20 Of The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

The leaves are falling, the air is getting chilly and parents of adorable little ghouls and goblins are racking their brains, trying to decide upon the perfect costume for their precious pumpkins. One of the highlights of this spooktacular time of year is viewing the hilarious, creative and creeptastic costumes chosen by friends, family and even strangers. Disguises big and small are so much fun to wear, and to admire on fellow trick-or-treaters or party goers. Soon enough children will be making their own decisions about everything in life, including their Halloween costume of choice, so parents with little ones too young to speak up should take advantage of their current power and make the costume donned by their cutie patootie as darling as possible.

Trick-or-treating is often just as exciting for parents as it is for children. Something about the intoxicating combination of October air, delighted giggles and sweet things to eat makes Halloween a holiday everyone adores. Parents undoubtedly can't wait to snag a few pieces of candy after their tots are snuggled into bed for the night with sticky sugar smiles and tired feet. Curling up with a pile of pilfered chocolate caramel and pixie sticks in front of a horror flick is the perfect way for parents to end a night of spooks and shrieks.

A top-notch costume for a little one is a wonderful way to score in the truly scrumptious loot department. Here are 20 of the cutest costumes out there, sure to get oohs, aahs and a little extra something sweet for mom and dad. Happy haunting!

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20 Elliot and E.T. 

Steven Spielberg co-produced and directed the science fiction thriller, E.T. the Extra-terrestrial, released in 1982. The movie was a hit. One of the most well-loved scenes in the movie is when boy protagonist, Elliot, rides his bike through the sky. E.T., his alien companion, rides in a basket on the front of the bicycle.

Elliot is lifted into the air by E.T.'s powers and fulfills one of every child's fantasies as they soar over the world below. He is dressed in a red hoodie and jeans and E.T. is cocooned in a white sheet to conceal his presence.

This scene has been celebrated for its innovative use of special effects. At the time, the images this scene showed the world were unprecedented. Spielberg was celebrated for his ground-breaking use of tricks of the trade that made Elliot and E.T. appear to be actually flying. The recreation of this iconic scene is a cheap, clever and out-of-this-world costume idea. Trust us, your toddler will be flying high all night in this get-up.

19 Charlie Brown

Good grief, could this costume be any cuter? Charlie Brown is the beloved star character in the "Peanuts" cartoons, created by Charles Shulz. He's clever, he's funny, he's kind and he's almost bald. The fact that Charlie is missing most of his hair makes him a perfect pick for a bald little guy to emulate.

Plus, this costume is super easy and cheap. Find a yellow onesie, put a black jagged pattern on the front and style baby's existing hair into a single curl at the front of the forehead.

A stuffed snoopy is an optional prop, one baby may love to snuggle with while out and about on Halloween night, and for weeks or months afterwards. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a Halloween cartoon classic. Pairing a wee one with a pumpkin makes dressing as Charlie even more fitting for the season, while still keeping things cheap and simple. This costume is sweet and original while still being comfortable for baby and easy-peasy for parents.

18 Little Cutie

Aw, how sweet! This baby looks so cute, we could just eat this costume right up. On a budget? Saving every cent for Christmas presents? Have no fear! This costume is the answer for anyone pinching pennies or strapped for time.

The first step in creating this costume is finding an old box that at one point or another held the little clementines known as Cuties. If you prefer not to buy a box of cuties, grocery stores may give you an old, empty box for free. Once a box has been obtained, blow up some orange balloons. Next, find orange clothing for your baby. Last but not least, place baby and balloons in box.

Voila! A boo-tiful costume has been created with minimal effort and without breaking the bank. This costume is sure to get many nods of approval. It's clever and creative, not to mention a great way to tote baby from house to house.

17 Instagram Hipster

Baby-wearing is all the rage these days. Why not turn your baby carrier into an awesome costume sure to get loads of likes? This costume is clever, hilarious and oh-so-apropos for the current obsession many-a-parent has with posting snapshots of their mini-me's all over social media.

The costume is made even better by the baby's blasé expression: he's way too cool to care if anyone likes his photos or not. He's just drinking his Starbucks like a stud and rocking his ultra-stylish hat, cardigan and scruff like he just woke up that way.

