20 Moms Reveal They Stole A Baby Name From Their Best Friend

What’s in a name? Well, apparently a lot for a mother trying to name her new baby. Mothers spend a lot of time deciding names for their children, more than anyone would realize. It has to be the perfect name, one that won’t cause the child any embarrassment in the future and distinguishable enough that it will help her personality shine. When a mom finally finds the perfect name, the last thing that she wants to do is share it. Sure, there are multiple people in the world with the same name, but what if it was a best friend who named their child the same? That would be unacceptable.

For those Seinfeld fans out there, we remember the episode where George told his fiancé Susan that he wanted to name their firstborn “Seven” after the jersey number of New York Yankee Mickey Mantle. Susan wasn’t even pregnant at the time, but a couple overheard them say the name and stole it for themselves. George, of course, was hopping mad. "Please! I have so little!" George shouted into the delivery room.

It makes us wonder how we would feel if someone stole our child’s name and used it for themselves. It happens more than we realize. Check out these 20 moms who reveal they stole a baby name from their best friend.

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20 Her Friend Steals Everything From Her

via Teen Vogue

You would think that your best friend is the last person who would ever steal from you, but we’ve probably all been there when we realized a friend wasn’t really that great of a friend. One poor woman described a story to The Stir about how her best friend has been stealing from her for years and she finally got sick of it. "My so-called 'friend' has stolen so much from me that my baby's name was THE last straw. Wedding colors, OK. Use the same decorator, fine. But take my baby name? Sorry, good-bye!" said Rachel T., Seattle, Washington.

19 She Researched Her Name For Months

via HELLO! Canada

As we said before, sometimes moms will research baby names for months before choosing a name for their child. It’s a big deal. We all understand that our children will have these names for their entire lives, and we don’t want to choose something that can cause them to be made fun of. This mom had her name stolen by someone who was also pregnant and watched her researching names for months. Now that’s cold. "The person who took my baby name saw me research ideas for months. She was pregnant too at the time. I guess I never thought she would take the name I liked when she gave birth before me. I was wrong,” she told Café Mom.

18 Her Friend Stole The Names Of Her Already-Born Children

via Us Weekly

Imagine that you have already claimed names for your children because they are living and existing in your home and your friend still manages to steal the names. “She named her daughter Nix Ryan. My son's first name is Nix and my daughter's middle name is Ryan,” the woman wrote to That’s Life. “I am not suggesting that she cannot name her child whatever she wishes; I just thought it was very odd that she never told me before she named her.” It’s probably a good assumption that you shouldn’t use the names of your friend’s children. “Guys, we are BEST friends. She knows my children's name. She was at most of their births. I am just so perplexed by this,” she added.

17 She Solved The Problem By Taking Something Else

via People

Sometimes stealing a baby name can cause a domino effect that you wouldn’t have expected in another situation. When one friend feels betrayed, she might lash out because she wants her friend to know how she feels. One mother realized that her best friend stole her baby name. That best friend no longer has her boyfriend, and now the mother and the boyfriend are together and have big plans for the future. “We're getting married next fall. #Problemsolved," Rebecca told The Stir. A lesson for all the ladies out there is if you really, truly are friends with someone, stop stealing their baby names. Find your own.

16 Her Father-in-Law Told Her Off

via Popsugar

A whole family got feuding when one sister tried to steal another sister’s name for her child, but rightfully so. "My sister-in-law tried to steal our unborn son's name when her son was born last year," a BabyCenter mom wrote. "Their boy name runs in the family so the oldest son names his son after himself. So my fiancé is a junior and this baby (we found out it's a boy) will be the third. She tried to name her son the third... My father-in-law got so mad at her and told her off because that's not her name to take."

15 She Decided To End The Friendship Over It

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You know that you have really hurt someone when they are willing to end a friendship over names being stolen. Does a name matter so much that you would end a friendship? "So ... I can't lie to you. I ended a long friendship because a good girlfriend of mine stole my baby name. Judge me all you want, but she was a repeat offender in the theft department (you name it, she took it)," Tony told The Stir. It sounds like she was stealing more than baby names and that probably meant she wasn’t a very good friend in the first place.

14 She Threw Her Pregnancy Journal At Her

via Good Housekeeping

One mother wasn’t messing around when she found out that her friend stole her coveted baby name. She decided to take matters in her own hands…. literally... and show her exactly how she felt in a physical way. "I may have possibly thrown my pregnancy journal at the back of my friend's head when I found out she told someone my baby name idea — and she used it. This is anonymous, right?" Pam admitted to Café Mom. We’re sure the offender knows exactly who she is talking about. It’s definitely a feisty reaction, but really can we blame the poor girl?

13 Stealing Caused Her To Go Into Labor


One mother went into labor when she visited her friend in the hospital and found out that she stole her baby name for her new baby. That’s how upset she was about it. “I remember walking into the birthing suite and seeing Jenna with new eyes. She was pure maternal perfection. It wasn’t until Jenna uttered three words that both the energy in the room and in my life changed forever. She looked up at me and whispered, ‘Molly. Meet Caleb. Caleb Michael,’” she wrote on Reductress. She went into labor, and her parting words to her friend were “this isn’t over.” The poor girl had no idea what to name her own child now that it was born.

12 She Stole All Three Baby Names

via Popsugar

This best friend was a triple threat, and we have to wonder why the mom continued to give out her baby names when her friend kept stealing them over and over again. "One thing I learned about this experience is how much you sometimes don't know people like you think. My so-called bestie really amazed me by stealing not one but three baby names. So, because she gets married and has kids before me it's OK? Please," Yariela told The Stir. She should have learned the first time, but some people put a lot of trust in friendships even after they’ve been burned.

