20 Of The Most Popular UK Names Making Their Way Over

Expecting a baby? Congratulations. So, have you decided the name for your sweetheart? Of course, choosing the apt name for your baby is troublesome. For this reason, it is wise to seek and consider the expert opinion. Nevertheless, you should select a name that is unique, special, lovable, and meaningful. Never panic or stress yourself. As a consequence, we will provide adequate support and assistance in naming your beloved.

If you are tired of American names, why not check out these most popular UK names that are making their way over. Here is a list of 20 most loved baby names that comes from the United Kingdom. Out of them 10 are for baby girls and 10 for baby boys. The below list will is an invaluable source of name that will provide ample information in your search for the perfect name. So, have a glance over the names listed and select the right one, which suits your beloved kid.

“Ladies first”, hence I prefer to introduce the baby girl names first:


20 Emily

When you first hear the name “Emily”, if you are fond of literature, you will certainly remember the 2 distinguished and indigenous writers- Emily Dickinson and Emily Bronte. While articulating the name “Emily”, what comes to your mind? Perhaps, you visualize a woman who is both charming and graceful.

Need to learn the meaning of the name? Moreover, this stylish, classy, and sophisticated name is derived from Roman feminine “Aemilia” and its meaning is “rival”, “ambitious”, etc. Is it popular enough? The name has been a popular choice since the 1970s and is still prominent among the UK residents.

Obviously, you will prefer a nickname for your child and without further thinking, you can call her as “Ema”. To add amusement, let’s have a glimpse of general characteristics associated with the name Emily- bold, individualistic, ambitious, determined, creative, victorious, etc.

19 Isabelle


Isabelle is the French version of the English name “Isabel”, lovely isn’t it? What is the meaning of the name? Are you curious? This baby girl name holds the meanings such as “Devoted to God”, “God of Plenty”, “My God is Bountiful”, “Pledged to God”, “God is my Oath”, etc. However, the popularity of this name is increasing year by year, since it is a propitious and appreciated name all over the world.

If you have read the “Twilight” saga, you will be familiar with the name Isabel, the name of the central character and you can grant the nickname as “belle”, “Bella”. The name indicates everything that is attractive. For instance, the celebrities such as Isabelle Adjani, Isabelle Huppert, etc. were indeed lovely ladies.

Check out the general characteristics associated with the name Isabelle- uplifting, Gospel seeker, inspirational, instinctive.

18 Sophia

Sophia is another preferred baby girl name, whose meaning includes “wisdom”, “wise”, etc. Are you curious regarding the name’s origin? The name was first used in the 17th century and is the customary name of the European Royal families.

However, you will sense that the name is melodic, cosmopolitan, stylish, and pleasing. Is it popular? Meanwhile, the name captured the heart of 9 countries, which includes Mexico and Italy. Is the name suitable to every country? According to expert opinion, the name surpasses both culture and border. Henceforth, you can proceed with this name.

Prefer to call her by a nickname? “Sophy” can be an excellent one, which is adorable, simple, and convenient. Here are the general characteristics associated with the name Sophia- the person who is fond of freedom, daring, adjustable, cognitive, mellow, cumulative, sensual.

17 Mia


Mia is indeed a lovable name for your baby girl. If you have watched the movie “Annabelle”, you will never be able to forget the name “Mia”, which is the name of its leading character. 

To begin, the name Mia is an Italian baby girl name, which is having wide range of meanings such as “wished-for child”, “beloved”, “mine”, etc. In addition to this, the name is a contracted version of the name “Maria”.

Of course, you can relate the name with the renowned actress “Mia Farrow”, who further popularized the name. The name is a popular choice of almost all English-speaking nations. As a result, you can definitely thumb up for this charming name. What can be their general characteristics? Can you predict? Here are certain common traits of Mia name bearers- Freedom loving, daring, flexible, cerebral, carefree, ongoing, and hedonistic.

16 Olivia

Olivia is an English baby girl name; the name was obviously popularized by the epitome of drama writing, William Shakespeare, in his work “Twelfth Night” for his adorable heroine. Hence, you can imagine the ancestry of the name, that is, it existed right from the 13th century.

The meaning of the name is “olive tree”, “emblem of peace”, etc. Currently, the name holds the number 1 position in England. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to name your beloved with this number 1 name. Apart from that, you will be able to witness how the name Olivia never left the Top 500 baby name list in the US.

Need a nickname for your child, here are suggestions- you can call her “olive”, “oli”, “ovia”, etc. Can you predict the general characteristics associated with the adorable name Olivia? Never mind. Refer from here- the person who is fond of independence, daring, compliant, psychological, serene, and self-indulgent.

