18Enough Notice

This confession is really sick. Although many people have a birth plan, nobody can predict this precious moment. It’s so personal and unique. For instance, although my doctor suggested a C-section because of my placenta, my baby girl surprised us all and arrived ten days earlier (and luckily, it took

only several hours to say Hello). Asking to "hold it in" is not only ignorant but insensitive.

When documents and dates come before employees, that shows that employers do not respect their staff. People are individuals - not only paychecks, so not showing support reveals materialistic views and a company that lacks core values. Many people can’t relate to pregnant women and get annoyed that they have to arrange cover for maternity leave. Well, soon or later, this cruel boss would understand that their business world cannot offer love and happiness, and money doesn’t mean a thing in the vast maze of loneliness.

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