20 Nursery Set-Ups That Had Us Questioning These Parents

Thanks to the rise of social media in this day and age, plenty of parents want to go all out when it comes to creating a nursery for their new bundle of joy. Some ideas are pretty darn cute and clever, but there are always others that attempt to be hip and metaphorically fall flat on their faces.

Parents recommends that when it comes time to designing a nursery, it is best to stick with a more minimalistic style instead of going the whole hog with a crib designed to look like a dollhouse that can light up at night in an attempt to entertain an infant just in case they wake up a few hours after their parents tried to put them down for bed, for both practical and safety reasons.

After all, parents shouldn’t risk their newborn’s safety by using anything other than a crib (or perhaps a bassinet if they live in a very small apartment) with a tight sheet over a very firm mattress.

Besides, a child at that age is far too young to appreciate such cool feats of decorating ingenuity, and they certainly won’t remember it when they are older.

Curious to see how a nursery shouldn’t be set up? Read on to see how some parents totally missed the mark.

20 Looks Like A Dog Bed

What on earth were these parents thinking? That nursery set up looks like it was created for a dog or a cat, not a baby. Sure, some people jokingly call their pets “fur babies” but taking the set up for a pampered pet’s room and applying it to a human infant is just taking it a step too far, people.

The grey container that the “crib” is on top on is also baffling because it looks exactly like the big plastic tubs families tend to store holiday decorations in during the off-season. Who exactly saw that and decided that it would be a good addition to the nursery?

19 Swap The Strange Doll For A Normal Mobile, People

Not only is the paint color choice a bit baffling because it looks like it is the color of the remnants of a baby’s soiled diaper, but that giant odd-looking doll is just mind-boggling for anyone with a dose of common sense and good decorating skills.

The poor infant is going to take one look at that bright and giant doll and think to his or herself, “Jeez, do my parents want me to get weird dreams? Who thought this was a good idea? Didn’t one of my aunts or uncles try to talk them out of such a ridiculous decoration?”

18 Don't Put Paint In The Nursery

Via: Imgur

It looks like the parents of this child totally forgot the most important rule of parenthood: Never, ever leave things like paints, crayons or markers in a toddler’s nursery room because they are incredibly mischievous at this age and can find ways to break out and use the aforementioned items.

Parents points out that items such as paints, crayons, and markers should be stored in bins and boxes that don’t have lids. Ideally, they should be stored in another room and not in your toddler’s nursery lest you walk in to find a complete mess that looks similar to the one in the above photo.

17 Fort Knox Called, They Want Their Fence Back

It can be frustrating for parents dealing with a mischievous child that keeps climbing out of their crib at night, but putting barbed wire around a literal playpen is not the way to properly set up a nursery for a little one people!

Not only is this barbed wire a great way for a baby to encounter plenty of problems that we won't list here, but also, What To Expect points out that a playpen isn’t a good choice for a baby to sleep in and if you want to prevent your child from attempting to go all Indiana Jones at night, it’s best to purchase a crib that’s up to the current safety codes instead of taking inspiration from Fort Knox.

16 This Is Literally A Hole In The Wall

Via: Pinterest

Uhhhh… can anybody explain to me why this nursery is quite literally a hole in the wall? I get that not everyone can afford to purchase a house with big, airy rooms covered in windows that let in tons of light and have to make do with what they have, but there is no crib.

The Washington Post recommends that parents ditch the fluffy mattress and pillows like the one seen in this room and instead go for a crib made after June 2011 due to the fact that was when the new safety standards were implemented for all models out there on the market. Why take the risk of something happening with a mattress when you can get yourself a decent crib for a decent price that’s up to code?

15 Most Laughable DIY Tip Ever

Via: Pinterest

Look, bed rails for infants and toddlers can be super pricey and everyone wants to save a bit of cash by going the do-it-yourself route, but using pool noodles is honestly a wacky way to go about it.

Besides, What To Expect points out that if you have a child that is incredibly wiggly or just moves around in his or her sleep a lot, then they can easily push the pool noodle off to the side and therefore roll off of the mattress. DIY items are a good choice for toys, but when it comes to nursery setups, it’s probably much better for your sanity to go with store-bought items.

