20 Overrated Baby Products Moms Will Regret Wasting Their Money On

One of the many tasks that expecting parents must do is make a list of the items that they will need to have in place before the baby's arrival. There are plenty of registries that can help give them ideas on what to add to their lists so their friends and family will know what baby gifts to buy them after the big arrival or for the baby shower if one is planned.

However, the problem with these suggestions that parents-to-be are bombarded with is the fact that the items that they are encouraged to buy or to put on their lists are not practical. That means many times parents end up spending a lot of their hard-earned money to buy frivolous baby items that provide them with no use. Additionally, these items may not even be safe for the baby.

There are plenty of useful items that go beyond the basics that all parents need to have in place before their newborn arrives such as diapers, clothing, sleepers, blankets, bottles, and formula if needed. However, the ones that will be focused on in this article are 20 of those items that are not just overrated but are impractical on so many levels.

20 There Is No Need For Baby Laundry Detergent Since Tide Can Do The Same Job

baby laundry detergent

The one thing to expect with a new baby is having to do plenty of laundry. Between all of the spitting up and the leaky diapers, the laundry chores just simply will not end. With that said, you will need powerful detergent to remove all of those stains. If you go and buy baby laundry detergent, the effectiveness will not be all that strong.

According to Pregnancy And Baby, unless your baby has very sensitive skin, then regular Tide will do the job just fine. If your little one does have sensitive skin, then you will want to use a specialty soap and detergent instead. But save your money and don't get baby detergent!

19 Why Spend On A Bottle Warmer When A Mug With Warm Water Does The Trick

baby bottle warmer

When you were a baby, there is a good chance that bottle warmers were not a thing. Or if they were, when your parents were babies, they definitely did not exist. How did baby bottles back then get warmed up? By placing the bottle into a pot or mug full of warm water. It warmed up quite well.

According to Pregnancy And Baby, that simple hack is great to use today as well. Especially if your baby is crying a lot due to being hungry. All you need to do is fill up a pot with steaming water and place the bottle into it. That will do the job and there is no need to buy bottle warmers.

18 Forget The Baby Food Processor And Use A Fork And Bowl Instead

baby food processor

Plenty of moms prefer to make their own baby food because many store-bought ones may have plenty of additives. And, for the moms that want to puree food to give to their babies can do so without having to spend their hard-earned dollars on a baby food processor.

A regular food processor can do the trick just fine. And, according to Pregnancy And Baby, even if you don't have a food processor, food can be cut up and even pureed with a bowl and a fork. Sure, it will take a bit longer to do. That means you can go out and buy a regular food processor that can be used for anything instead of a baby one!

17 No Need For A Wipe Warmer Since Wipes Warm Up Naturally 


A wipe warmer is something that many parents don't really consider getting if their babies were born during the warmer months. However, for those that have babies that are born during the winter may be inclined to rush out to get a wipe warmer. The truth is, even then, this item is not necessary to get.

According to Pregnancy And Baby, all that you need to do to warm the wipes so the cold doesn't bother the baby is to place your hands over the wipes before using them. Body heat is just as effective, and really, even more so. Besides it is simpler to use than a wipe warmer.

16 Burp Cloths Are Not Necessary Because Old Rags Serve The Same Purpose

burp cloth

One of the items that many expectant parents add to their baby registries is burp cloths. And, yes this type of item will be needed a lot especially during the baby's first year of life. However, there is no need for your friends and family to spend their money on that when they can get you something more useful. You can use old rags and towels for that purpose.

And, according to Pregnancy And Baby, if your baby has reflux, then those burp cloths will not be useful anyway. Instead, you can use a swaddling blanket or a large old towel instead.

15 Hooded Baby Towels Are Less Effective Than Regular Towels

hooded towels

There is no denying that hooded towels to dry up your baby in after bathtime is adorable. However, the big question is, are these towels even necessary? According to Pregnancy And Baby, not at all.