We also can't help but adore the fact that his feet are hanging out of the bottom of the screen, a smart social commentary on the fact that what we see on social media is rarely the whole story. This is a great way to have a hands-free evening while still getting lots of love from anyone who sees this irresistible costume. Definite double tap!

16 Spider Baby

This creepy crawly costume is another one perfect for a parent who loves to wear baby close to his or her heart. Grab some string, some spidery looking material, some felt for the eyes, and it won't take long to whip up a costume fit for a night of spooks and shrieks.

Costumes that let parents join in on the fun are a clever way to be a part of the excitement without being the weirdo who is too old to dress up. When a parent's costume goes along with a child's, they are known as the cool mom or dad instead of the embarrassing one.

Baby may not remember the night of fun they have dressed as an arachnid, but the pictures taken will be great memories for them to look back on someday. Admittedly, making this costume will take some time and effort, but it's still affordable and doable for any parent determined to spin a web of joy for their little tot on All-Hallows' Eve.

15 Cotton Candy

Yum! Cotton candy is sweet, squishy and irresistible, just like a little baby. This costume is so darling it may earn parents a blue ribbon at a costume contest or at least a cheek pinch from an elderly candy passer-outer.

Simply get some cotton, glue it to a onesie, dye it pink, throw on some pink tights, shoes and a pointy hat, and your child is good to go! Another brilliant idea is to wrap your baby in actual cotton candy and enjoy a snack on the go as you trek from house to house. The addition of a pink dog is a must for anyone for which this is an option.

This saccharine costume is sure to be hit and is also most likely going to give anyone who sees it a hankering for some cloud-like puffed-up sugar. Be prepared to fend off those who may try to take a taste of your baby's outfit.

14 Sushi Roll

Whoever is responsible for this lovely little costume is full of raw costume-creating talent and definitely on a roll. This costume is perfection; from the realistic appearance of the raw fish and rice to the headband sporting wasabi and ginger, this costume is swimmingly adorable.

Baby looks comfortable and happy in it, which is a major plus. It does appear baby may have a hard time getting from one place to another on their own in this attire, but bring along a stroller or a wagon and baby will have the time of her life portraying sushi to-go. Mom or Dad could dress as soy sauce or giant chop sticks to give this costume even more of a likeability factor.

This creation is yet another do-it-yourself type costume that will take some effort, but is possible for sushi-loving parents who really want to make a splash. Some fabric, some hot glue and a darling little baby are all one needs to create a dazzling masterpiece fit for a night out gathering the good stuff.

13 The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is a peaceful and wise man. He is an important monk in the school of Tibetan Buddhism known as the Gelug school. Akin to a real-life Yoda, this man is full of advice. He has traveled the world speaking on a variety of topics from sexuality to non-violence and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989.

He seems like a pretty great role model for an impressionable baby to emulate. Not only does this costume get points for being just the cutest, it's a costume that is cheap to make, comfortable for baby and practical for many reasons. A long-sleeved shirt could be placed under the draped fabric to keep baby warm on a chilly night, or could be left at home if the night is a warm one. The beads double as a teething toy or form of entertainment to help soothe a possibly bored or fussy baby.

With extra points for creativity and cuteness, this costume is a winner! The Dalai Lama would be proud to know babies are taking after him, even if it's just for one night a year.

12 Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch dolls were beloved companions to many little ones in the late 80's and early 90's. Their hair, the signature on their bums and even their cute little noses made them the doll every little girl had to have.

These little darlings could not look any cuter if they were holding puppies and sporting matching bows in their pigtails, oh wait, it appears the matching bows are a go. This costume takes the cuteness cake. Unless one is uber talented in the yarn department, it is not recommended to attempt constructing the wigs oneself. Possibly a talented relative with a knack for knitting could have a go, or purchasing wigs made of yarn is always an option.

Next, add a cute little outfit. The best part about this costume is the face, which all sweet babes already possess. Enjoy gazing at your little dolly the whole night through and thinking to yourself "I made that."

