20 New Pregnancy And Labor Trends That Doctors Do Not Recommend

Maybe it’s just the fact that social media can spread trends like wildfire, maybe it’s the fact that women are more open about what they go through nowadays when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, maybe it’s because more and more people are becoming extra conscious of what they put into their bodies—either way, it seems like there are a ton of new pregnancy trends popping up every day. How do expecting moms know what they should incorporate into their routines, and what they can basically just ignore? It can so tough to figure it all out—there is just so much information out there, and some of it is so contradictory.

Especially since so many women are now becoming interested in holistic health and natural birth, new research is coming out all the time about which pregnancy trends are going to have staying power. Of course, moms are going to be curious about which of these trends could actually help them have a healthier pregnancy. But who really has the time to research all of these new developments on their own? Going through all of that info is time consuming! Here are 20 new pregnancy trends that doctors don’t recommend.

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20 Following Certain Celebrity Pregnancy Fads


Let’s be real here for a moment—while there are plenty of celebrity moms who mean well when they share their experiences with pregnancy on social media, celebs are also known for spreading some pretty questionable health trends. According to Women’s Health, celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have posted openly about following pregnancy trends like taking certain personalized supplements that are not proven to be effective at all, and would be rather pricey for the average woman to even have made. Word of thumb? If a celeb is posting about a pregnancy trend, it’s best to consult with a doctor before trying.

19 Lotus Births


What exactly is a lotus birth? Not everyone is too familiar with this term, even though this trend is actually growing. According to Mama Natural, the phrase “lotus birth” refers to the practice of leaving the umbilical cord intact after childbirth until it falls off naturally. Is this healthy for the baby? Not really—it is absolutely unnecessary—and what’s worse, it could actually be harmful the baby. This is because this practice comes with an increased risk of infection. For any mamas to be out there, just know that this is one trend that doctors definitely do not recommend.

18 Intense Workouts Throughout Pregnancy


This is another trend that only seems to have become more popular thanks to celebs and an growing focus on overall “wellness.” According to Baby Centre, it seems as though more women nowadays are continuing with intense workout plans throughout pregnancy. While it is totally fine for women to continue to exercise during pregnancy, there is a reason that doctors generally recommend sticking to some sort of limit. Too much stress on the body can be harmful to both mother and baby. It is definitely best for moms to take it easy when it comes to working out during pregnancy.

17 Taking Photos During Labor


According to Women’s Health, some midwives and doulas are basically having mini photoshoots during home birth while mothers are in labor. Of course, it is completely up to the woman how she wants things to proceed during her home birth, but doctors feel that this can be distracting and even dangerous.

Women should not be worrying about how they look in photos while they are bringing human beings into the world. It just adds another layer of unnecessary stress to the whole situation, which is already very difficult on a physical and emotional level. It’s not really a time for photos.

16 “Free Birth” Without A Doctor Or Midwife


Yea, it doesn’t take much explaining or even a medical degree to understand why this is basically asking for trouble! According to Self, the trend of “free birth,” which means giving birth at home without a doctor, midwife, or doula present, is not a smart idea for the mom or the baby. This means that if there are any medical troubles that occur, she will not have someone with medical knowledge to assist her and help her recover in a healthy way. It’s safe to say that a woman is always better off with some sort of medical professional to help.

15 Going Out During Pregnancy

Who knows why this trend of moderate adult beverages during pregnancy is becoming more popular? It doesn’t seem to make any sense—after all, we have known for some time that drinking during pregnancy is clearly not safe—but for some reason, it is becoming more common. According to Mama Natural, it seems like some women are being a bit more lax about it these days. But remember, this is one area where you definitely do not have to feel pressure to follow the crowd. When it comes to your baby’s health, it is always best to be on the safe side.

14 Live-Streaming Childbirth


Nowadays, it seems like there is social pressure to put anything and everything on the Internet—and it looks like women are even putting their birth videos online! According to The Bump, there has been a trend of women uploading their “birth stories” to share on social media, with some even going as far as to livestream these moments. This is just one of those things that puts pressure on the mom to “perform” at a time when she should be able to let herself go and not worry about what she looks like or what people would think of her.

13 Extravagant Gender Reveal Parties


Now, there is nothing wrong with being excited when you find out if your baby is going to be a girl or a boy—but some people do have concerns about the nature of gender reveal parties. According to Mama Natural, some are critical of gender reveal parties because they do tend to set up expectations for what the couple’s son or daughter will be like. Not all little boys will want to wear blue and play sports, and not all little girls will want to wear pink and be princesses. Kids should be free to be themselves, no matter what.

12 Using Laughing Gas During Labor


Alright, this particular trend is not actively harmful to the mother or baby, but it may not be as effective as the method that it is supposed to replace. According to The Bump, some women are now using laughing gas as a form of pain relief during labor rather than going for the epidural. While it actually is effective as a safe form of pain relief, it is not quite as effective as the epidural. Women who want some serious relief should still choose to go for the epidural rather than laughing gas, even though it is a bit more invasive.

