• 20 Mother-Daughter Zodiac Combinations That Will Be A Perfect Match

    Mother Nature comes with rewards and mysteries that only she can explain and she’s not sharing. One of the biggest mysteries lies within the way in which a mother might have a relationship full of strife with one child with their temperament simply not meshing. Meanwhile, the other child will in all ways be her soulmate, with everything about them matching, from their likes and dislikes to their love for adventure. These two are partners in crime and their relationship is absolutely perfect.

    This mother is left mystified and unsure as to why she has trouble with one and not the other. The art of stargazing has been practiced since time immemorial. Stories are told of stargazers who used the stars to predict the birth of a king and followed the stars to know exactly where the king had been born.

    Even in modern days, there are many people who prescribe to this belief and use the horoscope to understand the ins and outs of their life. We lean on astrologers to understand the relationship between us and our daughters, which can best be summed up as love, hate, pride, strife and downright earth shattering all rolled up in one.

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    Taurus & Scorpio
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    The earth mother is the best mother a Scorpio girl could ever ask for and according to Horoscopes.com, this mother has a breeze parenting a Scorpio. She is dependable and responsible and when it comes to her children, she takes no prisoners. She gives them the best and fights all their battles. The Taurus mother has disciplined children. Mix the earth mother with a Scorpio daughter and theirs is a match made in heaven.

    Their relationship is sweet stability, with a Taurus mother as her rock and best friend, she has someone to always lean on. Her mother’s logical nature makes for a little irritation, but it gives her the strength to face anything and come out on top.

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    Virgo & Pisces
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    The realistic Virgo mother gives rock solid advice and is often known for her desire to have a peaceful and calm environment. The Virgo mother likes to make a safe nest for her children and when coupled with her Pisces daughter, theirs is a perfect world.

    This daughter will love her mom to bits, especially because she will always be there with the right answers to all her questions. "They like having a smart mom," says Annabel Gat, astrologer at Broadly. The Virgo mommy is a hero for the Pisces daughter and she loves the fact that she can lean on her whenever she needs her, but she will always fight to get a little breathing space.

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    Capricorn & Cancer
    Via: People Magazine

    The Capricorn mother is cautious and grounded with a hawk-like attitude towards her kids and those who surround them. The mother-daughter duo is incredibly curious with a zest for knowledge. The Cancer daughter is fascinated by the past, as well as family and the pair is always looking for learning material, either about their family tree or documentaries

    This tight-knit pair compliments each other, with the mother pulling the daughter from the past to the present. The active thinker daughter needs a companion who can dissect the things that occur in her life, as well as others and she finds this in her Capricorn mother.

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    Gemini & Aries
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    The air sign is able to fan her water sign daughter and propel her through life without a hitch. When younger, the Aries daughter is a peach and easy to handle, complimenting her Gemini mothers love for life and new things. As she grows older, her desires diversify and the mother-daughter shared love of new and exciting things puts a little dent into their relationship with the air daughter becoming a lot more daring while the mother is a lot more cautious and calculated.

    The Gemini mother has to re-learn and loosen the reigns at this age and support the big girl, hoping she has learned well from her.

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    Libra & Leo
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    Opposites attract and a Leo daughter and Libra mother are as opposite as can be with Leo’s confident nature complimenting Libra’s cautious nature. The Libra mother will reign in her daughter and keep her grounded as she yearns to blaze a trail and conquer all.

    The Leo child will disrupt and put a thrill into the Libra parent's quiet and orderly life. This laid-back mother will find a way to put a thrill into her life when her daughter drags her on that weekend adventure up a cliff or on a backpacking trip through Europe. The Libra mother should go with the wind even as she watches over her child.

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    Aquarius & Sagittarius
    via: familyeducation.com

    The Sagittarius daughter comes with a lot of energy and is a thrill seeker who likes things fast and stimulating. This daughter wants what she wants like yesterday and loses interest in everything as soon as she has had it. Aquarius mother will be the grounding element that helps her keep her attention and ensure she does not lose her focus.

