20 Most Overused Boy Names Moms Can't Stand Anymore

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is choosing the perfect name. Whether you are having a baby girl or a baby boy, the name you choose is one that will represent them for the rest of their lives; talk about pressure. In a time where millennials are becoming parents, the baby name patterns have certainly shifted from a couple of decades ago.

While I totally appreciate that we are moving away from the more traditional names and more towards interesting names with character and depth, there are some baby boy names that millennials are completely sick of hearing. 5 years ago, when I had my son, these names were just becoming popular or had about 2 years of popularity under their belt. To be completely honest, there are more than a few names on this list that were on my mind when it came to naming my son.

However, fast forward half a decade and I, along with many other millennial moms, are so tired of hearing these names. Even if we’ve chosen these names for our own kids, it’s enough already. I assure you that the graduating high school class 2030 does not need anymore Jayden’s, no matter how cute the name is.

20 Noah

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A name with an incredibly powerful story behind it, Noah is a name that many families are choosing for their baby boys to the point of it losing its attractiveness quite quickly. Noah is a recognizable biblical name and represents the story of the man that was called to build a ship to preserve the Earth. Noah comes from the Hebrew language and means rest, wandering. A beautiful history and story with an equally as beautiful meaning, Noah is a hefty name for a baby boy. It makes sense that it became the number 1 name in 2016. However, I can think of at least 5 baby boys that were given the name Noah in the last 3 years. It is becoming less of a unique name rooted in religion and more of an overused name that millennials are ready to retire.

19 Wyatt

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This name really caught fire when the singer Sheryl Crow named her son Wyatt. Ashton Kutcher and his actress wife Mila Kunis also named their daughter Wyatt as well which is interesting since it’s not really considered a unisex name. It comes from the old English surname meaning brave in war. I totally get why it became a trendy name as it has a classic feel with a modern flow to it. The shorter baby boy names that are still practical were on the rise for millennial moms but are taking a backseat to more creative options. Wyatt is no exception but it’s one of those names that millennials are over. It has been used entirely too much and has lost a lot of it’s charm that made it so popular to begin with.

18 Liam

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A name that certainly has been popular for a couple of decades now, Liam has not shown any signs of slowing down in popularity. Honestly, when I originally heard the name, I thought it had a dash of an exotic or unique feel to it as there weren’t that many people named Liam in my actual life. However, as time has gone on, it’s become one of those names that you hear and you think well, another Liam. Originally, this Irish name was a short nickname for the classic name William but it eventually took off on it’s own and has been breaking the top 10 names for 4 consecutive years. It is definitely a popular name that is still used but it is exhausting to hear. While it’s definitely not a bad name by any means, it is a name with very little room for creativity or originality.

17 Aiden

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I literally can not hear this name for another 10 years. It is just as popular as the names Jayden and Kaden and just as overused. I remember first hearing this name when Jon and Kate plus 8 used it to name one of their sons and I thought it was such a unique name. I’d never heard it before that time and it was totally unique. Fast forward about 10 years and the name has been used an incredible amount among millennials. Aiden has Irish origins and can actually be used for baby girls as well as boys. It is a name that makes sense as to why it’s so popular however, it literally makes me cringe every time that I hear it. It’s not a bad name, it’s just been overused in the last decade and can definitely be put to rest for a while.

16 Mason

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I remember when Kourtney Kardashian had her first son and named him Mason and I think from that moment on, that name has taken off like wildfire. Kourtney, much like the rest of the Kardashian clan, have the ability to influence the masses from lipstick choices to baby names. It’s no wonder that this name has become so popular. It is an incredibly masculine sounding name with a huge hipster feel to it. The meaning, which isn’t as hipster as you’d think, is quite literal as it means worker on stone. It’s a fun and cool name with a strong foundation however, millennials are pretty much done with it and the statistics show that. After it’s boom in the early mid 2000’s, it’s kind of fallen off of the radar.

