plus we don’t want to think about how much hairspray this mother and daughter probably go through between the two of them.

8 There's Such Thing As Too Much Pink

If you’ve both got a black tie event to go to, sometimes a mother and daughter may want to match the color of their outfits to each other. Sometimes. And while it might look cute sometimes, there are other times when it just looks like the duo is trying to hard- and this is one of them.

This mother and daughter appear to have gotten custom matching gowns together. Their dresses feature a delicate floral applique and each dress is a little different from the next. But overall, it feels like there’s a bit too much pink going on in both of these looks.

From their pink headpieces to the bold pattern of the gowns, these looks are a bit too in your face, which is why they ended up on this list.

7 Fire Whoever Came Up With This Idea

Getting a photo of all the ladies in your family together sounds like a great idea. Actually, it sounds like what the Kardashians do every Christmas. But just because the Kardashians wore denim-on-denim for their last holiday card doesn’t mean you should try it at home with your family.

Take this family as an example. Everyone in this pic looks a little bit awkward with their plain and denim ensembles. The photo would’ve looked much better had they stuck to similar outfits, like telling everyone to arrive in jeans and a white T-shirt. Rather, it looks like mom sewed everyone’s outfits individually just to make sure they’d coordinate perfectly.

6 Taste The Rainbow... Or Wear The Rainbow?

All of the big fashion magazines tell us normal folks that mixing patterns is dangerous territory. So if normal Fashionistas have difficulty with this trend, there’s no reason you should attempt to rock it with your child!

If you need any more reason not to, just take this mother and daughter outfits. Both mom and her little girl were sporting in loud dresses that mixed together a variety of colorful bohemian patterns.

Rather than looking stylish, the dress seemed a bit frumpy and out-of-place on mom. On the other hand, the colorful dress looks pretty adorable on her little girl, so it seems like this is another outfit that mom just shouldn’t have tried to replicate herself.

5 Are They At A Photoshoot Or Rocket Launch?

If we didn’t know better, we’d swear this family is ready to board a space shuttle and get the heck off of Earth. At least that’s the vibe their Star Trek-inspired outfits are giving off.

Themed outfits are difficult enough to pull off when you’re an individual, but it’s almost impossible if you’re a group (unless it’s Halloween, of course). Our hearts go out to the two kids who were forced to participate in this family photo shoot. Not only do they look uncomfortable and embarrassed, but those costumes look really itchy.

Hopefully next year their parents just got them matching sweaters to wear for the family pic rather than a full-blown uniform.

4 When Your Hair Makes You A Foot Taller

Here’s another example of what the ‘80s did to hair and fashion.

This mom and daughter looked like they were feeling themselves as they posed for these hilarious glamour shots. Unfortunately, their pleather jackets look too oversized and ill-fitting to be stylish. Instead, it just looks like they’re trying too hard to be Sandy from Grease. The duo’s matching silver earrings only add to the vibes we’re getting.

But of course, nothing in this photo is as bad as these ladies’ matching hairstyles. We don’t want to think of the amount of teasing and hairspray that went into their ‘dos. Let’s just say that if your hair makes you a foot taller you know you’ve done something wrong.

3 Making Headlines Once Again

Farrah Abraham has made headlines for tons of bizarre things, from her ever-so-random online feuds, her stints on reality TV, and her interesting choices in ventures. But another thing she’s constantly getting attention for is her poor wardrobe choices- and this time she brought her daughter into it.

Last year for the MTV Music Awards, Farrah brought her 9-year old daughter along Sophia. The pair sported matching futuristic outfits. Farrah wore a ridiculous pair of gold thigh-high boots with a low-cut dress, while Sophia wore a holographic two-piece set with Jetsons-inspired sunglasses.

Maybe this is the future of fashion, but for right now this look is just not doing it for anyone.

2 Where's Spok When You Need Him?

Here’s another family who took inspiration from Star Trek when planning their family’s photo shoot outfits. These parents purchased outfits not only for themselves but also for their four kids. Yet something tells us no one ever wore these looks again.

Granted, everyone looks pretty happy-go-lucky in this photo, but we’re sure the teens are cringing in the inside. At least we have second-hand embarrassment for them. Once again, we reiterate that pulling off group costumes can be tough when you’re not off to a Halloween party. Opting for matching shirts and pants probably would’ve been a safer option for this adorably geeky family.

1 Christmas Has Already Come And Gone

Many families love to get matching pajamas for Christmas so they can all ring in the holidays in style. And while there are tons of cute options on the market nowadays, not everyone goes for the most stylish option.

Take this family as evidence. Someone in their household thought it would make a cute photo if everyone was wearing the same plaid ensemble. We can’t tell for sure, but we’re guessing the dad and son aren’t wearing a nightgown version like the mom and daughter. But the overload of tartan and frills makes this look bad regardless of the style of pajamas.

Sorry not sorry!

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