20 Most Unique Names For A Baby Born This Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to have a baby. The weather is cooling off, the sweaters are coming out, and the promise of pretty foliage hangs in the air. And let’s not forget… pumpkin spice everything. If there is a baby due this fall, there are many fabulous names to pick from, and some of them are custom-tailored to this glorious season.

Most parents know the importance of a name, and it can’t be said enough that choosing a gorgeous name not many others have is an advantageous choice, indeed. There are many benefits to choosing a name with a great meaning and strong first impression, and those blessings will last a lifetime.

Gone are the days settling on a name that is familiar, overused, and boring. Parents are asking for names that really shine, and that is where we come in. We have searched far and wide to find out the very best names for a baby arriving during this special season. Here are 20 of the Most Unique Names For a Baby Born This Fall. Make sure to keep a pencil handy…

20 Crimson

Origin: English

Starting the list is the girl’s name, Crimson. A beautiful (red) color name, Crimson evokes images of turning leaves in the fall. It is a name of the same dark red color, and has an English origin. There is something very lovable about this color name, making it stand apart from the others.

This name is currently 3,368, down 265 places from the previous year. It is a rare name that’s perfect for a little girl filled with beauty and a bold personality. People who like this name also love Ember, Violet, Willow, Hazel, Nova, Aria, Rowan, and Cadence.

People with the name Crimson are said to be thoughtful, wise, and noble. They enjoy reading and the arts and remain levelheaded in all circumstances. Crimson is the friend everyone wants.

19 Aster

Origin: Greek

Aster is a rare and gorgeous choice for a boy or a girl. This name is Greek and is derived from the aster flower. It also means, “star.” This name has strong roots in mythology and history, and the aster flower was a symbol of the Hungarian Revolution of 1918.

This name is currently ranked 4,551 for girls, having spiked 605 places from the previous years. People who favor this name may also love Astrid, Amelia, Clementine, Poppy, Harper, and Isla.

People with this name are said to be lucky, tenacious, and strong-willed. They make wonderful leaders and philanthropists. People will always gravitate toward Aster because this inner light in this person is very strong.

18 Hawthorne

Origin: English

Hawthorne is a baby boy’s name and has an English origin. The right baby girl could possibly pull this off. This perfect name means “lives where the hawthorn hedges grow.” Hawthorne has a strong yet still adorable sound, and brings to mind the cutest little child imaginable.

This fantastic name currently ranks 7,193, down 2,246 places from 2016. People who love this name might also love Wilder, Theodore, Ryder, Noah, Sabastian, Bennett, and Finn.

People with the name Hawthorne are said to be wise, philosophical, and lovers of nature. They love to travel and meet new people, and make friends wherever they go. Hawthorne can easily cheer others up with a witty sense of humor and irony.

17 Phoenix

Origin: Greek

Phoenix is a colorful and powerful baby name for a born in the fall. This lovely name means “bright red” and is the name of a mythical bird that would die only to rise from the ashes and be reborn into many new lives. The name is quite remarkable, and the origin is Greek.

The popularity of this name is currently 243, up 64 places from last year. The name was traditionally male but is now unisex. As a girl’s name, it ranks 374, up 57 places from 2016. People who like this name may also love River, Ryder, Maddox, Knox, Paisley, Piper, Nova, and Sage.

People with the name Phoenix are said to be remarkable individuals. They are very connected to the earth and bond easily with people. They leave a lasting impression and always know how to brighten every situation.

16 Daphne

Origin: Greek

Pretty and feminine, Daphne is a long-forgotten classic that is begging for a comeback. This name is also Greek and means “bay tree” or “laurel tree.” Her strong and sturdy roots make her not only beautiful, but also practical and steadfast.

Daphne currently ranks 439, down 25 places from last year. People who like this moniker may also favor Penelope, Phoebe, Delilah, Chloe, and Stella.

People with the name Daphne are said to be hardworking, down-to-earth, loyal and friendly. They make the best friends you could ever hope to have. If you need someone to get the job done, you can always count on this girl to come through in a pinch. Another amazing thing about Daphne is that she expects nothing in return- only your love and friendship. She is a rare gem, indeed.

15 Rye

Origin: Irish

Here is a great one you may not have ever heard before! Rye is named from the grassy grain, and it also means “King” in Irish. This name is wonderful for its short and sweet sound, its great meanings, and the fact that virtually no one has it.

The popularity of Rye for a boy is currently 5,743 for 2017. That is down a whopping 2,742 places from 2016. For a girl, it doesn’t even rank on the list. There has never been a year where more than 25 girls were named Rye. If you love this name, you may also love Quinn, Reese, Grayson, Riley, Maeve, Jocelyn, Haven and Bella.

People with this name are said to be funny, traditional, caring, intelligent and earthy. They don’t mind getting their hands dirty and will take on any project that brings them inner joy.