15 Evelyn


Evelyn is simply an adorable name, isn’t it? The girls have been named after “Evelyn” since 1880. How the name evolved? It is literally a combination of the name “Eve” (the first woman created by the God) and Lynn.

What is the meaning of the name? The meaning of the name is “wished-for child”, “life”, “lively”, “pleasant”, “desired child”, etc. However, the name holds a position among Top 40 baby girl name list all over the world. Meanwhile, it was established that girls with such a name possess leadership quality and tends to have a fondness for personal freedom.

Prefer a nickname for your Evelyn? Here are certain suggestions –“Eva”, “Eve”, etc. can be an apt one, which is brief, and convenient. Check out the traits, which is evident in the “Evelyn” name bearers- mystical, sagacious, aberrant, innate, creative, analytical, and unaccompanied.

14 Ella

Ella is a classy baby girl name and is the shortened form of the names such as Eleanor, Ellen, etc. and the ending of the name “Isabella”. The name sounds familiar, right? You will have heard of the famous American Jazz singer “Ella Fitzgerald”. As a matter of fact, it was Normans, who brought the name to England and is popular right from the 19th century.

What is the meaning? The meaning of the name “Ella” is ‘beautiful fairy woman’, ‘honorable’, etc. Here is a list of traits evident in the “Ella” name bearers- ambitious, tactful, sociable, reliable, artistic, responsible, resourceful, leadership, caring.


13 Scarlett


Scarlett is one of the preferred baby girl names in the UK. The simple meaning is “rich cloth”, “bright red”. Nevertheless, the Scarlett is a strong and attractive name for a girl.

Similar to the color “scarlet”- the deep red color, which symbolizes passion, can also be correlated with the name’s meaning. Nickname can be “Scarly”, which is convenient to articulate. Is it popular? However, the name was popularized by the celebrities such as Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, Scarlett Noel Pomer, Scarlett Leithold.

General characteristics- reliable, strong, resilient, determined, high-flyer, affluent, problem solving, independent, tactful, sociable, artistic, careful, resourceful, planner, caring. 

12 Amelia

Amelia is a simple and adorable name for a baby girl. The meaning of the name includes “to work”, “industrious”, “laborious”, “striving”, etc. In the meantime, the name is perfect blend of the names “Emilia” and “Amalia”.

Are you aware of the names of daughters of King George II and III? It is Amelia. So the name has a royal background. The name became popular right from the 18th century and it is popularized by the celebrity Amelia Earhart, the first woman who attempted a solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean, which constituted the name extra special.

Also, it is a popular name in the fiction and you can check it out yourself. Are you searching for a nickname? Here are certain suggestions- “Amy”, “Lia”, and “Mel”. Traits that can be associated with the “Amelia” name bearers- the person who loves freedom, adjustable, cerebral, even-tempered, ongoing, voluptuary, daring. 

11 Freya


Freya is one of the appealing names for a baby girl and its origin is from Scandinavia. The meaning of the name is “lady”, “noble woman”.

For instance, Freya is the name of the Norwegian Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility and mythical wife of Odin. The name appeared in the list of Top 100 baby names published by the US in 2016. In addition, it is further popular in the UK.

Furthermore, the name was popularized by the explorer cum writer “Freya Stark”. Other name bearers include celebrities such as Freya Mavor, Freya Tingley, etc. Characteristics that can be closely associated with the name “Freya” includes bold, maverick, determined, resolute, innovative, and triumphant. 

10 Harry

The baby boy name Harry is equally popular among kids, youngsters, and elders. Why? It is due to the Harry Potter series, Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles and Princes Diana, and Harry S Truman (Former American President). This German baby name means “ruler of the home” or “ruler of the house”.

Harry is a nickname for names such as Henry, Harold, etc. No doubt, the name is popular in almost every English-speaking nation. The name bearers of Harry prefer to be alone and stick adamantly with their decisions. Check out the dominant traits of the name bearers of Harry- mystical, intelligent, aberrant, instinctual, inventive, rational, and unaccompanied. 

9 George


George is another popular name for the baby boys and the name has its origin from the Greek language, which means “farmer”, “earth worker”. Is it popular enough? This name is popularized by the Saint George (dragon slayer, who symbolizes the victory of good over evil), George Washington (Father of the USA), George Bernard Shaw, etc.

What is the downfall of George name bearers? Uncertainty is the rival of the “George” name bearers. However, the name appears on the popular baby name list of several countries all over the world. Dominant traits of “George” name bearers- introspective, rational, innovative, friendly, victorious, and determined. 

