20 Once-Popular Newborn Items That All Moms Avoid Now

It is a wonderful thing to bring life into this world. The whole process is magical. That women can create, nurture and grow life inside of them is nothing short of miraculous. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice and at the end of the day moms and dads have this little, beautiful baby that they want to protect with every ounce of their being.

There are millions of products out there for little babies, and new moms can get caught up in all the products they could buy for their baby that claim to help take care of a newborn. Taking care of a newborn is tough, so it is easy for moms to get sucked into any product that claims to make life easier.

What makes it even easier is when these products have been around for a while and their own moms used them as well. Items that have been around for ages are usually considered safe and trusted. However, the moms of this generation are smarter, and they are starting to catch on to how these items can be a nuisance and some of them are even dangerous.

There are 20 items that moms used to love to use when it came to their newborns, but now are all avoiding them like they are the black plague. Here are the 20 items that mom should just stay away from.

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20 Drop-Side Cribs

This picture should frighten anyone who has ever had or thought about getting a drop-side crib. This is a crib that has one side that lowers in an attempt to make it easier for mom to put her little baby down and pick her up. Parents used to love these cribs, until they proved to be incredibly dangerous. Babies were getting trapped in the railing that dropped and some even lost their lives due to them.

In Canada these items are banned, and it is illegal to buy one, sell one and try and have one imported. Now, crib companies are making their cribs with mattresses that can be adjusted to just the right height for the age of the baby. A much better alternative.

19 Bath Seats


Bath seats were at one day a great invention and parents loved them. They were able to safely place their little ones in the bath and everyone had a great time, however more and more parents are turning away from the traditional bath seats and positioners. These items have been proved to be dangerous, because they give parents a false sense of security.

Parents rely on these when there is still a chance that your little one could topple out. It only takes mere seconds for a little one to drown and sometimes that is all it takes. Parents may turn their back for one second when disaster strikes. More and more parents are turning to the fabric flower baths that they can place in the sink which provides a much more secure space.

18 Bumpers

It really is a surprise that these items have not been banned yet, but there is talk that they may be the next on the list. Crib bumpers were all the rage, and I bet if mom looked at her own baby pictures she had one in her own crib. The premise was that this would prevent your baby from banging their head on the crib and from getting their limbs caught in the railings.

They also looked absolutely beautiful on the crib. The problem was that these items proved a suffocation risk as babies were getting trapped in them. Don’t be fooled by the mesh, breathable bumpers either, those are just as dangerous.

17 Jumpers

Jolly jumpers are such fun, babies love them and parents love watching their little one bounce with joy and wonder, but these are becoming a thing of the past. It is crucial that a baby is not put in one of these until they are ready. They need to be able to fully hold their own head up all of the time, and they need to be the right age. If babies are put in these when they are not ready it can cause some serious harm.

Also, the ones that go in the door frame are not safe. These are pressure mounted and there is always the chance that it will fall off the door. If parents want to use this item, it is much better to get the one that has its own stand.

16 Car Seat Covers

It is unrealistic to expect a new mom to stay inside all of the time when their baby is born. Fresh air is good for everyone and errands still need to be run. That is why parents all over the world rejoiced when car seat covers were invented. They provided some protection for the baby from all the harsh elements. They kept the sun off, the wind off their face and (goodness forbids) the snow. However, these items may be doing more harm than good.

This can become a heat trap, so if mom is using it in the summer to keep the sun off her baby than she could be creating a trap that holds a lot of heat and could cause the baby to overheat. There is also concern on how good the air flow is within these covers.

15 Sleep Positioners

I want to add a disclaimer here, some of these items are needed for mom’s but that is only when directed to by their doctors. A sleep positioner may prove helpful to a baby that has severe reflux, but that is it. A sleep positioner was once used to help keep a baby on their back when sleeping. The ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign drastically reduced the incidents of SIDS among infants, but it caused an obsession with parents.