Not only are these towels not overly effective because of the fact that they are thin. However, they are too small to completely dry the baby off. This means what you really need to use to dry your baby up after a bath is a regular towel. A cotton towel will not irritate the baby's skin. You are better off with stocking up on extra towels that you can use for your family instead of baby towels!

14 Baby Robes Are Cute But That Is The Only Purpose

baby robe

Baby robes are so adorable just like baby towels are. But the reality is that these robes as sweet as they appear are not practical. According to Pregnancy And Baby, they are not worth the money because your baby will be put into the sleeper right after being dried up after bathtime.

That means there is no time and no need to use any robe for the baby. The novelty of it will also wear off quickly. Especially after taking a few pictures of your baby in a bathrobe just to show your friends on your networks online. By that point, you will see that the money you had spent on the baby robe would have been better spent on more sleepers.

13 Baby Walkers Are Not Necessary And Not Recommended

baby walker

Not only are baby walkers not necessary to buy but they are not recommended at all. According to Pregnancy And Baby, these walkers can only increase the risk of your baby slipping down the stairs and getting hurt, but they also can cause motor development delays.

That means, when your baby is getting close to the walking stage, don't consider getting the walker. Go and hold your baby's hands while your little one is standing up and attempting to take several steps at a time. That is not only safe but it is a great way to strengthen your baby's motor development. Additionally, the baby will be walking quicker as well.

12 Why Buy Baby Shoes Before Any Walking Has Been Done

baby shoes

Baby shoes are so adorable and sweet. And, when infants that are not close to walking wear shoes, it really becomes a cuteness-overload sight to the point that you will want to take pictures! However, that is all baby shoes are good for.

According to Pregnancy And Baby, not only are they not necessary for your baby to wear before the walking starts but they can also impede the growth of feet. That means if you absolutely love the appearance of baby shoes and you are willing to spend money on it, then only use it as a decorative piece for your baby's nursery.

11 Baby Powder Should Not Be On Any Shopping List

baby powder

Many parents over the years have bought their baby powder for their babies to use after each diaper change to help prevent diaper rashes. However, according to Pregnancy And Baby, it is best if parents do not spend their money on baby powder.

That is because even though they use it to help prevent diaper sores and rashes, the powder can be inhaled by the baby which can be quite bad for the lungs. It is just better to rinse the baby's bottom with warm water after each diaper change and then to gently dry it with a clean towel before putting the new diaper on. That will prevent a rash.

10 A Baby Brush Is Not Needed Because A Regular Comb Is A Better Option

baby brush

You may have hearts in your eyes when you look at those sweet and adorable baby brushes at the shop. However, the one question you should ask yourself before taking out your wallet and spending money on those brushes is how practical they are. According to Pregnancy And Baby, you are better off saving your money and using a regular comb to neaten up your baby's hair. Remember, babies don't have much hair and using a brush to keep it neat is really not needed. Keeping the hair neat with a comb will do the job just fine whether you are using it after bathing your baby or otherwise.

9 Forget The Bath Toy Caddy And Use Containers Instead

bath toy caddy

One of the items that you likely had put on your registry list is a bath toy caddy because you think this is a genius hack for keeping the bath toys organized in a breathable mesh container and accessible. However, if that is the case, you will want to remove this item.

According to Pregnancy And Baby, not only is a bath toy caddy not needed but it is not safe to use since it can fall right into the bathtub while you are bathing your little one. You are much better off with keeping the bath toys dry after usage and placing them in a regular container in the bathroom instead.

8 Baby Gloves And Socks Are Only Adorable And Have No Other Purpose

baby gloves and socks

It is quite likely that you had learned in Lamaze class that it is necessary to get mittens for your baby after the big arrival because their faces can be scratched from their nails. However, the problem is that they can easily fall right off of your baby's hands and then get lost.

According to Belly Belly, you are much better off with adding sleepers with built-in mitten folds that will be much more effective since your baby's hands will be kept in and you won't worry about them getting lost. The same applies to baby socks. They will get lost too and footies are a much better option for keeping your baby's feet warm.

