20 Of The Trendiest Post Gender Baby Names

If Mom and Dad are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise then a post gender name might be the perfect answer! Post gender names are also known as unisex names that can be used for both male and female babies. Maybe you know the baby’s sex, but you might just want a name that is not going to define them right away.

John Doe is always a boy on paper. As soon as we look at the name John we associate it with a boy. The same goes for a Jane Doe being a girl. Boy? Girl? Who cares? When the school teacher is reading her class list, and going through the names one by one, she might not know what gender Parker and Skyler are. Gender identification isn’t stopping with names. Today we have gender neutral restrooms available, banana republic has done away with pink and blue children’s clothing to make more gender neutral styles, and some high schools have stopped the tradition of different colored graduation gowns for girls and boys. Post gender might start with a name but it definitely doesn’t end there.

Alex Williams reported in the New York Times that gender neutral baby names have exploded in the past ten years. Boys are getting these post gender names just as often as girls. From 2005 to 2015, sixty percent more babies are getting gender neutral names.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect name to fall in love with!

20 Casey

Casey is one of the original unisex names that has been around for a while. Chances are we know girls and boys in their late twenties or early thirties named Casey. This name came around in the 1960s but peaked in the 1980’s. We love the name Casey because it is traditional yet trendy.

This Irish name has the same meaning for both boys and girls which is “brave in battle.” We all want our children to be brave in the battle that we call life. We predict that Casey will be energetic with a big mesmerizing smile. They might tap into their adventurous side and decide to travel the world – with no fear of course!

Casey’s popularity for girls is ranking at number 814. Surprisingly, this name is more popular for male babies. The boy’s popularity ranks Casey at number 551. Girl or boy, the name Casey is casual and cool.

19 Armani

In 2017 parents are branding everything from their purses and shoes to their children. If you are a fashionista that loves the sound of upscale class then the name Armani might be for you. Chanel and Gucci are two more popular names if branding your baby is the route you decide to go.

For boys, Armani originated as a Persian name meaning “freeman.” You don’t have to worry about three Armani’s in your child’s classroom because the name isn’t very popular. It is ranked at number 514. A cute nickname for a boy named Armani is Mani or Manny. Manny Delgado is a character on the popular television show Modern Family.

For girls, Armani is an Italian surname that means “warrior.” Giorgio Armani is a famous male Italian fashion designer. The name is less popular for girls than it is for boys. Armani comes in at number 662 for girls. If you decide to name your daughter Armani be prepared for her to have expensive taste!

18 Charlie

The name Charlie has been around for centuries and it is still used around the world. In the UK, Charlie is ranked at number four for boys. For the first time in 2015 in the United States, Charlie was a more commonly used name for girls rather than boys. It made its comeback for girls in 2005 and continues to gain popularity.

Girls with the name Charlotte often use Charlie as a nick name. We love tomboyish names for girls. Sam, short for Samantha, is another awesome male nick name that is commonly used for girls.

The name Charlie came from England and is a diminutive of Charles. Charlie is said to be one of the friendliest names on the planet. This name meaning “free man” has an unending list of pop culture references from Charlie Chaplin to Charlie Sheen to Charlie’s Angels. There is also a long line of royals who hold the name. Prince Charles is next in line to be the King of England. He is an iconic role model recognized and loved by the world.

17 Dakota

Dakota is a name of a Northern American people in the northern Mississippi valley. It is an older name but it is still used among both girls and boys. It has been on the decline as far as popularity. An even better reason to choose Dakota and give the name a new kick start. The name is used almost equally between girls and boys.

The young actress Dakota Fanning gave the name a jump on the charts for girls. In 2001 she played a leading role in the movie I Am Sam which gave her a big launch in her career. She was the youngest person to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Famous actress Rosie O’Donnell chose the name Dakota for her daughter.

“The friendly one” is the meaning of the name Dakota. We all hope to have kind and friendly children, so why not start with a friendly name like Dakota?

