20 Of Baby's Funniest First Words

The moment a child speaks an actual word for the very first time is a monumental, joyous milestone all parents look forward to with nervous anticipation. Understandably, many parents harbor the hope that the first thing their child chooses to utter is mama or dada. Huge sports fanatics may wish upon the stars that the first word their baby vocalizes is Raiders, Celtics or Red Sox. Still others cross their fingers in anticipation that their offspring is a tiny genius, who recites the lyrics to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" the first time she speaks up.

Moms and dads may coax and cajole, bribe and request, but the decision of what that magical first word will be is ultimately up to Baby. Some children cooperate with their parent's hopes and aspirations, and others do not.

Whatever a tiny tot chooses to say the first time she says something recognizable, parents should rest assured that even if what comes out of her mouth isn't what they hoped for, hearing her say a bonafide word will be the sweetest thing they have ever had the privilege of hearing: think angels singing, kittens mewing or a million dollars in gold coins clinking together. Hearing your own flesh and blood deliver a word for the very first time is better than all of those put together, no matter what it is she chooses to say.

Read on for 20 of the funniest things babies decided to say the first time they jibber-jabbered something other than gibberish. Some initial words are adorable, others are surprising and still others are slightly inappropriate.

20 Cheese

This little one has always loved food, especially cheese. Who doesn't? What a perfect, and sophisticated, choice. This baby is going places in life.

19 Raiders Suck

This baby's parents have been teaching him a thing or two about the world of sports. You can never start too young.

18 Tickle Tickle

Aw, this one is just the sweetest!

17 Sit

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it." -Lynn Krug Taylor

16 Gobble Gobble

"It was around Thanksgiving!" -Lisa Rotili

15 Shoes

"No joke. She is two now and that's still all she wants to play with! I may be in trouble during the teenage years! She would rather go to a shoe store than a toy store!" -Emily Smith

14 All Gone

"From the beginning, we would sign and say 'all gone'when done eating. One day after dinner, 'all gone' just came out!" -Tracy Fay Creamer

13 Firef***

"It was actually 'fire truck' which sounded like 'firef*** . ' We made her start saying 'fire car' just until she could say truck but to this day everyone in the family still calls it a 'fire car.' -Stacy Standifer Gray

12 Oscar

"'Oscar,' which is the dog's name." -Grace Christenson

11 Poop

This one kinda stinks.

10 Arf-Arf

"He always talked to our dogs outside his bedroom window when he was supposed to be taking a nap." -Jackie Colwell

9 Balloon

What a whimsical choice. This little babe might grow up to be a clown, or an elderly gentleman with a flying house.

8 Mo-Mo

"Mo-Mo...that was his version of Elmo! LOL!" -Shelley Bassik Rothstein

7 Pocketbook

The parents of this baby are in biiiiig trouble.

6 All Clean

"Believe it or not she said 'all clean' when she 2 1/2 months old, and she would say it after every diaper change and bath, but she would never say it when I tried to show someone, so nobody believes me." -Melissa Spencer

5 SpongeBob

The baby who chose this one is a stand-up comic, or marine biologist, in the making.

4 Booby

"My child was always hungry." -Jennifer Hepinstall-Batson

3 Lasterday

This is how the baby who chose this one says yesterday. Impressive, if a bit odd, first word!

2 Awuy

"That was her saying 'I love you.' I said it to her morning, day and night while she was awake and sleeping." -Jessica Rodriguez

1 Uptown Funk

According to the father of the baby who chose this awesome phrase as his first word, he says it and points to a phone when he's in the mood to view the music video. This baby's got soul.

Sources: Parents.com, WhattoExpect.com

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