20 Newborn Items Moms Will Get The Most Use Out Of

The entry of a new baby into the world comes with a load of clutter that mothering websites, store displays, and pregnancy magazines would have many mothers believe they must have to care for their baby’s needs. Because new moms have less experience with babies and despite receiving a lot of advice from friends, there is that nagging thought from the pregnancy magazine that says babies need a bouncer, a swing, a baby walker and a stroller. Moms can go all out and before they know it, their three-bedroom home needs an extension to hold the baby clutter that the baby never uses, but mom and dad have kept just in case.

Babies are a lot like grownups; all they need is a roof over their heads, food and some basic items like clothing. Because the baby is growing up and tends to leave things in his wake faster than parents can buy them, mothers need to know that not everything is ‘essential.'

Parents need to understand that there are some items that one can buy and they will help the baby transition from an infant to a toddler without needing a replacement. Babies consume a lot and even their tiny stomachs put a dent in their parent's pockets because their food is special. This is the reason we have compiled this list to help new moms save for tomorrow by getting these 20 newborn items baby can use till toddlerhood.

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20 Co-Sleeper

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Most of us swear by the co-sleeper and we would highly recommend it. The crib has always been the go-to item for new babies, but it came with frequent trips to the nursery and even when the baby was in the room, mom still has to get out of bed to reach him.

The co-sleeper, according to the Art of Simple, a co-sleeper will do it right from infant to a toddler. As the baby grows older it transitions into a playpen. The beauty of a co-sleeper is that it is easy to pack when one is traveling.

19 Playpen

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There are those who are not huge on playpens, but this gadget is a lifesaver when it comes to babies. The playpens of old were cage-like and the sterility of the pen was off-putting for most parents.

These days though, playpens are beautiful and they come with enough toys and baby entertainment and safety gadgets to make it an essential commodity for new moms. According to Kids Health, playpens are quite popular because they come with the assurance that the baby will not wander off.

Use a boppy pillow and your infant child can stay in the playpen as you catch up on some work. As the child grows, the pen will keep him safe as he gets into his explorer phase.

18 Bedding

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New baby bedding doesn't need to be purchased and the infant bedding will move with the baby to toddlerhood until he is ready to move to a grownup bed. For those who opt for a co-sleeper, full bedding sets are unnecessary as baby will not need them.

All one needs is about two or three fitted sheets that come in neutral colors, combined with a few blankets to help you alternate. This depending on the weather, either cool or warm. Beddings are a long-term item and unless it's worn out, there is no need to replace it.

17 Cloth Diapers

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Cloth diapers are considered old-fashioned and the number of women who use them is not many. With this, there are of course those who do not feel the pinch associated with buying diapers and they prefer to use disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Others are too squeamish to wash the cloth diaper.

This is entirely a personal choice, but for those who have used cloth diapers, the cost is greatly reduced when one uses them. Get the right size and the baby can grow with these diapers until he outgrows them and by then he probably will not need diapering anymore.

16 Diapering Accessories

Some people think all they need is diapers and they are good to go. When one is changing a baby, sometimes disposing of the diaper immediately is not easy and this is where the accessories come in. Diapering accessories will keep the room smelling fresh.

Get yourself a diaper genie and your infant will use it as well as the toddler. While most of these things are not entirely essential and a pail with a lid can still do the job, this is a one-time buy that can even be handed down to subsequent babies.

15 Changing Pad

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Newborn babies can be changed anywhere without accidents, but by the time they start to move around or roll over, a changing table becomes a risky commodity to have. Getting a changing pad will be preferable to a changing table as this can be put down on the floor as the baby is changed and it is safer.

The good thing is that the changing mat does not take up much space, thus reducing clutter. When traveling it can be packed in the diaper bag for when you need to change the baby in the car or visiting.

14 Sippy Cups

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Babies should be trained to use a sippy cup as soon as they are able to. Even though a baby bottle is essential for a newborn, babies should be trained to use a sippy cup as it makes it easier to transition to a grown-up cup.

Get a few sippy cups that are BPA free for use, especially on those days out with the baby. These sippy cups will go with the baby until he no longer needs them and when he is older, you just remove the lid and they work as his own adult cups with a twist.

13 Booster Seat

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For most of us, booster seats are quite essential as they offer the baby a place for him to eat on his own. Get a small booster seat that is portable and that can be attached to the dining room chair and it will serve you well as soon as the baby is able to comfortably sit on his own.

Even when the child grows into toddlerhood, the booster seat will still work and the good thing is that it is not bulky. This means it won't take much space if one needs to pack it away or take on your day out.

12 A Stroller

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This one is a perfect example of those items you will use until the baby is a toddler and even hand down. When it comes to strollers, the best thing to do is to ensure that the stroller is made of a strong sturdy material and you will save a bunch.

The rule with strollers is to remember that cheap is expensive and more often than not, the cheap variety of stroller does not last as the workmanship isn’t as good.

You may find a baby who uses two or three before he is through with the carrying phase.

11 Baby Carrier

via: ecosprout.co.nz

During the early days, one can use a sling, but as soon as the baby can hold his head up comfortably, getting a baby carrier is a good investment. Check the weight limit of the carrier and you will find one that can go up to 33 pounds, in which case you know that the investment will take you up to the toddler years.