16 Emerson

The name Emerson comes from Germany and it has the meaning “son of Emery.” It’s no surprise that the name was associated with a male. We picture a young boy named Emerson who is honorable and has a serious side to him. He will be polite and well mannered. The most perfect little gentleman.

Emerson ranks at number 301 in popularity for boys which is unexpectedly lower than where it ranks for girls. The name Emerson for girls ranks at number 180 in popularity. We believe there are a few celebrities we can give credit to for making this a perfect post gender name.

We can thank the Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher for bringing a feminine touch to the name. She has a teenage daughter named Emerson who is pretty, cool and she a great girl to look up to. Shonda Rhimes, creator/producer/writer/director for Greys Anatomy, also has a daughter named Emerson Pearl.

15 Finley

This Irish and royal Scottish name belonged to Macbeth’s father. Finley means “fair-haired hero” This is the perfect name for a little red headed baby. The name Finley used to be strictly a boy’s name. It wasn’t until recently that the name became used for female babies. According to Nameberry, Finley has not been used for both sexes for enough years to make it onto their unisex names graph. However, because of the fact Finley has a two in one favor of being used for girls, we decided to use it on our list!

The name Finley ranks at number 326 for popularity for boys and 204 for girls. Girls can change up the spelling to add a new twist to the name. Finlay is another way to spell the name for girls. We predict that it will only be a matter of time until Finleigh makes its way onto the charts.

14 Frankie

The name Frankie has been around for a long time. It might not be at the top of the charts in the United States but it is definitely well recognized. It was ranked at number 992 for both genders in the United States. It seems to be on the decline for boys and on the rise for girls. Frankie is more popular in other parts of the world. For girls, it ranks at number 162 in England and Whales. Frankie is number 99 in Australia and number 74 in New Zealand.

Once again, we can thank some celebrities for starting the trend of using Frankie for a girl. Drew Barrymore is already known for her boyish name and decided to continue the trend with her daughter. She named her daughter Frankie. Even though this name is being used more often for girls we still think of Frankie as a tough masculine name for a boy.

13 Hayden

The English name Hayden is in the top 200 for both girls and boys. Boys are pulling ahead slightly at number 151 and the girls are at number 190. Once again, this name started out as a name for males but the number of females named Hayden are about to catch up. If the name Hayden sounds appealing but not enough to settle on the name completely, changing up the spelling is always an option. Haiden, Haidan, or Haydan might look more attractive, but Hayden is the most common.

There are two different meanings for the name Hayden. For girls, it means “heather-grown hill” and famous actress Hayden Panettiere is one who inspired so many parents to choose this name for their daughter. For boys, Hayden means “fire.” Parents might be inspired by Hayden Christensen of Star Wars. Haydn, pronounced HI-den, could appeal to all you musical parents out there! Another similar name for boys that 70% of Nameberry users prefer is Holden.

12 Jayden

Yeah, here it is, another –ayden! We think you could take any letter and add “-ayden” to the end and come up with a hit new name. Maybe the -ayden’s don’t appeal to you, but there is a reason why they are so popular. People love the way it sounds!

Jayden is low on the list of the –ayden names for girls. It doesn’t even make the top 500. For boys, however, Jayden is hitting the carts at number 20! Jaden, the origin of Jayden, is the name famous actor Will Smith chose for his son. That is definitely a factor in the rise in popularity for boys. Britney Spears chose the spelling Jayden which also bumped this name up the charts. It wasn’t long ago that Jayden broke into the top 5!

The original form of Jayden, Jaden, is a Hebrew name. It means “thankful” for boys. For girls, it means “god has heard.”

11 Lennon

Lennon has been moving up since the name first appeared on the list of popularity in 2008. The first person who comes to mind when we hear Lennon might be the music icon John Lennon. It’s a growing trend for music lovers to name their children after their favorite musician. Add that to the trend of using last names for first names and we get Lennon. In addition to the music reference we love the light happy feeling we get when we hear the name.

