20 Most Gorgeous Names For A Summer Baby

Bringing a new life into the world during summer means lots of time to enjoy extra relaxation and sunshine with the new bundle of joy!

Summertime is magical, and summer babies deserve names that capture that magic. This season promises long and fun days coupled with mysterious, promising nights. Bringing a new life into the world during summer means lots of time to enjoy extra relaxation and sunshine with the new bundle of joy.

For summer babies, you might want a name that is light and flowing. Names referencing nature can be wonderful for this. The name should be easy to say but still fun and exotic. There are many great summer names here to choose from.

Some of the names here will sound summery and some will have meanings that relate to the season itself. It’s always great to pick a name that isn’t top ten on the popular list… this way the baby will have the chance to blaze his or her own trail. With many of the names, there are different spellings that can be used to emphasize uniqueness and individuality, though the traditional spellings are always a good choice, too.

If you or someone you know is blessed to be having a summer baby, you will definitely want to read on to find out the 20 Most Gorgeous Names For Summer Babies.


Origin: Arabic

Layla came into the limelight thanks to the Eric Clapton song of the same name. This gorgeous name means “night” or “dark beauty” in Arabic. There are also the alternative spellings of Leila, Laila and Laylah. Night time is one of the best parts of summer; there’s bonfires, frolicking on the beach, and romantic moments under the moon. This is truly the perfect choice for a little summer girl.

As far as popularity, Layla currently ranks at number 22. That is up one place from the previous year. Though it is not super rare, the spelling options do give it the chance to be.

Girls with this name are said to be strong, intelligent and hardworking. They make good athletes, writers, and businesswomen. You are likely to find Layla mountain biking or writing an incredible dissertation. Layla will always surprise with her achievements and genuine personality.


Origin: English

Any little girl would be lucky to be named Daisy. This beautiful gem of a name is less popular than you would think! Meaning “the day’s eye” in Old English, the name also means flower - and what a pretty flower it is. Bright and sunny, this is the ultra summer baby name.

The popularity of Daisy is currently ranked at 233. That’s down 18 spots from 2016. Back in the late 1800’s, Daisy was a very popular name and it should absolutely make a comeback. People who like this name also tend to like Violet, Charlotte, Willow, Hazel, and Scarlett.

Girls with this name are said to be independent leaders. They are sensitive and kind but know how to command a room. You can find Daisy pushing herself in everything she does. This name garners a lot of admiration and love.


Origin: Hawaiian

This boy’s name is quickly becoming quite well loved. Meaning “ocean” or “sea” in Hawaiian, Kai is quickly climbing the ranks of the coolest baby names. You don’t have to be an islander to choose Kai, either. Parents of all backgrounds are snagging this adorable moniker.

Popularity for the name is currently 86 this year. That is a jump of 17 places from the previous year. The name is also being used for girls, ranking at 791 for 2017.

People with the name Kai are said to be very sweet, down-to-earth, and laid back. You won’t find Kai stressing or getting upset about almost anything. Kai loves to be out in nature or hanging out with good friends. Wealth and abundance come easily to Kai and happiness is sure to be found around this person.


Origin: Persian

This unique baby boy’s name is Persian and means “the sun.” Cyrus is a strong name and has its roots in Biblical history, as Cyrus was a great conqueror in the Persian Empire. The name sounds badass and summery, and is not one you will hear very often.

This name currently ranks all the way down at 458 this year, up 8 places from 2016. Some people like Cyrus as a girl’s name, but it is very rare (ranked all the way down at 9,662).

People with this name are said to be bold, brave, and levelheaded. They are logical thinkers who value efficiency and physical work. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty or work long hours to get a job done. Cyrus can be sweet and sympathetic, making him a good friend and ally.


Origin: English 

When it comes to beautiful summer names, it doesn’t get much better than the classic girl’s name, Lily. This gorgeous flower name is a favorite among parents who like traditional and girly names that will never go out of style. The name is short for Lillian and Elizabeth and is a symbol of purity and chasteness.

As far as popularity, you can expect Lily to be a favorite for a long time. It currently ranks 18 this year, down 5 places from the previous year. People who like this name tend to like Chloe, Isabella, Grace, and Sophia.

People with the name Lily tend to be creative, soft-spoken and very in touch with their emotions. They always have a lot on their minds and tend to enjoy quiet and nature. Lily is always there to lend a sympathetic ear and makes a wonderful counselor, teacher, artist, or social worker.


Origin: Scandinavian

This name is absolutely stunning for a boy or a girl, though it is much more popular for boys. Meaning “dark haired” or “from Hadria.” Hadria was a northern Italian city, so that is one clue where this came from.

As far as popularity, Hadrian currently ranks 3,688 for boys, up 411 places from 2016. For girls, it is far less common, with a current rank of 17,771. It didn’t come onto the radar at all for girls until 2012.

