20 Most Gorgeous Baby Names That Will Make Everyone Say "Wow"

When searching for a baby name, moms and dads both want to pick the most perfect name for their future little sweetheart. They want to pick a name that they will love, their baby will grow up to love, and all of her friends and teachers will love. No one wants a name that results in being picked on or unliked.

We have compiled a list of 20 baby names that are so gorgeous that everyone will say WOW! We have common names and rare names, some that are long and some that are short. We have a name for everyone!

These names are so beautiful that even your mother-in-law will approve. Picking a baby name is a lot of pressure and commitment, but we have taken the load off for you by picking the best of the best names that will impress and blow everyone away. We promise you that one of these names will be perfect for your little girl. We have narrowed down the best of the best. Read below to find out 20 of the most gorgeous baby names that will have everyone saying wow! Which name will you pick for your little girl?

20 Mollie

The baby name Mollie (also spelled Molly) simply means, bitter. Don’t let this name meaning turn you away from this amazing name. Mollie is short, sweet, and super easy to pronounce.

Currently, according to BabyCenter, Mollie is #1,473 in popularity, which means if you love rare names, this is perfect! Mollie Robin, Mollie Kate, Mollie Amelia and Mollie Cecelia are some of the many stunning name combinations for this name.

We picture your future Mollie to love learning and exploring the world around her. Mollie is a name that pairs perfectly with sibling names. Your future Mollie would fit in perfectly as the little sister to Gemma or big sister to Grayson.

19 Paisley

According to BabyCenter, Paisley (sometimes spelled Paislee) simply means church and is #42 in popularity at the moment. Paisley June, Paisley Anais, Paisley Melissa and Paisley Eloise are some potential name combinations for this name.

We love this name because it is easy to pronounce and will make just about anyone smile. Paisley is a name that usually does not accompany any nicknames, so if you are in the market for a no-nickname name than this is the one!

Paisley is a name that will fit a gorgeous little baby and will grow beautifully with her as she becomes an adult.

18 Juliette

The name Juliette means father of the skies, or bearded, according to BabyCenter. Juliette is #206 in popularity at the moment, and although this name isn’t overly popular, we still think its stunning.

This name is elegant, romantic, beautiful and super girly. It isn’t uncommon for this name to be given the nickname Julie or Jules. Juliette will be fitting for any sweet baby girl as she grows into a lovely woman.

Juliette Alice, Juliette Helene and Juliette Rose are some stunning name combinations. We know that your Juliette will be the biggest sweetheart ever! This is a name that grandma will swoon over!

17 Abigail

BabyCenter claims that Abigail means the fathers joy, which is the sweetest name meaning for a future daddy’s girl! This name is #15 in popularity for the year 2018 and is slowly losing popularity as the years go on.

This is another name that is timeless, and comes and goes in popularity. A little girl named Abigail is often called Abby, which is such a sweet nickname.

The name Abigail goes well with middle name combinations such as Abigail Brooke, Abigail Camryn, Abigail Elise and Abigail Violet. This name is so sweet and beautiful. We think your future Abigail will be a lovely little girl.

16  Charlotte

Charlotte is not a new name, but this timeless name is nothing short of pretty. According to BabyCenter, this name means petite and feminine. Charlotte is #8 in popularity for 2018 and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon in popularity.

This name is elegant, beautiful and so sweet. Charlotte Anne, Charlotte Marie, Charlotte Audrey and Charlotte Rae are some stunning first and middle name combinations.

We picture your future Charlotte to be a beautiful ray of sunshine who brings joy to everyone who knows her. This is a name that your future Charlotte will seriously thank you for when she is older.

15 Willow

According to BabyCenter, the name Willow means freedom or tree and is #68 in popularity. If you love names inspired by nature, this is a perfect fit. This name is whimsical, fun, and stunning.

We picture your future Willow being the star of the show and always in the spotlight. Some great first and middle name combinations for Willow are Willow Vivienne, Willow Avery, Willow Emmeline and Willow Anne.

