20 Non-Medical Things Some Women Try To Increase Their Chances Of Getting Pregnant

The very moment that any couple decides to bring in a baby into their life, they are quite serious about utilizing the right tips about increasing their odds of it happening sooner rather than later.

Additionally, they will no longer stick to bad habits, such as eating too much junk food or not exercising enough because they know that will impede their chances of it happening. That is because science has already backed up the fact that not exercising enough or doing so too much as well as eating junk food does have a negative impact on getting pregnant.

However, plenty of couples are quite open-minded about looking into alternative ways to help increase their chances of achieving a pregnancy as well. This does not involve alternative medicine such as acupuncture since science has backed up that this can be helpful.

Additionally, acupuncture is considered to be an Eastern medical treatment. What will be discussed in this article is that there are non-medical things that couples can try to increase their chances of getting pregnant. And, in order to try these tips, anyone must have an open mind about the strong possibility that these tips can actually work. It is time to look at 20 non-medical and alternative methods that couples can try to boost their chances of bringing in a new life.

20 Make Contact With Those Statues At The Ripley's Museum

fertility statue

The idea of rubbing a statue and getting pregnant during the same month may just sound like a wild coincidence. However, according to The Bump, there are two statues in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum that was carved by a tribe from the Ivory Coast in Africa. And, 13 of the museum's employees as well as their friends had rubbed those statues and became pregnant during the same month.

And, after others have heard about these statues, many couples have been carving away time to go to that museum just to rub those statues so they could end up having the same luck!

19 The Full Moon Will Increase Your Chances

full moon

Ovulation cycles can happen during any time of the month regardless of the phase of the Moon. However, according to The Bump, when ovulation does occur around the time of a Full Moon, pregnancy is more likely to happen during those cycles. That is believed due to the moonlight having a special effect.

And, according to the same source, the ancient Romans always linked fertility to the effects of the Full Moon. The reason that ovulation can happen really during any time of the month is due to exposure to all of the artificial lighting in this day and age. Though, if the time coincides with the Full Moon, your odds are still greater that a pregnancy will be achieved than at any other time of the month.

18 Wear Crystals Such As Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Crystals have been said to provide potent energies in general, and it is not a surprise that it is also believed that certain crystals can even enhance your chances of getting pregnant as well. According to The Bump, the one crystal that is said to be linked the reproductive system, in general, is the rose quartz. There are others as well, such as jade, zoisite, carnelian, and moonstone, that have been said to help enhance the chance of getting pregnant.

However, according to the same source, the rose quartz is specifically linked to the Heart Chakra and has been said to help increase the chances of pregnancy occurring. That said, if you plan on becoming a mom in the nearer future, then why not give it a try and order yourself a rose quartz bracelet, ring, or necklace. Or, you can keep the stone itself in your pocket at all times.

17 Enjoy That Honey


This tip actually does involve science but it fits in this list because honey is eaten because it tastes great. However, according to The Bump, honey is rich in antioxidants and has plenty of anti-inflammatory properties. That said, the consumption of honey might increase your chances of achieving a pregnancy.

According to the same source, it is also good for aspiring dads as well because it may help get his swimmers moving easily. The only way you can test it out is if you are planning to become a mom in the nearer future is by adding some honey to your toast each morning. Encourage your partner to do the same. If you find out that you are pregnant not long after utilizing this tip, then there could be something to it!

16 Don’t Sit On Cold Concrete

concrete bench

You may have heard that women who want to become moms should not sit on cold concrete because it can lower their chances of achieving their dream. And, you may believe that it is just a superstition that was created out of nowhere. However, according to The Bump, this belief is very strong because it is believed by sitting on stone cold surfaces, your reproductive system could become sluggish.

There is no medical proof that this is true, however, in order to keep your chances of becoming a mom higher, it is best to humor this belief just in case it really can have a negative effect. That means you will not want to sit on a concrete bench or any cold surface.

15 Don’t Vacuum Underneath The Bed

Think Vacuums YouTube

Here is another superstition that has not been medically proven but is taken quite seriously by many people. According to The Bump, before you start on your baby-creating journey, you'll want to give the area under your bed a thorough cleaning just to remove all of the dust bunnies. And, that will be the last time you can vacuum or sweep under your bed.