11 Her Friend Gave Her Advanced Warning That She Was Stealing The Name

via Makers

Ladies need to stop stealing their best friend’s baby names; it’s so tacky. This particular friend made sure that her best friend had fair warning that she was taking the name and there was nothing she could do about it. But it didn’t turn out well for her in the end. "At least my friend had the balls to tell me she was planning to steal my baby name. Too bad she didn't rethink her surroundings. Oh yeah, my pregnant self and I went off -- and I gave zero (…) about it. Who does such a thing?" Laurel told Café Mom.

10 She Picked The Name 20 Years Ago

via People

We couldn’t imagine picking a name for our future child in our own childhood, waiting 20 years and then having a friend steal it from you. That is not a good friend at all. "I told my three girlfriends (when I was like 10, mind you) that, when I grew up, I wanted to name my son Taj. And for 20-some years, all they heard me talk about was that name. So when my friend Amy gets pregnant before all of us, guess what name she decides to use? Taj. God really tested my patience when I found out. I'm still a work in progress ..." Beatrice told Café Mom.

9 She’s Not Sharing Baby Names Anymore

via Explosion.com

There are some really original names out there for babies, and we have to give kudos to the moms who think outside the box. We can see why this mom was so frustrated when her name was stolen. "I told my BFF my daughter’s name (Aubrianna) and she told her (pregnant) friend ... and that girl ended up using it," one mom wrote on the BabyCenter Community. "I wouldn't have been offended if she had happened upon it on her own, but she knew me and used my name. Honestly, it's the whole reason I won't share my baby names now,” she told Today.

8 If It Makes Her Happy, She Can Have It

via NewsZoom

Most moms tend to be furious when someone steals their baby name from them, but not everyone feels that way. This mom had the same thing happen to her, and although she was disappointed by the act, she just wanted her friend to be happy. "You know, I try to look at the bright side of things. Yeah, it [wasn't great] when I found out a person I knew 'took' my baby name, but it's not the end of the world. If she's really happy with it, why not?" Beverly told The Stir. She certainly has a good attitude about it.

7 She Stole The 'Golden Girls' Name

via Friendish

Sometimes moms choose a name that has a special meaning to them, which makes it that much more heartbreaking when someone steals it from them. This mom didn’t just grab a name out of a book, she chose something that had significance to her own childhood. "My mom and her best friend were big fans of the show Golden Girls when I was growing up. So much that my first teddy bear was named Sophia. I toyed with the name Sophia Wray (husband's middle name) but couldn't bring myself to do it. When my cousin announced her pregnancy about a month later, I was livid because her 'chosen name' was Sofia Rae. I adamantly complained that she had stolen my name especially given the middle name she chose!" Laura told Café Mom.

6 She Had Her Children First, So It Was Okay

via Pinterest

We would feel so bad taking someone’s baby names, but some of these moms feel entitled to do so; it’s such a bizarre occurrence. One mom had to deal with a family member taking her name, which is just not cool, and we wonder how we would deal with it. "I was so hurt when my relative took the name I wanted to use. It was a baby name I loved for many years and said family member decided because she had children first it was OK to take," Carolyn told The Stir. It shouldn’t matter who was having the baby first, the name wasn’t hers to take.

5 Surviving Two Losses Made It Worse

via People

Sometimes stealing a name can make you lose more than a friend. We’re not sure why some women feel taking a name from someone is worth losing a lifelong friendship. "After [having] two [losses], my friend helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Still, to this day, I can't figure out why she decided to use the baby name I so desperately wanted to give my child one day. It was beyond hurtful, and our relationship has never recovered," Joyce W told Café Mom. That’s pretty cold, and it goes to show how some people just have selfish motives.

4 She Gave Out The Wrong Name

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Moms are getting craftier in order to protect their baby names. They don’t want them stolen, so they give out fake names so that if they are stolen by someone, it doesn’t affect them at all. "I always heard you should watch how much you tell others about your business. So when I finally chose my child's name, I kept telling people around me a lie, in case they wanted to steal it. Someone actually did — so it all worked out," Casey told The Stir. It’s a good thing she didn’t give out the real name or she may have lost it, as well.

3 She Felt Completely Betrayed

via E! News

It would be pretty odd for two best friends to name their children the same name so we can understand why this mom was so upset. "I know, it's stupid to let something like a baby name [end] a relationship. But when you're close to that person -- and they know how much meaning it has in your life -- and then she takes the name, it's like a betrayal. Yeah, there are plenty of little boys named Alexander. But I'm not going to name my kid after my friend's child. I never should've said anything,” she told Parents.

2 It Went Against The Girl Code

via Explosion.com

We have heard of the Guy Code; well the Girl Code works much in the same way. You are supposed to have your friends' backs no matter what. When a friend steals your name, it totally goes against that code, and that’s why some of these friendships don’t survive it. "I've been friends with this girl for 20 years. She knew how much I loved the name Abigail. Never in a million years would I have thought that she would, too -- and take my name! This totally messes with 'girl code,'" Michelle told Parents.

1 It Was Her Cousin Who Stole Her Name

via Page Six

You would think that you could trust your own family members, but that’s not always the case. It can be the closest people to you that are willing to hurt you. "I can laugh at it now, but when I was pregnant, my cousin told me she was talking to one of our friends, who told her she was thinking about using the baby name I chose. I thought it was all a joke until I attended her baby shower (it was a couple of months before mine). Yeah, she totally announced her baby's name -- which was mine! I was like, 'what just happened?'" Christina told Café Mom.

Sources: That's Life, Today, Reductress, The Stir

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