20 Off-The-Chart Baby Names That Will Blow Your Mind!

Off-the-chart baby names, or bodacious baby names, are not for the faint of heart; they are for the bold, gutsy, free-spirited parents who live by their hearts. So, what should parents expect if they go the route of choosing a baby name that’s considered out there for their child? Well, first it will be the looks... The raised eyebrows of family and friends that are concerned about choosing a name like that. This bold mom and dad will get this same questioning look each and every time they fill out a form at the doctor’s office, the baby's birth certificate and social security information, and anything that requires them to list their child’s name. They will have to spell the baby’s name countless times and they will have to repeat the meaning of the name several times. There will always be some person surprised at the name. A readily available “What was that name again?” around every corner.

Is it worth the hassle to go against the grain and pick a name that is different, wildly unique, and dare I say new? Abso(freaking)lutely! Sometimes, parents need to throw caution to the wind. If the baby growing inside the mamma to be’s belly seems like a different, wildly unique person then by all means those parents to be should go with the flow. Sound it out, spell it out, and enjoy the looks you get each time somebody from another century bats an eye at that bodacious baby name!

The baby names found on this list are not on any popular name chart. Some of these baby names have never made it to the top 10,000 names, let alone the top 1000. But who’s to say where they will sit a few years from now as hip and happening parents get bolder and more audacious.

Turn those hats backwards, put on your sleekest pair of designer frames, and get ready because here are 20 bodacious baby names that will blow your mind!

20 Aero

Aero is a spectacularly original and unique name for a baby boy. This name is pronounced just like the English word “arrow”. The baby name Aero is of old Greek origin and means “air” or “of the sky”. This name is not one you will hear often, it is not on the top 1000 baby names for any known year. It was however, listed as number 2589 in 2016, 3308 in 2015, and 5344 in 2014! Which means the baby name Aero was given to less than 10 in 40,000 children in the United States last year, less than 5 in 40,000 in the year before, and maybe two or three in 2014.

Aero is also an adjective that is short for aeronautical, relating to the science of building or flying aircraft; and aerodynamic, relating to the science that studies movement of air and the way that objects move. No matter what, a baby boy with a name like Aero, will be getting some major air under those wings!

19 Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a sensational shimmering name for a baby girl. The baby name Amaryllis is of Greek origin and means sparkling. Amaryllis is also a stunning flower with white, pink, or red flowers and strap-like leaves. It is a perfect name for parents that want a feminine and floral name but are leaning away from the usual Daisy or Rose. The baby name Amaryllis has yet to make it to the top 1000 baby names EVER. Not even once has this name graced the top 2000.

Last year in 2016, this baby name ranked 4294 and the lowest it has placed in the last 10 years is 5816. So, there is no need to worry about getting this baby girls lunch box confused with another Amaryllis in the class. One funny thing to point out is that this very unusual name has a very common name planted within, the name Mary!

18 Ramses

Ramses is an Egyptian baby name meaning “son of Ra” or “son of God”. The baby name Ramses is no doubt a bold statement because it is taken directly from the great ancient Egyptian ruler Ramses. Ramses II ruled as pharaoh, or the king, of ancient Egypt from 1279 to 1213 BC. Ramses II had the second longest reign in Egyptian history and he was the third king of the 19th dynasty, during what is referred to as the New Kingdom. Ramses was a very popular ruler, and under his authority Egypt had great prosperity.

This name has yet to make the top 1000 name charts and the closest it has been in the last ten years was back in 2008 when it placed 1177. In 2016, the name Ramses sat at the ranking 2821. Ramses is also listed as a name for a baby girl, where it falls even lower on the popular name charts at a whopping 9575.

17 Gypsy

Gypsy is a surprisingly beautiful name for a baby girl. The baby name gypsy is of English origin and means “wanderer”. This name could not be more unpopular, sitting at the number one spot above seven thousand last year in 2016! But maybe that’s exactly what mom and dad-to-be are looking for, a name that has not been around the block. Gypsy are known for their “different” way of living, traditionally known as a group of traveling people living by trade and fortune telling. Gypsy has also come to mean a nomadic or free spirited person.

