20 New Mom Things That Have Already Been Recalled This Year

No mom wants to hear the word "recall" — especially a new mom. First-time parents are understandably concerned about nearly everything their baby comes into contact with, and experienced parents also have these fears, too, which is exactly why recall lists are so important. It might be surprising to hear that although we're only several months into the new year, there have already been plenty of recalls on things that new moms would likely be using. Anything from crib rails to foods has been under fire lately for contamination or unsafe hardware, and we're here to deliver the deets on each one.

Some of these products may have even been purchased years prior and are only coming to light now with a recall, which is even more nerve-wracking. While a parent shouldn't be overly worried about every baby product they have purchased having a potential recall, it is something to be wary of. One can never be too sure and when it comes to designing a product; we're only human. However, the fact that we're only human shouldn't stop us from being diligent and smart about checking to see what's been called back and what hasn't. To ease every mom's mind a bit, here are the most recent things that have been issued a recall as of 2019.

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20 Hot Moms Boom09 Bed Rails: A Hazard To Sleeping Baby


Obviously, the railings on a bed are undeniably important when it comes to babies and young children. They help kids to keep from rolling off the bed and ensure that they can sleep easily. The Hot Moms Model Boom09 recently had a recall for these exact things that are intended to keep your child safe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it was recalled for "violation of Federal Standard for Portable Bed Rails," and are now deemed faulty. The company is issuing a refund for anyone who has them in their home. There have been no issues reported as of yet but they're faulty in design and out of roughly 500 units, the company is requesting that parents call for their money back.

19 The Honest Company Baby Wipes: At Least They're Honest About Potential Mold


The Honest Company is definitely all about being honest about everything, including their latest recall on baby wipes due to possible mold contamination. Customers who have the baby wipes in possession are being offered a full refund, as the company is recalling the baby wipes voluntarily. Although the mold—if there are any products affected—is not likely to be harmful, the company has recalled the products on the basis of refusing to put anything but perfection on store shelves. We tip our hats to them for doing the right thing and the barcodes for suspected affected products can be found on their site.

18 Gerber Pasta Pick-Ups: Bad For Babies With Egg Allergies


While there was nothing wrong with these pasta pick-ups from Gerber, which is a company that usually takes full precautions in their products, they have been mislabeled. According to Parents.com, Gerber is voluntarily recalling the product due to the fact that "egg" is not listed under the "contains" section of the ingredient list. While egg is an ingredient listed on the overall list, the "contains" list is reserved specifically for ingredients that cause well-known allergies such as wheat, dairy, etc.

If your child does not have an egg allergy, then the food is safe; however, if they do, this product should be removed from their meal plans immediately.

17 Britax B-Agile And BOB Motion Strollers: The Car Seat Can Actually Fall Out


Car seats are worrisome in general. What's even worse than a general concern about your child's well-being in the backseat is the even bigger concern of their car seat malfunctioning. The seats on both the Britax B-Agile and the BOB Motion Strollers are being recalled over the potential for faulty mechanisms, leading to the car seat not properly remaining in place. This can lead to the child potentially falling out or shifting into an unsafe position which is obviously something no parent wants while driving. Out of 700,000 units sold, 33 resulted in cases where the seat fell out from the stroller and, sadly, 26 out of the 33 children were somehow injured in the ordeal.

16 Oball Rattles: Those Tiny Beads Are Not So Harmless


This was definitely a disappointing item to have on this list because Oball rattles are such a common infant toy. They're so common, in fact, that they were recently one of Amazon's best sellers. Unfortunately, nothing is foolproof and that's not limited to rattles that contain small piece. While the noise a rattle makes is excellent for a baby's deduction and reasoning skills, it's not so great if the toy happens to break. The tiny beads inside are nearly microscopic when compared to baby toys that are actually safe and in the event that it did, they look no different than tiny pieces of candy to a baby.

15 Lactalis Nutrition Santé Baby Formula: Possibly A Salmonella Contamination


A formula company based in France recently issued a recall for their products, which happens to be the second recall in under two years. The recall is due to the potential for salmonella contamination which can pose serious life-threatening problems for infants. Four babies fell susceptible to the suspicion toward the end of the previous year, resulting in the recall that came about this year. They were all hospitalized and an investigation is ongoing to figure out exactly what happened and which products were fully affected. Until the recall is over, customers who have this brand of formula should get rid of it immediately.