They were so worried about their little one sleeping on their back that they would purchase these items to help make sure they didn’t accidentally roll onto their stomach in the middle of the night. The problem is once babies can roll on their own they are permitted to sleep on their stomach, as these items can pose a suffocation risk if baby turns their head into the pillow section.

14 Blankets And Pillows

This crib may look beautiful, inviting and comfy but it is also a death trap. I apologize for being so dramatic, but it is true. Blankets and pillows were once things that parents loved to have for their newborns and the frillier the better in their opinion. Parents are concerned about their babies being comfortable and warm throughout the night. They often forget that the baby doesn’t know the wonder of a pillow or blanket, so they don’t know what they are missing.

Also, there are many more options on keeping a baby warm at night. Layering them up or putting them in a sleep sack are two excellent ways. Blankets and pillows are two more things that are a huge suffocation risk for infants.

13 Crib Tents

I am going to break the rules here for a minute and talk about an item you may not use until your newborn is a toddler or at least a little older. A crib tent is an invention that someone made up in an attempt to keep escaping toddlers in their cribs. It covers the entire opening to ensure that the toddler is not able to climb out of the crib. This is something that did not come with the crib, so it is not safe when it comes to sleep as it could fall, and the child could suffocate.

The best thing to do is when your little one starts to climb out of the crib or at least shows interest in doing so, it is time to move them to a toddler bed.

12 Co-Sleepers

We know that we should co-sleep with our babies and co-sleeping is not the same as bed sharing. Bed sharing is when you are in the same bed as your baby, while co-sleeping simply means you are in the same room. This has shown to reduce the risk of SIDS as well as help mom be near her baby for those middle-of-the-night feedings. However, not all co-sleepers are created equally.

Co-sleepers that have an open side that can be pushed up against the bed may seem like a dream come true, but these are not being used as often as they once were due to safety. There have been incidents where there is a gap between the bed and the co-sleeper and infants have fallen in the gap ending up suffocating. It is better that their ‘bed’ has four individual sides.

11 Change Tables

Change tables used to be the must-have item on every mom-to-be’s baby registry. This is a stand-alone table that allows mom to easily change the baby’s diaper. It also had lots of great shelves so that mom had a place for everything that she would need right at hand. There are multiple problems with these items that are making them vanish in the night.

There are multiple cases of babies falling off them, it only takes a second, and mom only has to turn her back for one second to cause a disaster. They are also not easily moved. Most moms place them in the bedroom but quickly realize that it is not as easy to keep running to the bedroom every time she has to change a diaper.

10 Watch The Furniture

This room looks perfect, adorable and styling but this is not how a lot of nurseries are looking now. More and more parents are ditching rooms filled with lots of pieces of furniture and trading them in for a more minimalistic approach to nursery style. There are a few reasons. The first reason is because all the pieces of furniture in a baby’s room needs to be anchored down. When the little one starts moving they could pull pieces of furniture down on themselves.

Second, it is costly. All of that furniture costs a lot of money and raising a child is expensive enough. Parents are realizing that babies do not care what their room looks like as long as it is warm and comfortable. It could be an empty room with a crib and they would not care.

9 Carriers

Baby wearing is a big hit among parents today. It allows mom to carry baby close to her body while keeping her hands free to complete other tasks. It is great for a fussy baby who does not want to be put down but there is a mom who has chores she needs to get done, or older children to tend too. The problem is with sling carriers. These are the types of carriers that are becoming more and more obsolete.

There have been multiple reports of babies getting injured using these types of carriers due to falling out. It is much better to make sure that mom uses a carrier that is structurally sound and does not rely on a certain type of fasten to hold it together.

8 Walkers

Baby walkers are another product that is meant for your newborn when they are a little older, but I am going to add it here. Baby walkers are also a hot topic lately when it comes to baby products that people are not using anymore. I live in Canada, and these items are banned here. If you are found in possession of one you can be fined up to $100, 000 and could face 6 months in jail.