A baby girl name Gypsy will definitely have the coolest name in not only her class, but probably her whole school. There are about 11 million people world-wide that consider themselves to be gypsy or live in a “gypsy” manner, but very few women carry the moniker. Gypsy is a perfect name for a clever baby girl.

16 Cosmo

Cosmo is a darling and daring baby boy name. The baby name Cosmo, simply means “order”. The origin of this baby name is English. Cosmo comes from the word cosmos, meaning the world or the universe regarded as an orderly and harmonious system. Cosmos is also a plant species of tropical America and if the “C” is replaced with a “K”, Kosmos is the name of one of a long series of Soviet satellites that have been launched into orbit around the earth. With a meaning like order and harmony, the baby boy that is given this name will most likely be wise beyond their years and always keeping the peace.

Cosmos placed at number 2821 on the baby names top 1000 list of 2016, and that is the closest this name has gotten to the “popular” 1000 group. This rarely used name is sure to keep heads turning and eyebrows raised because it is just that cool.

15 Keowee

Keowee is an extremely rare name for a baby girl. According to numerology, the baby name Keowee means ambitious, playful, and different. There was a Cherokee town named Keowee, in what is present day South Carolina. This beautiful and quaint town sat at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Clemson. “Old” Keowee, as it was called, was submerged by the waters of Lake Keowee when the river was dammed in a mid-20 century power project. Keowee town is translated into “place of mulberries” and was inhabited by the Native American Cherokee people.

Keowee, to date, is not on any baby name charts. This name has never been listed on any baby name popularity chart, not the top 1000, not even the top 10,000. So, this fun baby name is reserved for future baby girls with spirit and spunk. Parents need not worry about people confusing their daughter with another Keowee, that probably will not happen with this unique gem.

14 Lion

Yes, that’s correct. Lion. Lion is a baby name these days. Lion is an English baby name meaning, yep, that guess is correct: Lion. Where to begin with this obviously fierce name choice for a baby boy? Well, first and foremost, there is the popularity ranking. The baby name Lion is ranked 1790 in 2017 so far, up 1031 spots from 2016 where it ranked 2821. As out there as this name may sound, there are some baby Lions roaming this planet and more of them about to be on the prowl.

Lions are known for being the king of the jungle, they symbolize kingliness, royalty, and courageousness. A baby boy named Lion will surely be full of strength, loyalty, and fierce protection of his family. This name is not only cool, it’s got major attitude. Imagine writing Lion a top of each paper, job application, and form- people are bound to take notice.

13 Luna

Luna is a marvelous baby name for a girl. The baby name Luna is of Latin origin and means “moon”. While Luna has sky rocketed in its popularity, we have included it in the list because it illustrates how one ballsy parent can inspire a nation. At the beginning of this century, the baby name Luna was rare, in fact it placed at a ranking of 1320 back in 2000. But every year more and more parents realized its loveliness and gracefulness and chose the (what some might consider) somewhat odd moniker.

In 2017, the name Luna is ranked at number 38 on the top 1000 baby name charts, up 21 spots from last year in 2016. To leap from 1320 to close to the top at number 38 should speak volumes for parents wondering if they should choose a rarely used name. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen gave this name to their baby girl last year in April and are now expecting baby number 2!

12 Igor

Igor is a nice tough and tender name for a baby boy. The baby name Igor is of Russian origin. In Russian Igor means warrior of peace and this name was taken from the Scandinavian name Ingyar. Ingyar was Ing’s warrior. Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility. Igor has a sturdy feel and not many boys in the world carry this name. The name Igor ranked 2150 on the popular baby names charts last year in 2016, up 3434 spots from its place at 5584 in 2015.

For some reason people think the name Igor comes from Frankenstein, and that Igor was the name of the hunchback assistant to Dr. Frankenstein but the strange fellow's name was Fritz. Igor is a popular name in Russia, and might be a cool choice for some gothic American parents to try. Any baby boy with a name that means both peaceful and warrior is sure to be a complex individual.