14 Infant Ibuprofen: A Bit Too Strong For An Infant


While Ibuprofen isn't always the safest thing, anything that's labeled 'baby-safe' is usually implied to be, well, safe for a baby. That wasn't the case for infant Ibuprofen sold in CVS, Walmart, and Family Dollar stores, as it was later found to be a bit stronger than originally labeled. The products have immediately been recalled and, thankfully, no further illnesses reported as a result of the strengthened med. Specific product identifications can be found on Good Housekeeping along with detailed instructions on what to do if your child has taken this recently. The best thing to do is discard the product immediately and switch to an alternative, doctor-approved brand.

13 Shermag Convertible 4-In-1 Crib: It Can Actually Fall Apart


A crib is something that no parent ever wants to find on a recall list, especially one that is so seemingly well-made and solid. The Shermag Convertible 4-in-1 crib has been recalled due to faulty hardware that can actually lead to the collapse of the crib. This would obviously result in very serious injury to the children sleeping inside and anyone with this crib should stop using it immediately. A total of 2,956 units have been recalled so far and anyone with this model will receive a refund for the crib. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported at this point but the company is still taking precaution against any potentially faulty hardware design.

12 Skip Hop Convertible High Chair: The Seat Is Meant To Remain Attached To The Legs


There's something about faulty hardware and unstable bases this year, it seems. The Skip Hop Convertible High Chair, according to Consumer Affairs, is being recalled due to legs that can come apart from the chair itself. This would result in the seat being un-sturdy and unsafe for any child and can potentially lead to a serious injury. Luckily, although the company has received 17 reports of the legs becoming unattached, there have been no injuries to the children who sat in them. Customers who have this model (model numbers can be found on the Consumer Affairs site) can expect to receive either a full refund or a redeemable e-gift card.

11 LÍLLÉbaby Baby Carrier: A Not-So-Secure Way To Hold Your Baby


Baby carriers make trips much more convenient and easy when it comes to carrying your baby but sometimes, it's the baby carrier itself that poses the problem. LÍLLÉbaby has recalled roughly 6,600 Active Series baby carriers at this point due to several reports of the shoulder strap slipping, thus affecting the reliability of the carrier's ability to actually hold a baby in place. Of the three cases that were reported, there were thankfully no injuries. Parents who have one of these Active Series carriers will likely be notified via email but are urged to call LÍLLÉbaby in order to receive a full refund for the product.

10 Crate And Barrel Holiday Bear Acrylic Milk Bottles: Prone To Cracking


Yikes, this is pretty worrisome. Crate & Barrel has always been praised for their high-quality products and chic style but just as with any other company, none are flawless. Their plastic Holiday Milk Bottles happened to be their downfall last month when they were recalled for a fault straw mechanism. The issue came about in a report from one consumer who claimed that the straw broke during use, rendering the bottle itself unusable but also unsafe. Since this is mainly a children's product, the company has issued an immediate recall and is offering money back for all bottles that have been purchased.

9 Target's Cat & Jack Unicorn 'Chiara' Toddler Boots: The Unicorn Is Hornless


A unicorn without its horn is, well, simply just a funny-looking horse, right? We're wishing that was the only problem with these boots from Chiara (sold in Target stores) but unfortunately, it is not. The horn on this seemingly cute unicorn has been reported faulty and can fall or rip off, resulting in a choking hazard for young children. It just goes to show that not all cute things are safe and many parents wouldn't expect this kind of thing from products that are usually so well-made. It seems that this unicorn has neared the end of its reign but don't worry, Target has plenty of other adorable (and safe) toddler boots.

8 Trader Joe's Applesauce: Glass Shards Are Not An Ingredient


There are plenty of surprising recalls on this list including one from none other than Trader Joe's, a well-loved grocery store. Trader Joe's is voluntarily recalling their First Crush Unsweetened Gravenstein Apple Sauce, Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce, and All Natural Unsweetened Apple Sauce. It's a frightening thing to think that something as potentially harmful as glass shards could be in something that we feed our children, which is why Trader Joe's has taken this extra precaution.

