20 Of The Prettiest Amish Baby Girl Names Moms Can't Stop Using

When it comes to naming a precious baby girl or boy, we're looking to make an impact. Names aren't just "names" anymore; there's typically a deeper meaning involved. Whether we name them after a family member, a beloved friend, or maybe a nice character we read about in a book — names are way deeper than just what to call a person.

While the Amish don't have a computer to Google search names on, most of the names they choose for their children are traditionally passed down. The Christian-based fellowship lives a life that's hard to comprehend for most Westerners; however, their names are some of the prettiest. With Biblical backgrounds and meanings that are so pure, it's absolute poetry. These 20 Amish names would be a flawless choice for any baby girl.

Even if a mom isn't sold on these names, there's definitely a story to be told with these that would be gorgeous for a middle name or even inspiration for another name. When a mama's pregnant, inspiration comes to her in all kinds of places, after all! From classic names like Abigail to out-of-the-box names like Lovina, these names all have a beautiful meaning for any baby girl.

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20 Abigail


Okay, so Abigail isn't the most unique name on the list but it's a name that isn't used too often today. We've heard Abby a handful of times but the full name of Abigail isn't used too often. I don't know about you, but I think we should change that!

Mom Junction explains that to the Amish, the name Abigail means "the father's joy." Now, whether "father" means their own God or their actual father is up to them, but it's still a joyful name that could be passed down to a precious baby girl dressed in pink.

19 Grace

I don't care how old you are or how many of Graces you have met in your lifetime, the name Grace is stunning. It's one of those timeless, classic names that truly never goes out of style. We hear the name Grace a lot in the older generations and even as middle names, but I think it's about time we give it a front row seat in the first name category.

Mom Junction explains that the name Grace originates from the word Gratia, which also means "God's favor." What's even more adorable, another meaning for the name is "elegance," which is exactly how the name sounds.

18 Willa

If you're having dual gender twins, an adorable idea is to name on William and the other Willa. The name Willa is the feminine version of the male's William and means "will, or desire" in Germany. While it's great having a willing and ready daughter on your hands, the name can also mean "valiant protector," per Mom Junction.

Many Amish names seem dated and old fashioned, but the name Willa ups the game a little bit with its modern beauty. And considering one of its meanings is "protector," who wouldn't want their little girls to be strong and fierce like mama!

17 Rose


Rose is an extremely popular name, and yet, I've never met a Rose... I've met women with the middle name Rose but never as their first name. To the Amish, though, the name Rose is a gorgeous and very popular first name. Plus, it comes with the adorable nickname Rosie. Personally for me, when I hear the name Rose, my immediate thought goes to Kate Winslet playing Rose in Titanic — but that's just me (right?). As it sounds, the name Rose means "flower," which is a delicate and gorgeous spin on a baby girl's name.

There's something so sweet about naming our little girls after a bundle of flowers, isn't there?

16 Tessa


If you love the name Theresa but feel it's too formal for your little bundle of joy, what about choosing the modern day version of Tessa? The name Tessa originally means "countess" or "harvester," according to Mom Junction, and while the name may not have the coolest meaning, it's still a gorgeous name. Plus, who wouldn't want their daughter to be known as the little countess!  If anyone here watches The Real Housewives of New York, then we all know how often Luann pulls the "I'm a countess" card; and let me tell you — it works! Name her after a countess and treat her as such.

15 Lovina


Have you ever heard the name Lovina before? No? Same. However, the name Lovina is a classic Amish name that can be shortened to Lo (which is even cuter, in my opinion). Thanks to The Clever, the name Lovina really took off in the early 1800s in the Amish community and was later spun into the name Livinia (whatever picks your fancy!).

Truth be told, the name Lovina could be hard for a child to pronounce and spell, but calling them "Lo" until they're old enough to spell (and sound everything out) is an adorable idea.

It may have been popular in the 1800s, so is it time to bring the name back to 2019?

14 Iris


As I'm writing this article, I just realized that I think I have a slight obsession with Kate Winslet because in the movie The Holiday (a classic holiday film), Kate played the character of Iris, and I remember falling in love with the name! Coming from Greece, the name Iris actually means "rainbow." How adorable is that! Many new parents say their little one is their own personal ray of sunshine, but what about having your own rainbow?!

While the name is quite well-loved in the Amish community, it's also (not surprised) popular in England (cough, cough Kate Winslet).

13 Arleta


The Amish name Arleta sounds positively posh, does it not? It's unique, it's short, it's easy to say... Thanks to an Amish website, it's been said that the name Arleta came from France and is a beautiful combination of  "Arlene" and "Rita." The names Arlene and Rita are beautiful and poised, but Arleta has such a modern flair that's simply missing from them. Plus, we've all heard of someone's grandmother names Arlene or Rita, but never an Arleta!

Arleta can also be spelled "Arlette," which is similar enough to see the connection, but distinct enough to make them completely separate names.

12 Leora


Coming from Greece, this cute name means "light" or "my light." Like many parents, our little ones are always the light of our lives, so naming them as such is a really adorable touch. Leora is the feminine version of "Liore," which is way better if you ask me. Leora kind of has a modern-day spin on the name Elenore, but it's strong enough to stand on its own. Having a little light around the house name Leora fills the family name with so much positive energy — so much promise. And while it takes someone special to name their baby girl Leora, it comes with a beautiful meaning.

11 Harley


Ready for a truth drop? My mom was going to name me Harley but it's ONLY because she fell in love with a soap opera character named Harley who was a man. She thought that since it worked so well for the man, why not a woman? My mom never did end up naming me Harley but something tells me if she had one more child, she'd already have had the name chosen!

