20 NFL Inspired Baby Boy Names Sure To Score A Touchdown

Now that the NFL is back and those fantasy football rosters are set, football-loving parents everywhere will turn to their favorite players for some..

Ready, set, hut! The weekends just got more exciting! Now that the NFL is back and those fantasy football rosters are set, football-loving parents everywhere will turn to their favorite players for some weekly entertainment.

But that’s not all…

If you’re expecting a baby boy and love getting in on all the NFL action, you may perhaps turn to your favorite NFL players for some baby name inspiration. That’s right! And when it comes to names in the NFL, unique is often an understatement. There are so many great names to choose from. Some of which are traditional classics and some that are actually quite rare. Truth be told, there’s a name for everyone here.

So, with that being said, it’s time to break out the nachos, huddle up with your partner, and take a look at our list. We’ve compiled names from this season’s as well as previous season’s players to find you the best and most unique choices for your baby boy. Find your game winner here, or just take a moment to wonder exactly what inspired some of the players’ parents to choose the names they did. From common to uncommon, these names are sure to have you yelling “touchdown” once your little bundle arrives.


NFL Inspiration: Peyton Manning, Former NFL quarterback

Peyton is a Scottish unisex name that means “royal.” A famous NFL bearer of the name is none other than former quarterback Peyton Manning. Considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Manning played 18 seasons in the National Football League, primarily with the Indianapolis Colts. During his time with Indianapolis, Manning led the team to eight division championships, two AFC championships, and one Super Bowl title.

Popularity-wise, Peyton currently sits as the 78th most popular given name. And while the name is seen as a unisex option, it has gained this popular spot as a female given name. Regardless, we still think it’s a super cute option for any little boy, especially for one whose parents are football fanatics.

People with the name Peyton are said to have a deep inner desire to inspire others by sharing their strongly held spiritual beliefs. They are dynamic individuals who thrive in settings of change, adventure and excitement. Peyton’s also tend to be very optimistic people who can easily make new friends, no matter which situation they are in. Parents, take note. If you decide on the name Peyton, a well rounded, easy-to-love individual will forever surround you.


NFL Inspiration: Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers

Short for Clayton, Clay is a beautiful male name of English origin. The name is derived from a surname based on the Old English “claeg,” which means “settlement” or “a place with good clay.”

There’s really no going wrong with this name, especially if you and your partner are Green Bay Packers fans. None other than Green Bay Packers’ linebacker and best pass rusher, Clay Matthews holds this name, and we think it’s a lovely option for a baby boy.

In addition, bearers of the name Clay are known to have a deep inner desire to understand and analyze the world they live in. They are great at seeking deeper truths and can get along with just about anyone. They are also compassionate, broadminded and generous, and tend to excel in roles where they can serve humanity. If you ask us, Clay is an all-around perfect pick.


NFL Inspiration: Lawrence Taylor, Former NFL Linebacker

Lawrence is a male name of English origin meaning “of Laurentum,” from the Latin place of “laurel leaves.” The name is usually shortened to Larry, but we think it’s much more appealing in its full version.

A famous NFL bearer of the name Lawrence is Lawrence Taylor (nicknamed L.T.), NFL hall of famer and former linebacker. Taylor played his entire professional career as a linebacker for the New York Giants (1981–1993), and is one of the greatest players in the history of football.

Bearers of the name Lawrence are said to hold very strong spiritual opinions and may become frustrated with those who do not believe in the same morals. They are also very passionate people and their magnetic personalities make them very loveable. Lawrence’s are usually in humanitarian roles and tend to follow professions where helping others is the main priority. Above all, Lawrence’s are incredible individuals, so keep this in mind when choosing a name for your baby boy.


NFL Inspiration: Devin Hester, Free Agent

Devin is a male name of Gaelic origin meaning “servant.” While the name is traditionally seen as a male option, it has recently risen in popularity as a female given name – often spelled in this variant.

A famous NFL bearer of the name Devin is free agent wide receiver and return specialist Devin Hester. Over his eleven-year NFL career, Hester played for the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks. Originally drafted as a cornerback, Hester quickly made an impact as a kick returner, and later became a wide receiver.

