20 Moms Talk About Their Newborn

We all like to think that every mom is instantly in love with their little bundle of joy. We hear all these stories about maternal bonding, and how the second a mother sees her child, the love is a natural, instinctive reaction. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are actually a lot of situations where mothers are disappointed by the sight of their newborn.

As sad as it is to think about, moms are humans too and they have a lot of expectations and emotions surrounding the anticipation of their baby. Because we live in a society where certain things are just taboo, many moms hide how they truly feel about the baby they just had.

These confessions are able to get the inside scoop on what moms are admitting to. Just for the sake of being brutally honest, let's hope that most of these babies never grow up and find these.

As much as these new moms might try to act like they love and accept their beautiful little newborn babies, the truth needs to come out at some point, even if it hurts. And so, here are 20 Whisper confessions that show what moms really thought of their newborn.

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20 Bigger Problems

Well, we all know that babies can get messy. However, most moms-to-be get excited about the cute little baby outfits and the adorable photos they will be able to post on their social media accounts. We often forget that for the first few months, babies really are just a crying, puking, and eating machine. This aspect of parenthood is often overlooked because it is not glamorous. Nobody would be overly excited to have babies if all they did was smell up the house and ruin your new clothes.

Newborns, of course, have wonderful sides to them as well, like occasionally sleeping through the night and giving you that perfect smile that makes all the hard work worth it. However, it is important to remember that your newborn might be an atomic bomb too.

19 It’s Indescribable!

It’s Indescribable!

Those pregnancy hormones are still going crazy, and after you have the baby it feels like everything has been intensified. You can’t explain how much you love this little being, and you want to do everything you can to make sure that they never get hurt. It is like somebody took your heart out of your body and you are simply watching it. Life can be crazy and we all know that it has its ups and downs, but any good mom will tell you that her number one priority is making sure that her kid is safe, healthy, and happy.

For many people, this mentality starts during the pregnancy. The mom feels the baby kick and starts crying out of excitement. However, once your little one is born, all of a sudden they seem vulnerable to the outside world and their cries are heart-wrenching.

18 A Whole New World

A Whole New World

So many moms have anxiety about giving birth and taking care of their newborn. Even if they know that they were meant to be a mom, the responsibility of taking care of a child can be extremely overwhelming. You feel like you have to have all of the answers and you don’t want to make any mistakes. However, no mom will ever be perfect and little mistakes are going to happen every now and then.

The important thing is to enjoy motherhood for what it is because before you know it, your little newborn will be walking and you will have no idea where the time went. This mom is lucky because her maternal instinct kicked in right away. She is going to rock it at motherhood and gets to put her baby at the center of her universe.

17 She's Grateful To Have Her

She's Grateful To Have Her

Depression is such a crippling thing. It takes over your mind and doesn’t allow you to perform your normal daily activities. Sometimes depression can cause people to lie in bed for hours or days with no motivation or purpose. Of course, having a baby changes a lot of things about someone’s life and adds a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, having a baby can also be the cause of postpartum depression.

Suffering from a mental illness has been such a taboo for so long, but now our society is finally starting to take it a little more serious. Just because you suffer from depression, does not mean you have to hide it. It is very common for women to have postpartum depression after they give birth, and nobody should doubt that this mom loves her baby so much. She simply needs to take care of herself too, and talking about her depression would be a good start.

16 I Can’t Accept Him!

I Can’t Accept Him!

As sad as this is, let’s be honest. This is every mom’s worst nightmare. Nobody wants to be the person with an ugly baby. It makes you feel like you provided inferior genes and it also hinders your bragging ability. Everyone with a new baby wants to show them off with cute pictures on social media and push them in the stroller while others gaze at your little bundle of adorableness.

However, what is even worse than having an ugly baby is having a baby that you yourself, as the mom, think is ugly. Some moms find their baby’s unattractive features adorable and unique. As long as the parents are happy it really doesn’t matter. However, this poor mom sounds miserable because she clearly hates looking at her ugly baby.

15 Twins Are Overwhelming!

Twins Are Overwhelming!

Having twins is reason enough to be overwhelmed. All of the work that comes along with motherhood is completely doubled. The bottles, the diapers, the crying and sleepless nights go on and on for what seems like forever. Any time one baby finally falls asleep, the other one starts crying and wakes them up. It can be a never-ending cycle of exhausting.

However, hopefully, that doesn’t discourage anyone from trying to get pregnant. Twins are always a possibility and they can be really cute in their matching outfits. The hard part is that when a mother experiences postpartum, it can feel shattering, especially if they have never dealt with depression before. This mom probably feels like she can barely take care of herself. She is most likely on the brink of tears 24/7 and the struggle that comes with taking care of two newborns can be too much to handle. Just looking at them could send her into a frenzy.

