20 Not-So-Safe Parenting Styles That Older Moms Still Use Today

Motherhood has changed over the years, just as it will continue to change as the years go on. It changes just as anything else does and the reason it changes is because we have become more educated. As time goes on, we learn more and more about how things should be done, and we are supposed to grow with it.

Old habits die hard, or at least that is how the saying goes and it certainly appears to be true. Parenting techniques have changed as time goes on, and they have changed for the better. They have gotten a lot safer for all the little babies, but they are only safe if the parents apply them.

Older parents have a strong tendency to continue doing what has been done for years, with little regards to anything that they have been told is wrong. This is because of the fact that it has worked for years. They see the world as ‘if it is not breaking, don’t fix it.’

While some techniques used by older mothers are certainly OK and still work, some of them are completely unsafe and advice that should never be passed down. We have 20 of these techniques that we need to share with everyone.

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20 When Are You Starting Solids?


One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is when you get to start giving them solid foods. It is fun to see their face when they try something new, and it is fun to see them enjoy the food they eat. However, older moms are giving their babies solid foods a lot more freely than they should be. The current recommendation is to start solid foods when a baby hits 6-months.

This has changed since they used to state that moms could introduce solid foods at 4-months. Some moms even grew up in an era that thought it was OK to put rice cereal in a baby’s bottle. The truth is, their tiny tummies are just not ready for solid foods yet. As exciting as it may be, it is always better to wait until they are ready.

19 Holding Off On The PB May Not Be So Smart


While we are on the topic of solid foods, we are going to talk about foods that used to be considered taboo, or dangerous. These are foods that are considered ‘high-risk’ for allergic reactions. Items such as peanut butter and strawberries used to have a warning attached that they should not be fed to babies until they were a bit older.

Now, they are suggesting not to do this. They state that the earlier you introduce these foods to your babies, the smaller the chance that they will be allergic to them. Now, they are stating you can introduce a small amount of peanut butter at 6-months old.

18 Crib Bumpers Are Cute, But Also Dangerous


We cannot stress enough that there should be nothing in the baby’s crib but a fitted sheet and the baby. No pillows, no blankets and definitely no crib bumpers. It is surprising that these items have not been banned from sale yet. These items are aimed at making sure your little one doesn’t bump their head on their crib railings or get an arm or leg stuck.

However, a baby can press their face up against them and it can restrict their airflow which makes these items very dangerous. The appeal for these is there, because they are adorable, and they make the crib look warm and inviting. Due to moms having used them and their babies being ‘fine,’ moms have continued to use them.

17 Why Sleeping On Pillows Is Risky


We have come to the section on safe sleep which seems to appear in any article aimed at the safety of babies and children. The reason it is always mentioned is that it is so important. Since the world was introduced to the new rules on safe sleep, the rates of babies lost to SIDS has drastically dropped.

One of these things is that the baby should not have a pillow. As adults, we are used to sleeping with a pillow and we know how comfortable it is. We automatically think that babies would be more comfortable if they had a nice, soft pillow under their head. The truth is, they don’t know the difference, so they are really not bothered.

16 Putting Blankets In Bed Is Also Ill-Advised


Another thing that is important when it comes to safe sleep is to make sure there are no blankets in the crib with the baby as well. A blanket is not advised for an infant until they reach the age of one, and even then, it should be just a light blanket. Anything in the crib, other than a fitted shit and the baby, can turn into a suffocation hazard.

Again, the older generation may be worried that their little baby may be cold. However, if the room is climate controlled, chances are the baby will be fine. If mom is worried that her little one is a little chilly then she can always just place another layer on them to make sure they are warm.

15 Why The Infant Carrier On Top Of The Shopping Cart Is A Bad Idea


This is something that a lot of moms continue to do, and all you need to do for proof is to visit your local grocery store. Shopping with a baby can be busy and stressful, and it is easy to see why a mom would look for little tricks and hacks to make this a lot simpler. However, placing the infant car seat on top of the shopping cart will never be advised or safe.

Shopping carts are not suitable to hold infant car seats in tight, and this means that there is always a chance that it will topple out. Shopping carts are high too, so it will be quite a fall for a little one. It may be more work, but mom may want to wear her baby or have someone come with her and push the stroller.

14 Here's What We Now Know About Forward Facing Car Seats


Car seat safety has always been a top priority on everyone’s mind, and that is of the risk of car accidents. Keeping kids safe in the car seat is the only way to ensure they are safe in a moving vehicle. Car seats have changed and evolved over time, and there has been more testing and research that has been done to make them even safer.

Studies are now saying that it is always best to keep your child rear-facing in their car seat until they are 4 years old. They make car seats that can hold a 4-year old so there really is no excuse. Older moms have not really caught on to this and continue to forward face their children earlier than they should.

13 Allergies: We Know Better, Now


Some may say that we now live in a world where we are all on edge for everything and that our generation is the quickest to run to the doctor or hospital if something seems to be off or wrong with our child. This may be true, but we would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our children.

The older generation tended to just wait things out for a while before rushing their child into the doctor. This is OK, but there are some things that we should all be vigilant about. Allergies in children are among those things. The older generation tends to ignore these symptoms, which could be dangerous as they continue to give their child these food items.

12 Letting The Guard Down Vs. Helicopter Parenting


The older generation was much better at letting their children be free. This is true, and there is nothing wrong with letting your child be a little adventurous and take risks. However, they have been accused of letting their guard down too much.

The younger moms are accused of being ‘helicopter’ moms, moms who are always right behind their baby making sure that nothing happens to them. This may seem a bit extreme, but we already talked about how we live in a world where it is better to be safe than sorry.