People with the name Hadrian are very spiritual and interested in helping the world. They tend to be goal-oriented, creative, and determined. When Hadrian sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him. This is a powerful person who knows where they are going in life - that is for certain.


Origin: English

Cute and classic, Oliver is a wonderful choice for a little summer baby. This name means “from the olive tree” and comes from the name Olivier, which is French. Oliver is a rising star lately, and it’s easy to see why. Olive is the female version and is also quite a hit.

The popularity of this name is currently high - it is ranked number 5 this year, up one place from the previous year. If you want something a little different, there is Olive, Ollie, and Olivier to consider. Both genders are now taking this adorable name, too.

People with this name are loving, compassionate, and intuitive. They enjoy helping others and will likely want a profession where they can serve the world. It is likely that they will have lots of friends and be very humanitarian, doing things like teaching, charity work, and mentoring.


Origin: English

It simply doesn’t get more summery than Summer. The meaning of this one is self-explanatory; it’s filled with good vibes and a coolness factor that is through the roof. When you think of Summer, it’s easy to picture a pretty little doll with golden hair and a charming personality.

As far as popularity, this stunner ranked at 211 for 2017. That’s down 24 places from last year. It is a real wonder the name is not top 50.

People with this name are thought to be competent, practical, and hardworking. Success comes easily for Summer and she is very dedicated to every task on the to do list. People with this name make great business associates, nurses, and teachers. Summer can be a workaholic and sometimes needs to be reminded to cherish the moment.


Origin: Greek

If you like rare and unique names that are ahead of the curve, this will be the ideal boy’s name for you. A halcyon is a mythical bird, said to lay her eggs in a floating nest at sea. This bird was said to charm the winds and calm the waves, and the meaning of the name is “calm and peaceful,” just like the perfect summer day.

You don’t have to worry about this name being top 50 any time soon. It last ranked at 12,196 for boys and 15,341 for girls. Some cute nicknames for this stunner are Hal, Hallie and Cia.

People with this name are said to be mature, sophisticated, and capable. They are trendsetters who like innovative jobs and activities. Halcyon can be counted on to rise to any challenge and is a force to be reckoned with.


Origin: Hebrew

Retro and adorable, Susanna is an adorable name for a little summer girl. Susanna comes from the name Susan and means “lily” in Hebrew. It is another gorgeous flower name that is reminiscent of the best time of year.

This year, Susanna ranked at 1,922, down 38 places from the previous year. This name used to be much more popular, from the 60’s to the 80’s. You might remember the fabulous character from the memoir and movie “Girl, Interrupted” having this name…that is who I always think of when I hear it.

Girls with this name are said to be creative, introverted and whimsical. They enjoy the arts and theatre and have a passion to quietly change the world. Susanna is very analytical and detail-oriented and would make a great fashion designer or theatre director.


Origin: Sanskrit

If you’re looking for a hip boy’s name with a deep meaning, look no further than Bodhi. This name means “awakening” or “enlightenment” in Sanskrit. It comes from the Buddhist concept of being in a state of nirvana where one is free from ego, greed, and hate.

The popularity of this name is rising. It is currently ranked 325 this year, up 34 places from the previous year. Bodhi is the perfect summer name because it reflects that heavenly state you feel when you have no worries and a clear, calm mind.

This name became popular thanks to Goldie Hawn’s son, Oliver, naming his son this in 2010. The family is Buddhist and they really paved this way for this name to become a big hit. The spiritual concept of Bodhi is said to be within all of us, meaning awareness and being centered is ideally just an “om” away.


Origin: Irish

This gorgeous Irish boy’s name is a hot choice for the summer months. Meaning “dark-haired,” Kiran has the alternate spelling of Kieran/Keiran and is a great choice for a handsome little chap.

Rising in popularity at a rank of 1,288, Kiran is up 300 places from last year. The girl’s version of this name is Hindu and means “ray of sunshine,” ranking at 3,571 this year. That’s a jump of 901 places, showing it is quickly rising to the spotlight.

People with this name are said to be funny, witty, and popular. They are easy-going with an intuitive ability to stay grounded and down-to-earth. If you want a baby that goes with the flow, this is the optimal choice of names. All the alternative spellings give you some freedom with the spelling, too.


Origin: Latin

When it comes to sunny names filled with light and love, it simply does not get better than Lucy. This name literally means “light” and promises a personality filled with good vibes and smiles.

The popularity of Lucy is currently number 39, down 2 places from the previous year. If you remember the classic hit “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” this song will instantly fill you with nostalgia and happiness.

People with this name are said to be very artistic and talented. You can expect to find Lucy rocking out in an awesome band or painting the next Monet, she is just that exceptional. Lucy makes a loyal friend and coworker and is a talented peacemaker. This is someone who rarely gets angry or upset and always sees the sunny side of life - making this one of the best summer baby names.