14 Ash

Origin: Hebrew

Ash is a beautiful boy’s name that means “happy” in Hebrew and “ash tree” in English. It is another short and sweet name that you aren’t likely to see very often.

Ash can also be a girl’s name, for the right princess. Ash also has that cool and cutting-edge vibe that modern parents crave.

The name Ash currently ranks 1,117 for boys, down 148 places from 2016. For girls, it ranks 5,845, down 2,730 from the previous year. People who love this name may also favor Alexander, Andre, Amos, Willow, Ava, Ashton, Avery, Ivy and Alice.

People with this name are said to be very joyful, sweet, and humorous. They will always be smiley and warm, making them wonderful to have around. They are strong people who can weather any storm life throws their way.

13 Sylvia

Origin: Latin

Sylvia is a beautiful baby girl name that means “of the forest” in Latin. There is also the alternative of Sylvie, which is equally adorable. It’s a true mystery why this gorgeous moniker is not top of the list, but that just gives you a chance to snatch it up!

The popularity of Sylvia is currently 536, up 100 places from last year. If you are having a boy, there is the boy’s version, Sylvio, which ranks 11,289 as of 2015. People who like this name tend to like Lydia, Vivian, Charlotte, Evelyn for girls, and Frances, Caspian, Tristyn, Braylon, and Oliver.

People with this name are said to be spiritual, philosophical, and insightful. They are continuously learning and traveling, and value adventure and growth over worldly possessions.

12 Hunter

Origin: English

Hunter is probably one of my favorites on this list. A classic name, it can be used for girls or boys these days. It is a self-explanatory trade name (a person who hunts), and denotes a person who is observant and swift. It has English and Scottish roots.

For boys, Hunter currently ranks 49 on the list, making it one of the only top 50 name in our collection. Hunter is down 6 places from 2016. For girls, Hunter ranks 802, down 142 places from last year. People who like this name may also adore Reagan, Hadley, Blake, Hayden, Harper, and Harlow.

The name Hunter makes for a bright and smart personality. People with this name are in tune with nature and have strong survival skills. They get along with everyone and are often very charming. What a great name to choose!

11 Scarlett

Origin: English

Scarlett is a pretty baby girl name that means “bright red.” It has been rising in popularity over the last few years, but that doesn’t take away from its unique appeal. This name is English and was first heard in the movie, “Gone With The Wind.”

This name currently ranks 17, up 4 places from the previous year. People who like this name also like Violet, Amelia, Sophia, and Emma.

People with this name are said to be romantic, sharp-witted, and sassy. They make good leaders and are likely to reach success early in life. Scarlett enjoys being the life of the party but can also be found curled up with a good book. She will likely have many hobbies and make many friends in life.

10 October

Origin: English

This awesome unisex name is far from ordinary. A seasonal English name, October is sure to make a lasting impression. The name is easy to say, easy to remember, and just rolls off the tongue.

For girls, October currently ranks 2,220, up 2,333 from the previous year. For boys, it is far less popular, ranking 11,385 as of 2016. Before that, it was barely used, if ever. People who love this name may also love Autumn, Winter, November, Audrey, and Oaklynn.

People with this name are said to be free-spirited, whimsical, and grounded. They enjoy arts and know how to craft beautiful things from found objects. They make wonderful allies and do well serving the community or guiding others.

9 Sparrow

Origin: English

Sparrow is an English nature name that is both adorable and rare. Its meaning is the sparrow bird. You probably will either love this name or immediately decide it’s too “out there” to use. For the right girl, however, this name can be a real winner. Can’t you just picture a petite, raven-haired beauty donning this gorgeous moniker?

This name currently ranks 3,184, up 2,034 places from the previous year. People who like this name will also probably love Hazel, Juniper, Wren, Piper, Rowan and Jade.

People with this name are said to be outdoorsy, introverted, and sharp. They are always one step ahead of their peers and looking for opportunities to help others. They make great outdoor instructors, poets, and teachers.

8 Jora

Origin: Hebrew

Jora is a Hebrew name that is traditionally used for a boy. It sounds like it could be a feminine name, too… right? This name has the beautiful meaning of “autumn rain”, and is a name most people have never heard.

Jora currently ranks all the way down at 12,684, as of 2016. There is no data before that, so it is truly one of the most rare names out there currently. People who love this name also love Deacon, Zev, Jael, Levi, and Adrian for boys. For girls, there is Jori, Joralynn, Jorianna, Odelia, Lexi, and Gianna.

People with this name are said to be hardworking, intelligent, and sweet. They value family and mother earth. They can be found doing conservation work or running a local charity.

7 Aspen

Origin: English

Aspen is a cute and preppy name that is sure to please. Recently unisex, Aspen fits the right boy or girl who has a love of the outdoors and looks great in a cable knit sweater. Can’t you just picture it? This Old English name meaning "aspen tree" is one for the books.