Parents-to-be, take note! It has been said that bearers of the name Devin are passionate, compassionate and romantic. That’s right! If you choose this name for your boy, you could have a little Casanova on your hands. Additionally, Devin’s are also generous and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity.


NFL Inspiration: Tom Brady, New England Patriots

The name Thomas is a male Aramaic name that means “twin.” The name is a traditional classic that is widely used in a variety of countries and cultures. In the NFL, the most famous Thomas is none other than Tom Brady, current quarterback for the New England Patriots. This year, Tom should be very successful with the healthy return of Rob Gronkowski as well as the addition of wide receiver, Brandin Cooks.

It has been said that people with the name Thomas are quiet observers who enjoy analyzing the world they live in. They are also extremely powerful and their exceptional leadership abilities allow them to undertake large endeavors with great success.

Considering the name Thomas for your little boy? Go for it! Not only is the name a sophisticated classic, it’s also the name of arguably one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.


NFL Inspiration: Lovie Smith, Former NFL Coach

Who can resist a little boy named Lovie? Chicago Bears fans will adore this name because it’s the name of former head coach, Lovie Smith. During his career with the Bears, specifically after the team’s impressive 2005 season finish, Lovie won the Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year Award that year.

While Lovie is traditionally seen as a female given name, it can also be used as a male name, most commonly seen on the former NFL coach, who is now the current head football coach at the University of Illinois. The name is an English variation of “love,” and if you ask us, it’s super adorable for any baby boy.

Additionally, bearers of the name Lovie hold a special meaning. Because the name literally means love, bearers can expect to be just that – to be loved, cared for and respected. They are also soft-spoken, kind and know how to compassionately treat others. Above all, if you’re a parent looking for a name that’s both sweet and unique, Lovie would be a perfect choice for your little guy.


NFL Inspiration: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Aaron is a beautiful Hebrew name that means “lofty; exalted; high mountain.” In biblical times, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command). Today, the name currently ranks as the 59th most popular male name in the United States.

A famous NFL bearer of the name is none other than Aaron Rodgers, current quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers became the Green Bay Packers' starting quarterback in 2008 and worked hard at leading the team to a victory in Super Bowl XLV after the 2010-2011 NFL season.

If you decide on the name Aaron for your little boy, get ready for a powerful force. That’s right! It has been said that bearers of the name Aaron are natural born leaders who have a deep inner desire to achieve status, power and wealth. They also value truth, justice and discipline, and can become impatient or quick tempered with those who do not value the same things as they do.


NFL Inspiration: Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers

Luke is a male name of Greek origin. Traditionally seen as the shortened variant for Lucas, Luke has made its way as a strong, standalone name. In its Greek origin, Luke means “light.” Not only is Luke an adorable option for any baby boy, but it’s also very charming in sound.

A famous NFL bearer of the name Luke is Luke Kuechly, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. To date, Kuechly has been a very successful defensive force and in 2013, he became the youngest recipient of the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in its history.

It has been said that bearers of the name Luke are orderly individuals who are dedicated to building a life on a solid foundation. They strongly value truth, justice and discipline and may become frustrated with those who do not. They are also very practical people who are able to excel in a materialistic world. Considering the name Luke for your baby boy? Why not give it a go? You’re guaranteed to have an awesome little guy.


NFL Inspiration: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Russell is a male given name that originated from the surname Russell, which derives from the Anglo-Norman “Russel,” meaning red-haired or red-skinned. Russell can also be shortened to Russ or Rusty, but we think the name in its full version is absolutely perfect.

A famous NFL bearer of the name Russell is Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. In 2012, Wilson was drafted to Seattle with the 12th pick in the third round (75th overall). That year, he tied Peyton Manning's record for most passing touchdowns by a rookie, and was named the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year.

It has been said that bearers of the name Russell are excellent at analyzing the world they live in. They tend to be mystics, philosophers and dreamers, and because of this, they may seem introverted or aloof. Don’t worry, though. Russell’s are some of the smartest and levelheaded individuals out there, and any parent would be lucky to have a Russell in his/her life.