In the Amish community, the name Harley comes from the word meaning "meadow" in old England, which is tranquil as it is. Many see the name is harsh since it reminds them of the motorcycle company, but it's more peaceful than that. So don't be afraid of this charming name!

10 Eliza


When I hear the name Eliza, I think of two things: Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys and Eliza Dushku from Bring it On. Both are phenomenal characters and the name itself truly sets them apart from everyone else. Now, whether you choose Eliza as the full name or as a nickname for Elizabeth is up to you, but it's one of those names that we don't hear too often. In the Amish community, the name Eliza actually means "God is satisfaction." SO if anyone is very religious or has deep faith in God — the name Eliza could work very well for your baby girl.

9 Ivy


When people hear the name Ivy, they most likely think of a few different things... There's the unbearable itch we get from the plant; then there's Blue Ivy Carter — the first born to Beyoncé and Jay-Z; and then there's the comic book character Poison Ivy, herself. Nevertheless, no matter how cool these people are — the name is actually very beloved in the Amish community.

While the name is only three letters long, Ivy still comes from the faithfulness of the plant (the same plant that gives us those rashes). And although some may have ill-feelings towards the plant, the name Ivy itself is glorious.

8 Penelope


The name Penelope hasn't been heard in quite some time until Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick named their daughter Penelope. To be honest, we're so used to these out-of-the-box names (like Stormi, Chicago, Dream...), that Kourtney naming her daughter something so normal caught everyone off guard. Nevertheless, the name Penelope is as sweet as it sounds.

Coming from Ireland, the name Penelope means "White shoulder." Now, if the term "white shoulder" doesn't mean anything to you, then maybe the backstory will. According to Mom Junction, "Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus who waited twenty years for him. The name means ‘weaver.'"

7 Sadie


How cute is the name Sadie? Strangely enough, I've never met a Sadie before, but I have met a few dogs who went by that name. Once Duck Dynasty hit TVs everywhere, people were in love with Sadie Robertson, the daughter of Willie and Korie. Not only was she talented, but people loved her name and how she represented herself. The name Sadie quickly started being used again for the first time in a while. In the Amish country, though, Sadie actually comes from the name Sara; a name that means "lady" or "princess." Now, I don't think I need to tell you how many dads and moms out there want their little one to become a little princess.

6 Sovilla


Coming from Spain, the name Sovilla can actually be pronounced in three different ways. The Clever explains that a mom or dad can pronounce it "Sa-V-Yah, Se-V-yah or Sa-Villa." What's cuter is the site also recommends parents nickname them Lala or Villa!

In case you were wondering, the name Sovilla actually comes from the city in Spain called Seville, which adds a little bit of wanderlust in your baby girl. Although there isn't too much background history on the name Sovilla, it's one of those names that will set your tiny one apart from the rest of the school.

5 Atley


These days the name Hadley or Hatley are very popular, but this is the first time I'm seeing Atley, and let me tell you, I'm loving it. Similar to Harley, the Amish meaning for Atley means "the meadow" or "clearing meadow." How whimsical is that? Atley is also extremely gender neutral, so mom or dad can name any gender this name without batting an eyelash.

The name had a slight rise in popularity in 2009 and 2010, but the Amish probably laugh at that statistic since they've been using it for years. Whether it's a middle name or a first name, Atley is soft and rich at the same time.

4 Fern


Fern is a pretty well-known plant, but how many people do we know named Fern? Just like Rose, it's delicate and unique enough to be used on its own, while also standing out. This leafy plant's name has been borrowed by the Amish community is adored by women. Although this plant doesn't grow any flowers, it's still an amazing metaphor for a name. And just in case you can't think of any famous people named Fern, Fern Britton was a famous TV broadcaster and Fern Hawkins just had a baby with soccer star Harry Maguire. See? Fern is both unique and beloved.

3 Lillyan


If Fern and Eliza are too out-of-the-ballpark for you, then what about Lillyan? Any little girl named Lillyan can also be called Lilly, which in itself, is extremely popular. Lillyan comes after the Lilly flower, similar to Rose and Fern. Now, just imagine you had three baby girls and named them all after flowers and plants! What a trendy (and hipster) family that would be! Associated with the lily flower, this gorgeous name can also come with a variety of spellings, such as "Lilyann," "Lilyanne," and "Lilian." At the end of the day, it all depends on the mother's preference because they all still have the same meaning in the Amish community.

2 Tru


If you add an "e" to this name, you would have the very trendy and (now) popular name of True, thanks to Khloé Kardashian's baby girl. And although True's mommy and daddy couldn't work out their issues, True remains the cutest and most adorable little lady around. In the Amish culture, though, Tru is actually more typically used as a guy's name in the Amish culture, but who says it wouldn't be perfect for a little girl's name as well? I mean, I don't want to say Khloé Kardashian is a trendsetter or anything, but she started the trend in Western culture.

1 Luca


I remember hearing Luca for the first time when Hilary Duff named her firstborn son Luca. It's strong, and it's easy for a child to spell and say. Nevertheless, the name Luca actually comes from Italy, meaning "bringer of light." In Italy, Luca is also the name after a city in Tuscany, which is why it's so popular in that region. Like all children, they surely bring their parents light, love, and laughter, and having that be the meaning behind your name is a touching tribute. If Luca doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely as you'd like, you can always call your sweet girl Lu for short!

Sources: Wattpad, Amish US, Mom Junction, The Clever.

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