Of course, if one does not check the material, the carrier may wear out before the baby is a toddler. But if the quality is top notch, then the carrier will be handed down, even to your sister's kids. Fussy babies call for babywearing and with this one there are no regrets.

10 Car Seat

via: newkidscenter.com

The rule here is to adhere to all the safety precautions that are set out for buying a car seat. Get the right car seat that is made with adjustment capabilities that are top notch to take the newborn to toddler and comes with a comfortable seat for the baby. According to Caring for Kids, accidents can be prevented with the right car seat that meets all the standards.

The good thing about car seats is that they are not prone to wear and tear and the only issue here would be the buckling mechanism. As long as one is careful and ensures that each lock goes with its key, then the seat will remain intact and will transition well.

9 Tub Seat

Via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfA_2pIttkw

A parent’s worst nightmare is to have the baby slip in the bath. Most mothers are even afraid to wash the baby because of this fear. A tub seat is perfect for an infant as it makes it easier for the mother to hold the baby upright. Even as baby grows to a toddler, it will let him sit and even play on his own and mommy won’t have to stick around the tub watching him.

Babies enjoy splashing in the water while in the tub seat as mommy does some other things. These tub seats are a godsend for the busy mom who needs to multi-task.

8 Toilet Seat Adapter

Via: Baby-N-Toddler

Babies use the toddler potty and even as they grow older, most moms still insist on the potty. According to Baby Center, babies learn by imitation, but babies are often not fans of the potty.

They prefer to use the adult potty and a stool because they want to be just like mom and dad.

The most important item for the newborn is a toilet seat that will fit on top of the grown-up adult seat, helping the baby and toddler feel secure. The seat comes on and off quite easily and is compact during storage, either in the bathroom or when one is not potty training actively.

7 Baby Rocker

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For those who had an extremely fussy baby, the one item they would swear by is the baby rocker. It is able to rock up to 33 pounds and comes with legs that are retractable for when one needs it as a seat. The rocker vibrates and makes a rhythmic motion that mimics the rocking of mommy’s arms and it even comes with music so the baby is entertained.

When the baby is older, the rocker can be transformed into a seat by retracting the legs and the toddler can pass the day seated on it. This is clearly a godsend for a busy mother.

6 Crib and Mattress

via: pregnancyandbaby.com

The crib and mattress will transition well as the baby grows and it will be used for years to come. If the child is not using a co-sleeper, then get a crib and mattress and this will be quite useful. According to We Have Kids, ensure the crib comes with safety measures so the toddler will not be able to leave the crib without the caregiver’s assistance and does not topple over.

Most people like to get hand-me-down cribs. But the integrity may be in question. Be sure to get a crib in good condition, then it can be used for years to come. For those who want more than one child, this is a worthy investment.

5 Potty Seat

Via: Baby Names

Potty training is an important component of a child’s growth and is part of a baby’s milestone. The potty seat is one item that every mom buys and is actually a necessity. It is also the one item that never wears or tears, which means that it can be used by all five of your children and still look new.

The potty seat will grow with your child. Before the baby is ready to use the grown-up toilet seat he will have gotten his training from the potty seat and can comfortably hand it down to the other siblings.

4 Highchair

via: kidsii.com

We love the highchair. As soon as baby can sit up, get the high chair and enjoy the benefits. It comes with a feeding tray so you can eliminate the need for utensils. The tray is perfect for baby-led weaning and even if you are doing mashed, the tray is still ideal for the baby to make a mess and eat.

Before the baby can reach the table, prop him on a boppy seat and he will be as tall as the big sister. The high chair will serve him well from infant to toddler and is truly a worthy purchase.

3 Baby Utensils

Via: east van baby

Get the baby any kind of utensil from plates to spoons to trays and this he will use as a baby from when you start weaning to when he is a toddler. Remember, for some reason, a baby’s hand seems to be slippery and he is quite likely to drop a few cups and find it amusing and go for others and do the drop again.

Get utensils that are BPA free and unbreakable and they will serve you well. Baby utensils, just like the grown-up kind, do not need to be replaced unless they have become unsightly or are chipped.

2 Baby Thermometer


For mothers who have been there, there is nothing more devastating than fever in babies. Unfortunately, by the time we realize the child has a fever, it is usually too late and the fever has gone way too high and we are sometimes confronted with convulsions. It is prudent for every mother-to-be as she does her baby shopping to buy a thermometer.

This quite cheap gadget is one of the things that most mothers forget to buy and it is one item that she will need until her child is a teenager. The thermometer doesn’t spoil, so it is a worthy investment.

1 Teething Toys

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Newborn toys are hard to get, but get yourself some high quality wooden and soft teething toys and they will move with your baby through his teeth sprouting years. Teething toys can also serve as normal toys and this can be stuffed animals to colorful building blocks that baby can chew on as he plays.

The good thing about toys is that even when he is older, the toddler may still be attached to his newborn toys and they may become inseparable. Toys can be quite expensive, so if the child can use them as a newborn and even as a toddler then all the better. Get durable toys that are not breakable and are durable and they will be worth the investment.

References: Theartofsimple, Wehavekids, Kidshealth, Babycenter, Caringforkids

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