11 Pepper

Pepper is a spicy name for a baby girl. The baby name Pepper is of Latin origin and simply means (better not hold your breath): pepper, or from the pepper plant. This unusual but clever choice for a baby girl name has actually had one appearance at the tail end of the top 1000 baby name charts in 1975. It happened right after a popular TV series aired called “Policewoman” starring Angie Dickenson. This TV show premiered in the middle of the feminist movement and the main character named Sgt.” Pepper” Anderson must have had some major fanfare.

Some other famous Peppers include: Pepper Keenan a famous rock musician and Pepper Adams a jazz Musician. While this hot little number has not been close to the top 1000 baby names in any year before or after the famed appearance in 1975, it is on track to rank 938 this year.

10 Perseus

Well, the baby name Perseus ought to rock some parents' world. Perseus is a Greek name meaning: DESTROYER. Whoa, now that’s bodacious! The baby name Perseus is a hip and rocking choice for a boy. This name is taken from the Greek mythological hero Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. Perseus is known for decapitating Medusa, that creepy snake haired lady that could turn people to stone just with eye contact. He also saved princess Andromeda from a huge sea monster after they were chained to a rock. What a hero! What a name!

There is also the constellation Perseus in the northern sky. This name has not hit the top 1000 baby names yet, but it certainly has what it takes. It went from ranking 13570 in 2007 and moved all the way up to 1790 in ten years. This name has historical significance and also just sounds so cool.

9 Seraphim

Seraphim is a unique, soft, and sweet name for a baby girl. The baby name Seraphim is a Hebrew baby name and has also been noted as having a Latin origin and comes from the word Seraph, meaning an angelic being. Seraphim are regarded in Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy. These angels are associated with light, ardor, and purity. This light and lovely name for a baby girl ranked at number 2045 last year in 2016 - which may seem low but compared with its spot last year at number 14862 in 2015 and never being seen in the years before this, this baby name is moving on up.

While its not likely that a child with this name will ever run into another little girl (or boy) with this name it is still possible. Sera, Phim, or Phimmie are great nicknames for this heavenly name.

8 Blaze

Blaze is a smoking hot name for a baby boy. The baby name Blaze is of Latin origin. The name Blaze means “a flame”. This name has not placed on the top 1000 baby name lists in the past two years. In 2017 it is set to place at a ranking 1114, and in 2016 it placed 1043. However, this name has appeared in the 700s and 800s for the last ten to fifteen years prior to 2016. It first entered the top 1000 baby names in 2000, placing at 880.

This name is an obvious favorite choice among little boys thanks to the hugely popular show of Nick Jr. Blaze and The Monster Machine. This big hit follows the action-packed adventures of Blaze, a shape shifting Monster truck with an amazing knowledge of engineering and his driver AJ. Let’s just say, if an audacious parent chooses to go with this name their kid will most likely be very popular with his buddies.

7 Anouk

Anouk is a strong yet graceful name for a baby girl. The baby name Anouk is a Dutch and French version of the name Anna. Anouk means “grace”. It placed at a ranking of 7003 on the baby name charts in 2016, down 2585 spots from 2015. While this name may not be very popular yet, it has the makings of a trend-setter with its fancy-feel and sturdy catch. The name Anouk was first noticed from the famous French actress Anouk Aimee. Ms. Aimee was born as Francoise, but took on the name of the first character she played on film, in real life.

Anouk is a popular name for girls living in the Netherlands. It is also the name of the little girl in the French film Chocolat, a fabulous film about a tranquil French village that is forever changed when a single mother and her daughter (Anouk) move in and open up a chocolate shop.

6 Slate

Slate is a colorful choice for a modern baby boy. It is a color name, meaning it simply represents the color slate. Slate is a fine-grained gray, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces. Slate is also a flat writing surface, typically framed in wood, that used to be used in school houses back in the old days. Slate has yet to make it to the top 1000 popular baby name lists, it is set to place 1844 in 2017, up 1640 spots from 2016.