    The best thing is that mom is quite the good pupil and she has the patience to learn and it's a good thing because the Aquarius mother has enough patience for both of them. Above all, what this daughter needs is an encouragement and the relationship between mother and daughter becomes priceless.

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    Cancer & Taurus
    Via: Daily Mail

    The bond between the cancer mother and the Taurus daughter is amazing and theirs is the tightest of relationships with the highest level of compatibility. These two are the best of friends with all their desires and temperaments matching to a tee.

    The Taurus daughter abhors boredom and the cancer mother can prevent this by giving her daughter a new and exciting thing each week to keep her imagination alive. The Taurus child learns better from physical experience rather than from words or books. The best thing is that everything they do will never bring strife between them as they both like the same thing.

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    Aquarius & Gemini
    Via: Vancouver Mom

    These two are bonded together by their shared intellectual prowess. The duo craves knowledge and while other children fight school and learning, the Gemini child will be fighting to learn and get an education at quite an early age. The two bond over books and scientific inventions as opposed to outdoor games and days out, even as their wealth of knowledge expands.

    There shared a love of knowledge and mental skills can be boring though. An occasional day out or physical activity will reduce the predictability of their time together and offer some form of mental stimulation to complement their IQ.

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    Pisces & Capricorn

    This pair will learn and grow from each other. The Capricorn child is laid back and prefers to live in his own world, being an analytical and creative thinker. The Capricorn child adores the technical aspects of life and prefers not to waste his time playing with children his age.

    The Pisces mother is outgoing and is the perfect parent to draw the child out of herself and into the world of the living. She will be able to bring out the creative side of her child and empathetically comfort and guide the child who can easily get overwhelmed by the things their mind can achieve.

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    Libra & Aries
    Via: Pinterest

    The Libra mother is a bit laid back with a desire for calm, quiet and peaceful existence. While the Aries daughter blazes through life with an undying curiosity and zest for life. The Aries child will be what the Libra parent needs to disrupt her comfort zone and bring out the intrigue in her with her curiosity about life and the surroundings.

    The Libra mother will help the Aries child acquire a sense of boundary and security, which her fierce nature lacks. When these two signs come together on equal footing, then their relationship will blossom as they both learn from each other.

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    Leo & Gemini
    Via: Food Revolution Network

    This mother-daughter combo seems like one that would spell trouble from the onset. The Leo mother has a strong personality, while the Gemini child comes with a silent personality and an IQ that is unmatched.

    Gemini daughter analytically tries to slowly learn her way around and find her footing in a manner the Leo parent finds a too slow. It is imperative that she tampers her controlling nature and guides her daughter through life and keeps her close as she encourages her through every milestone achieved. Falling and rising up again wiser and smarter is how the Gemini child learns and grows.

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    Virgo & Taurus

    The Taurus daughter is quite confident and easy going with a strong determination, almost matching that of a Leo. The Virgo-Taurus combination meshes quite effortlessly, both preferring to stay on the tried and tested path. The mother and daughter can learn to enjoy and explore things together and even learn.

    Their protective nature towards family creates an unbreakable bond between them, turning them into each other's best friend, ally, and cheerleader. Caution should be taken to prevent them from falling into a rut and this can be achieved by trying new things together and exploring the world outside of the familiar.

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    Aries & Aquarius

    The Aries mother is a propagator of independence, being highly independent herself. The Aries mom is new age and eternally youthful. She embraces life and is highly ambitious. This complements the Aquarius daughter who is just as ambitious and fun loving.

    This duo is highly social and there is a lot of fun between the two of them. The Aries mother does not take life too seriously and the mundane things like teeth brushing may slip her mind, but she will always be there for her daughter. The best friend a girl can have is her mother and this combo will always have the best friendship all their life. According to Speaking Tree, for the Aries mother, raising an Aquarius daughter is a smooth ride.

