20 Of The Most Amazing Stroller Transformations

Back in the day, today's parents might have had the pleasure of watching MTV's Pimp My Ride. It was a glorious TV show in which rapper Xzibit would trick out the cars of young people driving around in lemons. The reinvention of the cars had robotic arms, movie screens, fancy rims, and even a cotton candy machine in one instance.

In the years since the show was on the air, news has spread that some of what was done to the cars never really worked or had to be removed for safety reasons, according to Huffington Post. Still, they sure looked fly - and they might have inspired today's moms and dads to pimp the ride of their babies.

After all, who wants a plain old stroller when he can have his very own Batmobile? Or what about an R2D2 capsule or a protective ladybug? Hot wheels are a lot cooler than mom's jogging stroller in classic black.

That's why many parents are now pumping their creative muscles to turn their baby's strollers into works of art (not to mention clever costume props). They use all sorts of materials, including but not limited to metal, corrugated cardboard, paint, and even bling. Some of them put hours into the development of the pimped out stroller.

Most of all, these adults use their imagination to rethink the concept of what a stroller should look like.

This is the stuff of Pinterest dreams, people. Check out these awesome strollers that seem to have become the "Pimp My Ride" of its day:

20 Monster Stroller

Via: Mommyish

19 Baby Cadillac

Via: Pinterest

18 Baby Bat Mobile

Via: www.yahoo.com

17 Hot Wheels

Via: YouTube

16 Pod Racing

Via: Mammamia

15 The Old Fashioned

Via: First - Ezvid

14 Welcome To The Pod

Via: Complex

13 Ladybug Ladybug

Via: theCHIVE

12 A Little Doll

Via: PopSugar

11 Juicy Couture

Via: Pinterest

10 Shuffle The Deck

Via: Pinterest

9 The Barn Door

Via: Princess Pinky Girl

8 Taco Truck

Via: New York City Family

7 Aaargh Mateys!

Via: Costume Works

6 On The Dark Side

Via: Skulture

5 May The Force Be With You

Via: Pinterest

4 Pretty Princess

Via: Coolest Homemade Costumes

3 Come Fly With Me

Via: Pinterest

2 Burn Baby Burn

Via: Coolest Homemade Costumes

1 Back To The Future

Via: BoredPanda

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