According to the same source, it has been believed since ancient times that the spirit of the child that is meant to come to a couple hangs around underneath the bed. That said, vacuuming or sweeping that area can disrupt the spirit. It is fine to give that area a good cleaning before you start that journey because the spirit is not there before that time. It is better to let more dust bunnies accumulate just in case there is truth to this old wives tale until you get that positive test you have been wanting!

14 Pineapple Core Can Help

pineapple core

Here is another tip that is somewhat backed up by science so it lies in the grey area between a superstitious belief and a medical tip. According to The Bump, if you eat the core of a pineapple after the big O happens, it is said that it can increase your chances of helping the embryo implant if pregnancy did happen.

That is because pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties as well as other beneficial ones that can enhance the chances of proper implantation occurring. Though, even though it is true that pineapple does have elements that can boost the chance of getting pregnant and provide other health benefits - it still has not been completely proven that this tip really can help or not. However, why not give it a try anyway. You just never know how helpful it really can be!

13 Wear Green!

green shirt

When you are on a mission to expand your family, you are going to want to try out simple ways to help increase your chances of this happening sooner rather than later. According to Bourn Creative, one thing you can do is add some green clothing to your wardrobe. That is because green is a color that is associated with life and growth. It is a color that people like to wear if they want to improve their financial situation.

More than anything, if wearing the color green helps, it may also just be due to the fact that it is a relaxing color. But, why not give it a try anyway and pretend every day is St. Paddy's Day until you get that confirmation you have been wanting to have for so long!

12 Think Cherries


Cherries are delicious and it has been proven to be a reproduction-boosting food due to the fact that it is rich in antioxidants and has properties that can support the reproductive system, according to Fertility Authority. However, it is not only suggested to eat cherries while you are working on expanding your family.

It has been said that anything that is related to cherries can help bring in the baby dust that you have been wanting. That means to bring in some cherrywood into your home, as well as purposely surrounding yourself with the fragrance that cherry blossoms provide. That said when your goal is to bring in a new life sometime sooner rather than later, then keep anything cherry-related in your environment.

11 Check Out The Northern Lights

northern lights

The Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that is quite fascinating and beautiful (the same applies to the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis). And, according to The National Post, the northern lights provide a lot more to couples who want to bring in a new life than just its natural beauty. That is because it is believed that somehow the northern lights can have a strong positive effect on the ability to get pregnant.

In fact, many people from different parts of the world, especially from Japan make their way up to the Yukon in Canada. They not only want to embrace the beauty take advantage of its properties. The logical reason that it may have an effect on one's chance of getting pregnant is that it can put you into a relaxed state and help remove any stress you are currently feeling. It is a known fact that pregnancy is more likely to happen when you are in that kind of state!

10 Visualization


You probably had learned that in order to attract what you want, you need to visualize it happening while you are taking the appropriate action to achieve it. And, this goes for pregnancy as well. According to Love To Know, in order to help your chances of that baby coming into your life - it is important to visualize not only watching that stick turn pink but to visualize yourself pregnant and holding that baby in your arms.

Of course, doing this alone without taking the appropriate steps to make it happen will only be a dream. But if you keep that vision around while you are physically increasing that chance of it happening, your odds will most definitely likely increase.

9 Meditation


Along with visualization, meditation is also quite powerful to help you reach that goal, according to Love To Know. Meditation involves more than just visualizing. This practice helps you clear your mind which will not only help reduce stress but a clear mind provides you with a lot of energy.

And, the fact of the matter is that you need all of the energy you can get, and pregnancy takes a lot of your physical power. Think about the fact that your smartphone will last you a long time if it is fully charged. Once it starts indicating that the battery is becoming low, it needs to be recharged. The same applies to you. If your energy reserves are constantly replenished, that can only help! And meditation certainly can do that for you.

8 Paint Eggs

painted eggs

Painting eggs may only sound like an activity to do around Easter time. However, according to Love To Know, this is a ritual that has been practiced for many, many years. And, Easter represents birth and a fresh start. That is why painting eggs is a holiday tradition for that time of year.