This is a name that will wow your co-workers, in-laws, and your mommy friends. This name is nothing short of stunning and we picture it fitting any little girl!

14 Gabriella

The name Gabriella is simply gorgeous. Gabriella is #69 in popularity, according to BabyCenter, and means devoted to God. This name often gets given nickname Gabby, which is super sweet!

Gabriella Isobel, Gabriella Catherine, Gabriella Willow and Gabriella Leigh are some potential name combinations for this name. We think this name sounds elegant and sophisticated.

We picture your future Gabriella to be the apple of daddy’s eye and the shining light in mommy’s life. Gabriella sounds great as a sibling name and we picture Gabriella being the best big sister to Gavin or a super fun little sister for Ava.

13 Hailey

The name Hailey (also spelled Haley, Hailee, Haleigh or Hayley) is #57 in popularity, according to BabyCenter. Hailey means hay meadow, according to TheBump.

If you enjoy nature-inspired names or just a name that is downright adorable, this is the perfect choice. We love this name because it rolls off the tongue and pairs well with any sibling names.

We can picture your future Hailey being a loving little sister to a big brother Jax or a protective older sister to an Emma. Hailey is a name that we think fits a little girl as she grows into a woman. Hailey Elise, Hailey Corrine, and Hailey Mae are great first and middle name options for this name.

12 Sophia

According to BabyCenter, Sophia (sometimes spelled Sofia) means wisdom. Sophia is #5 in popularity for 2018 and has been in the top 10 baby names since 2006.

We love the first and middle name combinations: Sophia Grace, Sophia Bell, Sophia Marie, and Sophia Tayler. The name Sophia usually accompanies the nicknames Sophie and Soph, which are super cute.

We picture your future Sophia to be very successful in her life in whatever she chooses to do. Your future Sophia could be a nurse, dancer, or even a business owner- the possibilities are endless for her. This is a name that even your mother in law will approve of!

11 Brielle

The baby name Brielle is a showstopper. BabyCenter states that this name is #86 in popularity currently and simply means, of god. If you love beautiful biblical names, this is a great fit. If you like names that can get shortened into nicknames this is a great choice.

Bri or Elle are usually the top picks in nicknames for this name. We think the name Brielle pairs well with many first and middle name choices such as Brielle Olivia, Brielle Isabelle, Brielle Morgan and Brielle Sophia.

This name is gorgeous without a doubt and is one that your future Brielle will thank you for naming her in the future!

10 Emma

Emma is #1 in popularity so far in 2018, which means we aren’t the only ones who love this name. Emma means whole or universal, according to BabyCenter. If you don’t mind common names, this one is clearly the most favorited.

This name has been in the top 100 names since 1993. Emma Brianna, Emma Pearl, Emma Renee an Emma Delia are some of the many first and middle name combinations for this name.

We love the name Emma because it is short, sweet, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. This name pairs well with sibling names. Try and picture your future Emma being the little sister to your Chloe, isn’t that thought just adorable?

9 Mia

According to BabyCenter, the name Mia means wished for child and mine. We love the name meaning almost as much as we adore this name. Mia is #7 in popularity for 2018, so if you don’t mind a popular name, this is one of our favorites.

This name is absolutely stunning, to say the least. Mia is easy to pronounce, easy to spell and rolls off the tongue beautifully.

Some first and middle name combinations for this name are Mia Brooklyn, Mia Renee, and Mia Josephine. Mia is a name that grandma, the neighbor, and even her teacher will be obsessed with.

8  Ruby

According to BabyCenter, the name Ruby means A Ruby Jewel. Ruby is #80 in popularity and is a name that we cannot get enough of. Ruby Morgan, Ruby Fae, Ruby Quinn and Ruby Harlow are some of the many elegant first and middle name options for this name.

The name Ruby is nothing short of sweet! The name Ruby is easy to spell and pronounce. The name Ruby pairs well with many sibling names such as being a big sister to a Noah or a little sister to a Lilly. Ruby is a name that will make everyone fall in love!