11 Nacho Libre

Nacho! Nacho Libre is a silly, slapstick flick starring Jack Black that was released in 2006. Since then, many quotable scenes have been rehashed by middle school boys and others who can't get enough to of the odd humor found in this quirky film. Nacho Libre is the fearsome alter-ego of Black's demure character who faces both successes and failures in the world of professional wrestling.

This costume is sure to gain nods of approval from anyone who is a fan of the movie, and even those who aren't. The pro-wrestler garb is a stand-alone costume that will be loved by everyone: even those who have never heard of the famous wrestler Libre.

Baby's rolls of chub make this costume the perfect fit for going without a shirt. No one will be able to get enough. Those who are trick-or-treating in cooler weather need simply find a long-sleeved shirt that matches baby's skin tone. There's no doubt about it: this costume is a major winner.

10 Adorable Owl

Who's the cutest baby on the block? The one dressed as a miniature owl, of course! This is another DIY dream sure to fit into any parent's budget and spectrum of crafting skills. Purchase felt and feathers in the colors of your choice, cut, glue and before you can say boo or who your baby has been transformed into a wise owl with style to spare in front of your very eyes.

Owls are on-trend right now, ensuring a baby dressed as one will be totally in style as well as completely adorable. The feathers and felt on the costume will keep a little one snug and warm on a chilly fall day.

Parents can join in the fun by dressing as owls themselves, or dressing up as baby owl's prey with mouse or rabbit ears, a little face paint and a tale. The possiblities are endless with this costume. Head to the nearest craft store and let the magic begin!

9 Thing One and Thing Two

This costume is based on characters from the beloved children's story The Cat in the Hat written by acclaimed author of books for kids, Dr. Seuss. Thing One and Thing Two are mischievous and hilarious characters in the tale.

This costume is perfect for twins, BFF's, cousins or siblings. We love the idea of mom or dad dressing as the The Cat in the Hat to go along with their little ones. This costume is pretty easy to pull off. All that is needed is some red clothing, blue wigs and the designations of Thing One and Thing Two that can be printed off of an online site, or purchased pre-printed on red shirts or onsies.

This costume is comfortable, clever and inexpensive. It's one for the books and sure to be a favorite of Dr. Seuss fans. In fact, babies in this costume might convince a few trick-or-treaters to go read the book and find out whar the cuteness is all about.

8 Harry Potter

Harry Potter began his journey towards to greatness when he fought off Lord Voldemort while still just a tiny babe. Dressing a baby like little Harry is a bold choice that will pay off. Not only will little Harry look cute as can be, this costume can be made from things parents have lying around the house.

The challenges with this costume may be getting baby to hold still whilst applying a lightning bolt scar and getting baby to keep his glasses on for the duration of the evening, but baby will most certainly love chomping and slobbering on his wand prop and waving it around in the air.

Just be sure your baby isn't actually a wizard. No one wants baby turning fellow trick-or-treaters into toads or casting dangerous spells. One thing is for sure: Halloween is always a night filled with magic. Whether baby actually has powers or not, he is sure to cast a spell of delight on all who lay eyes on him.

7 Motorcycle Man

Vroom! Vroom! Could this little biker be any more amazing? The answer is no. He is pretty much the perfect vision of a Halloween costume so good it's bad. His tattoo, goatee, and his bandana come together to make this costume absolute perfection.

This little tough guy won't have any trouble getting all of the candy his heart desires. No one is going to dare say no to him, or his parents. This costume is so easy to pull off, parents might be able to get baby ready for the night while walking down the street to a neighbor's house.

Just find a cool black t-shirt, color on a beard and tattoo, wrap some material around your baby's head and ride off into the sunset. Parents could compliment baby's get-up with some biker-chic looks of their own. Don some leather and bandanas and let the good times roll as the candy flows in.

6 Ketchup and Mustard

America's two favorite condiments could become the two favorite costumes on the block after people see babies in this adorable attire. Dressing a baby up as ketchup or mustard is an unexpected choice that will get a lot of smiles and approving nods. Place baby on a picnic-style blanket or tablecloth for a photo-op perfect for capturing the essence of this delightful costume.