And, this is a practice that anyone regardless of whether they celebrate Easter or not can do that wants to bring a new life into the world. It is unknown how effective this practice really is, but anything that helps bring in that baby-related energy towards you can most definitely help. Painting eggs are one example of that!

7 Visit The Weeping Column

The Weeping Column

You may have heard of couples who want to bring a new baby into their lives travel to different places around the world to fertility-related festivals like that one that happens in Japan every year. And, according to Travel Inspirations, one of the common sites that couples that want to have that baby sooner rather than later visit is the Weeping Column in Istanbul, Turkey.

That is where the Hagia Sophia is located, and there is a hole in there that has been said to 'weep' sacred water. That said, many people visit it in order to bring in healing energy towards anyone experiencing difficulty getting pregnant or simply helps bring more baby dust to couples who just started embarking their baby journey.

6 Put A Dragon Statue Next To His Bedside

dragon statue

You may be wondering how a dragon statue could be a helpful source. And, according to Fatherly, mystics from China suggest a statue of a dragon being placed by the guy's bedside can enhance male virility. And, according to the same source, this is a common Feng Shui tradition.

However, it is best to use a small dragon statue because a large one could get into the way of his sleep. And, it is a known fact that both the aspiring mom and dad need to get ample sleep if they plan to bring a baby into the world sometime in the not so distant future.

5 Think North West


No, this has nothing to do with the Kardashian's baby.  According to Red Lotus Letter, the direction north-west is the direction of where your descendants will come from. It is also the direction of 'heaven', according to the same source. This is an ancient Feng Shui tradition.

That means whatever you plan to do during the time you are going through the baby-creating journey, you must face towards the direction of the north-west in order to look towards the direction the soon-to-be baby will be from. That means you need to eat your meals while looking towards that direction, as well as sleeping in that direction.

4 Remove Blockages From The Front Door

front door
pramesti juni YouTube

If anything is blocking or in the way of an opening, then you will see that nothing can get past any kind of blockage. And, this is why, according to the Red Lotus Letter, if you have anything blocking the front door entrance of your home - then you are also blocking your chances of meeting that goal!

This is also an ancient Feng Shui tradition, and as long as any significant opening is blocked, then that is blocking the baby-energy as well that you need and want! Whether or not there is actual truth to this, it doesn't hurt to make sure the front entrance to your home is clear. That also means if you have shrubs on your lawn that are growing uncontrollably to the point it is in the way of your home's front entrance - it is time to call the landscaper to fix that issue!

3 Declutter Your Home

declutter home

I can personally tell you from experience that there is truth to this tip. I do remember that after decluttering the basement of my home, I did end up getting pregnant about six weeks after. I just had a junker come in and remove what I did not want. That also could have been a coincidence, but maybe not.

According to Red Lotus Letter, decluttering your home is a sure way to open up a variety of energies that you need and this is also a very old Feng Shui tradition. And, this tip applies to basically anything that you want to add to in your life. This is why this tip is suggested to new home business owners as well. If they remove irrelevant junk cluttering their homes, they will allow the energy for new clients coming to them.

2 Invest In A Few Elephant Statues

elephant statue

You have already heard that some animal statues such as dragons can help enhance fertility. The same goes for elephants. According to Red Lotus Letter, elephants are associated with pregnancy. And, the source suggests that it is ideal to get two small elephant statues to place on either side of the bedroom door, as well as one elephant in the living room.

I have not tried this tip so I cannot say from personal experience that it does work, but this is an old Feng Shui tradition that has been practiced by many couples. And, the same source has said that many of these couples do believe this tip was helpful.

1 Your Personal Horoscope Can Help


I can personally tell you that before I started practicing astrology, I had gone to an astrologer to learn about when the best time for me to get pregnant. She had told me the timing of when I would most likely get pregnant and she was right on. That applied to other unrelated situations as well.

And, according to Yinova Center, the energies from planetary transits that affect your own personal horoscope will determine the type of energies you will be dealing with at a particular time. That means, if the timing is right for you to bring a new life in the world, you will not only intuitively know but you'll take the appropriate actions to help things along. That said, if you are open minded to receiving insight your own personal horoscope about that in particular, then it can only help. And, no, reading the daily horoscope in the newspaper will not help at all!

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