15 Oliver

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Talk about a classic name that is completely overused; Oliver is a great example. To be honest, it was on my list for names that I wanted to use for my son when I was pregnant but it got the axe. It’s a sweet sounding name of what I imagine to be a baby boy that grows up to be an equally as sweet young man. Like many short and classic boy names, Oliver is quite popular because of it’s old charm and trendy sound. In European countries, Oliver is the number one choice for baby boy names and is becoming increasingly popular here in the United States. However, millennials are pretty much over it. The name Oliver, and it’s ever popular girl version Olivia, has been used as first and middle names way too much over the last decade.

14 Cole

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Unlike a lot of names on this list, Cole is a classic name that has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s simple, rich, stern sounding, and seems like the name of a laidback kind of guy. It’s an English name with the meaning swarthy, coal black which is quite literal. It was popular in the 90’s but it is slowly, but surely, making it’s way back into popularity now. The thing is, though, that it is honestly too boring and plain for the kinds of baby boy names that are seen today. With names like River, Atticus, Dagger being given to baby boys, there really is no place for a name like Cole. When plain names make a comeback, Cole should certainly be at the top of the list.

13 Jayden

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I have this theory that by the time that my son reaches high school, every boy in his class will be named Jayden. This name, without a doubt, is one of the most popular among millennials having children. When it was first introduced, celebrity moms Britney Spears and Jada Pinkett Smith chose the name, with a different spelling, for their baby boys. It regained popularity in the last 7 or so years and has been the name of choice for millennial moms ever since. It isn’t a bad name. Honestly, when I first heard it I thought it was a fun, original sounding name. Now that I hear it non-stop, I think it’s time that we retire it. There are plenty of names out there that sound original, fun, and fresh that are not Jayden.

12 Carter

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Unisex names that are perfect for your baby boy or your baby girl have a special place in my heart. They offer a bit of softness to baby boy names while adding a dash of masculinity to baby girl names. Those types of names really do seem to just work. When I first heard the name Carter, it checked off all of the boxes for the perfect unisex name. It was fun and light and seeing it on paper, you wouldn’t be sure if you should expect a boy or a girl. In 2015, this name was at it’s highest in popularity and to be honest, I am so sick of hearing it. The name is commonly given to both baby boys and girls and has dominated the millennial mothers. I think this is one of those names that, the more you hear it, the less you want to use it.

11 Jackson

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Back in 2012, this name was in my top 3 for my baby boy. I have an affinity for baby names that have a sense of maturity to them. Jackson definitely fits the bill. It still sounds young and joyful but there is still a sturdy, mature feel to it that can grow up with a baby boy as he turns into a man. I ended up not going with this name but it seems like, since 2012, the popularity of this name among millennial moms has skyrocketed. There are a few different spelling variations such as Jaxon and Jaxson but, however you spell it, it is definitely an overused name that should be put away for another decade or 2.

10 Asher

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A highly trendy name with a touch of biblical background, the name Asher practically ruled the baby boy name game for millennials. I totally get it though. The name Asher is short, simple, and strong. It is a name that can grow up with a baby boy as he turns into a young man. The biblical history gives the name have a classical undertone while it also remains fresh and youthful. Interestingly, the name Asher disappeared from the top names list for a long while until the 90’s when it started to appear again. Since 2016, it has been a part of the top baby boy names which is why most millennial moms are tired of hearing it. Asher is a great name but it can be retired for a while.

9 Ryder

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As soon as I hear this name, I think of the coolest kid in kindergarten walking in with a mini leather jacket and sunglasses. It is clearly a fun, edgy, and interesting name for your baby boy. It took off in popularity when Kate Hudson and her rock star husband gave the name to their baby boy in 2004 which is totally fitting for the couple. While it’s more popular as an English last name (think Winona Ryder), it has been increasingly popular for baby boys over the years. The only thing is that we are all so over it. It was a cute and edgy sounding name back in the early 2000’s but since then, there are so many other baby boy names that fit the bill that aren’t over used.

8 Kaden

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A name that is the cousin to the incredibly popular name Jayden, Kaden has literally dominated the name pool for millennials since the early 2000’s. When I first heard it, I honestly thought it was an original name that didn’t sound too out there. However, it seems like from the moment I had that thought, the name has exploded in popularity. It can be spelled a handful of different ways to suit various different preferences. The aspect that I liked about the name Kaden is that it is perfectly unisex. It sounds fun for a baby boy and cool for a baby girl. However, there are more than enough baby boys with the name Kaden and millennial parents. While it is certainly a solid name, it needs some cooling off time for at least a decade.