They are banned in Canada due to multiple reports of infants falling down the stairs in them. However, they are being proven to not be too beneficial and could actually hinder the development. The walkers that are more like stands that force the infant to push them are much safer and are becoming more popular.

7 Bumbo Seats

While we are talking about a false sense of security, we are going to talk about Bumbo seats. These seats were once very popular among parents as they could place their little one in them and they were suddenly able to sit up unassisted. However, these items are not being used as much as they one was, and this is due to multiple reasons.

There are many claims that these seats do not help and can actually hinder the baby’s ability to sit on their own. There are also many reports of parents leaving their little ones in them unattended and accidents have occurred. Parents would place these on the counters with their babies in them and they would topple out. We shouldn’t rush development.

6 Car Seat Toys

Car seat toys were another great invention that a lot of people would have on their stroller with newborns which is silly for two reasons. The first reason is that newborns do not need toys. They are too young to interact with anything and they can not see a great distance, so chances are they don’t even know they are there.

Two, these items can be dangerous when used in the car. Anything that was not manufactured with the car seat should not be on the car seat when it is in the car. In the case of an accident these items could become a projectile and could cause harm to your little one.

5 Crib Mobiles

Crib mobiles have been around for a long time and they have come a long way. Now they move, play music and omit light. Parents have relied on these to entertain their baby while they are in the crib. Whether it be to help them fall asleep or to just buy the parents some time so that they can have a quick shower or get something to eat.

However, these items can be dangerous. Mobiles are not made to be permanently attached to the crib, they usually clip on. In order for them to be effective, the baby has to be lying right underneath them which means there is a chance that this could fall off the crib and hurt your baby. These may be OK to use under close supervision, but the baby should never be left alone when using one.

4 Sunscreen

All parents want to protect their baby from everything and one of those things is the sun. As adults, we know that sun burns hurt so we want to make sure our little baby never has to experience one. However, what parents do not know is that you can not put sunscreen on a newborn. Sunscreen should not be used on any infant under the age of 6-months.

It is too harsh for their skin and mom and dad are much better to make sure that their little one is just out of the sun. Put them in breathable clothing and keep them in the shade. This is the best way to ensure they don’t get any damage from the suns harmful rays.

3 Baby Powder

This product is almost as old as time and our grandmothers and our own mothers used this, but that is ending. Baby powder was a popular product that would be applied after the bath and diaper changes to keep baby’s skin soft and dry. It also had an incredible smell that will always remind everyone of a fresh new baby.

This product is not being used as often anymore and that could be due to the recent claims that this product has caused cancer in some now-adults. Parents are staying away from this product. If parents need an alternative to this, corn starch is a great substitute and baby companies are starting to make their own powder with this product instead of talc.

2 Bubble Bath

Bath time is fun for both baby and parents and one of the things parents love to do is give their little baby a bubble bath. This used to be done for babies as young as newborns, but most parents are realizing this is not necessary. The baby does not care if their bath has bubbles, they just want it to be warm and comfortable.

Newborn skin is very delicate because it is new, and it is not used to the world as we are. There are a lot of chemicals in bubble bath, there would have to be to make those glorious bubbles. Parents are catching on and realizing that bubble baths, when given to a newborn, may cause more harm than good.

1 Big Hair Bows

This is to all the moms of little baby girls. Girls are so much fun, we get to dress them up in cute outfits and big hair bows, but more and more moms are ditching the hair bows and for multiple reasons. They may look cute, but they could cause harm, and they have even proved fatal to some babies out there.

These bows are heavy, and they could fall down over a baby’s nose and obstruct breathing. This happens especially when mom puts her baby to sleep with a bow still in their hair. Bows are great for pictures, but they should always be removed and should never be placed on a baby in the car or when sleeping.

Source: Consumer Reports 

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