14 All Newborns Look Like This?

All Newborns Are Ugly?

Granted, some babies are not beautiful right after they come out of the whom, but they have been squished up in water for nine months, so you can’t really blame them. However, this statement that this mother is trying to make is much too broad. Not all babies are ugly when they are born. Some babies are super cute and others are absolutely beautiful.

It sounds like this mom is just trying to justify why she believes her baby is ugly and she is using the fact that it happens to every newborn. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is a chance that this woman simply has an ugly newborn. It really isn’t the end of the world though. Newborns change a lot in their looks within the first few weeks, so even if they are ugly at the beginning, that is not a reason to give up hope.

13 It Is Scary

It Is Scary

Scary is the best description of the wonderful and terrifying joyride that is parenthood. There is a lot of fun times and incredible memories that come with raising a family, but being a mom is also a huge responsibility. Children are like sponges and absorb everything you do. It is important to be a good example for your child and teach them right from wrong.

For most moms who still have babies, raising a newborn is more about keeping them alive than anything else. You have to make sure they are fed, burped, warm enough, not too warm, and are overall well. While things like accidentally dropping a baby on their head is a common joke, some moms are extra cautious with their babies. Some even put them in a helmet when they are learning to walk so they don’t crack their head open.

12 She Had To Give Him Away

She Had To Give Him Away

While it might seem easy to judge this woman, there is clearly a lot of emotion behind her decision to give her son up for adoption. As a woman, you often dream of getting pregnant and growing a perfect little baby inside of you. All you want is to hold your child after you give birth, and many girls have been practicing with baby dolls since they were little. However, there is not a lot of practice for when a pregnancy goes wrong.

We have to understand that all of this woman’s hopes and dreams were shattered when she found out that her child had Down's Syndrome. Her hope for his future and the plans she had for her family just went out the window. While some might judge her decision and not understand how she could give her child away, remember that she at least had her son. Other women may have ended the pregnancy, if they were allowed to.

11 No Immediate Bond

No Immediate Bond

This is such a sweet and encouraging Whisper confession. It sounds like this woman probably had trouble bonding with her baby and felt the pain of that first hand. After going through something and coming out on the other end, it is more likely that you will have the knowledge and advice to give to others. And, some moms might desperately need to hear this message.

I have a friend who is terrified at the thought of having kids because she believes her maternal instinct won’t kick in. She is under the impression that the way she views everyone else’s kids is how she will view her own. Clearly, this is not the case. Your own child has a much bigger place in your heart, and even if you don’t instantly feel a change right after you have your newborn, this woman is here to reassure you that it will come eventually and that you are not a bad mom.

10 Like The Monkeys

Ugly Monkeys

It is one thing to say that your two kids looked like monkeys when they were first born, but it is even worse to say which one was cuter and which one was the ugly monkey! While there is no denying that little monkeys are adorable, not every child would want to look like one. Luckily this is a Whisper confession and hopefully, these kids will never see it, but this mom needs to be careful about oversharing her feelings.

Oftentimes, kids can pick up on signs, and if this mom is outwardly expressing that one child is cuter than the other, it could cause some serious self-esteem issues down the road. Maybe this was just a newborn phase and now that her babies have grown up, they have also grown into their features a little bit more.

9 On Purpose

On Purpose

We all know that there is a thing called buyer's remorse. However, there is no way that any mom would outwardly admit that she regretted having her newborn, let alone her twin newborns. The great thing about children is that they have no filter and they will say whatever they are thinking at the time. Clearly, at the time that this mom gave birth, her child was not too fond of the idea of twins.

Leave it to the child to see how much work two newborns were going to be. Right away, she was in shock that her mom purposely decided to bring two babies into the world at once. Although this mom does not specifically say what she thought about her newborns, knowing that they were planned is probably a good insinuation that she was excited to have them.

8 Jealousy Doesn't Look Good On Anyone

There are so many moms out there who spend their lives dreaming of having an adorable little princess one day. You want to be able to dress them up in little outfits when they are a baby and use all the pink bows you can get your hands on. A little princess is what some families really want from the beginning. Most moms are overjoyed when they see their little bundle of joy and realize how perfect and beautiful she is. Of course, no one wants an ugly baby, but there is something special about having an absolutely beautiful one.