Lennon Stella is the star of the hit television series Nashville. She is accredited to the spike in using Lennon for a girl. The name is ranked at number 516 for girls. The meaning “lover” sounds perfect to go along with the name Lennon.

Lennon is hitting the popularity charts at number 609 for boys. This Irish name is sure to make you little man (or woman) shine!

10 Oakley

Oakley might be a name you haven’t seen on a lot of baby name lists. Sure, we have all heard of the brand name Oakley Sunglasses and the famous Annie Oakley, but we don’t hear it used for a baby’s first name very often. This name will appeal to all the nature loving parents with the meaning “oak wood or clearing.” If you’re into the tree theme it’s good to know that 79% of Nameberry users prefer the name Oakley over Birch.

A little girl named Oakley might be a country girl, a “little sure shot” or she might become a famous actress. The possibilities are endless. The name is ranked at number 611 for girls so she won’t have to worry about too many girls with the same name in her classroom.

The English name Oakley has taken a rise for males recently. It now hits the charts at number 567, which is slightly above girls.

9 Parker

The name Parker is an English occupational name. It has the meaning “park-keeper.” It is still much more commonly a boy’s name, however, like a lot of post gender names the girls are rising. Parker’s popularity ranks at number 72 for boys. The girls are significantly further behind at number 227. We see the name is in the top 250 for both sexes, so chances are there will be someone you know named Parker.

Indie actress Parker Posey helped put a feminine touch on the name. The famous Rosie O’Donnell has a son named Parker. The name Parker is also a common last name. Some women chose to use their maiden name for their child’s first name.

The name Parker has an edgy jazz vibe. We picture a kid who loves to have a good time and has a lot of friends. Parker is sure to be smooth and cool, just like the name.

8 Phoenix

The Greek name Phoenix has a long list of reasons to convince us why this is an amazing name. The actual meaning is “dark red” but the symbolization goes much deeper. Rebirth or leading to a new existence and immortality surround this name. Phoenix is the name of the mythical bird that rose from the ashes to symbolize immortality.

Scary Spice chose the name Phoenix for her daughter. This name comes in at number 455 for girls. The boys are pulling ahead and hitting the charts at number 307. Trendy boy names love the letter “x” so Phoenix is perfect for all the hip parents out there.

Phoenix is also cool because it is a place name. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the largest city in the state. It is a beautiful place to live or visit. It is filled with culture, art, shopping, nightlife and not the mention the breathtaking desert scenery. If you haven’t been to Phoenix yet take a trip and you might find your new baby name.

7 Reese

Once again, this name was formerly known as a male name, and has been taken over by the female population due to a celebrity. Reese Witherspoon is a huge reason why so many little girls have taken the name Reese. Her Oscar-winning role in the movie Steel Magnolia got the attention of everyone, including all the parents-to-be. Remember when we said mother’s like to use their maiden names for their children? Well, in Reese Witherspoon’s case she chose to use her mother’s maiden name. She was actually born Laura Jeanne Witherspoon.

In the year 2000 Reese was hitting the popularity charts at number 886 for girls. It has continued to climb its way to the top over the years and now hits the charts at number 173. The boys are falling way behind coming in at number 701. However, Reese was just recently in the top 10 unisex names looked at on Nameberry.

6 Remy

Remy is the name of a fifth century saint, but it still sounds eye-catching and modern. This name is ancient roots combined with trendy chic. It is a Latin name often used by the French for both boys and girls. The spelling Remi is also a favorite. This name just hit the charts in 2009 and it is easily one of the fastest growing names.

Boys named Remy outnumber girls with the same spelling by about 5 to 4. Girls with the spelling Remi outnumber the traditional spelling of Remy by about 5 to 4 as well. Both spellings can be used with both genders. It’s a personal choice and we don’t think you can go wrong with any variation of this name.

