20 OTT Birthday Parties Celebs Threw For Their Kids

A birthday celebration is a special part of most childhoods, and it’s something a child will remember for years to come. It’s an opportunity to stuff their faces with cakes, and spend time with their friends, while their parents proudly (and sometimes anxiously) look on. Games are played, faces are painted, and sometimes bouncy castles are installed in the backyard, but when celeb kids celebrate their birthdays, they take all these traditional birthday games and themes, and then their parents add a few zeros onto the cost of the celebrations.

Some celebrities have thrown really lavish parties for their children, and there has been no expense, or detail spared. For David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper's birthday she was photographed enjoying a tea party with her friends at a certain palace, and Gwen Stefani celebrated her son’s fourth birthday with a bouncy castle, themed decor and treats, and a puppet show. There are also some A-listers who have gone to great expense for first or second birthdays, which their children are unlikely to remember because of how young they are.

Below are 20 over the top birthday parties celebrities threw for their kids (although, they do look like a heck of a lot of fun).

20 Swimmer Michael Phelps's Son’s First Birthday Celebration Was An Underwater Adventure

Celebrating birthdays is a special moment in any child’s life, but a first birthday is unlikely to be remembered in the years to come, which means that first birthdays are more for parents than they are for the little one.

Michael Phelps and his wife, Nicole Johnson, are parents to two children, their firstborn son, Boomer (whose birthday they are celebrating here), and a second son, Beckett. The first time parents clearly wanted their son’s day to be special and chose an underwater theme, which makes sense considering his dad is an Olympic swimmer, complete with a shark cake that was bigger than their son was.

19 Victoria And David Beckham's Daughter Harper Celebrated As A Princess At Buckingham Palace

Harper's Bazaar

If you thought that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s birthday party was over the top, then Harper Beckham’s celebrations are in a completely different league. The only daughter of Victoria and David Beckham (they do have three sons though) celebrated her sixth birthday party dressed up as a princess for the day. That’s all good and well, but according to The Independent, the celebrations took place in the actual home of one pretty famous family.

Harper enjoyed a tea party in the week ahead of her birthday, and according to the publication, it was a celebration that created a public outcry because of the family’s privilege. David Beckham felt compelled to defend the party, saying, "Just to be clear this wasn't [them] opening the gates for Harper's birthday party. This was a tea party where us and other guests were invited so it was a beautiful thing to do with my mum, Harper plus a few school friends.”

18 Tori Spelling’s Daughter Became A Unicorn For A Day (And So Did Her Mama)

Tori Spelling celebrated her daughter, Stella McDermott (who she shares with husband Dean McDermott) in a big way for her ninth birthday. Stella had a unicorn themed birthday, which included a unicorn cake, multiple unicorn headbands, and more glitter than many of us have ever seen.

According to People, the day also included pony rides, face painting (Stella opted for glittering blue lipstick), piñatas, and even a unicorn-inspired purple milkshake dripping with cream. It looked like a fabulous day, and one that Stella is sure to remember, and the proud mama was eager to share multiple photos of the day on social media.

17 Kourtney And Kim's Daughters North And Penelope Had A Combined (And Super Colorful) Unicorn Celebration

North West and Penelope Disick are cousins, and they seem to be incredibly close, even celebrating a joint birthday party in 2018. Penelope celebrated her sixth birthday, while North celebrated her fifth, and clearly, both girls are interested in unicorns because the day was a rainbow-colored celebration.

The cousins wore matching outfits, and Kim Kardashian documented the fun on social media. According to People, the day included doughnuts and rice crispy pops inspired by unicorns. The two girls also had ponies with glitter in their manes and unicorn horns, as well as rainbow pool floats. Also, it may have been a combined birthday, but each girl got a separate Unicorn cake with their name on it.

16 Britney Spears's Sons' Pokemon Birthday Went Above And Beyond

Britney Spears’s two boys are pretty close in age, and their birthdays are only a few days apart, so it’s not unexpected that they like similar things, and for their combined birthday party (when Sean Preston turned 11 and Jayden James turned 10) they picked a Pokemon theme.

According to Daily Mail, Spears has previously said her kids are big fans of the Pokemon game, explaining, “They're constantly talking about it and I'm introduced to these new Pokemon everyday and they're way over my head. They got me to go shopping all over the mall to look for Pokemon…”

The boys’ ages were written inside a Pokeball, and there were plenty of other themed goodies on the day, including rice crispy pops shaped like Pokemon, two massive cakes, and a Pikachu dessert.

15 Gwen Stefani's Youngest Son Is Clearly A Fan Of 'Scooby Doo'

When Gwen Stefani’s youngest son, Apollo Bowie Flynn (she has three boys with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale) turned four, she threw him a Scooby Doo inspired birthday. And Stefani made it clear she takes dressing up really seriously, because she transformed herself into the character, Daphne, while her boyfriend Blake Shelton went as Shaggy, and her son was dressed as the crime-hunting pooch, Scooby Doo.