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    Leo & Aquarius

    The Leo mother is a born leader, so it comes as no surprise to find she is the president of the PTA at her daughter’s school. She is the fun mother too, who will be right next to her daughter getting her boogie on while at a rock concert or screaming her lungs out in a bouncy castle.

    The Leo mother will push her daughter to achieve in business or take that summer internship abroad. According to World of Moms, this mom will influence her child to chase her dreams. This duo will have the best of times together and they will be each other’s best friend and confidante. They will always walk together and have each other’s backs.

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    Sagittarius & Gemini
    Via: minitwinnie.com

    When the fire sign meets the air sign it's going to be a rock solid combo. The fire sign mother is a true role model and chances are she has more than one degree under her sleeve. She is an affectionate, but not an overly cuddly mother who is a bit restless and yearning to discover. The Gemini child is cool and fun loving and quite social, which means she may wind up as a cheerleader.

    Mom will push her daughter to achieve as much as she can and the daughter will strive to reach the same heights. The two infuse fun into their relationship and they will explore and discover new things together.

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    Sagittarius & Libra
    via: obsessedbyportia.com

    The Libra daughter values a mother she can talk to about the world and what it’s like to be out there and preferably from their mother’s experience. This daughter is quite supportive of her mother and she wants to see her achieve for herself and make a name.

    The go-getter mother will have lots of support from her Libra daughter who will always be her greatest cheerleader and who will always be in awe of her mother's great accomplishments. This mother will watch her daughter grow into a strong woman who is quite accommodating. The Libra will love her Sagittarius mother who is quite accommodating herself.

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    Virgo & Cancer
    mother daughter tutus. family portrait | tutus | pinterest | tutu - My Blog

    According to Elle, the Virgo mother enjoys staying in a calm environment. This compliments her Cancer daughter who is more often than not, a highly emotional girl who needs mama to solve her issues when she gets into a bind. The logical Virgo will be the calming ground that will offer her daughter a resting place every time she needs it.

    The good thing about this mom is that she will teach her child to find her own inner calm so that she is not so dependent on her. This relationship is quite stable and these two women will be each other’s best friend for all eternity.

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    Scorpio & Capricorn
    Via: Picbear

    Capricorns are no-nonsense and traditional perfectionists and their relationship with their water sign mother is heaven made. Capricorns prefer predictability and consistency and they get discouraged easily, especially if they do not get approval for what they do.

    The Scorpio mother adores her daughter and she lets her get away with most mistakes. This gives the Capricorn girl a safe place to grow, explore, make mistakes and learn. The Capricorn girl wants success, while the Scorpio mom is there to tamper her ambition and smell the roses. These traditionalists make a cozy nest and can be together for life.

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    Pisces & Taurus
    via: cyndispivey.com

    A Taurus daughter is quite social and she gets along with everybody. She is a social animal who has lots of friends and is quite outgoing. This daughter will keep pushing her mother to take care of herself and get some of that self-love. Once she does, her daughter will soak in some of that positive vibe.

    The Pisces mother absorbs her child's problems and is the kind of mother who will be taking care of boo-boos well into the wee hours of the morning. These two have a nurturing nature and combined, they bring the best out of each other.

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    Cancer & Cancer
    Via: mulpix

    The cancer daughter wants her mom to have the best and be the best. She wants her to find her inner fierce and run with it. According to Broadly, the Cancer daughter is proud of her mother. "The Cancer needs to see that their mom is social and going out and doing things and having a life."

    Cancers are quite nostalgic, but her mom who comes with a lot more experience, will pull her out of her slump and focus on the future. Cancer moms can be quite intimidating to their children and it takes quite a bit of probing to ensure that the Cancer child does not hide her fears from her.

    References: Vice, Elle, Worldofmoms, Horoscope, Speakingtree

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