NFL Inspiration: Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Von is a strong-sounding male name of German decent. The prefex 'Von' is equivalent of 'Van' in Dutch names and of 'de' in French names. While the name is not common in North American, society, we think it’s an adorable, not to mention unique option for any baby boy. Plus, it’s the name of Denver Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl 50 MVP, Von Miller.

Bearers of the name Von are said to long for a stable, loving family or community. Moreover, they feel most appreciated when they give back to others, and enjoy surrounding themselves with peace, harmony and beauty. Considering the name Von? You can’t go wrong! People who hold the name Von are some of the more selfless individuals you’ll meet.


NFL Inspiration: Eli Manning, New York Giants

Eli is a beautiful male name of Hebrew origin. In it’s Hebrew derivation, Eli means “defender of man.” The name is great choice for any parent looking for something not too popular, but not too unique. Eli is also adorable in sound, making any boy who holds this name an automatic cutie.

A famous NFL bearer of the name Eli is Eli Manning, current quarterback for the New York Giants and the younger brother of former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (also highlighted on this list).

People with the name Eli are said to be competent, practical, and easy-going. They are known to be powerful people who often obtain great wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and because of their intelligence, they are able to achieve great material dreams. Eli’s are also known to focus strongly on business and achievement, which may make them neglect their personal relationships with others.


NFL Inspiration: Golden Tate, Detroit Lions

Golden is a very worthy name of English origin meaning “blond.” Traditionally seen as a surname, Golden can also be used as a unisex given name. The name is both unique and fun, and can be shortened to the ever-so-adorable Gold.

A famous NFL bearer of the name is Golden is Golden Tate, current wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. Since joining the Lions in 2014, Golden has not only started in every game, but he’s also managed to haul in at least 90 catches each year.

It has been said that people with the name Golden tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are often drawn to the arts and enjoy careers that put the in the limelight. They are also very involved in their community and will never turn down a new adventure. This is great news for all you parents-to-be! Why? If you decide to name your boy Golden, you’ll always have someone who is up for something fun and exciting.


NFL Inspiration: Vance McDonald, Pittsburgh Steelers

The name Vance is an English male name that means “marshland.” Vance is a wonderful option for parents looking for a name that’s both striking in sound and unique. Think about it: Vance is a name that you won’t hear often.

In terms of famous bearers, Vance McDonald, current tight end for the Pittsburg Stealers holds this name. After playing four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, Mcdonald was recently traded to Pittsburgh. In exchange for McDonald's services, Pittsburgh sent the 49ers its fourth-round pick in 2018 but also received San Francisco's fifth-round pick in the same draft.

Does Vance fancy you? You may want to take note of the name’s special meaning. It has been said that people who hold the name Vance are passionate, compassionate, and romantic. They are usually humanitarian roles and their magnetic personalities make them hard to resist. Look out, mama’s! If you have a little Vance in your life, you may also have many little girls knocking at your door.


NFL Inspiration: Landry Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers

Landry is an Anglo-Saxon name that means “ruler.” While the name is usually seen as a surname, we think it makes for an awesome first name. Not only is Landry a powerful name, but its meaning also is associated with power – who wouldn’t love that? A famous NFL bearer of the name Landry is Landry Jones, current backup quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ironically enough – and much like the name lends – bearers of the name Landry are said to have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in roles of leadership. They are known to be great rulers and would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details. Landry’s are also very idealistic, highly and spiritual; they tend to be visionary and may inspire others to become leaders –much like them.


NFL Inspiration: Adrian Peterson, New Orleans Saints

Adrian is the English variant of the Latin name Adrianus or Hadrianus. Its origin derives from the former river Adria from the Venetic and Illyrian word adur, meaning “sea” or “water.”

A famous NFL bearer of the name Adrian is Adrian Peterson, current running back for the New Orleans Saints. After his college football career, Peterson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings seventh overall in the 2007 NFL Draft where he spent ten seasons. This year, Peterson is expected to regain his amazing fantasy form.

If you’re a parent considering the name Adrian, you should take note of its special meaning. For example, it has been said that bearers of the name Adrian are highly imaginative, idealistic, and spiritual. In fact, Adrian’s seek after spiritual truth and often find it. Additionally, their imaginative personalities influence and inspire others to seek deeper truths, however, this can sometimes be their downfall, as they can easily become dreamers of unrealistic ideologies.