Aspen currently ranks 1,095 for boys this year, up 540 places from 2016. For girls, it ranks 366, up 33 places from the previous year. People who like this name may also love the names Everett, Ashton, Easton, Sawyer, Hazel, Aria, Kinsley, Harper, and Ava.

People with this name are said to be down-to-earth, kind, and humble. They value family over everything and love the outdoors. You can find Aspen fishing or painting out on the porch; this is the name of a true Renaissance person and jack-of-all-trades.

6 Carmine

Origin: French

Carmine is another beautiful color name with ancient roots. Meaning “crimson”, it has roots in various origins, from French and Latin, all the way back to Iberian. The name also means “vineyard, garden, orchard.” What a perfect name for a fall baby!

The popularity of Carmine for girls is currently 15,738 as of 2016, down 150 places from the previous year. For boys, it is more popular, ranking at 1,700, down 268 places from 2016. People who like this name also tend to like Gianni, Giovanni, Enzo, Nico, Marina, Brenna, and Saylor.

People with this name are said to be nice, intelligent and passionate. They probably enjoy cooking, entertaining guests, and planning lavish parties. This is a wonderful person to have in your circle, for sure.

5 Garner

Origin: French

There is nothing more chic for a fall baby name than going French. Garner means “keeper of the grain” in French and is beautiful for a boy or a girl. This name has always been a rare gem of a name and parents will love the fact that their child is likely the only one to have it.

This name currently ranks 11,696 for a boy, and is not even on the charts for girls. If you like this name, you may also love Garnet (or perhaps even prefer that dark red gemstone name instead?!) There are also the names Landrie, Henley, Isley, Faith, Parker, and Willow in the same class of coolness.

People with the name Garner are said to be strong, hardworking, devoted and calm. They have a good head on their shoulders and will always do the right thing.

4 Blaze

Origin: Latin

Blaze is a unisex baby name that is as badass and cool as it is cute and adorable. Meaning “flame” in Latin, Blaze brings to mind the vivid colors of the turning fall leaves. There are different tweaks you can make to the spelling if you really want to get unique with it, too.

The current rank of Blaze is 856, up 186 places since 2016 (for boys). For girls, the name is at 7,792, down 327 places from last year. People who love this name may also favor Blaise, Zane, Gage, Ace, Grayson, Rayne, Maxine and Harmony.

People with this name are said to be spunky, outgoing, and smart. They have boundless energy and are always looking for a fun and exciting adventure. They have charming smiles and are a joy to be around. Perfect for any first-time parent!

3 Sage

Origin: Latin

Sage is a unisex Bohemian name that is really gaining traction in recent years. This name is Latin and means “wise/prophet”, like the wizardly looking old sage you’d see in a fantasy movie, or sage like the spice. There is also the spelling of Saige, which many people love. Sage is perfect for fall because it is rustic and natural, with a cool and crisp sound to it.

The current rank of Sage for boys is 483, up 77 places from last year. For girls, it is ranked 304, up 56 places from 2016. People who love this name may also want to add River, Mason, Kai, Silas, Jasper, Stella, and Nova to their list.

People with this name are said to be intuitive, warm-hearted, and bookish. They have a high attention to detail and are both logical and led by the heart. They love art, fashion, and animals.

2 Octavius

Origin: Latin

There are so many beautiful names from Latin, and Octavius is definitely one of them. This name was always for boys but has now become unisex. Meaning “the 8th”, this name denotes the month of August, right before fall begins, or the 8th child born to a family, traditionally. The name sounds so rich and Shakespearean, it is hard to imagine it not receiving maximum praise and approval from all.

This name currently ranks 4,710 down 2,313 since the previous year (for boys). For girls, it ranks below 15,000th. People who love this name may also love Augustus, Victor, Alexander, David, and Ephraim.

People with this name are said to be natural rulers, with many admirers in their lives. They are charming, easy-going, and know how to woo any crowd. They may have an inclination to music and dance.

1 Cedar

Origin: English

Last but certainly not least, Cedar is one cool name that can be for a boy or a girl born in the fall. Cedar makes us think of cups of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows, heavy sweaters, and dates in the park. Originating from English, this name means “cedar tree”, and sounds almost as good as it smells.

Currently ranking 2,222 in 2017, Cedar is up 779 places for boys names. For girls, it is ranked 12,501, down 7,948, making it super rare. People who love this name may also want to snag Sky, Meadow, Reese, Cora, and Ember.

People with the name are said to be interesting, witty, and remarkable. They are always cracking jokes and greeting life with an open mind and inexhaustible energy. This is someone to take with you to that new yoga class or to keep you company at a funeral- they always know how to lighten the mood and make others smile.

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