Parents with this applesauce in their homes can find the barcode identification on the company's website to cross-reference. While there are no definitive findings as of yet, it's far better to be safe rather than sorry.

7 ALEX Jr. Baby Builder Blocks: A Recent Discovery Claims They're Unsafe


While ALEX Jr. Baby Builder blocks are a blast for young toddlers to play, they might not be the best option for those with mouthy children. The blocks are an excellent way to encourage hand-eye coordination and logic skills but have been recalled due to being a choking hazard. Kids who put anything and everything in their mouths could potentially end up in some trouble with these blocks which aren't microscopic, but they're not exactly large, either. Thankfully, there have been no cases of this but there have been 22 reported cases of toy parts breaking off and then becoming a serious hazard.

6 Little Wishes Summer Plush Pacifier Holders: They Do More Breaking Than Holding


The number of products that Hobby Lobby is recalling for this rattle holder is monstrous, at roughly 13,000 units. The Little Wishes Summer Plush Pacifier Holders are being recalled on account of their safety issues when it comes to breaking. The units in question were sold in the spring and summer months of 2016 and it's just coming to light now how unsafe they actually are. The product is prone to certain pieces breaking off which then become a hazard to small children who wouldn't know any better. Specifically, the Blue Whale and Pink Octopus are the rattle holders in question.

5 Zutano Infant Cozie Booties: Babies Can (And Will) Chew On Everything


This is an interesting recall as it's not the actual booties that have been affected, but the non-slip pads on the bottom of them. While the Zutano booties have been praised for both comfort as well as a proper fit (not to mention, they're totally cute), the company has issued a recall. Certain models have non-slip foot pads that might be prone to coming off, leading to a choking hazard if a child gets their hands on one. It's a precautionary measure since you can never really be too sure what your child is picking up when your back is turned, and one that we applaud.

4 Vivi & Tom Puree: Potential For An Unsuspecting Illness


Many enjoy all-natural purees for their children because they feel that they can trust the ingredient list. Unfortunately, Vivi & Tom, one of those companies, has issued a recall recently due to the potential for botulism growth. This is obviously a very harmful word to throw around but the good news is that the recall was issued immediately.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency posted their full findings along with a report stating that the way the food is packaged could potentially be conducive to the growth of the bacteria. The company has recalled 11 products and while there are no images or barcode references for them, it's best to throw away anything suspicious.

3 Dollar Store's Baby Gripe Water: A Mysterious 'Citrus Flavonoid'


The rule of thumb is that if you can't pronounce it, you probably shouldn't eat it. While there are many things that we ignore this rule for (half of all junk food, for example), this one should be listened to. Dollar General's Baby Gripe Water has recently been recalled due to a mysterious ingredient called 'citrus flavinoid' which can remain undissolved in the product, according to USA Today. While there's nothing significantly threat-posing for children who have taken it, it can be challenging to swallow for young babies who have trouble swallowing as it is. The product should be discarded to avoid the potential for any hazards while taking the gripe water.

2 Century Products Infant Child Seat: An Oldie But Definitely Baddie


According to Consumer Affairs, the Century car seat (any units sold between January of 1991 and July of 1997) is being recalled for a faulty handle. The photo above is not indicative of any specific Century car seat but those who have seats created within the date range listed should stop using them.

The handles have, apparently, fallen off, resulting in a safety hazard to the children being carried in them. The company is offering handle replacements to those who wish to keep their car seat, along with a specific set of instructions for proper installation of the new hardware.

1 Dollarama Little Princess Toy: Phthalates Are The Problem


The term 'phthalates' isn't something that you'd normally want or expect to hear when it comes to baby toys. Consumer Affairs has reported that Dollarama is recalling the MONTOY Little Princess Doll due to reports of high levels of phthalates detected. This chemical can be potentially harmful to young children and if this doll is in your home, it should be discarded immediately. The company is urging customers to call if they have any concerns, and the dolls themselves can be returned, without the receipt, to any store they've been purchased from for a full refund. The affected dolls can also be found on the Consumer Affairs website.

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