NFL Inspiration: Brandin Cooks, New England Patriots

Brandin is a sophisticated male name of English origin. In its English derivation, Brandin can be translated to: “Beacon on the hill,” or “gorse-covered hill.” While the name is normally spelled Brandon, we think this spelling variation is worth using. It’s not only cute, but grows well from child to adult.

Popularity-wise, Brandin currently sits at 143 in the United States. In terms of its spelling variant, we drew inspiration from NFL wide receiver Brandin Cooks who currently plays for the New England Patriots. The Patriots traded for receiver Brandin Cooks this offseason, and he is expected to be used as a field-stretching, deep-speed threat this NFL season.

People with the name Brandin are said to be competent and practical. They are very well-rounded individuals who are often very successful in business and commercial affairs. Their determination gives them the ability to achieve great material dreams, however, they may neglect personal relationships because of it.


NFL Inspiration: Chance Warmack, Philadelphia Eagles

The name Chance is an adorable male name of English origin. In English the meaning of the name, Chance is “good luck; good fortune; chancellor.” Chance makes a cool baby name not only because of its strong one-syllable sound, but also because it’s not as common as some of the other names on this list.

While rare, Chance is an evident name in the NFL. A famous bearer? None other than Chance Warmack, guard for the Philadelphia Eagles. Chance, who recently extended his contract with the Eagles, is a versatile player who is expected to successfully play both sides this NFL season.

People who hold the name Chance are said to be excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They are quiet observers, and because they focus so strongly on the mind, they are usually seen as introverts. Don’t worry, though! Chance’s are some of the most intelligent people you’ll meet, so having one around could work to your benefit.


NFL Inspiration: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Stealers

Derived from Hebrew origin, Benjamin means “son of the south,” or “son of the right hand.” Not only is Benjamin one of the best boy names known to date, it’s also the name of a well-known NFL quarterback back: Ben Roethlisberger, nicknamed “Big Ben.” Roethlisberger has been one of the most efficient passers in NFL history. In fact, he currently ranks 9th all-time in NFL passer rating (94.0).

In addition, bearers of the name Benjamin are known to be very versatile individuals. They can easily become excited by change and adventure, and are constantly looking for fun. They are also very optimistic and tend to make friends easily.

For parents looking for a traditional name to give their son, Benjamin is a perfect choice. The three galloping syllables are impressive in its full version and (as mentioned) the nickname “Ben” is great choice that can easily grow from childhood into adulthood. The name goes exceptionally well with a wide range of surnames, making it a lovely name to grow into and enjoy.


NFL Inspiration: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

The name Cameron is a male name of Celtic origin. In the Celtic meaning of the name, Cameron means “crooked nose.” The meaning of the name draws inspiration from a Celtic highland chieftain with a crooked nose.

Most people with the name Cameron are given the nickname Cam, which is where we have drawn NFL name inspiration. A famous NFL bearer of the name Cam is Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. His full name is Cameron Jerrell Newton, and much like many Cameron’s, the NFL world knows him as Cam.

Bearers of the name Cameron are known to be very detail oriented people who have exceptional organizational skills. They are frequently seen in roles of leadership and excel in environments where they can express themselves – often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. Cameron’s also yearn to have beauty around them in both their home and work environment. So, if Cameron is your name of choice, be ready for an all-around fantastic son.


NFL Inspiration: Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

Julian is a bold male name and the English variant of the Latin name Julianus, meaning “youthful, downy.” A famous NFL bearer of the name Julian is Julian Edelman, current wide receiver for the New England patriots.

While Edelman’s 2017 NFL season has been cut short as a result of a torn ACL in a late August preseason match, Julian is a name we’ll see on many birth certificates this year – rather than on any seasonal fantasy rosters. Don’t believe us? Today, Julian ranks as the 39th most popular male name in the United States, and we expect it to grow in popularity in the coming months.

It has been said that bearers of the name Julian are very powerful individuals who touch many lives of people they encounter. They are capable, charismatic and their leadership skills often undertake large endeavors with great success. Truth be told, Julian’s are some of the most impactful individuals out there and any parent would be lucky to have a little Julian running around.


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