So, although this name is very rare, there are a handful of boys with this quiet and cool moniker. The baby name Slate, is not to be confused with the name Slater, a slightly more popular name. Slater, many people will remember, is the name of one of the popular kids from Saved by the Bell. A. C. Slater was played by Mario Lopez.

5 Mystery

It's no mystery why this name is on our list. Mystery is a soft, whimsical name for a baby girl. The baby name Mystery is of English origin and it is a word name, meaning it is taken from the word Mystery. While it may seem a little over top for the average mom and dad, this name has some fresh real world appeal. Only a handful of girls in the United States were given last year in 2016, when it ranked 7003. It is set to make quite a jump this year, placing 2045 in 2017, so it is making some splash.

So far there have been no famous women named Mystery, although we haven’t got a clue why not. No pun intended. Maybe the time is ripe for a brave set of parents to introduce the first famous-to-be Mystery, to the world. Mystery can be spelled the traditional way, or with an “I”- Mysteri.

4 Wilder

Parents will not find a more perfect “wildly” original name than this choice. Wilder is definitely a “bad boy” name. The baby name Wilder is usually a surname, or last name, and is defined as being a word name. The textbook definition of wilder is “to cause one to lose his way”. So, if parents choose this audacious choice for their baby boy, they should prepare them themselves for a rambunctious little tyke.

Surprisingly, Wilder has made a few rare appearances on the top 1000 baby name lists, once at number 962 in 2015, also at 949 in 2016, and set to hit all the way up to the 523rd spot this year! But before that first appearance in 2015, it has not been on any lists in the last 100 years! Whoa, baby! Wilder as a last name is much more recognized, borne by the famous writers Laura Ingalls and Thornton, composer Alec, director Billy, and actor Gene.

3 Bunny

Bunny is an adorable name for a sweet baby girl. It is an English baby name and considered a word name or nature name. Bunny simply means “little rabbit”. This name is not nearly as popular as one might expect, it was listed at a ranking of number 4298, last year in 2016. Even though it has never made the top 1000 baby names in the past one hundred years, it did make quite a jump from placing 15,764 in 2011 all the way up to 5040 in 2012.

There are many famous characters in books and films named Bunny, but many people can recall the one from Sex in the City. Bunny was the name of Trey, Charlotte’s first husband’s mother. This bunny was anything but quiet and cute. She was known for her ballsy attitude and busting in on Trey and Charlotte any time during the day or night!

2 Hawk

Hawk is a natural winner for baby boy name picks. It is an English baby name that is considered a nature name. Hawk has a tough feel with an elegant side as well. A hawk, the animal, is a bird of prey and it has broad rounded wings and a long tail. It is known for catching its prey by surprise with a short chase. Hawk is also described as a person who advocates an aggressive or warlike policy, especially when related to foreign affairs.

Hawk is set to hit number 1844 on the baby name lists for 2017, up 746 spots from last year in 2016. Hawk is most recognized as a last name. Tony Hawk, the pioneer of modern vertical skateboarding, is super popular. There are also variations of the last name Hawk, as in Ethan Hawke, a well-known actor and movie director, and Hawking. Tony Romo, the world renown Cowboys football quarterback, recently named his son Hawk.

1 Brodie

Brodie is the perfect to close out this bodacious baby name list. The baby name Brodie has been given to both boys and girls and has a disputed meaning, making it a mysterious choice. Some say it was derived from the Gaelic word broth meaning “from a ditch”, while others say it is Pictish in its origin. It is also the name of a Scottish clan from the time of Robert I of Scotland. Brodie has not breached the popular name charts for girl or boy names in a stop above 1000 in the last 100 years, although it is up and coming.

For boys, it had a ranking of 3976 in 2016 and for girls it placed 15354. It a person has heard this rare and unusual name before it might have been from the mega hit Laguna Beach or the Hills. Brody Jenner (spelled differently) is a socialite, TV personality, model and radio host.

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