11 Watch The Purse


Here is one not a lot of people have really thought of, and that is making sure that mom always knows where her purse is and that it is out of reach of their child. There are a lot of instances where an older mom may even let her baby play in her purse to keep them entertained and happy while out at lunch or meeting.

This can be dangerous because we have to think about the type of things we keep in our purse. There could be nail clippers, small scissors and even just coins that a baby could put in their mouth. A purse suddenly looks like some sort of weird death trap. A younger mom is not letting anyone near her purse, adult or baby.

10 A Mom Who Delays Baby Proofing Could Be Sorry


Baby proofing is something that no one has any excuse not to do. There are aisles full of everything a parent would need to make sure their home is safe for their little one. There are even companies out there who will come to your house and do it all for you. There is no excuse.

The older moms may delay baby proofing in their house. Assuming that they will always be within eyesight of their child and will be able to make sure nothing happens. This is not true, because everyone knows that it only takes a second for something to happen. Older moms also tend to have ‘interesting’ methods of baby proofing.

9 Blindly Following Others


If there is one thing about the current generation that is respected and a little annoying is that they question everything. They don’t take anything that they hear as fact and will instead do their own research to come to their own conclusion. This is partly due to the prevalence of technology that has taken over.

Older moms rely a lot more on the information of others. They talk and listen to their friends and family members when it comes to parenting techniques. While there is nothing wrong with that, nothing should be taken at face value when it comes to the safety of our children.

8 We Can't Believe Biting Back Is A Thing


Discipline is a big thing in the parenting world, and everyone has their own technique, and everyone is quick to criticize how another mom disciplines her baby. Older moms use techniques that may be considered harmful by the younger moms. A lot of toddlers go through stages when they bite out of frustration.

This can be upsetting and even a bit painful for mom and dad and they want this to end as quickly as possible. A technique that an older mom may use would be to bite their child back. This would be in an attempt to show the child what it feels like to be bitten to encourage them not to do it anymore. Some argue that it seems silly to do something to your child that you are specifically telling them not to do.

7 Why “Spoiling The Baby” Is Unsafe


A lot of moms are always concerned about spoiling their baby. They worry that if they pick them up too much then they may be spoiling them and that they may need to let them figure it out every now and then so that they can learn to be independent. Younger moms know this to be not true, and that you cannot spoil a baby, but the older moms have not caught on yet.

Older moms tend to still believe that you can spoil a baby and that it is never too early to teach them to be independent. That moms should not respond immediately when their baby cries out and should give them a chance to soothe themselves.

6 The Teething Fix That Needs To Disappear


Teething is never a fun time for anyone. The baby is in pain and uncomfortable and tends to get a bit fussy. This can lead to a frustrated mom who has tried everything to help her baby and make them feel better. There are one technique older moms use when it comes to addressing the pain that comes with teething.

They continue to rub certain liquids on their gums in an attempt to numb them. This may work, but it is incredibly dangerous and not at all healthy. No amount of alcohol should ever cross the lips of a little baby and there is no reason for it to. There are tons of products out there to help a little one get through a bad teething spell.

5 Time Outs Are So Last Year


Discipline comes in all different types and styles and there is no method that is one-size-fits-all, however, time-outs have been a lot of parents' go-to method of disciplining their child. This is when a child takes a short break when they are misbehaving and usually involves them sitting in the corner or in a specific space for a few minutes.

Some are now saying that this is another form of ‘isolation’ and it is a very negative form of child discipline. They are now suggesting parents do ‘time ins’ which is when the mom or dad sits with their child and encourages communication about what happened. Stating that this makes the child feel safe and supported.

4 Bed Without Dinner


Getting a toddler or young child to eat dinner can be a battle. It can be a battle that happens every day and can sometimes happen multiple times a day. It is very frustrating for any parent out there when they have just cooked a delicious meal for their little one that they don’t want to eat. This is especially true when they just ate the same thing yesterday.

A technique that a lot of older moms do is they will send their child to bed without dinner. That if they don’t eat what was made for them, then they don’t eat at all. This can create a very negative relationship with food and can actually make it worse.

3 Why Sending Children To School/ Daycare Sick Is Not Okay


Here is one that we can kind of understand, but it still needs to stop. Older moms have very little qualms about sending their sick child to daycare or school. We understand why this happens, moms are busy now and they have jobs. It can be hard to take every day off when your child is sick. However, sending a child to school sick creates a much bigger problem.

It passes to other children, who then bring it home to their household. These households may have young infants at home, babies who would not be able to handle being sick as well. As inconvenient as it may be, mom needs to have a back-up plan (or two) when it comes to handling things when their child is sick.

2 Here's Why Crying It Out Is Bad For The Baby


Nothing can start a mom war more than the topic of crying it out. Crying it out is a method of sleep training that has been used for years. If we look at the facts, this method does work and since it works the information has been passed down and used. However, it is not always the best solution when it comes to solving sleep problems.

There are many things that a mom can do to try and get her baby to have better sleep. There are even sleep consultants that mom can hire to help them. The problem is that crying it out is being used on babies that are far too young. Babies that are developmentally unable to soothe themselves, making the technique useless.

1 Letting Kids Eat Dirt, This Should Be A No-Brainer


Every kid eats dirt, it doesn’t matter how young or old mom is. However, younger moms tend to not let their child eat it willingly. If they see their child eating dirt or any other thing they should not be eating, they will normally step in and stop them. An older mom will likely not do this and will brush it off. They may even laugh it off.

They see it as a way of building up the child’s immune system. This may be true, but there is always a limit and no child should be eating endless amounts of dirt. There may come a point when it is too much, and it makes them sick.

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