7  Rockers And Swings That Cost An Arm And A Leg


Many parents opt to get those expensive rockers and swings to keep their babies pacified and to lull them to sleep. Especially while mom or dad must take care of another household chore that cannot be done while holding the baby.

However, according to Belly Belly, these costly swings and rockers are just as effective as using a sling. A sling is much cheaper and can help increase bonding between the parent and the baby. Additionally, a sling frees up the parents' hands so they can take care of a household chore if needed. Not to mention, it is just as effective as providing the parent with a break from holding the baby the same way those swings and rockers do.

6 Who Needs A Changing Table When You Have A Changing Pad?

change table

If you are shopping for furniture to put into the nursery then you will want to scratch off the change table off of your list. All that does is take up space and it is not necessary. You only need a portable changing pad that you can place on the baby's dresser or anywhere else in the home.

According to Red Tricycle, you can do just fine with using a travel pad that comes with many diaper bags to use in the home. Just place it over the dresser and then it serves its purpose just fine. Save your money and use the extra space for something else in the nursery that is needed!

5 Baby Bedding Is Expensive And Not Always Safe

baby bedding

Expensive bedding looks amazing in the nursery. It provides that luxurious appearance of the room that parents just love. However, not only is it not needed but it is really not a wise move to add bells and whistles in the crib. More like extra frills and fancy fabrics.

According to Red Tricycle, the extra fabrics that make the bedding appear luxurious is not safe for the baby either. It is always the best move to keep blankets, pillows, and anything that has too much fabric out of the crib regardless. Even having extra bumpers in the crib is not at all recommended.

4 Gimmicky Gadgets Are Just That, Gimmicky

gimmick gadgets

Manufacturers of any kind of gimmicky parenting gadget know exactly how to market themselves well. They promise that their latest device or gadget can fix any parenting issue that you have. Additionally, these gadgets guide parents on anything that they can find out online or mimic suggestions given by their baby's pediatricians.

Just like it is stated in Red Tricycle, parents are much better off by saving their money on these gadgets and to do research on their own instead — or to just simply ask the pediatrician advice on anything they need help with. For instance, a special sleep hat is not necessary to give to your baby during nap time when closing the shades will do the trick!

3 Don't Spend On Baby Spa Tubs And Use The Sink Instead

baby spa tub

A baby spa tub that provides a decadent shower stream, as well as a bubbling whirlpool action, sounds appealing to parents. With that said, they love the idea of bringing a baby spa tub into their home for their newborn. However, money will be spent better on practical things that are needed for the baby such as extra clothing, blankets, diapers, and formula for bottle feeding as well as supplementation.

As it is mentioned in Red Tricycle, parents need to focus more on giving their newborns a safe bath instead of placing them in a spa tub. That is why bathing in the sink for the first while is the preferred option for parents. The only time a spa should come into the picture is when the mom is planning to use a spa day for her much-needed me time!

2 Baby Movement Monitors Are Not Helpful And Are Costly

baby movement monitor

Baby movement monitors for the crib can be reassuring for parents because they detect the newborn's movements in the crib. However, when it comes to these movement gadgets that track each time the baby has to do number two or tracks whether or not the baby is having a bad dream, or anything else not necessary — save your money!

Additionally, as Red Tricycle states, these movement gadgets can also increase worry and anxiety in parents. They can easily malfunction, and not track the baby's movements properly and cause emotional havoc as a result. A video or audio monitor is a much better investment anyway.

1 Too Many Stuffies Are Cute But Are Dust Collectors And Take Up Space

stuffed animals

There is absolutely no doubt that stuffies or plushies are adorable and add the right amount of spice in a nursery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with placing a few on the baby's dresser. However, there is absolutely no need to cram 20 stuffed animals into the baby's room either. This is also the one item that people automatically buy for their friends and families that had just expanded their families.

Additionally, as it is emphasized in Red Tricycle, placing stuffed animals in the crib is not safe for the baby. Not to mention, they can also attract plenty of dust which can cause the baby's allergies to act up.

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