20 Of The Most Spoiled Rich Kids Of Snapchat (Part 2)

In social media, there’s a thin line between gratefulness and arrogance. This era is just so full of it. We’ve seen so many humble braggers who, every now and then, share to the world how extra fabulous their lifestyles are. While some can really just be expressing how thankful they are for their blessed lives, others’ arrogance is just too overwhelming not to be missed — just like those rich kids in Snapchat.

These youngsters born in the lap of luxury are notorious for being the most arrogant bunch of kids to ever surface on social media. They are filthy rich and, not to mention, extremely overbearing with pride. Who cares if they waste wads of money? It may be disturbing for us ordinary, state-educated people but definitely not for them because they have an indispensable stash of cash.

Aside from being too wealthy for the world, they also share another common denominator — of course, they’re private school kids. And because of this, the truly humble students are stigmatized for the reputation they have created online. Chesty and egoistic, they feel like they are gods and goddesses in their own right — getting what they want, what they need in just a snap. They also collectively hate average citizens whose education were funded by the government. Talk about hubris, eh?

Some of them try to be funny but ultimately fail at it. Most of them also lack even the barest common sense and as to why you’ll see below. Here are the richest kids of Snapchat that will surely annoy “peasants” like us.

20 How Rich Kids Use The Bathroom

As if using a note as a bookmark isn’t bad enough, one rich private school kid thought of another vile way to use a money — a replacement for sanitary tissues. I don’t know who they are mocking but, clearly, it is not us, their lowly state-educated counterparts. Also, I really wonder how this feels when being wiped into their bottoms. Does it feel luxurious enough? I bet our butts entirely don’t deserve this kind of indulgent treatment. Try hard next time to make us laugh, kid! And good luck with all the microbes you are getting from it when you wipe your buttocks. Do not forget to flush it to the drain because we don’t want that money ending up in our hands eventually!

19 An Apple A Day

These days, a lot of us from the middle-class may afford an iPhone or a MacBook like those rich kids. But to replace these pricey gadgets, it will probably take me three or four years or until the gadget is down to its last battery life. If this gives any boost to our morale, we’re level-headed with this one with the private schoolers, but still, they make it a point that they’re different. If, say, they’ve just recently owned their 5th iPhone 6 in three months, it’s not impossible that they’ll be buying iPhone 7 the second it comes out — even if their old iPhone is just fresh off its box. And what’s disturbing is that they treat these precious gadgets like they’re just random, invaluable stuff! Pizza party on an iPad because the plates have run out, seriously? MacBook laptop as a rain shield? Come on! These smart gadgets can function better than that —depending on who’s actually using them.

18 To Good For Driving Cars

Most of these rich kids don’t fancy traversing the road some of the days. I mean who actually travels in cars and on roads, right? Crazy, we know. When these rich kids don’t feel in the mood for their deluxe cars, the only other way to get around is to just ride their private jets and helicopters. It is fast, convenient and nothing short of lavish. Plus, they get a pass to brag about their rides every single time. As seen above. Who wouldn't want to show off taking a private jet to get some tacos for dinner. These kids got first-class seats all to themselves, all complete with posh interiors and each lift comes with sumptuous meals. Don’t forget an intricate flower arrangement to enhance the luxurious vibes and perhaps a bottle of vintage champagne.

17 How Rich Kids Improvize

Because some high-value product for us peasants are just household items for these private schoolers, it’s been a habit for them to misuse these things. After all, how much should they really care for a 1,200-worth iPhone right? In a snap, they could buy literally a hundred of MacBooks and easily use them as a paper instead of a functioning laptop. Clever move. How about a game of Jenga? The traditional blocks are extremely boring, which is why some rich kids have found a way to spice the game up — and guess how — by using iPhones. When the lights are out, a bottle of Dom Perignon might do the trick. Top it off with a Louis Vuitton wallet in case it doesn’t light opulent enough and there goes roughly $4,000 easily out of the window.

16 An Ordinary Family Vacation

One of the best times to show off how affluent their lifestyle is is during the summer. Off-school days are just too fun not to be documented, especially if you’re like these kids who spend summer around the world. St. Barth’s, The Hamptons, Maldives, France, Greece — literally anywhere in the world, they could afford to visit. It would only set them back just a several ten thousands of dollars but that’s excluding the shopping. One rich kid even chose to buy a Rolex for every city he visited as a memento. That’s basically at least $5,500 per city — all credited on dad’s tab, for sure. Jumping from country A to B is easy with their private jets. In the morning, one could be in Cannes and end the day at Zurich because why not?