8 Joshua

Joshua is an adorable Biblical baby boy name. What is the meaning of the name? Can you predict? It has a wide range of meanings such as “generous”, “a savior”, “a deliverer”, etc. What will be their specialty? Based on the facts, the Joshua name bearers realize his purpose and will be capable of accomplishing it.

At the same time, the baby will be handsome and will have a charming personality. What is their downfall? Procrastination is established as the rival for the Joshua name bearers. Check out the dominant characteristics of the Joshua name bearers- creative, inventive, sociable, attractive personality, pleasant manners, caring, decisive. 

7 Dylan


The name Dylan is a Welsh baby boy name. What are the meanings of Dylan name? Consequently, there is a multitude of meanings such as “son of the wave”, “born near the sea”, “influence”, etc. Is the name popular enough? Dylan is popular in the UK and furthermore, the Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas popularized the name and made it extra special and unique.

What are the specialties of Dylan name? No doubt, the name bearers of Dylan have an exceptional ability to handle business related matters flawlessly. Have a glimpse of the characteristics of Dylan name bearers- hardworking, practical, responsible, inventive, and philosophical. 

6 Jackson

Jackson is a charming and appealing Scottish baby boy name. Can you speculate the meaning of the name? The meaning of the name is “God has been gracious”, “God has shown favor”. Why is it popular among people? In fact, the name is familiar for everybody as it was popularized by the legendary music artist “Michael Jackson”.

Of course, the follower of MJ will certainly name their beloved child by Jackson for commemorating the legend. Prefer to call your beloved by the nickname; ‘Jacky’ can be a suitable and convenient one. Check out the general characteristics of the Jackson name bearer- bold, creative, triumphant, determined, and unique. 

5 Jack


The name Jack provides an impression of an individual, who is private and serious. Similar to the meaning of the name Jackson, the name Jack means “God is gracious”. Jack is a common name for the fictional character, as it is simple, convenient and boyish one.

Obviously, you will have watched the movie Titanic, and if yes, you will certainly remember its leading character “Jack” and this character popularized the name again. Jack is the nickname for the name “John” and apart from that; it is a slang word for “man”. Meanwhile, a multitude of fictional character bears the name “Jack”.

Have a glimpse of the general traits of Jack name bearers- reserved, decisive, independent, and embarrassed to share feelings and opinions, steadfast, loyal. 

4 Aiden

Aiden is a popular baby boy name and it’s originated from the languages such as American, Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish. The simple meaning of the name includes “little fire”, “name of saint”, etc. What is their public persona? According to the facts, Aiden name bearers are clever-minded, responsible, and capable of implementing crucial business decisions, complete the task as per their satisfaction, and fulfill the promise.

The name was popular in Ireland during the 7th century and revived its popularity in the early 19th century. Dominant characteristics of Aiden name bearers- compassionate, family-oriented, socially concerned, devoted, soft-hearted, sensitive, humane, and gracious. 

3 Max


Max is the shortened form of the names such as “Maximus”, “Maxwell”, etc. What is the meaning of the Max? The meaning of the name is “greatest”. At times, it is the nickname of the female name “Maxine”.

Need to learn the origin of the name? The name is Latin and was utilized as the third name for Roman families. Is the name popular in all countries? Nevertheless, the name is common in Australia, Canada, and the USA, Scandinavian countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway. Check out the characteristics of the Max name bearers- collaborative, concerned, empathetic, supportive, sensitive, tolerant, and devoted. 

2 Oliver

The name Oliver is an adorable and charming English baby boy name. Can you guess its meaning? There is a multitude of meanings for the name, which includes the “ancestral relic”, “elf army”, and “the olive tree”. As a matter of fact, the olive tree is indeed an incarnation and symbolizes peace, honor, grace, and abundance.

Is it popular among people? Oliver name revived its popularity in the 21st century and is victorious. Now, it appears in America’s Top 100 baby name list. Have a glimpse of the general traits associated with the Oliver name bearers- unity, multi-tasking, instinctual, visionary, generosity, bold, and magnificent. 

1 Noah


Noah is another popular and widely accepted baby boy name in the UK. What can be the meaning of the name? There are wide ranges of meanings such as “rest”, “comfort”. Have you heard this name before? Remember the name Noah? Noah, according to the Old Testament is the builder of the Ark, which enabled him to save millions of species from the Flood.

What is their public persona? Their person will be imaginative, relish pleasures of life and successful, accomplish financial and emotional security. Here are certain general characteristics of Noah name bearers- perfectionist, kind, triumphant, fashionable, and obstinate.

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