14 Looks Like Someone Forgot To Get A Crib

Via: Pinterest

Were the parents of this poor child half-asleep when they started designing their baby’s nursery room and didn’t realize that they forgot to purchase a proper crib? The little play area in the shape of a tent is a big no-no, according to Parents—especially if your child is under the age of one year old.

It might not look aesthetically pleasing to visitors, but it is far safer for parents to keep a minimalist design when it comes time to brainstorm ideas for what to buy and how to decorate the room for the little one. There will be plenty of times for elaborate setups when your child is older.

13 Dresser Downers

If there was ever an advertisement for why parents should safely secure their child’s furniture in the nursery room, then this photo says it all about why it’s better to go the extra mile and make sure that nothing can tip over.

Consumer Reports points out that if this family had simply used an anchoring kit, then it is highly likely that the dresser wouldn’t have fallen over like it was a sleepy hobbit that had just finished a five-course meal in The Lord of The Rings. Plus, you also wouldn’t run the risk of getting a really achy back after putting the dresser in the proper position and cleaning up the room.

12 Harry Potter's Getting Flashbacks To His Bedroom In A Closet

Via: Imgur

When it comes to living in a major metropolitan area, it can be very difficult to find affordable living quarters that are also spacious. While Nora’s parents meant well by transforming what is clearly a closet space into a nursery room, the fact of the matter is that it is still a closet.

The Spruce notes that it is not advisable for parents to install floor-length curtains in their child’s nursery due to the fact that once their little one becomes a toddler, there is a very good chance that they will use them as an extra long napkin or even a makeshift jungle gym.

11 Paging Spider-Man To Get His Pal Out Of The Room

Via: Imgur

It is truly difficult to figure out what is the most facepalm worthy quality of this nursery setup. Between the vivid green paint that looks like someone took a page from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and painted the walls when they were half asleep and the poster that’s hanging onto the walls with all of its might, it’s surprising no one took the parents aside to gently advise them to fix this faux pas ASAP.

What I still can’t get over is the giant spider hanging on the ceiling. I truly hope that it is not a real spider and it’s just a very realistic-looking model. While I can’t fathom why someone would place a giant fake spider in a nursery, I also can’t figure out why the poor kid’s parents didn’t immediately run to get a can of Raid to put this sucker out of its misery.

10 When You Give Up On Ikea's Instructions, Duct Tape Fixes Everything

I will fully admit that I have used duct tape for some minor repairs, such as holding a pair of old eyeglasses together until I could take them to my local optometrist to fix or to hold sandpaper against an old hardcover book in order to make a scratchboard that will help teach my younger dog, Zoe, how to self-file her own nails, but this is taking things a step too far.

Besides, the Consumer Product Safety Commission flat-out writes that using duct tape to repair a crib (or put it together) is a really dumb idea because it can easily fall apart and it’s definitely not meant for daily wear-and-tear.

9 Jurassic Park Lives, Y'All

I will fully admit that ever since I was a little kid, I absolutely adored dinosaurs and all things paleontology to the point where I had my toy chest practically overflowing with books, magazines and figures featuring creatures from the velociraptors to the fearsome Tyrannosaurs Rex from Jurassic Park, but even my toddler self would have run screaming from this model.

Are the parents of this poor, unfortunate child trying to make sure that he or she doesn’t ever watch the Jurassic Park or Jurassic World franchises ever again? Plus, aren’t they afraid that the hangings holding up the dinosaur’s head are fragile and will fall off?

8 Baby Shark, Doo Doo Doo

Via: Imgur

Sure, it seems as if every infant and toddler in the entire world could listen to that ridiculous Baby Shark song for hours on end, but this is just entirely absurd. It can’t be all that safe for an infant of that age to be sleeping at such an awkward angle and it certainly can’t be entirely comfortable for the poor kiddo.

No wonder that poor child has such a disgruntled look on his or her face, this is the most outlandish nursery setup the Internet has ever seen. When this child is an adult, he or she is going to facepalm so hard at their parents’ ridiculous attempt at creating a “cool” nursery for them as an infant.