7 Grayson

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It’s a beautiful sounding name, to be quite honest. It is original, fun, and has a softness to it that can be difficult to come by when it comes to baby boy names. However, it has been taking over the popular name charts for the last couple of years and it’s simply not as sweet as it used to be. Grayson is an old English name with an interesting meaning of the son of the bailiff. Though it doesn’t seem like it, the name has been around since the 80’s and recently has broken the top 40 on the name charts. It supposed to be a more original or spiced up version of the more common name Jason. Sadly, just like the name Jason, Grayson is being overused and millennial moms to be are tired of hearing it.

6 Finn

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When this name first hit the scene in popularity, I was truly in love with it. Finn sounds like a baby boy being raised in a house made with logs and spends his time fearlessly playing with little woodland creatures. For the first couple of years, it was such a unique and sweet sounding baby boy name that a mom could totally fall in love with. It became even more popular after it was given to the character Finn Hudson on Glee played by the late Corey Monteith. While it certainly doesn’t lack any charm or spunk, Finn is a name that has become tiresome to hear and almost cliché at this point. There are many other names out there that evoke the warm energy that Finn does without sounding like every other mom trying to give her baby boy an original name.

5 Sawyer

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This name is very similar in sound and feel to the name Finn. It’s an English name meaning woodcutter which is totally appropriate as it sounds like a name of someone who’d be wearing flannel and chopping firewood. It’s charming and unique but totally overused. It can be given to a baby boy or a baby girl as it’s not overly masculine or feminine. Honestly, when I think of it, I don’t so much mind it being used as a girl name as it is a bit more rare to see. However, as a baby boy name, it is overdone. When I hear that name now, I automatically feel like the parents wanted to give their baby something that sounded special or uncommon without being too wild and found this one in a baby name book. It’s not charming anymore, as it used to be.

4 Declan

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When I hear this name, it sounds like a super elite 5 year old that has a larger vocabulary than me and millennial parents that only shop at Whole Foods. While that may not be the case, the name Declan is very popular in the United States and has been since the late 90’s. I definitely understand why it’s such a popular name as it sounds clean and stern while also being youthful. However, I am incredibly tired of hearing that name altogether. When I first had my son, it seemed like Declan was at the top of every other baby boy names list. I can’t imagine the amount of Declan’s that will be in my son’s first grade class. The name has a history rooted in Irish culture and is actually the name of an Irish Saint.

3 Levi

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Another short, sweet, and millennial favorite name, Levi has been popular among us regular moms as well as celeb moms. Celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Sheryl Crow chose this name for their little boys. It is a name that comes from the Old Testament in the Bible and is the recognizable brand name of the iconic Levi’s Jeans. It’s Hebrew meaning is joined, attached. The sound of the name has a cultural undertone to it that is attractive, understandably. It is a fun and trendy name, however, it has been used entirely too much. It’s a sweet name that is losing all of it’s uniqueness as it’s overused. There are more than enough short, snappy, and unique names for baby boys.

2 Josiah

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Another name rooted in religion, Josiah is actually a name that was popular in the 80’s and I can remember a bunch of kids being named that when I was a kid. Josiah is a more unique and trendy version of the classic names Joseph or Joshua. Josiah has a fun appeal while still being recognizable with a rich, classic undertone. It is so popular that both my brother and my cousin chose the name to give their sons that were born in the same year. The name comes from the Hebrew mean of God supports, heals which is such a sweet and loving meaning. I totally get why millennials go crazy for this name because it’s not too out there but it’s a bit more interesting than your average name.

1 Zane

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While we are talking about exotic and edgy baby boy names, Zane is definitely high on that list. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like this name or it was a name that I wouldn’t consider for my own baby boy 5 years ago. The name Zane means God is gracious and is thought to be a cooler variation of the name John. It has gained popularity over the years with the popular boy band, One Direction, former member Zane came onto the music scene. Unfortunately though, there are so many baby Zane's being born on the daily and that is the kind of name where you should only know of 1 person with it in your everyday life. Since that’s not the case, most millennials are pretty much over it.

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