The name has the meaning “oarsman” which is a rower in a boat. More specifically as a member of a racing team. Remy might love the water and going on any kind of boat weather it’s a racing boat, a sail boat, a fishing boat or a yacht!

5 River

The name River is very much a wilderness and nature name. Parents, if you love the outdoors this might be the name for you! A child named River is sure to have a special bond of some kind with the outdoors. As one of the leading nature names, River shares the calming feeling of all the water names. They will likely be a “go with the flow” kind of kid.

River is more commonly used as a boy’s name. The boys have made their way up to number 244 on the charts. Although they are still ahead of the girls, the girls have climbed up 300 spots since 2012 and they are now at number 350 on the charts. Kelly Clarkson’s choice of the name River for her newborn daughter certainly helped the girls raise up their numbers. We predict that these numbers will continue to increase for both sexes.

4 Rowan

Rowan means “little redhead” so obviously this name is perfect for any baby with red hair. It’s no surprise that this is an Irish and Scottish name. A tree with red berries that is commonly found in Scotland is said to keep witches away. This tree is called a Rowan, so we also consider Rowan a nature name.

Rowan is a name that has been used for boys in literature since the Middle Ages. There are no records of girls named Rowan back then, but according to Nameberry, some scholars believe it was used for girls as well as boys. It just wasn’t as common. Brooke Shields chose the name for her daughter in 2003 and that is the year the name entered into the top 1000. Now, there is one girl name Rowan for every two boys.

Like many names there are other ways to spell the name Rowan. Rowen is increasingly popular or Roan is the spelling that Sharon Stone used for her son. For girls you have the variations of Rowena or Rhonwen.

3 Royal

Today’s parents are soaring past the names Duke and Earl and heading straight to the top with the name Royal. The name Royal came from the English word royal. The hit Lorde song “Royals” spoke to a lot of us and is a big part in the jump for this name. It leaped from outside the top 1000 to number 465 for boys in just three years! For girls the name is lagging behind at number 755 but we feel this name is totally gender neutral.

Lil’ Kim named her daughter Royal and it is the perfect fit for a rap princess. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money. That’s not a requirement to use the name Royal, but we do have to admit the name sounds rich! Chances are the little prince or princess named Royal will be treated like royalty no matter where they live or how much money they have.

2 Skyler

The original Dutch name of Schuyler has the meaning “scholar.” Skyler, along with other spellings of the name, is a variation of Schuyler. Skylar using an “a” instead of an “e” is the most popular spelling for girls. Our society tends to associate the letter “a” as feminine. However, Skyler with an “e” is given to almost an equal number of boys and girls.

For girls, the name Skyler spelled with and “e” is ranked at number 285. Boys are trailing behind at number 361. The name Skyler has numerous pop culture references for both boys and girls. Skyler Morse is an animated character on the television series South Park and the famous stylist and designer Rachel Zoe named her son Skyler. Skyler White is a female character on the hit series Breaking Bad. There are multiple American actresses with the first name of Skyler including Skyler Melody Wexler, Skyler Rose Samuels, Skyler Elizabeth Day and Skyler Anne Shaye.

1 Tatum

Tatum is an English name. It sounds like a strong, energetic and distinctive name. When we hear Tatum we think Channing. When we think Channing Tatum we think attractive. Although our minds might jump straight to a hot guy when we hear the name – how couldn’t we though – did you know that the name Tatum is used for both genders with a two to one favor for girls? Surprising!

Tatum was finally a ranked American girls name in 1994, which was two decades after Tatum O’Neal won her best supporting Oscar at the age of ten. It is now ranked on the charts at number 410 for girls. This name has definitely been on the decline. It is even lower for boys, falling out of the top 500 and hitting the charts at number 590. Even though this name is on the decline it still makes our list of favorite post gender baby names!

Almost any name can be tweaked in spelling to be made into a post gender name. As our right in 2017, we don’t even have to change the spelling at all. We can use “boy’s names” for girls and “girl’s names” for boys. Any gender deserves the right to use any name!

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