20 Of Mom's Favorite Baby Names Updated For 2019

When it comes to choosing baby names, unless there is a name that any expectant parent has in mind, this task can be somewhat challenging. This is why many parents have to either buy baby name books or more commonly nowadays, go online and look for ideas on baby name sites and forums.

And, another challenge that many parents find that they face is that many of them find overly common names appealing. However, they are hesitant to use those names because they don't want to worry about their kids having five or six classmates with the same name. On the flip side, even though uncommon and unique names are used frequently, many parents prefer not to give their child a name that could cause them issues later on. No wonder these expectant parents who don't have any names in mind are stuck!

However, there is one thing that these parents may not have considered. They can always give their kids names chic variations of names that have been quite common for a long time. And, they can always look at this resource right here of these extremely appealing baby names of 2019 for inspiration so they no longer need to struggle with baby name ideas.

20 Anja


The name Anna has been quite popular for a long time, and many parents are naming their daughters with that name even nowadays. However, if you are having a daughter or if you are an aspiring mom that hopes to have a girl one day and find that name appealing, there is a lovely variation of Anna which spices up the name a lot!

According to Nameberry, the name Anja is a neat variation of Anna which is an idea for any parents to use for a daughter in 2019. Anja is pronounced as An-ya, and it is the variation commonly heard in Russia or Germany. Anna is a great name, but Anja adds creativity to it!

19 Clarinda


The feminine names Claire or Clara are stunning and are of Latin origin that means clear or bright, according to Nameberry. However, if you want to spice either of these classic names up, why not consider Clarinda? And, Clarinda is not a new version of Clara at all. According to the experts from the same source, Clarinda was the poetic name used in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene in 1596.

Additionally, Clarinda had a literary vogue in the 18th century and even though it is not exactly in style, it has the potential to be again! With that said, that is one name to keep in mind if there is a little girl on the way!

18 Benno


When you hear the name Benno, you may immediately associate that name with the biblical name, Benjamin. However, according to Nameberry, Benno is not a variation of Benjamin even though it can be used as a cool nickname. Benno actually means Bear, and comes from Germany!

In fact, in the 10th century, there was a saint with that name, Saint Benno of Meissen. He was the patron saint of alliteration, weavers, and anglers. And, if you have read the novel, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, Benno was the student character in that book. This name is most definitely a classic name with a twist that can be used for a little boy this year!

17 Davis


The name Davis is a variation of David and it is currently ranking just below 500 on the popularity charts for masculine names right now, according to Nameberry. Even though it is quite common, Davis is most definitely a cool variation of David that many parents find appealing due to the fact it is somewhat popular.

In fact, if you want to honor a loved one who had the name David in your life, then naming your son Davis is a great way to do that. Other cool variations are Davidson, Davies, and Davison if you prefer to use those instead of Davis.

16 Caterina


The name Katherine or Catherine is extremely common, and many parents who find that name appealing prefer to name their daughters a modern or a cool version of that name. And, Caterina is a great twist to Catherine. According to Nameberry, this is a variation for Catherine that comes from Italy.

The experts from that site suggest that if you have ancestry from Italy, this is a great name to use for your daughter. Or even if you don't, and you like this classic name with a twist, it is a great choice for a daughter. If you know of someone who is expecting a girl, this name is an idea for them to use!

15 Frederica


Parents of girls want their daughters to be powerful, and if you are expecting a daughter or know someone who is, then why not consider a powerful name like Frederica - or make that suggestion to the parents-to-be if the latter applies. According to Nameberry, Frederica is a feminine version of Frederick which comes from England and Germany, meaning "the peaceful ruler."

Frederica started becoming popular in the 18th century in Prussia. That was because people who had honored King Frederick the Great began naming their daughters Frederica. And, this name is obviously quite old-fashioned but it has its own unique charm which is why it is a great idea for expecting parents.

14 Jessamine


For parents that find flower names appealing but want to find a variation of one that has some jazz to it, then Jessamine is a great idea if you are expecting a daughter. Jessamine is the variation of Jasmine, and according to Nameberry, Jessamine was actually the original spelling of that name.

According to the same source, Jessamine has been used as a name in the UK occasionally, but once it entered the US, many parents grabbed onto it. That is not at all a surprise since Jessamine is quite charming as it is, and is one of the cool 'Jess' names around. Jessamyn is another spelling of this name as well.

13 Jennica


Everyone knows how common the name Jennifer was at one time. I personally remember having five or six classmates named Jennifer in most of my elementary school classes. However, even though Jennifer is a lovely name, it has been used often. With that said, for those who like that name, why not consider the cool variation, Jennica?

In fact, according to Nameberry, Jennica is not only a variation of Jennifer but it is also a variant of Jessica. With that said, for parents who like both of those names but are hesitant to use either of them for their daughters due to the fact that those names are too popular, Jennica is a great option!

12 Giona


The name Jonah is mostly used for boys and the according to Nameberry, the name ranks currently at #155 on their popularity charts for masculine names. The name is also occasionally used for girls. However, as lovely as the name Jonah is, many parents who are expecting boys, or in some cases, girls who like that name would prefer to use a variation of Jonah with a twist.

A cool variant of Jonah that many parents-to-be or aspiring moms and dads will want to know about is Giona. Giona is pronounced the same way as the original name, but the unique spelling is what adds the right amount of spice to the name!