7 Everly

Cute smiling baby girl sitting on the grass.

Everly (also spelled Eveleigh) is #61 in popularity for this year, according to BabyCenter. This name, according to BabyNameWizard means from the boar meadow. Everly Renee, Everly Violet, Everly Rae, and Everly Eden are some super cute first and middle name options.

We picture your future Everly to be a big mommy’s girl who has a beaming personality. This is a stunning name that will fit any future little girl as she grows from a sweet bundle of joy to a grown woman.

This is a name that will wow everyone she meets. Everly is a name that stands out in a crowd and we believe has a ton of personality behind it.

6 Matilda

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The name Matilda is one of the sweetest names we have ever heard! This name is #333 in popularity for 2018, according to BabyCenter.

This name means might, and power, and we foresee your future Matilda growing up to be a strong and independent woman. Matilda sounds adorable on a little toddler and sounds sophisticated for a woman.

Matilda Kate, Matilda May, Matilda Jade, and Matilda Maeve are super cute options for this gorgeous name. This name is not overly used and does not usually accompany any nicknames, which some parents prefer. This name is super adorable and we promise you, everyone will love it!

5 Scarlett

BabyCenter explains that the name Scarlett (also spelled Scarlet) is #18 in popularity and simply means bright red. This is a name that sounds elegant and perfect for any little girl.

Scarlett Jean, Scarlett Kristine, Scarlett Penelope and Scarlet Grace are some gorgeous name combinations. We foresee your Scarlett to be a leader who everyone around her idolizes and looks up to.

This is a stunning name that we believe has so much personality behind it. Will your future Scarlett be a veterinarian? How about a social worker? We believe she can be whatever she sets her mind to. Your future Scarlett has the world at her fingertips.

4 Gianna

BabyCenter states that the baby name Gianna is #77 in popularity and means God’s grace. This is a name that your whole family will agree is gorgeous!

Gianna Riley, Gianna Marie, Gianna Rose, Gianna Belle and Gianna Elizabeth are some of the many middle name combinations that fit this name. Gianna is a name that will grow with a little girl as she becomes a child and into adulthood.

We can picture your Gianna to be a loving and sweet little princess. The name Gianna is one that stands out due to its beauty and grace. A Gianna will do great things in this world!

3 Olivia


BabyCenter tells us that the name Olivia means olive tree. Olivia sits at #2 in popularity for the year 2018. This name is loved by many, and it is obvious why!

If you love a name that has nicknames, a little girl named Olivia is often called Liv or Livie. Olivia Lauren, Olivia Valentina, and Olivia Quinn are super cute first and middle name combinations for this name.

We love this name because it sounds elegant and is beyond gorgeous. Your future Olivia will reach for the stars and be successful in whatever she tries to do in life.

2 Brynn

Brynn (also spelled Bryn) means hill, according to NameBerry. Brynn is #329 in popularity according to BabyCenter. This name is gorgeous, and we cannot get enough.

This name is fitting for any little girl. Brynn Elizabeth, Brynn Adeline, Brynn Eve, and Brynn Angelica are some great first and middle name options for this name. This a name that is short and sweet but has so much personality behind it.

We foresee your future Brynn to love art and nature. There is no denying that this name is lovely, and it will make everyone saw “aww!” Brynn is a name that you just can’t go wrong with.

1 Grace

The name Grace, according to BabyCenter, means God's grace and is #29 in popularity. This name is super cute for a little girl and grows well as your Grace grows into a beautiful woman. The name Grace usually gets the nickname Gracie, which is super cute!

This name is short, sweet, and super easy to pronounce and spell. We think your future Grace will conquer whatever comes at her.

Some super pretty first and middle name options for this name are Grace Danielle, Grace Kinsley, Grace Amanda and Grace Eleanor. Grace is a fantastic name choice that will make everyone smile.

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