20 Of The Worst Parents Who Should Be Reported Immediately [Photos]

Parenting is without-a-doubt the most challenging and rigorous job a person will ever have. Raising a child is hard work. It takes patience, dedication, the ability to function with little to no sleep and the willingness to admit it when a mistake has been made. No parent is perfect. Despite having the best of intentions, every mother and every father will undoubtedly make parenting mistakes. Many, many mistakes.

All progenitors have moments when they are fully aware that they aren't doing a completely stellar job. Some days are rough. There are times when Mom or Dad will be in complete survival mode, just trying to make it until bedtime. Giving a child candy or letting him watch too many cartoons is one thing. Putting his life in danger is quite another.

What is considered "bad parenting" to one person may seem completely fine to another. Of course, every parent is free to choose how to take care of his or her children. Most of the time, mother or father really do know best. Despite this notion, there are a few parents out there who aren't making the best choices when it comes to taking care of their kiddos. When a parent's decisions put the safety of a little one entrusted to his or her care at risk, it's simply not okay.

The 20 parents found in the images below are taking things just a bit too far. It may be time for someone to report them to Child Protective Services, or, at the very least, give them a lesson on what is and isn't alright to do when taking care of a child. If nothing else, the images that follow will remind you that, compared to these parents, you are doing a damn fine job.

20 Carry-on Confusion

19 Don't Ever Let Go, Jack!

18 Um...What?!

17 Looks Cozy

16 Bathtime Buddies

15 Safety First

14 Cool Kid

13 Too Soon

12 Just...No!

11 Weeeee!

10 Pucker Up

9 Well Done, Mom

8 They Lost His Binkie

7 The Little Girl With The Inappropriate Tattoo

6 Way Too Many Wheels

5 Thanks For the Lift, Pop

4 Strike a Pose

3 Front Seat Fiasco

2 What Height Requirement? 

1 Look, Kids! Tigers! 

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