According to People, the celebration included a variety of desserts, including a Scooby Doo cake, a huge castle-shaped bounce house, a puppet show, various people dressed in full suits of characters, and loads of themed decorations. To call this party lavish, may be an understatement, and there is no denying that Stefani went all out.

14 Jessica Simpson’s Son Had A Very Fancy 'Moana' Celebration For His Fourth Birthday

Jessica Simpson has thrown her children many memorable celebrations over the years, but it was her son, Ace Knute’s fourth birthday, that really sticks in our minds because she threw him a Moana-themed celebration (after the Disney movie).

According to E! News, Simpson recruited the help of her friends for Ace’s day which revolved around the fictional Polynesian island. The celebrations included a bounce castle, people dressed up as characters from the film, pineapple toy stacks for his friends, a beautiful cake, and themed games. Multiple memories were also snapped of the day by Simpson’s photographer friend.

13 Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa’s Son Had An Enviable Superhero Birthday (And They Really Got Into Character)

Celebrities like to throw lavish birthday parties and Amber Rose and her former partner Wiz Khalifa pulled out all the stops for their son Sebastian’s fourth birthday, which had a superhero theme.

According to Us Weekly, the party was held at Rose’s Los Angeles home, and in addition to the parents and the kids getting into the theme with their costumes, the party also included a bounce house, face painting, a magic show, a DJ, and treats more delicious than you can imagine. It looks like it was a fantastic birthday, but considering Sebastian is only four, he probably didn’t need all the various forms of entertainment and the parents could have just picked one.

12 Chrissy Teigen’s Daughter Luna's 'Sesame Street' Birthday Was Just Too Cute

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have two children, a daughter Luna, and later a son named Miles. But before the birth of Miles (Teigen was pregnant with him at the time), the couple pulled out all the stops when they threw their daughter a second birthday party with a Sesame Street theme, and according to People, the party included a massive cake which Teigen created herself, giant balloon replicas of some of the characters from the show and cookies with the guests names on them.

Teigen knows she celebrated her daughter’s birthday with great enthusiasm, and according to People, at the time she even took to Twitter to comment on her actions. She wrote, “I never thought I’d be this mom. I have always been so anti-parties they won’t remember who am I.”

11 Beyoncé's And Jay Z's Eldest Child, Blue Ivy, Had A Fairy Themed Birthday, Complete With Outfit

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s first-born daughter didn’t opt for a unicorn-themed birthday like North West and Penelope Disick, instead, she wanted a fairy-theme for her big day. And it really was a big day when she turned four!

The celebration was held in a massive and beautifully decorated tent, complete with mini teepees, bouquets of flowers hanging from the ceiling, princess dresses, mismatched chairs, and butterfly wings. The decor was incredibly impressive, but there was also plenty of entertainment, and according to E! News, this included Blue Ivy shooting a bow and arrow, and adult fairy princesses dressed up to entertain.

10 Yep, Kyle Richards Did Throw Her Daughter Portia A Coachella Themed Day Even Though She's Way Too Young For Festivals

Via BravoTV

Festivals are some of the highlights of the year for celebrities, who go not only to listen to the music but also to be seen in some of the cutest outfits. Coachella is a place that is known to be filled with stylish models, musicians and actors, and it served as the theme for Kyle Richards' daughter Portia’s 10th birthday. But instead of calling her birthday party Coachella, she renamed the celebration to "Kidchella," and it was just as fancy as you would expect.

Portia’s party, according to People, was held at Sky Zone in Van Nuys, California, and the decor was filled with tie-dye, dream catchers, and teepees to create a relaxed but super chic vibe. Speaking of her daughter’s decision to have this theme, Richards told the publication, “Since she has older sisters, she wanted more of a non-traditional, mature theme, and loved the idea of incorporating Coachella.”

9 DJ Khaled Made His Son Asahd A Prince For The Day (And Matched Outfits) For His First Bday

DJ Khaled has so much love for his son, Asahd (who is also currently his only child) but the rapper is known to be a bit over the top when it comes to all things involving his offspring. And on the little boy’s first birthday, his dad definitely went overboard with the celebrations!

The rapper threw his son a Jungle-themed celebration and held the party at the newly renovated nightclub Liv at the Fontainebleau in Miami, Billboard reports. The event included father and son wearing matching outfits, a massive cake filled with photos of Asahd, and dancers in animal costumes and mini luxury cars available for children to ride. Oh, and it was hosted by Diddy.

8 Jessica Alba’s Daughter Haven Had The Most Delicious Looking Unicorn Confectionary At Her Bday

It seems unicorns are a birthday theme that is loved amongst celebrity children, and yet another memorable unicorn celebration was held, this time for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s daughter, Haven.