15 Dad... It's Not Good Enough

It’s a bit baffling to notice why these children still have the audacity to complain about their “horrible” life. After all, it turns out that daddy is the one to blame even if he’s already tried to give the best things he could provide. Honestly, I don’t see how these things are still worthy of being complained about. It’s just crazy that they still feel ungrateful after all the nice things that they own. It would be really helpful if they get to have a reality check every once in a while. It wouldn’t really be surprising this attitude of ungratefulness will turn into greed eventually. When would they really ever feel contented with their bountiful lives? Only time will tell.

14 The Rich Bookworm

Most of the rich Snapchat kids don’t really care about their money’s value because they’re not earning for it in the first place. Like in this case, does using a high-value note as a bookmark make any sense? Well, it may be quite forgivable because who knows, this person might actually be spending this note for all the good reasons. But still, this is just downright arrogant to use it as a mere bookmark when others are struggling to earn this amount in a week! Who even uses this big-valued note to mark a book they’re reading, right? I could totally understand if it’s just a dollar — even a piece of paper could really do the job — but to flash a high-value note as an ordinary bookmark? It’s just inappropriate. If it were for me, this “bookmark” would definitely go to the bank, not somewhere else.

13 Pocket Full Of Bills

There’s hardly anything these kids need anymore because, fortunately for them, their parents are well-off enough to provide everything pronto. Just looking at how much these kids’ allowance in a week could make a middle-class person feel like they’re on the edge of poverty. In a week, these kids’ wallets may have held cash that amounts to a month’s rent payment. Don’t get me started on one rich kid’s two-hour allowance. Going to school — take note, a private institution with more or less 19 grand-tuition — feels like a chore for these kids rather than a privilege. So to motivate them, on top of their copious amount of allowance, their parents throw in a few basic gifts like Rolex watches, Apple gadgets or extra wads of cash to keep their studying moods up.

12 Love-Hate For Their Servants

They’re “peasants” with lucky enough to witness the high-life. And even though these working-class people hate the masters they serve, they’re forced to do the job anyway. Who wouldn’t hate a day serving these spoiled kids? They’re extremely entitled that they forgot these people — their butlers, nannies, maids, and drivers — are humans like themselves. They’re reprimanded to never make any single mistake, or else they might lose their job for something that’s really not a big deal. But despite looking like losers, these working people have an ace in their hands. Without them, who would tolerate these whiny kids? I suppose no one and not probably their parents because they’re too spoiled and high-maintenance.

11 Dinner For One

While these rich kids are taught so many things unlike us, commoners, it appears that something still needs more focus on. Is it just a coincidence or these kids aren’t really learning how to spell right? It is not hard to notice how misspelled words are rampant in these kids’ snaps while they brag about their blessed lives with helicopters taking them to restaurants or eating high-end DESSERTS at school. Alright, dessert could be one of the most common misspelled words but I think if they want to brag about something, at least make the spelling right. No? Also, honestly, how hard is it to spell the word “restaurant”? I bet they’ve probably eaten in one more than an average person but still, one can’t still seem to remember that it’s not “restaurant."

10 Thanks, Dad

It’s hard not to notice that these kids are really spoiled by their fathers. It probably takes just a quick sob for these kids get their desires, more so something that’s really one-of-a-kind. Like if one wanted a bag, who even wants to settle with a Jansport or a Herschel backpack? Only the state-educated peasants like us, most likely. When they ask for something, it’s go big and go home, and in this case, what’s more over-the-top than a 24 karat backpack for school? Somehow, their dads also serve as their status symbol. The richer the patriarch, the wealthier the kid is. It’s also worth noting that they love flaunting their dad’s possessions in Snapchat for the world to see because, you know, it builds up the reputation.

9 Fancy H2O

Whether it is onboard a yacht, on a beach, or out on the street or even just in their humble mansions, there ain’t no party like the rich kids’ party. These kids really know how to throw a big one that can surely make peasants feel (and look) the lamest. Some of their beverages cost at least a thousand dollars... And that's for maybe one bottle of alcohol? If you feel like getting intoxicated, how about a glass of three-digit-worth water? That must have really quench the thirst divinely. Dinners are also exceptional, thanks to fine-dine restaurants that set them back probably just a penny-worth of meals. Flying to Paris to grab a bite isn’t really a big deal when you're a millionaire. Also, $1,500-worth dinner for two? No problemo.

8 Some Modesty, At Last

Behind all the arrogance, some kids are still left with a kind heart to “help” peasants in need. After all, there are just some people who act as braggarts but ultimately help their fellow men in times of distress, right? Right. Or maybe not — maybe it’s just an assumption that these kids are up to something really good, judging by this photo. Clearly, this crazy amount of money would really make a difference in people’s lives who are struggling. But if you really want to help, why the need to let the whole world know about it? Also, if they’ll be helping, will that earn them a right to mock these people that they’ll help? Too bad, they won’t feel the real happiness in selfless giving.