7 Good Way To Misplace An Infant, Yeesh

Cool nurseries definitely seem to be all the rage amongst social media users, but the dollhouse set up seems like it is a great way to lose your poor infant among all of the frills and foo-foo pillows. As pretty as the setup is, I wouldn’t use it for a human baby because I’d be worried that the parents would never be able to find them ever again; it’s better off being refigured into a cool dog bed for a small breed like a Bichon Frise or a Yorkie.

Besides, Parents points out that infants don’t need all the bells and whistles in a nursery setup like this one. All they really need to be safe and feel cozy is a tight-fitting firm mattress and a crib sheet. Save the imagination for when your child’s older and can actually appreciate something like this.

6 Weirdest Infant Mobile Ever

Via: Reddit

The Baby Sleep Site points out that there are two kinds of baby mobiles to choose from when it comes to decorating your little one’s nursery: one that’s designed to soothe your baby to sleep and the other type was created to provide visual stimulation as well as improve brain development in an infant.

This mobile, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to do either well. Pretty sure an infant is going to get bored of staring at paper cranes that don’t move after a while after they wake up in the mornings and nothing about this setup seems particularly soothing for a baby.

5 Loki Would Be Proud Of The Chaos

Via: Imgur

It’s pretty much a golden rule of parenting that unless you are extremely detail-oriented, it is very unlikely that the entire nursery is going to be up and ready to go by the time your newborn is able to come home from the hospital. As long as the important parts such as the crib and the firm mattress are ready to go, everything else can wait.

Unfortunately, to whatever poor infant is on his or her way home, it looks as if their parents were pretty much the dictionary definition of “procrastinator” because not only are items strewed about the so-called nursery, but there isn’t even a legitimate crib. Somehow, I don’t think parenting experts across the world would think a small mattress on top of a large box spring counts as a crib.

4 Someone Needs To Hire The Super Nanny ASAP

Via: Reddit

The parents of this infant seriously need to get the Supernanny on speed dial so that she can motivate them into cleaning up the room and actually put together a semi-decent nursery that doesn’t look like a tornado swept through it and left everything in disarray.

Parents notes that every new mother and father needs a sturdy crib or bassinet with a firm mattress and a tight sheet over it, but the bassinet isn’t even properly arranged and it’s being used as basically a makeshift hanger. What did the new baby do, invite some friends home and throw a party in order to celebrate his or her birth? Yeesh!

3 They Need To Hire An Interior Decorator To Fix This

Themed nurseries are a good idea in theory, but unless you hire a fantastic interior decorator or you or your significant other are extremely talented artists, it can be difficult to pull off entirely. The video game-inspired decal is a cute touch, but it totally clashes with the multi-colored egg decals and just makes the room look way too busy.

Then there’s the fact that there’s just one small bassinet and there are quite a few pillows in there, which is considered to be a no-no. Healthline notes that cribs tend to be a better choice if you have a large room like this one because they can grow with the baby while a bassinet has to be tossed out once the infant outgrows the size limit.

2 Bambi Is Rolling His Eyes At The Fake Deer Horns

If parenting experts around the globe could see this doozy of a nursery set-up, they would probably start shrieking their heads off at the décor and the fact that there’s a pillow by the head of the mattress inside of the crib—something which Parents writes that all experts agree should be held off on until after the little one hits a year old because it is neither practical nor is it entirely safe.

Then there’s the fact that the walls are painted in this bright gold color that is practically migraine-inducing, the fake deer antlers on the wall and the so-called mobile that looks more like a chewed-up dog toy than an item meant to entertain a newborn.

1 White On White Makes No Sense Whatsoever

Via: Jen Bosen

The Tot points out that even when a child is older than the age of one year old, it is still better to use just one blanket when they are in their crib and instead dress them warmly during the winter months, just to be on the safe side.

Aside from the lack of any kind of decoration except for the measly teddy bear that is sitting next to the crib (also another no-no because a mischievous toddler could easily find a way to climb out and play with it when their parents aren’t looking), there’s too many blankets/clothes in that crib; it’s just not a good idea to leave stuff like that up to chance.

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