11 Ronan

baby boy

If you are a fan of names that have Irish origin and want to use one for a boy that has not been used by others for a while, then you will most definitely want to know about the name Ronan. According to Nameberry, Ronan originates from Ireland and it means "little seal."

In fact, according to the same source, there were 12 Irish and Scottish saints with the name of Ronan. The name is slowly gaining popularity but it may not be because of that. It may have to do with the fact that there are plenty of Harry Potter fans around, and one of the characters happens to have the name Ronan.

10 Maddalena


Do you have a fondness for the name, Magdala or Madeline? But are you hesitant to use either of those names for your daughter because they are extremely popular? If so, then there is a great idea for you! The name Maddalena is a beautiful variation of Madeline which is of English origin and it means high tower.

Maddalena comes from Italy and is a version of Madeline; the popularity of this name is increasing. According to BabyCenter, right now Maddalena ranks at #3,533 on their feminine name popularity charts which means it is quite rare. However, it also has increased by 1,486 points so many parents are definitely using this name more and more. It is quite appealing!

9 Edmond


The name Edward most definitely has its appeal, but many parents who like that name would like to find a cool variant of Edward, so why not look into Edmond? Edmond is of Dutch origin and it means wealthy protector. According to BabyCenter, Edmond right now ranks at #2,309 on their masculine popularity name charts and it is most definitely catching on because over the year it went up 2,243 points.

The other spelling, Edmund is also quite classy and sophisticated, and many parents have been likely inspired to use this name as well if they are Twilight fans. If this describes you, then you probably would love the idea of this name, too!

8 Willem


The name William has been popular for a very long time and it is one of those names that has been considered as quite mainstream. Perhaps many parents that like the name are concerned if they use it for their sons, there is not much originality. With that said, they can always consider using the Dutch variant of William which means resolute protector, Willem.

According to BabyCenter, Willem currently ranks at #2,496 on their masculine name popularity charts. Even though it is still quite rare, because Willem is so neat and classy, it will likely enter the Top 1000 at some point!

7 Linden


For parents that are looking for classy gender-neutral names, then Linden is a great possibility. Linden is of English origin and it means linden tree hill. According to BabyCenter, Linden currently ranks at #2,939 on their masculine name popularity charts, and for girls, the name ranks at #3,533 on their feminine name popularity charts.

As you can see Linden is quite uncommon for boys and for girls. However, for boys, the popularity of that name is slowly increasing. Linden is a tree name, and for parents that have an affinity to nature-based names, this is also a great idea for them!

6 Marco


The name Marco is a version from Spain for Mark and means warlike. Mark is a nice simple name but its variant Marco has some jazz to it. In fact, many parents are finding this name appealing regardless of their heritage. According to Nameberry, Marco currently ranks at #337 on their popularity charts for masculine names.

Nameberry had also stated that Marco is one of the names that they had placed on their Classic Baby Names with a Twist forum. People may associate Marco with the Roman god, Mars. And that in itself could make this name more attractive because Mars is associated with fire, passion, and independence, and strength!

5 Maxim


The name Maximus is quite classy as it is and means "the greatest." However, the version for Maxim from France is quite intriguing. According to Nameberry, the name Maxim ranks at #869 on their popularity charts for masculine names. That means this name has intrigued many parents to the point that it falls within the Top 1000 list.

The experts from the same source said that even though Maxim is associated with the name of a men's magazine, it is also a really neat and stylish name for a little boy. Additionally, it is also a name he will grow into quite nicely.

4 Morgana


The odds are quite high that you have come across the name Morgan, or maybe your name is Morgan- or you already have a child with that name. Morgan comes from Wales and means "for sea circle." However, Morgana is a variant of that name which adds a lot of style to a name that is quite popular.

In fact, Morgana is catching on quite well. According to BabyCenter, Morgana ranks at #7,087 on their feminine name popularity charts. That right there tells you how unique the name is. However, over the year the popularity has increased by 619 points so it could eventually end up in the Top 1000 names for girls.

3 Nico


Nico is another unique and classy gender-neutral name that parents may want to consider whether they end up having a boy or a girl. Nico is a variant of Nicholas or Nicole. And, it is of Greek origin with the meaning people of victory. According to BabyCenter, Nico currently ranks at #297 on their masculine name popularity charts, and it ranks at #5,019 on their feminine name popularity charts.

Nico is a name that is commonly used in Italy and it may be seen as a cute nickname for Nicholas or Nicole. However, Nico is an incredibly chic independent name for either a boy or a girl.

2 Noam


For parents that like masculine names from the Bible, they are quite used to hearing names like Noah, Jonah, or Jacob. And, it is likely they have not considered the name Noam for a little boy.

According to Nameberry, Noam is an underused biblical name that is of Hebrew origin and it means pleasantness, charm, and tenderness. How can any parent resist a name that has those beautiful meanings? According to the same source, even though it is extremely common to hear Noam in most countries in the world, in Israel Noam is on the top 10 list for boys!

1 Simeon


The name Simon is extremely common and some parents who do like the name may feel it is overused. As a result, they would rather use another name for a little boy that is a little more unique. And, for these parents, they would be delighted to know that they can most definitely use that name, but with a twist which is Simeon.

According to Nameberry, Simeon right now ranks at #974 on their popularity charts masculine name charts. This means yes, Simeon is in the top 1000 but it is still a lot more unique than Simon. Both are great names, but Simeon adds jazz to the original name!

Sources: BabyCenter.com, Nameberry.com

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