Origin: Japanese

Raiden is from the Japanese god of thunder and lightening- Raijin. In Shinto mythology, this god is seen banging his drum, creating storms and loud sounds in the atmosphere. The name was used in the classic game, Mortal Kombat, and that is when it entered mainstream American culture. Talk about a badass name for a stormy summer baby.

The popularity of this name is currently ranked 424. That’s up 57 places from 2016. People who like this name also tend to like Ryker, Rylan, Grayson, Ryland, and Rowan.

People with this name are said to be strong, determined, and focused. This is not the name for someone with a meek or nervous personality whatsoever. You can expect to find Raiden building something magnificent, or leading a team on a creative project that will be very successful. Whatever he does, he does it wholeheartedly.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning “sun” or “peace” in Spanish, Sol is a hot name for a little boy born in summer. There is also the name “Sunny” if you want to take it one step further. For girls, Soleil is a beautiful version of this name. Soleil is French for “sun.”

As far as popularity, Sol currently ranks at 1,975, up 363 places from the previous year. People who like this name tend to like Solomon, Orion, Phoenix, Leo and Roan. This name was quite popular in the early 1900’s and it will likely make a big comeback soon.

People with this name are said to be friendly, musical, and intelligent. They are self-starters who will stop at nothing to create an empire. They know how to win people over with wit and charm and always leave you waiting to see their next move.


Origin: Greek

Beautiful and exotic, Iliana takes the cake for summer girl names. This name has the meaning of “light” in Greek and is a gorgeous choice for any little girl. It’s easy to picture a pretty girl with a bubbly personality having this adorable moniker.

Popularity-wise, Iliana ranks at 795 this year. That is up 98 places from last year. She has been steadily climbing the charts since the 1950’s. People who like this name tend to like Eliana, Lilianna, Emily, Ava and Hazel. There are different ways to spell the name and sometimes the name changes due to cultural or regional influences.

People with this name are said to be adventurous, book smart, and spiritual. You can find them touring about the world’s most famous religious sites or writing the latest and greatest self-help book. This a woman who knows where she’s going in life.


Origin: Latin

A pretty and simple name for a summer girl, Lita means “joyful” and really encapsulates the feeling of summer. Light and sweet, this great name fits almost any little girl.

The popularity of Lita is climbing fast. Ranking at 1,937, Lita jumped a whopping 3,104 places from last year. People who like this name also tend to like Quinn, Cora, Lydia, Ella, Stella and Rose.

People with the name Lita are said to be very easygoing, warm, and down-to-earth. They love nature and making the world a more beautiful place through art, entertainment, or singing. Lita is a sweetheart but she always stands up to injustice. You can find her rescuing animals and serving the needy on her spare time; she is a true humanitarian and friend to all.


Origin: English

A babbling, peaceful brook is just the thing to visit when it’s the middle of summer. This name means “stream” or “running water” and is one of the most serene and summery names you could hope to find.

Currently ranking at 207, Brooke is down 49 spots from 2016. People who like the name also tend to like Paige, Brooklyn, Emma, Avery, Claire and Chloe - other short and sweet names that are very girly.

Girls with the name Brooke are said to be curious, resilient and funny. They get along with everyone and are not easily bothered. You can expect to find Brooke riding horses or thinking up funny jokes to tell her friends. She is well-loved and cares little about material wealth.


Origin: English

Jade is a beautiful and exotic nature name for a girl. It means “gemstone” and is bluish green in color - much like the warm waters of summer. Jade makes you think of diving in to the ocean or a beautiful pool and swimming your cares away.

The popularity of Jade is currently 105 this year. That is up 9 places from the previous year. People who like this name tend to like Jasmine, Alexis, Autumn and Ava.

People with the name Jade are said to be very smart, spiritual, and wise. They are mature beyond their years and always have an air of dignity and grace. You can expect to find Jade opening a business that will be loved by her community and she will go to any lengths to make her customers happy.


Origin: Latin

Marina is a beautiful nautical name that makes you think of enjoyable days on the ocean and trips to exotic places. Marina means “mariner” or “woman of the sea” and refers to a harbor where boats can come in to land or depart on trips. The male version "Merino" is equally gorgeous. 

The popularity of this stunning name is currently 494, up 11 places from 2016. People who like the name Marina also tend to like Mariana, Mila, Sophia, Violet and Madeline. Marina is a classic sounding name that is also modern and chic.

People with this name are said to be very steadfast, devoted and sweet. They have even tempers and know how to weather any storm in life. They make wonderful financial advisors, social workers, and bankers. They intuitively pick up on the patterns and cycles of life and are wonderful assets for any business.

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