It was her sixth birthday, and her mama worked hard to create a unicorn theme in their backyard that was not only cool but also very detailed. There were pool activities, so many themed sweets and decorations, a unicorn cake, and even a piñata. “Haven, Honor and I had so much fun decorating, from making ‘Baby Unicorn Fur’ cotton-candy labels to stuffing the unicorn piñata the night before,” Alba told People.

7 Tamara Ecclestone's Daughter Sophia Had A Cake That Was Almost As Big As She Was

Tamara Ecclestone threw her daughter Sophia such a lavish party that she received backlash for it. When her daughter turned four, the proud mama wanted to celebrate the day with a very memorable party, and according to Daily Mail, she got her daughter custom-made pajamas with her age and nickname on them, and she gifted her multiple presents. The celebration also included a massive three-tier cake with sparklers (the photo seems to show the top of it), which looked to be Care Bears themed, as well as impressive balloon decorations.

But the criticism seemed to come when Tamara shared the photos on social media, and people were unimpressed with the sheer amount of gifts she gave her daughter, Daily Mail notes.

6 Ciara And Russell Wilson Made Sure Their Daughter's First Birthday Was A Memorable One (For Them, At Least)

Ciara has two children, a son named Future, and later a daughter named Sierra, who she shares with current husband, Russell Wilson. And when it came time to celebrate their daughter turning 1, the couple made sure it was a memorable experience, for them at least.

Sierra looked super cute dressed in a very girly dress for the occasion, and her mama had organized a beautiful air balloon inspired balloon decoration, flowers in the shape of the number 1, and a banner which showed her daughter’s age. All this was also topped off with a massive cake, complete with fondant tiara, and a flower crown for her daughter to wear.

5 Milla Jovovich’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Dashiel Had A Pretty-In-Pink Minnie Mouse Bday

When Milla Jovovich and husband Paul W.S. Anderson’s daughter, Dashiel, turned two, her mama organized her a Minnie Mouse themed cake, a collection of presents and balloon decorations.

Admittedly, this birthday party was not as lavish as some of the other celebrity celebrations, and apart from the really nice cake, Jovovich chose to share limited photos from her daughter’s birthday so we cannot be sure if there was a puppet show or a bouncy castle. What we are sure of though is the love she has for her little one, and she paid tribute to her on social media, writing, “What an incredible two years it's been getting to know this amazing little human! I can't imagine my life without her.”

4 Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Daughter Celebrated With A Unicorn Celebration (Which Seems To Be A Theme Among Celeb Kids)

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter, Charlotte, also had a unicorn celebration, and what celeb unicorn party is complete without a fancy cake?

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are one of the most private celebrity couples, often choosing to live their lives away from the prying public eye, and opting not to share many photos of a personal nature on social media. But for her daughter’s 8th birthday she made an exception by taking to social media to share the unicorn cake and unicorn-inspired cupcakes that they would be eating on her big day. It seems no glitter was spared from the making of this party!

3 Nick Cannon’s Son's First Birthday Had A Safari Theme, And It Was Epic

Nick Cannon is a father to twins, Monroe and Moroccan with his ex, Mariah Carey, but he is also a father to another son, Golden, who he shares with Brittany Bell. And when their son turned 1, in 2018, the couple threw him a golden safari-themed party for his birthday.

The tot wore a boldly printed outfit, complete with a golden, fur-lined crown, and seemed to be enjoying his cake. According to People, the party also included painting, dancing, and live drum music, and the publication notes that it was decorated with gold balloons. The photos showed a party that looked like it was a lot of fun, although given that Golden was only aged 1, he is unlikely to remember anything.

2 Kourtney Kardashian's Son Mason Disick’s Had A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Party With Exquisite Detail

Kourtney Kardashian is a mama to three children, and her eldest child, a son named Mason, celebrates his birthday on Dec. 14. Although he has had many great birthdays which have been shared on social media, his fifth birthday remains one of his most memorable because he opted for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed celebration (in 2014).

Kardashian and Scott Disick created a party with great detail for their firstborn, and in addition to decorating everything to the theme, the family also dressed up in spooky outfits to stick to the inspiration of the Tim Burton film. It’s an unusual theme for a five-year-old, but perhaps that’s why it was so unforgettable.

1 Molly Sims 2-Year-Old Son Celebrated With The Monkey 'Curious George'

Molly Sims went all out for her son Brooks’s second birthday, which he celebrated with a Curious George theme. Sims threw her son a birthday which included an entertainer dressed as the monkey character, a massive and very detailed themed cake (which was almost the size of her son), and a lot of fun activities for the children who were in attendance. These included giant bubbles, face painting, balloon art creatures, and more.

For a second birthday, it’s definitely lavish, but Sims is a born entertainer, as she explained on her blog. “I’m a southern girl and Momma loves a good party. Entertaining is in my [core],” she wrote. "I love having the opportunity to enjoy life, good food and good times with your nearest and dearest. Brooks 2nd birthday party was the epitome of a perfect day…”

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