7 When You're On Top

If there is one thing these rich kids would gladly unite about, it is their affinity for mocking ordinary citizens like us. These youngsters just can’t get enough of showing how unlucky our lives are because we are not as wealthy as them. Life is just too bad for us. In this case, it seems that us “peasants” are missing the world’s best experiences — like having a chance to use a fountain pen...  Wow... The chance to use a fountain pen is only one in a million and unlike them, we’re not really blessed to have this life-changing experience. Where is the box of tissues? We only get to use ballpoint pens because, hey, that’s what we only deserve for not being part of the upper class. What a cruel fate we have!

6 What The Rest Of Us Are Missing Out On

Sometimes, these spoiled rich kids do not just show off what they have — they literally point out what we (peasants) have been missing out on. In this case it's a handful of thick gold jewelry and a phone over a MacBook. Thanks a lot, rich kids, for reminding half of the world that our lives are not as lavish as yours. Well, maybe some of us could be owning an iPhone or MacBook so they don’t really have to look down upon us. And even though we don’t own big gold jewelry like you, we would just like to say there are other things more precious than pieces of gold — something like values, for one, humility... what else? It wouldn’t really hurt to be truly humble every once in a while.

5 Diamonds Are For Peasants

Dazzling jewelry — even the designer ones — are so passé. After all, golds and diamonds have been used since time immemorial. What could be the fashion-forward alternative for these ornaments than cold cash, right? They don’t really look that nice but it does the shouting loud enough: “I’m filthy rich that I can afford a money necklace!” It may really take a while for ordinary low-life people to appreciate this but anytime soon, it might replace traditional jewelry for good. By then, we could thank this rich kid blessed with an ingenious mind and an illustrious taste. Also, from the looks of it, when they’re done using it as a body ornament, it may pass as a perfect Christmas garland. Or maybe they could just burn them after using. Why? Just because.

4 Are We Really That Unsafe?

Is peasantry even that dangerous? I don’t really get why this kid needs to be protected from peasants in the first place. More so, with the help of a studded Christian Louboutin shoes that probably cost a month of an average citizen’s salary, and on its background, of course, a Rolls Royce whip. Apparently, this kid thinks all middle-class people have an interest in stealing his hundred-thousand-dollar car. Just because this kid’s parents earn a lot more than the rest of us, he feels entitled to think some peasant will be stealing his ride anytime. Well, in all honesty, his shoes are the bomb and so is his whip, but it doesn’t mean we (peasants) will always be going after it. Real talk!

3 An After School Drive

A rich lifestyle wouldn’t be considered truly rich without a luxury car. But for these kids, a piece isn’t just enough. All the luxurious whips — name it, they probably have it. Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley are just some of the common cars parked in their garage. The names of these high-end whips probably go on and on. While most of the cars are most likely owned by their rich parents, it’s not impossible that they already have one of their own or probably even more. But of course, they can never afford to buy the whips on their own. Lucky for them they’ve got such generous parents who would give into their every whim. I really wonder what would be their lives without them.

2 Rich Kids Education

Private schools have an exemplary reputation when it comes to education. It’s totally given — with their tuition that can feed a hundred children in a third-world country, it’s completely expected that they should learn more than an average state-educated person. Advanced mathematics and sciences, different sports and they even multilingualism. Heck, these kids have a Latin class even though the language has been considered dead for centuries! Another interesting lecture they have in their economy class is how to avoid paying taxes. Really sneaky, right? Where else would you find a class that teaches how to evade taxes? I wouldn’t be surprised if these spoiled kids grow up and face a tax evasion case in the future. Also, is it even legal to teach young minds how to escape their responsibilities to the government? I wonder how these private schools get to justify this.

1 In The End...

Despite all their overflowing hubris and snobbery, a moderator of Private School Snaps — the account that gives a glimpse into the lives of private schoolers — cleared the air after their clique has received flak from their less wealthy counterparts. The kid explained that the anger and resentment from all the snaps were completely understandable. He or she (whoever the kid may be) admitted that they might have really wasted a lot of money on the unnecessary things but in exchange of all the mockery, the moderator insinuated that they still have a good heart by giving monthly donations.

The mod also said that the donations were made wholeheartedly and not because he or she wanted to tell everyone about it. Ironically, this kid still told everyone about the “good deed.” Whether or not it’s a humble brag, let’s just give them benefit of the doubt.

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