20 Of The Most Magical Girl Names For Mommy's Little Princess

Everyone loves magic, don’t they? Haven’t they wandered through the valleys of imaginary lands accompanied by fairies and angels? Haven’t they wondered about short built, long-nosed, big-eared elves, giant gnomes, goblins, dragons and trolls? I’m sure we all had fancied about unicorns, griffins, mermaids, talking animals and witches.

Fairy tales are the ones which became our best friends through bedtime stories. They had given us wings to fly to far off lands in wild imagination to be with our favorite characters. Our childhood is entwined with these magical creatures which have been passed on through generations and generations.

However big or matured we are, even now we love to watch a fairy tale with our kids, don’t we? Walt Disney had proved it right that, whenever they roll out a big budget fairy tale movie, it would surely be a sure-shot massive hit in the box office. I don’t think that only children enjoyed Harry Potter or Game of Thrones for that matter.

Fairy tales have encouraged and inspired us to name our kids with the most melodious and soothing names. Fairy tale names are not only a fashion but also a passion among parents. Here we present you a list of twenty most magical girl names for mommy’s little princess.

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20 Celeste

What a mellifluous name! It is an unusual and a unique name. Do you know its meaning? It is ‘heavenly’. It is a French name and is also a musical instrument. This instrument was first used to represent the sugar plum fairy in the ‘Nutcracker’ ballet.

The sound of Celeste is heavenly and it became synonymous with the sugar plum fairy, the ruler of the land of sweets. She is the one who receives the Nutcracker and his lady love Clara to her land and orders the festivities. Celeste stands for beauty and intelligence. What else would a parent want in their girl child?

19 Ariel

Whom does this name reminds you? Yes, ‘The Little mermaid’! The naughty beautiful daughter of the Sea King Triton! The name itself has a fairy feeling. She was the one who longed to live as a true human on land. With her bestie, she had found enough time to surface the sea and fell in love with the prince Eric.

The fairy tale becomes a wonder when the mermaid who is deeply in love with prince Eric surrenders her human form and sweet voice to the sea witch Ursula to protect Eric from harm. She is the epitome of pure love and this is truly a beautiful name for your little princess. Shakespeare’s Ariel in ‘The Tempest’ is also a fairy!

18 Asteria

Asteria is also referred to as the crying fairy. She is the mother of the little fairy princess ‘Sherbet’. Sherbet went missing and from then on Asteria and her husband were wandering to find their lost child. In the fairy tale Asteria is seen weeping or crying throughout thinking her lost child.

This is an Italian name. People with this name are believed to be leaders rather than followers. They are people with powerful personalities. They are courageous at the same time aggressive and unique. This beautiful sounding name is a hit among parents who want their babies to be called with fair fairy tale names.

17 Giselle

Isn’t this name gives you an unusual feeling? Giselle is the peasant girl who dies of a grief stricken heart when she realised that her true love was already betrothed to another woman. During the middle ages, it was believed that if a girl dies without joining her love or before her wedding bell chimes, she would turn to be a wili. Wilis are sylph like characters who are cursed to dance from midnight till the dawn breaks.

Wilis could trap any deserted young man and force him to dance till his physical strength is drained and he is dead. Giselle though turned out to be a wili, saved her love from death. This fairy tale of Giselle reminds us that pure love is truly magical and it can do wonders.

16 Aurora

In Greek and Roman mythology, Aurora is the goddess of dawn. Dawn is the beginning of a fresh start for everything. But for us, Aurora is the sleeping beauty. Don’t you know the sleeping beauty, the one who can wakes up only by the kiss of her true love? But Disney has brought the twist in the tale of sleeping beauty, too.

In the tale that we had heard in our childhood, Aurora’s charming prince’s kiss is what saves her from the long slumber! But our kids will be remembering Maleficent (enacted by Angelina Jolie) as the true love of Aurora! Whatever, sleeping beauty and her tale of the victory of true love is still afresh in our minds, isn’t it?

15 Eliza

Cute smiling baby girl sitting on the grass.

