20 Of The Best (And Weirdest) Celeb Baby Names From The Past Few Months

Just when we think celebs have reached the limit, they go more statement names. Celebrities hands-down win when it comes to "weird" baby names, although for the most part, these A-listers are managing to pull it off. In 2018, the Kardashian-Jenners gave us Stormi, True, and Chicago. Cardi B has named her baby girl Kulture.

The celeb baby name craze has been around a while. Nearly 15 years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple Martin. While Angelina Jolie had six kids, she sure didn't hold back when it came to giving them unusual names. Vivienne is probably the only "normie" name that this actress chose– Pax, Maddox, Shiloh-Nouvel, Knox, and Zahara are the others.

It's time to look at more recent months, though. Ten of them, to be precise. For any mommies-to-be, the phrase "10 months" will definitely strike a chord as one month past the "big 9."  Quite how these celebs managed to squeeze in so many weird (and wonderful) baby names in such a short space of time, we don't know. There are new mommies like Chrissy Teigen and Eva Longoria. There are also new famous daddies like The Rock and Michael Buble.

While moms might not go with some of these, it's always fun to have a scroll. Whether they're completely weird, completely adorable, unexpected, or #Extra, here they are. Here are 20 of the best (and weirdest) celeb baby names from the past 10 months.

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Nobody expected Kylie Jenner to become a mother. Whether it was KUWTK or Kylie's social media, all we were seeing was a spoiled girl, her Lamborghinis, and that $1 million purse closet. In 2017, Kylie virtually abandoned her social media. She went into hiding and returned with...a baby.

February 2018 marks the arrival of the "new Kylie." Kylie and Travis Scott became parents to Stormi Webster– the Webster part is Travis' real last name. Kylie said that she "doesn't know" how she thought of Stormi. "I didn't really like Storm– I didn't feel like that was her name. So it became Stormi. And it just stuck," Kylie said.


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Khloe Kardashian has come a long way. A few years ago, Khloe was basically famous for being Kim Kardashian's sister. Now one of the most talked about Kardashians (with a Good American denim line that made $1 million in its first day), Khloe is also a mother.

True Thompson was born in April 2018. "Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy looooove you True!!" Khloe wrote on IG. While a fair amount of baby drama has come Khloe's way, this 34 year-old is handling motherhood like a pro. True was actually Kris Jenner's grandfather's middle name.


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Ne-Yo is a chart-topping rapper, World of Dance judge, and father of 4. This beautiful picture came as Ne-Yo and his wife Renay were expecting their 2018 baby. In June 2018, Ne-Yo became a father for the fourth time. He definitely chose a statement name.

Ne-Yo is already a dad to 3 other children. Roman Alexander-Raj joins Shaffer Chimere, Mason, and Madilyn.

Ne-Yo has given no official explanation for his new baby boy's name, but something about Roman suggests that this rapper was going with a strong name. Ne-Yo and his wife have been married since 2016.



We haven't actually seen much of baby Kulture, but this 2018-born baby has already managed to break the internet. Kulture Kiari was born in July 2018. Her parents, Cardi B and Offset are an adorable couple, but these music mega-stars are anything but basic. Interestingly, that's a word that Cardi used when explaining her baby name.

"Anything else would have been basic," Cardi told SNL about her choice of baby name.

Cardi has shared her mommy journey pretty openly on social media. We get adorable IG stories of a whispering Cardi (Kulture appears to be a handful when woken up). "I can't believe I have a boss," Cardi said.


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Now there's a #MommyGoals pic. Stacy Keibler rose to fame as the WWE wrestler whose skills also include acting and dancing. The Dancing With The Stars contestant continued her fitness-centric lifestyle after the birth of her first child (and clearly she's keeping it up with baby number two).

Bodhi Brooks is the baby boy that Stacy welcomed with an IG pic showing all 4 members of her family holding hands. Baby Bodhi held hands with his mommy, her husband, Jared Pobre, and their daughter, Grace. The Bodhi tree is said to be where the Buddha sat during his enlightenment. Unusual, but beautiful.



Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock is one busy guy. This A-List actor has blockbuster movies coming out every year, plus he is always flying around the world for appearances and his collaboration with Under Armour. That's without the 3.50 a.m. alarm that Dwayne sets to hit the gym.

In April 2018, Dwayne and his wife, Lauren Hashian welcomed their third baby. Tiana Gia is an absolute beauty, and her name reflects it. Dwayne was raised in Hawaii, where he frequently flies to embrace his Samoan heritage. Tiana's name is likely of Samoan origin. Here he is being the best dad ever.



Watching Hilary Duff take on motherhood has been beyond beautiful. This former party girl has risen to have a highly respectful acting career on Younger, but Hilary is known as much for her roles as for that adorable IG account.

"Stretch marks are warrior wounds," Hilary has said. This mom takes the reality of motherhood and makes it something to be proud of.

Banks Violet is Hilary's October 2018-born baby girl. It's an unusual, but very beautiful name. Banks joins her older brother, Luca. Hilary is one celeb who has taken her time bouncing back (even if it meant she had to put up with mean comments). #Adorable


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Kate Hudson was still pregnant here in the summer of 2018, but this actress has since welcomed her baby girl, Rani Rose. Kate is in a relationship with Danny Fujuwaka. This is their first child together, although Kate is already a mom to 14 year-old Ryder and 7 year-old Bingham. They seem to all have the same number of years in age gaps!

"We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie)," Kate said. She added that the name came from Danny's late grandfather, whose name was Ron. It's really beautiful when names are sourced from within the family, plus it explains the slightly odd name.


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With almost-confirmed rumors that a Breaking Bad movie is in the works, Aaron Paul's name is back on the front page of every media outlet. The Breaking Bad actor chose an interesting name for his 2018-born daughter– her name is Story.

Speaking about having met his wife at Coachella (and the beautiful journey that led to a marriage and a baby), Aaron said: "We bought our unborn baby a leather jacket and then we went to a chapel to get married." Wanting his daughter's name to reflect the beautiful story that Aaron has experienced, the actor went right with the name Story.


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Remember when Gabrielle Union was super young and a guest star on Friends? This actress has come a long way. Gabrielle is married to the Miami Heat basketball star, Dwayne Wade. Fans were super excited when Gabrielle announced she was expecting via surrogate, but they're even more excited now– Gabrielle gave birth on November 11th, 2018.

"We are sleepless and delirious but so excited to share that our miracle baby arrived last night via surrogate and 11/7 will forever be etched in our hearts," Gabrielle wrote online. Their daughter's name is Kaavia James Union Wade. We think it's beautiful.


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Chrissy Teigen is basically the Kim Kardashian of the mothering world. Everything about this lady is total #Goals (although Kim gets equal credit for her three kids). Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were already parents to little Luna when they announced that they were expecting their second baby.

McDonald's sausage McMuffin cravings it may have been, but this little munchkin is the result.

"We are drowning in peeps and nuzzles," Chrissy wrote online when she announced the birth. "Miles of course is the same name as the great Miles Davies and Chrissy really liked the name Theodore, so we put it all together," John said.


via: popsugar

Miranda Kerr is the Victoria's Secret Angel whose cherub features and lithe physique have made her a bonafide supermodel. In May 2018, Miranda became a mom for the second time. Hart is her son's name, and it's definitely unusual. His father is Miranda's husband, the Snapchat founder, Evan Spiegel.

"Beyond blessed" was Miranda's announcement message. Miranda even admitted that she was experiencing "baby bliss." Miranda is a mother to 7 year-old Flynn whom she shares with the actor, Orlando Bloom. Miranda seems to have pinged back to her pre-baby body, but nobody is looking at her waistline. Hart is beautiful.


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It's when they're just old enough to join in a family Halloween pic that it gets so exciting. Tia Mowry is the Sister Sister actress who, unlike other 90s stars, hasn't fallen off the radar. Tia is also a power mom who is now raising a second child with her husband, Cory Hardrict.