11 The HypnoBirthing Technique


So, it’s totally fine if you’re wondering, “What on earth is hypnobirthing?” Well, it’s okay if you have some questions! According to Wellness Mama, this technique is taught by some doulas and midwives, and it is often practiced at birthing centers. Basically, it involves using certain breathing and visualization methods to help the mother relax and feel less pain during childbirth. While this is not harmful, it is also totally ineffective for some women. At the end of the day, women need to have realistic expectations for methods like hypnobirthing. It is not a cure all for pain relief during childbirth.

10 Increasing Popularity Of C-Sections


Let’s start by acknowledging that for some women, having a C-section is just not debatable. It is a medical necessity if they want to have a healthy baby, and that is just fine. But according to What to Expect, the rate of C-sections has been going way up in many developed countries—higher than many medical professionals would say is really necessary. Yes, this is a routine procedure, but it is still an invasive surgery, and midwives often have lower rates of C-sections than doctors in hospitals. There are definitely some C-sections that are done unnecessarily.

9 Strict Eating Habits During Pregnancy


Perhaps this is happening as a result of more women getting interested in overall wellness and “clean” eating, but whatever the root of it may be, it is clearly becoming a problem.

According to Baby Centre, doctors say that while some current healthy eating trends can be perfectly healthy, for the most part pregnant women simply need to follow food safety guidelines, eat a balanced diet with some extra calories, and treat themselves sometimes when they have those cravings. But counting calories and restricting their meals too much? Not the best idea—both mom and baby need more nutrients during pregnancy.

8 Be Careful With Herbal Teas


Yes, it’s clear that herbal teas are gaining in popularity these days—according to Wellness Mama, there are so many different kinds of herbal teas that have all kinds of great medicinal properties, from soothing anxiety to balancing hormones to settling an upset stomach. But the truth is that now, some physicians are saying that in order to be on the safe side, it might be better to steer clear of herbal teas during pregnancy. The fact of the matter is that doctors do not know what effect each variety could have on a pregnant woman—it’s better to be careful.

7 Having Children Over The Age Of 35


There are so many completely valid reasons behind the trend of women waiting until later in life to have children. They have more career and educational opportunities, they may want to travel first, they might want to save more money, and they might simply not feel ready until later. And all of those reasons are valid! But according to Baby Centre, waiting until after 35 to have children can definitely be risky, because fertility tends to start dropping off after that age. It’s important for women to think about this when they begin to consider getting married and having kids.

6 Social Media Accounts For Unborn Babies


Yes, it seems like everyone from your grandma to your best friend’s dog has to have at least one social media account these days—it’s just the way the world works now, right? And what’s the harm in using social media? Well, according to The Bump, now it is even becoming common for unborn babies to have social media accounts (which are run by their parents, of course).

Everyone from doctors to experienced parents recommends against this. Parents-to-be should not be posting pictures of their kids for strangers online who they do not know. It’s just too risky.

5 Putting On Makeup Before Labor


With everyone posting photos of everything under the sun on social media these days, this is just another one of those trends that seems to be becoming more and more popular as time goes on. According to The Bump, women are putting on makeup before going into labor because they know that their next few hours will probably be photographed (or even filmed!) and posted publicly. As you might already be able to guess, this becomes an issue because this is just another thing that will cause women to put pressure on themselves to look a certain way during labor.

4 “Crowding” The Delivery Room


Overall, it’s usually considered a good thing that it is totally normal now (and typically encouraged) for dads to be in the delivery room when their wives give birth. But according to Women’s Health, it is also becoming more common for women to essentially end up with a ton of family members in the delivery room with her, which is referred to as “crowding” the delivery room. And this can end up being really stressful for the mother! Having so many people around can be so intimidating—women should really have the final say in how many people can be there.

3 Taking Lots Of Supplements During Pregnancy


Yes, it seems like there are countless supplements on the market these days that promise to do all sorts of things, and there are plenty that are geared towards women. But according to Baby Centre, taking lots of supplements during pregnancy could mean that you’re just asking for trouble—after all, the vast majority of them have not actually been tested on pregnant women, and therefore, the mother to be will not really have a guarantee that it will be safe for her baby. As we have said before, it is always easiest to just play it safe and be careful.

2 Home Births Far Away From Hospitals


Is giving birth at home safe? Yes, as long as the woman is with an experienced midwife who is qualified. But according to The New York Times, there is something about home birth that can make it a little more risky—if there is an emergency, and the mother is not close enough to a hospital to be easily transferred, it could spell trouble. With the rising popularity of home births, some women are choosing to give birth far away from hospitals, and this is not advisable. Giving birth at a birthing center or going to the hospital would be safer.

1 Milk Baths For Maternity Photoshoots


Maternity photoshoots have always been rather popular, but with so many women wanting to share these photos on social media, it seems that they have changed the game up and tried to make the photos more creative and glamorous in order to stand out.

However, some doctors warn against a growing trend: taking maternity photos in milk baths. According to The Bump, milk contains a lot of natural sugar, and even though this sugar is natural, it can still cause bacteria to grow in places where no woman would want it to! There is no need to use milk for these photos.

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