Apparently, this mom couldn’t handle the competition that she created between her and her daughter. Not only did she not seem overly excited about how good looking her baby was, but she was actually jealous. Hopefully, she doesn’t end up being one of those moms who tries to lower her daughter’s self-esteem in order to make herself feel better.

7 Pack Up And Leave

Pack Up And Leave

Having a baby can be a very overwhelming experience. Through all the crying, diaper changes, and late night feedings, some moms simply need a break. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or letting someone know that you are struggling. Not every aspect of motherhood is going to be fun and exciting. Sure, there are some amazing parts, but there are also some moments that are draining and exhausting.

The unfortunate thing about motherhood is that it isn’t always for everyone. However, once you have your children, you can’t take back the fact that you are their mom. It sounds like this woman occasionally wants a different life, not just a break from her kids. Hopefully, this is just a phase that she is going through, because if she continues to feel like this, it could really affect her children.

6 She Still Doesn't Love Him

She Still Doesn't Love Him

This is one of those horror stories that people tell but nobody ever actually believes it, because no one wants to believe that a mom could actually feel this way. I think this simply goes to show that you cannot force a woman to be a good mom when she doesn’t want to or when she is not ready. There are a lot of things you have to give up once you have a kid, and it is often a complete lifestyle shift. Even if someone wants to be a mom in the future, if she is not ready for the responsibility now, she might end up resenting the position that she is in.

Pro-lifers do a good job at convincing women not to get an abortion, but they don’t do a lot once the woman has her baby. At that point, she is on her own and they’ve moved onto the next pregnant woman. This definitely shows that not everyone would regret getting an abortion, and some people actually regret having their kid.

5 Don't Break Her

This is usually how people who are holding someone else’s baby sound. They feel like the newborn is so fragile and are actually scared to touch them. Then, the moms come around and handle their little bodies like a pro. The truth of the matter is, many moms are terrified after they give birth. Everything can be scary, from changing a diaper, wrapping them in a blanket, and even breastfeeding for the first time.

Although they might seem tiny and breakable at first, the more you take care of your newborn, the easier it will become. Moms learn very quickly how to handle their own babies and if they ever do something that makes them cry, they learn from their mistakes. When it comes down to it, babies need to be taken care of, so you can’t be scared to touch them forever.

4 Family Features

Family Features

Could you imagine giving birth to your first child and having a spitting image of your boyfriend’s mom come out? That sounds like someone’s worst nightmare. Everyone wants their child to be good looking or somewhat attractive, but when they have prominent features that constantly remind you of someone that bothers you, it can get annoying really fast.

Every time this mom looks at her newborn now, she has to think about her boyfriend’s obnoxious mom. It is unclear why this woman finds her boyfriend’s mom so hard to handle, but by the sound of her Whisper confession, she doesn't feel too bad about bashing her online. It is possible that they fight a lot and don’t get along. Either way, having a negative experience like that with the looks of your newborn can really put a damper on the whole experience.

3 In Constant Fear

Every new mother has fears about bringing her baby home from the hospital, and about her abilities as a mom. There are so many books and things out there for expecting moms to read and learn. It can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you feel like you don’t have all the information. What if something happens and you don’t know how to handle it? All of a sudden you are in charge of a life and it is way too scary.

Often times, new moms are at home with their baby by themselves, which adds another level of pressure to the whole thing. This tiny little fragile baby is in constant need of supervision, and any small mistake could make the best mom feel like the worst. It is truly overwhelming, but after a while, it all becomes second nature.

2 Such A Pain

When you are a mom running on 20 minutes of sleep and everything that you do your baby doesn’t like, it can be easy to start questioning how capable you are as a mom. However, once you get through those tough nights, you will look back and be astonished and how strong you were and how much you did when you should have been passed out sleeping on the couch.

The love that a mother has for her child is what motivates her to sacrifice every ounce of self-care in order to care for her baby. However, this mom here has clearly gotten a bit frustrated with her newborn. Maybe they aren’t nursing or won’t go down for their nap even though they are tired. Babies can be hard to deal with sometimes, but the struggle is always worth it.

1 It Wasn't A Good Fit

Picking out the wrong name for my child has actually been a fear of mine for a long time. There are so many names out there to choose from, and it seems so easy to simply pick the wrong one and make a mistake. Sometimes couples will have a few baby names in mind, but wait until their child is actually born and they get to see them before truly deciding which one to go with. Certain babies have different personality types and often times the way a labor goes can give a lot of insight into how that baby will be.

There are some moms who don’t think of a name for a few weeks after they give birth, and other moms actually choose to change their baby’s name after they are a few months old. While this might sound weird or uncommon, it is better than them living the rest of their life with a name that doesn't fit them.

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