How can we forget Eliza the swan princess, who is known for her kindness, sincerity courage and love for people? Eliza had proved that goodness will prevail and win over bad. It was Eliza’s courage and fortitude of her big heart saved her father and brothers from her wicked step mother.

She faced the loneliness, insults and sufferings with a bold heart and smile on her face and came out triumphantly at the end of the fairy tale. Well, any parents would love to name their little girl this name as the name beholds the finest qualities a woman can have in its true sense.

14 Fiona

Fiona, the ogre princess, the lady love of Shrek! Fiona is the lead female character of Dreamwork’s Shrek series. In each series, we see a different Fiona. Fiona was originally a princess, but due to a curse, turn out to be an ogress every night.

Shrek rescued her from the captivation of the dragon and the fell in love and their beautiful story started. In three or four series, Fiona has become one of the most endearing fictional characters of children and adults, alike! Fiona’s story reminds us of the fact that beauty is not in the physical appearance! Real beauty is the beauty of a soul.

13 Kaia

What a beautiful name! This is a rare name with four letters in which three letters are vowels! Have you heard about any fairy or princess in the name Kaia? I have not heard, for sure. Then how does this name became one of the magical names for your little one? Yes, when we listed the names, we never said, the names are of only princesses.

We said they are truly magical names, which can enchant everyone. Kais is not a princess or fairy, kaia is a unicorn, that too, a cute lovely pink unicorn. She is the best aide and friend of the princess Adelina who lived in the kingdom of story book, the sweet abode of fairy tales, dreams and myths!

12 Lorelei

Lorelei has many versions of stories about her. In some she is depicted as a nymph, in others as a mermaid, a water spirit or as a siren. Whichever folklore you take, the fact about her singing is unchanged. She was the most terrific singer who could enchant any of the listeners.

In one of the fable she has been portrayed as the daughter of the Rhine, and lived in the depths of water. In the evenings she would sit on a rock and start singing melodiously. The boats men who happen to hear singing would forget about themselves and become too captivated that they would even lose their lives by crashing. Though she is portrayed as an immortal creature, she was shot by cupid’s arrow and fell in love with a fisherman.

11 Elvina


Elvina, the elf empress! What a powerful name! Empress is the woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially the one ruling an empire. Elvina is the empress of the elf empire. She is depicted as dangerous, yet beautiful. Very sweet outside, but cunning and like a poisonous flower inside.

The real beauty of Elvina is that, being the empress she gives importance to the happiness and safety of her people. She put forward the well being of her subjects than anything else. What a thorough leader! I wonder will we ever be able to meet an Elvina in the real life

10 Melody

A melodious name! Melody is one of the cutest characters from the Sanrio designing company of Japan. The Japanese version of red riding hood, you can say! She is best known as the best friend of ‘Hello kitty’. Melody has been characterized as a girl rabbit who always covers her ears with pink or red hood.

She became popular through toys and other merchandise. Another Melody whom we know is the Fairy Melody who was originally one of the members of the powerful Fairy Tail guild and took the human form in search of her friend Venus. She is the fairy with the angelic voice and has the magical power to manipulate water!

9 Pixie

Most Cute Babies Wallpaper Most Beautiful Baby Girl Wallpapers | Hd Pictures Images – Hd - WALLPAPER PICTURE GALLERY

In the magical mystical world of fairy tales, pixies are considered as mythical creatures. They are believed to have pointed ears and pointed hats and they are naughty and mischievous! They are accused of stealing too! But isn’t their naughtiness lovely? They are of small stature and with light wings which helps them in flying.

In the folklores pixies are in constant fight with fairies. One of the most beloved Pixie is Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell, though a long debate still exists on whether she is a Pixie or a fairy! Though they are human like forms, they have magical powers and are elegant!

8 Sabrina

Whom do you remember when you hear this name, the ever popular Sabrina the teenage witch or Sabrina, the sweet dreams fairy? Whoever, I wonder how this name is entwined with magic and myth. I love Sabrina the sweet dreams fairy the most. She has black curly hair with grey streaks and is symbolized with small clouds in which ‘zzz’ written inside.