These outfits might cause those who see them to have a hankering for a hot dog, so entrepreneurial parents might want to consider toting some warm franks and buns wrapped in foil to sell when hungry passers-by can't wait to sink their teeth into a delicious classic treat. Walking from house to house looking for candy can cause people to work up a healthy appetite.

This costume is the best of both worlds: cute as can be and possibly a new family business. Condiments never had such power.

5 Rapunzel in Her Tower

What could be sweeter than a baby dressed as Rapunzel with her daddy dressed as the tower built to keep her safe from all of the evils of the outside world? This costume gives a dad the opportunity to do just that. He is the tower that shields his daughter from danger, heartbreak and the dowdy deeds of others.

If just for one night, dad can keep his little girl safe while wearing what could quite possibly be the most adorable of all daddy/daughter costumes. Every father dreams of protecting his little princess from the dangers that lurk beyond his protective gaze. How lovely of this costume idea to give him that chance.

This costume can be put together easily with a few key supplies. It may take some time, but is definitely worth the effort. Dad needs only to ensure he doesn't trip on the long braid dangling around his ankles. Other than that, this costume is a dream come true. Wearers of this costume are bound to live happily ever after surrounded by piles of candy.

4 Matador and Bull

Just stop it. A baby dressed as a Matador complete with a hat and fancy jacket is almost too much cuteness too bear. The only thing that could make this costume better is a canine companion dressed as a bull.  A boy and his dog have a special bond that can only be strengthened by wearing costumes that compliment each other.

Matadors are Spanish bullfighters who take on the daunting and nearly impossible task of killing angry bulls.  Don't worry. This costume is just a baby playing pretend. No one is killing anyone else in this situation. However, Matadors are known for being fearless and bold.

Dressing a baby as one of these fighters with conquering spirits will give baby the surge of energy he needs to stay happy as he is dragged from house to house in search of sweet things he probably won't get to eat. This is one costume that will take a little work and attention to detail, but it is so worth the extra time it will take. Olé!

3 Dreamy Drink

Children are beloved creatures. Parents love their children more than anything else. Many parents also love coffe because it's delicious and contains a little something known as caffeine that helps moms and dads stay awake on the tough days.

Why not dress a child up as something else you love and adore? This coffee confection is lovely, sweet and creative to boot. Getting the Starbucks logo on a giant cup costume may be a lot of work, so going for a generic coffee brand may be an easier option. Add some ruffles for whipped cream around the cup and on a hat for the simple part that shouldn't take too much extra work, but is extra adorable

This lovely costume is creative and fun while still being age-appropriate and easy to move in. This is one outfit that's going to give those who see it craving a hot drink, so it might be a good idea to strike a deal with the closest coffee shop and take a cut of every whipped cream covered concoction they sell on Halloween night.

2 Prince Charming

Forming a costume around a stroller couldn't be a more brilliant idea. Little legs can only last so long, so building a costume around a comfy chair for a tiny tot will go a long way towards making Halloween's festivities more pleasant for everyone.

This costume is down-right genius. The frog, the Prince Charming title, the plea for a kiss: it's perfection from top to bottom. Many who see this costume may not be able to resist puckering up to the little frog in the hopes that the magic of the night may actually transform him.

The details of this costume are what make it so great. It is one that will take a little extra time and effort, but parents who put in the time beforehand will be blissfully pushing their happy camper in a ride fit for royalty while parents all around them lug heavy toddlers sick of walking from place to place to place.

1 Treasure Troll

Treasure trolls were the favorite toy of many-a-90s child. They came with a variety of different hair colors, eye colors and belly-button jewel hues. Many children collected a variety of different types and even traded them with each other. This costume is admittedly a little bit creepy, but it also pays great homage to a beloved generation of children and their favorite ways to play.

Buying flesh colored tights and a leotard is bound to be inexpensive. The next steps are easy as well: turn your child upside down and spray the heck out of her hair with some super strong hair spray, then add the color of choice.

For a child with long tresses not wanting to stay up, putting part of hanger or pipe cleaners in the middle of the hairstyle can assist it in standing tall. Add a jewel to the child's belly and you have now successfully transformed her into a precious little troll fit to stroll on any sidewalk on Halloween night.

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