In May 2018, Tia gave birth to Cairo Tiahna. Cairo is the capital of Egypt, but it's a celeb favorite– Tyga's son is named King Cairo. Ciaro Tiahna was 6lbs 4 oz. "You've just accomplished a miracle," Tia wrote about the pressure to go back to her pre-pregnancy figure. "Give yourself time."


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Aww, right? Macklemore (born Ben Haggerty) is the rapper, singer, and songwriter whose "Thriftshop" track reached #1 in 2013. This guy may have awards galore, but it seems that he's found the biggest prize yet. Macklemore keeps a low profile when it comes to his family, but even he couldn't help himself from sharing this adorable snap.

In April 2018, Macklemore and his wife, Tricia Davis welcomed a daughter named Sloane Ava. "To be honest, I haven't said this publicly...I spent [St. Patrick's Day] in the hospital with my brand new daughter who was born right before St. Patrick's day," he said in an interview.


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Eva Longoria was a "Desperate Housewife"– once upon a time. The Desperate Housewives actress spent most of 2017 and 2018 being papped with an increasingly big baby bump, but they come out eventually. At the age of 43, Eva became a first-time mom in the latter half of 2018.

"We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing," Eva said. Santiago Enrique honors Eva's Hispanic heritage.

Eva has been married three times, but it's with her third husband that she seems to have found love. Eva is married to José Bastón. Fans even got an awesome pic of Eva and her baby wearing a Superman costume for Halloween.


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There are sports stars, and then there are sports mega-stars. Steph Curry is the Golden State Warriors player who is married to Ayesha Curry– they even got a shout-out on Nicki Minaj's Queen album. While daddy is the athlete in this family, mommy is the cookbook author. With food and fitness covered, these two are perfect for parenting.

In July 2018, Steph and Ayesha welcomed their third child. Their boy is named Canon W. Jack Curry. Definitely a power name. "My heart is FULL," Ayesha wrote. These two are already parents to two daughters named Riley and Ryan. They are now a family of five.


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Dawson's Creek stars have a way of staying in the news. James Van Der Beek may not be as high-profile as his 90s co-star, Katie Holmes, but this guy is still a famous face.

James and his wife, Kim are now a family of 7! Gwendolyn is the name of their latest addition.

James' wife opted for a home birth. While James shared a photo of it and wrote a heartfelt and lengthy caption, it's the happiness that shines through in this pic– clearly, having five kids wears you out! Gwendolyn joins siblings Olivia, Joshua, Annabel Leah, and Emilia.


via: eonline

Tyrese Gibson is the Fast & Furious star who has 9.9 million IG followers, a glittering career, a beautiful wife, and a 2018-born baby. He's also a super humble guy. "My wife is the real champion," Tyrese said in 2018 when his wife delivered their second child.

"Thirty hours of labor and I witnessed firsthand the strength of a woman," Tyrese shared via a video on line. Their baby is named Soroya Lee. It's an unusual name, but it doesn't fall into the "somewhat wacky" category that some celeb baby names find themselves in. Tyrese is already a father to a daughter named Shayla.


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Chanel Iman is a supermodel who already has the world's most fashionable name– how many girls actually have Chanel as their first name? The Victoria's Secret Angel is an exquisitely beautiful woman who is now a 27 year-old mom.

Cali Clay is the name that Chanel chose for her baby girl whom she shares with her husband, Sterling Shepard. They are both first-time parents. "You were worth every push every contraction," Chanel wrote when announcing the birth. She has not yet given an explanation for the name. It's a little bit glam, but hey, she's a Victoria's Secret model! We wish her all the best.


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Jack Osbourne is a famous Hollywood face who mostly has his famous parents to thank for his chance at fame. The son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne does have his own travel-centric TV shows following the end of The Osbournes. He also has a beautiful family. Minnie Theodora was born in March 2018.

You don't need to be a baby name expert to know that this baby shares her name with a very famous mouse.

Minnie Theodora joins Jack and Lisa Osbourne's two children, Pearl and Andy. "The final member of my little girl squad," Jack wrote.

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