Her magical object is a bag of sweet dreams dust. Her wings are pale green tinted and she wears glittery lilac pumps. Her main job is to provide people, sweet dreams while they are asleep and also prevent them from nightmares!

7 Naida

Naida Riverheart is a water elf who lives in the city of Elvendale. She is known for her beauty, kindness, sincerity and helping attitude. She is a pure adventurer at heart. The great quality in girls- daydreaming is one of her personalities and she loves to sail the Izdur Ocean in her own might!

She follows her dreams and can control all water bodies. Naida is courageous, wise and confident too. Though she is a bit quieter when compared to her other friends, but when encouraged to she would let her loose and enjoy. Beautiful Naida is portrayed as all Aqua, the several shades of blue! This in fact quite a dreamy name for a girl child!

6 Tiana

Tiana is the fictional character in Walt Disney’s picture ‘The princess and the frog’. In Greek mythology Tia stands for the ‘princess’ and ‘Tiana’ means highest beauty. Thus Tiana is the princess of highest beauty. How beautiful the name is! It is not only sweet sounding, but easy too.

The frog princess Tiana is actually a blend of two heroines. She is a fine combo of the princess Emma from ‘The Frog Princess’ and the princess from ‘The Frog Prince’. She is the first one of her kind where she has been portrayed with an African-American heritage. She was widely received because of her high held positive traits.

5 Elodie

Elodie – The lamb fairy! The lovely one adorned with a cute pink outfit and has a fluffy woolen scarf round her neckline. She has beige color boots and lilac tinged pointed wings. The main job entrusted with her is the protection of lambs. What would be her symbol? Of course, it is the fluffy, white little lamb.

She is the second fairy in Baby Farm Animal Fairies series. We also have a powerful crown princess of Nova in this name. Alas! She is not from a fairy tale in books, she is from the visual novel, I mean a game where she is trying her level best to keep herself alive till her fifteenth birthday, so that she can legally be the queen of Nova! What a choice this would be for a lovely baby girl!

4 Charlotte

The baby princess fairy! Charlotte is the baby princess fairy with a silver tiara on her head pushing her wavy shoulder length thick hair backwards. The top half of her white dress is decorated with golden flowers and her pumps too are golden in color. The well color coordinated fairy has yellow tinged wings on her back.

Her main job is to ensure that the royal babies are happy and safe. The cute little princess, the only daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge might be names after her. This royal beauty is worth millions due to her royal lineage.

3 Jasmine

Jasmine princess or fairy, which is your favorite? Yes, this name is from the Arabian nights’ Prince Aladdin’s beautiful princess Jasmine and also the name of one of the summer fairies. Princess Jasmine is portrayed as the spirited Princess of Agrabah. She was not at all happy that being the princess she was confined to the walls of her fort.

There was an old age law that princess must marry a prince in time for her upcoming birthday. But Jasmine who loved freedom and full of adventure decided to marry someone she loves for who he is. She was not bothered what he owned. Thus Jasmine became an epitome of true love.

2 Melisande

The hair princess! She was born in a fictional island to her royal parents. On her christening day, the uninvited fairy gave her a curse to go bald. The princess grew up as beautiful as the sun and as good as gold, but never a single strand of hair grew on her head! When she grew old and made her wish of growing her hair a yarn long to her father’s godmother fairy, it was granted and soon her troubles with ever growing thick hair started.

If the hair is cut, she would grow in size. Finally she was rescued from the growth of her hair and gigantism by a young prince and they lived happily ever after! Even at the face of her troubles she saved her land from enemy’s fleet and the beauty is that she did not harm even them. This makes Melisande a hearty princess!

1 Daenerys

This name comes straight from the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. Daenerys is the sister of Viserys, wife of Drogo and mother of three dragons. She is characterized as a very strong female character in the show. It is her quest, dreams and aspiration that is depicted in the show.

Daen is actually a Hebrew word which means 'God is my judge' . Erys is derived from the Greek word 'Eris' which means ‘Goddess of discourse and destruction’. Therefore the words together can mean 'God is the judge of my destruction'. If the spelling is tweaked to Daenarys, then ‘Arys’ is also derived from the Greek 'Aris' which means excellent purpose.

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